Zosi Security Camera Review 2022[PROS & CONS]

CCTV cameras are suitable to provide an additional security layer to your home or office. You can easily monitor your property being home or outside of the house. All you need is a surveillance camera with a remote access feature. Today we came up with the ZOSI security camera review for you.

ZOSI security camera is one of the renowned brands for security solutions. You can get features like remote viewing, easy use and access, secured authorization, and color accuracy on this.

However, we spend a couple of hours on the internet researching this product. Then, finally, we bring out the resourceful information.

Our in-depth review will give you a detailed look at the brand and its potential features. Also, you can quickly decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

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About The Brand ZOSI

ZOSI Technology has been serving its customers with fantastic video surveillance products for the last 15 years. Their strong brand reputation is at the forefront of the industry.

The brand focused on the R&D section and continuously invested in innovating its products smartly. Their excellent technology-based products are simple and handy.

Behind this, they have a strong research team for developing their user-dedicated security products. They are highly reputed for their international to local sales after service.

As a result, they offer their customers affordable and reliable products. All their efforts in providing satisfaction are proven by their household products. They ensure this by securing your property with their security cameras.

8CH ZOSI Security Camera Review

ZOSI 8CH Security camera system is a good buy for protecting your house property. This security camera comes out with IR-CUT filter technology, which allows you to get super crisp image quality.

In addition, it’s weatherproof and can be used outdoors and indoors. So despite critical weather conditions, you don’t need to worry.

This 65ft long night vision security camera gives you a sharp image quality in the night mode. It supports extra long nonstop video recording due to the built-in 1 TB hard drive.

You can quickly transfer footage using a USB and storage on other devices. This 8-channel security camera supports analog DVR, HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD cameras. Also, you will get the flexibility to extend with other security cameras.

Due to the customizable motion detection technology, you can easily get the notification. In case of any unexpected move, you get an alert from its detection system.

Also, the customization allows you to set up the detection zone from the DVR. Thus you can avoid the false alarm.

This security camera device comes out with the ZOSI app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Also, the network system works over Wi-Fi or 2G to 4G coverage.

Why Should You Choose The Zosi 8ch Security Camera?

You can choose any security camera from any brand. But consider these valuable features that you will love in ZOSI 8Ch.

You Can View It Remotely

ZOSI security camera comes with a free app. That allows you to monitor everything from the outside of your home. So now you can say this feature is familiar to every security camera.

Surprisingly you will get a snap on your mail whenever it detects any movement by the motion. It is incredible to get the notification.

So that you can instantly open up the app to see it in real-time, along with the DVR, you can record the video as storage.

Get The Color Accurately

In the ZOSI 8Ch security camera, you will always get a relatively good real-time color. Moreover, its sharp image quality ensures you watch everything accurately.

While other security cameras often failed to provide color accuracy. This may be an easily ignorable issue. But it can be crucial in case of details looking at small things.

You can store footage for a longer time and police can use your footage for small details clues! However, it’s also eye comforting due to the reasonable color accuracy. That feature quickly makes a big difference from the other security cameras.

Moreover, you can easily compare this with a 720p or 1080p resolution color accuracy. Then you will feel the difference.

Weatherproof & Heavy Duty Design

Zosi 8ch Security Camera is designed with high durable quality. Therefore it’s hard to damage by an accidental case like baseball throwing or any heavy heat. It’s highly durable to use for a long time.

Moreover, its weatherproof feature makes it resistant to any weather condition. So in case of snowfall or rain, it performs its duty efficiently. But, at the same time, most other security cameras are not resistant to weather like rain or cold.


  • Large built-in storage
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Remote view
  • Multiple connection options
  • Multi-channel
  • Weatherproof
  • Vandal Proof
  • Kids Proof


  • Little bit heavy

What Do Experts Say About The Zosi Security Camera?

Most home security experts appreciate ZOZI’s multiple connection types. Because you can connect the security camera using HDMI/VGA with any monitor. You don’t need any extra cables or a converter for it.

Another appreciable thing is ZOSI’s high-end design quality. It comes with an aluminum casing, making it durable for extended use.

Due to the high-quality material, it can easily manage unexpected damages. Also, for its built quality, it’s weather resistant.

Motion detection and email notification are also other handy features. But, it’s a little bit heavy to avoid unauthorized access by IP bypassing.

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Is The Zosi Security Cameras Brand Good?

ZOSI is a good brand for household security cameras. They are trendy for surveillance camera products—popular and well-known established manufacturer brands worldwide.

Is The Zosi Camera Brand A Chinese Company?

Yes, the Zosi camera brand is from china. They produce high-end video cameras for household and official use. In addition, they efficiently make affordable and reliable security cameras because they are china-based.

Do Zosi Security Cameras Work Without The Internet?

You can record everything using a DVR. Therefore ZOSI security cameras work without the internet. But for remote viewing, you need the internet to access it.

Do I Need To Require A Subscription To Use The Zosi Security Camera?

You don’t need to purchase any additional subscription to use the ZOSI security camera. Once you buy the product, it’s yours, and no need to pay any more to access it. The app is free also.

Is The Zosi Camera Waterproof?

Yes, the ZOSI camera is waterproof. In case ZOSI outdoor camera comes with hidden wiper facilities. That wipes out the rain or snow in critical weather conditions. Overall, ZOSI security cameras are all types of weatherproof.

Does The Zosi Camera Have Any Audio?

ZOSI cameras have two-way audio. Thus you can communicate in both ways.

Can You Monitor Zosi Cameras On Your Computer?

You can monitor the ZOSI camera on your computer too. However, you will require additional software to access the security camera.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to provide all possible features with the pros and cons of this security camera. This will allow you to align your buying decision with your needs.

However, ZOSI has an excellent reputation and customer satisfaction worldwide as a Chinese brand. They can provide their customers with affordable and high-end security solutions.

Additionally, they provide good network security to prevent unauthorized incidents like hacking. Overall, the model of this security camera is good quality so if your budget is between $100-200, you can buy it undoubtly.

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