What Size Drill Bit For Ring Doorbell?

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If you have ever wondered what size drill bit you should buy for your ring doorbell, you are not alone.

Installing a Ring doorbell is not a difficult task and can be done with minimal effort. However, it is important to make sure you have the right drill bit before you begin. 

This blog post discusses what size drill bit for Ring doorbells and why, as well as the various sizes of drill bits. If you want to know what drill bit size you need to put in a ring doorbell, keep reading to find out.

Understanding Drill Bit Basics

We all know drill bits are essential tools for our daily woodworker or DIY enthusiast. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So you can use each for different tasks.

Understanding the basic idea about drill bits can help you choose the right bit for your job. Also, knowing how to use them correctly will make all the difference in achieving accurate results with your projects.

Drill Bit That Comes with the Ring Doorbell

A 15/64-inch drill bit, or either a 5.5 mm or 6 mm drill bit is required to install a Ring Doorbell to the wall. Another option to mount the doorbell is a 7/32-inch drill bit. On top of that, you may either need a T6 and T15 screwdriver head.

Depending on the type of plugs or anchors included with your Ring doorbell kit, you may need a specific size drill bit. If your kit comes with pre-drilled plugs, all you need to do is use the appropriate drill bit to create holes for mounting the doorbell.

Note – Using a drill bit that is too large can damage the plugs and anchor screws. Conversely, if the drill bit is too small, the plugs and anchor screws may not stay secure.

To ensure of correct drill bit size, refer to the instructions included in your Ring doorbell kit. Alternatively, you can reach out to customer service at Ring for assistance.

What Do You Need When Your Ring Doorbell Doesn’t Include Any Drill Bit?

Installing a Ring doorbell can be a straightforward process. However, it is only possible when you have the right tools.

Here is a guide to help you make the right choice when your Ring doorbell doesn’t come with a drill bit –

  • If for some reason, your Ring doorbell doesn’t include any drill bit, you must get a 15/64-inch (4-inch long)  masonry bit. It can be quite challenging to locate such a masonry bit. If you are having trouble, a standard 6 mm drill bit is readily available and is about the same size as a 15/64 drill bit.
  • Depending on the type of material, you may also need a 1/4-inch or a 5/32-inch masonry bit. Make sure to check the specifications on your doorbell before purchasing the right size drill bit.
  • If you are installing the doorbell into the wood, you will need either a spade bit larger than 1/64 inch. But it varies for softwood and hardwood. Perhaps, taking a look at the following table may give some insights –
Screw SizePilot softwoodPilot hardwood
Quick Tip – When selecting a drill bit for your Ring doorbell, make sure that it is made from quality materials. Cheap drill bits may not be able to properly create the hole needed for installation. Furthermore, a too-small bit might not be able to hold the plugs or anchors firmly enough, which might lead to an unstable installation.

Different Drill Bit Sizes

A variety of common sizes are offered for drill bits. Your drill can accommodate the size of the bit you want to use. If you want a tight fit that can endure the stress of the drilling, it needs to fit into the chuck precisely.

9.53 mm and 12.7 mm are the two drill bit sizes that are mostly used. For reference, the smallest sizes that may be found in drill bit sets can be as little as 0.3 mm and as large as 16 mm.

When installing a Ring doorbell, select the right size drill bit for the job. Below, I have mentioned some other drill bit sizes –

  • 26 mm bits
  • 24 mm bits
  • 23 mm bits
  • 18 mm bits
  • 15 mm bits
  • 13 mm bits

Once you have determined the right size drill bit ensure you use a level surface and secure the drill bit before starting to drill. Doing so will help ensure that the holes are made correctly and that the installation is secure.

Drill Bit

Other Drill Bit Size That May Work

If you find a different size than what is provided in the kit, there are some other drill bit sizes that may work.

For example, if your ring doorbell requires a hole measuring 15/64-inch in diameter, you can use a 6 mm drill bit to create the hole since that is closer to 5.95 mm or 15/64-inch.

Additionally, you could use a 1/4-inch drill bit if a 6 mm is hard to find in your region. Finally, purchase some fresh 1/4-inch plugs rather than continuing to drill with the ring plug.

It Depends on What You are Drilling

Look at the information below to get a general idea of the ideal drill bit for various materials –

  • If you are drilling into a wall, you will likely need a 4 mm or 16 mm masonry drill bit for any included plugs or anchors that come with the kit.
  • If you are drilling into brick, you may need a 5/16-inch drill bit. However, any carbide-tipped masonry bit will also do the work.
  • For metal, you will likely need a 1/16-inch drill bit. Additionally, some doorbells may require a 3/16-inch drill bit.
  • When drilling into concrete, you can use a carbide-tipped masonry bit. This will ensure that you can drill into the material without cracking or breaking it.

Remember to take all necessary precautions when drilling into your wall. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, it may be best to hire a professional. Moreover, you should also read the instructions and consider what kind of material you will be drilling into.

Is it Better to Use a Hammer Drill for Installing a Ring Doorbell?

A hammer drill is always ideal for drilling on any surface. Specially, you can easily create holes in brick and concrete surfaces without damaging them.

Additionally, it provides more power than a regular drill machine. It allows you to complete the installation faster and with less effort.

Before the drilling, ensure you use the right size bit for your surface. Don’t forget to take enough time for completing each step. However, using a drill bit and tools, you can easily install Ring Doorbell within a short time.


Are you still asking yourself – “What size drill bit for Ring doorbell?”  I bet you got the answer. Installing a Ring doorbell requires the right tools, including the right drill bit.

The size of the drill bit you need will depend on the plugs or anchors that come with your kit. Generally, you should look for a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the anchors.

Remember to always double-check that the drill bit is compatible with the anchor before starting installation. With the right tools, you can easily install your Ring doorbell in no time.

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