Where Can You Put a Gun Safe in Your House? 5 Places to Hide

Firearms are the highest security tool you can keep in your house. You can carry it anywhere you go. But where to put a gun safe in your house at night?

As a gun owner, you can keep your gun in the living room or the home office within a small gun safe. But you can keep it hidden in the basement, kitchen cabinet, near the front door, and upstairs.

It’s a good idea to keep your gun under your bed at night. But it’s too common and obvious to hide it. That’s why we came up with some different places where you can keep it safe and hide it. Keep reading to know things you must consider while choosing the right place to hide your gun.

5 Places to Put Your Gun Safe in Your House

You can keep your gun safe at home. Therefore you can hide it anywhere and consider that is safe. But ensure that you get a technical advantage from the location in an emergency. Still, if you are confused about where to put a gun safe in your house, then consider these places-

Location Priorities to Keep A Gun Safe and Hidden

LocationsWater RiskFire RiskBurglar RiskReach Of Children’s Risk
Living RoomMediumMediumLowMedium
Office RoomMediumHighLowLow
Kitchen CabinetLowHighLowLow
Front DoorHighHighMediumLow
Guest RoomMediumMediumLowLow
Coat ClosetLowMediumLowLow

Keep Hide Your Gun in the Living Room

Keep Hide Your Gun in the Living Room

Most people give priority to hiding their guns in the living room. It’s just because of easy access in case of emergency. As you spend more time in the living room, you can place it here.

Also, you can keep the gun safe on the table. Or you can keep it under the bed within a fast box. However, this place is common and easy to guess.

Therefore you can install a biometric closet to put your gun safe. Or alternatively, you can hide it somewhere unexpected.

Keep Safe Your Gun in the Kitchen Cabinet

It’s a good idea to keep your gun safe in the kitchen cabinet. No one can easily expect that place to hide your gun. Moreover, you must spend a lot of time during the day in the kitchen.

So it can be an ideal place to hide your gun. This allows you to access it quickly. Most kitchens are near to the exit or not so far from the bedroom. Just make sure to keep it away from the excess heat of the kitchen.

Keep Safe Your Gun in the Home Offices

Another good option is to hide your gun in the home offices. It’s the most popular place to keep guns safe. Because it’s a working place where you meet strangers, also, it’s a children-free area. You can easily access the gun whenever you need it.

Hide Your Gun in the Basement

Hide Your Gun in the Basement

Gun safes in your basements are a good hiding place to keep the gun safely. Burglars and robbers avoid this area. And hard to guess where exactly the hiding place was. You can store it safely in your basement if you have suitable access.

Keep Your Gun Near The Front Door

You can store your gun just beside the front door. It’s an ideal place because the place is easily accessible. In an emergency, you need to access the front door to exit. So the place is ideal for getting a gun in an emergency time.

Install a Gun Safe Box

You can install a gun safe box in your home which is the most protected way. When you purchase a gun safe box, make sure to get one that is properly installed in a gun safe box.

This will ensure that your safe is airtight and can protect your firearms from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. Not only will this provide added protection for your firearms, but it will also help to keep them organized and easy to access.

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Tips to Put A Gun Safe In Your House

Gun owners have to maintain some responsibilities as well to maintain and keep it safe in their house. Make sure the location is not accessible to everyone or the children. Additionally, you need to consider the following four things:

Away From Fire

If you consider hiding your gun in the kitchen, you need to ensure that it is away from the kitchen heat and fire. Please put it in fireproof gun safes to avoid damage to your gun. It can be dangerous and altered in contact with excessive heat and fire. Also, avoid putting it near an oven, stove, or electronic kitchen appliances.

Away From Water and Humidity

Water and humidity can damage your gun. So be careful when placing it in the basement or near the washroom. You might consider the basement as a good option to hide your gun. But concrete slab is not suitable to keep the moisture on it. So keep it hidden, but ensure that it won’t be damaged unexpectedly.

Keep Safe from Burglars

Can you imagine if burglars could easily access your gun? Nothing would be more dangerous than that. Unarmed burglars are safer than armed burglars. In that case, you can use a small gun safe to put it or a biometric closet to ensure security.

Out Reach Of Children

Guns are good for securing your home and family members. Therefore you need to ensure the location of your safe gun is hidden and protected from everyone. Often, children are curious about it as a toy. Therefore you need to keep it away from the reach of children.


Maintaining a firearm is not an easy task. First, you must ensure your safety and good gun maintenance. Then, unless it cannot provide security whenever you need it, you can place the gun anywhere you want. But choosing the right place would be trickier.

We hope the above information helped you answer the question “where to put a gun safe in your house.” Next, ensure that your gun is not being misused.

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