What Do Surge Protectors Help Prevent In The Workplace?

Surge protectors effectively protect electrical equipment from being damaged by voltage spikes in the power line.

The voltage supply system can experience voltage sags or spikes when various devices, such as air conditioners, electric motors, and dimmers of lights, are turned on and off.

When voltage sags occur, normal voltage levels fall below normal for a short time. Conversely, voltage surges may occur as either a momentary spike or a sustained increase in voltage.

Electrical surge protectors help prevent damage to electrical equipment caused by voltage spikes on the power lines by extending the lifespan of the equipment.

However, surge protectors do not help prevent damage from other sources. For example, they cannot prevent wear and tear on equipment caused by normal use.

Surge protectors have a rating of energy absorption that is printed on them. This number indicates how much energy the surge protector can withstand before it fails. Ideally, most surge protectors may absorb 400- 800 joules of energy and still protect your equipment.

However, you will see surge protectors rated with higher joules than usual. Therefore, these surge protectors should be used with caution.

If the surge protector absorbs too much energy, it will melt and become a fire hazard. For this reason, it is important to check the joules rating on a surge protector before using it as a means of protecting your electrical equipment against voltage dropouts, surges, or other electrical anomalies.

Surge protectors can sometimes be a fire hazard if an overheating appliance is connected to one. A surge protector may also overheat, which could lead to a fire.

Which precautions must be taken when using a surge protector in a workplace?

Most people turn their electronic devices off before leaving their desks. However, it is critical to purchase a professional surge protector, which includes a circuit breaker that protects against dangerous power surges in workplaces. Taking this type of precaution is the most basic measure you can take to protect against power surges.


As a general rule, surge protectors in the workplace prevent damage to the equipment caused by lightning or the overloading of electric circuits.

However, a surge protector with a well-rated rating is not the cause of the problem. Instead, devices with short circuits, worn insulation, or loose connectors can cause fire hazards in the workplace.

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