Why Are Outswing Doors More Expensive[8 Facts]

why are outswing doors more expensive

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We all love to have an excellent interior and an eye-catching exterior in our homes. Exterior doors are a matter of concern. Because they need to look good and be strong and secure at the same time.

Different materials and styles are available for doors. You can pick them according to your choice. But one thing to remember is that you should have outswing front doors or the inswing ones.

Because the outswing doors are more expensive, you might be considering purchasing the inswing ones, but do you know why outswing doors are more expensive?

If not, then read this article till the end. I’ll discuss the reasons behind it.

Where to use?

First, you can’t put an outswing door in your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or places inside the house. You must put them on the front door of your home, garage, basement, store room in your backyard, etc.

We use these doors many times a day. Outswing doors are more secure than the inswing ones. This is why everyone put them in these places.

8 reasons: Why are outswing doors more expensive?

Now, let’s dig into the main point, why they are more expensive than other ones. A door that swings outward has some extra features which make them more secure.

The additional features are the main reason to make an outswing door more expensive. Outswing doors provide better security against unknown dangers and protect from extreme climate conditions like winds and rain.

So, let’s see, what are the features?

1) Door Mechanism

An outswing door opens outward and the other ones open inward. So both these two kinds of doors use different mechanisms.

As we all know, doors that open inward are easy to break into. An intruder can push hard to break the door and succeed by some chance. But if the door opens outward, then it’s more difficult to force open this by pulling it outwards.

So, if you want to have a front door at your home that is hard to break into, an outswing door is definitely going to meet your needs. This outswing working mechanism is helpful and secure enough to protect your home.

2) Door Threshold

It’s another benefit is having an outswing door at the main entrance of your house. You can add a threshold at the base.

A threshold is a slice of material (wood or other materials according to the door material) that sits over the doorway. It provides a smooth transition.

The door threshold provides an air-tight fitting between the bottom of the door and the floor. It keeps the room isolated from water and dust from outside. Your home remains safe from water damage if you add a threshold at the front door. 

Thresholds can be of different types and styles. You can choose the best one for your home and add it to give a better and more stylish look to your home. 

3) Impact-Resistant Glass

If you wish to have your front outswing door be more durable and have rough weather like rain, storm, snow, wind, and hurricane resistant, you can go for an impact-resistance glass-made outswing door.

Though an impact-resistant glass-made door will cost you a little more than a regular one, but it will protect your home from harsh weather conditions. 

These glasses are also known as laminated glass because of being made of three layers. You can call these types of doors storm doors. Also, there is a strong polymer interlayer between two layers of glasses.

This is why these impact-resistant glasses are very much durable. If the glass gets shattered, the interlayer polymers keep the other two layers together, preventing the glasses from spreading away or getting into your house and causing accidents.

4) Best Grade Deadbolt

An outswing door with the best grade deadbolt will cost you a little more. 

Deadbolts are extra protection to enhance the security of your home. There are generally three grades of deadbolts. Grade 1 is the highest, and Grade 3 is the lowest protection grade. Grade 1 deadbolts can undergo more than ten hits from a 75-great-pound force. 

These deadbolts survive over a million times opening and closing the door without failure. This is why they are so popular in high-security offices and houses.

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5) Fire-Resistant Features 

Outswing doors are made of fire-resistant materials, which makes them more expensive than inswing doors. 

We use these kinds of fire-resistant outswing doors for emergency exits. So that people can go out through the door in case of any emergency like a fire hazard or something else.

6) Security Bar

The door with the best security bar is more secure. You can only have this feature on an outswing door. A security bar protects windows & doors from burglars even if they are able to pick the lock of the door.

Also, the door won’t open until the bar is removed. So an outswing door with a security bar enhances the safety of your house.

The security bar stays under the doorknob and runs across the door’s width. So, a door with this feature will cost you some more money. 

7) Security Hinges

There is a big difference in the inswing and outswing door hinges. 

If the door is an inswing one, the hinges remain inside. So no one can touch it, make any changes, or break into the door. But if your door is an outswing one, the hinges are on the outside of the door, which is a big security issue.

Burglars can easily pull the hinge pins, remove the door, and enter your house. So this is a matter of concern. 

I’ll suggest you invent into best quality security hinges with non-removable pins. You can use setscrew hinges to ensure the door is completely safe from intruders. 

Another option is to use a continuous hinge at your door. A continuous hinge covers the gap between the door and the door frame.

So it has become more secure than before. Burglars can’t get through it easily. So keep this point in mind when you put an outswing door at the main entrance of your house and that’s why need spends more money.

Outswing fiberglass door
Image Credits – hgtv.com

8) Door Frame

Door frames are another reason for the outswing door being expensive. Because there are many options available. You can have patio doors, regular wooden doors, french doors, or others. These doors require different kinds of door frames. They are:

  • Wood: If you have a wooden door, the frame is also wooden most of the time. A wooden frame costs the most. In addition, if you want designs on it, then it’s going to cost even more.
  • Steel: Steel doors and frames are mostly used in-house in rush conditions. If you stay in a place where climate changes a lot, consider having a steel door. It will protect the entry from rain, snow, storms, etc. Also, the steel frame costs less than wood and fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass: Doors made of fiberglass are highly durable. These fiberglass-made outswing doors offer 4 times better safety than a wooden door. Also, they cost less. Fiberglass has an insulated core, so it doesn’t allow the thermal transfer between the outside and inside of the house. This is why the inside of the house remains at the optimum temperature. These door frames cost less the wood and are higher than steel.


The price of out swinging doors rises because they are fitted with many accessories to provide greater security against intruders and extreme weather conditions.

So, now all your confusion should be clear after reading the above reasons about why are outswing doors more expensive than inswing doors.

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