What Amp GFCI For Bathrooms? In-Depth Answer

Electronic shocks cause more than hundreds of deaths a year in the United States. Most of them are caused in the kitchen or bathroom accidentally. It is due to a short circuit and faulty wire management system.

Therefore, when dealing with an electronic device near a wet area, you should be more cautious. Your bathroom and kitchen outlets should be GFCI protected to avoid accidental death shocks.

While you think and plan for GFCI you need to know the impact of amperage. What amp GFCI for the bathroom? Keep reading to get all about GFCI and amperage.

Why do you need GFCI outlets?

GFCI outlets are security devices that handle ground faults. Usually, you would find these in the bathroom and kitchen. You can use these protective sockets in any place near six feet of water sources.

You can use these in your basement, pool area, and garage. Anywhere you might have possible exposure to water with electricity.

For example, you might want to plug in electronic devices like an electric blender, iron, razor, or even a hairdryer in your bathroom. Accidentally these can cause short-circuit and ground fall into the water and cause you a death shock or injury. To avoid all these accidental injuries you need to use a GFCI outlet.

Best GFCI Outlets

How many GFCI outlets do you need in your bathroom?

You can be puzzled by how many GFCI you will need in your bathroom? Many people don’t even know that only one GFCI outlet can protect multiple outlets on the same circuit.

So you don’t need GFCI in every room along with your bathroom. Also according to NEC (National Electric Code), you must have at least one GFCI outlet in your house.

However, based on your workload you can have separate GFCI for different locations like pool area, garage, and bathroom.

What Benefits you can get from GFCI Outlet?

The GFCI Outlet ensures the safety of your family from electronic hazards. You can also have some additional benefits like-

Get safe from shocks

A short-circuit of an electronic device can happen at any time, and when it is in contact with water, it can be much more dangerous and even fatal. GFCI outlets prevent shocks and monitor power flow using a sensor. In case of any imbalance of the flow, it breaks the circuit and you will get safe from possible shocks and injuries. This will be highly protective of the kids in your house.

Save you from electrical fires

GFCI detects the ground faults in case of excessive current. In most cases, it causes electrical fires in the house. By installing high-quality GFCI outlets you can effectively protect against electrical fire incidents. Due to the sensor GFCI outlets, you can minimize the high risk.

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Save your electronic devices

Due to excessive current flow, your electronic devices can be damaged. Also, metal electronic devices cause overheating and cause short circuits inside the device. This occurrence can damage the expensive electronic appliances in your house. Using GFCI outlets can save your devices from unwanted power flow. This can also save your replacement and repair costs by using a GFCI-protected outlet.

GFCI outlets in bathroom
GFCI outlets in bathroom

Should You use a 15 amp or 20 amp GFCI in your bathroom?

Different amps are used for GFCI outlets, including 15 and 20 amps. What amp GFCI for the bathroom? It is not necessary to install a 20 amp GFCI outlet in the bathroom or kitchen for lighting.

In that case, 15 amps will be ok. However, you might need to use heavy electronic devices like irons and high-powered electric razors in your bathroom. That’s why your bathroom required GFCI-rated 20 amps or higher.

In the case of a 15 amp GFCI outlet, you might need to use 14 gauge wiring in your house. The wire size and the 15 amp breaker together will be equal to 20 amps.

How Can You Differentiate Between 15amp And 20 Amp GFCI?

It’s important to identify which amp is used in your house during the planning. Based on the circuit you need to buy. When buying a GFCI unit, you can easily identify its amp by reading the serial/amps info on the body.

The main difference between 15 amp and 20 amp is the pin outlet. You can check the surface of the GFCI. If the slot turns sideways or it looks T-shaped, that will only allow a 20 amp plug on it.

On the other hand, 15 amps won’t look like a T shape. Again, the 15amp GFCI plug will only support the 15 amp devices. You can also know what circuit is used in your house with the help of an electrician as well.

Leviton GFNT1 GFCI Outlet

It is a good old brand with a reputation for GFCI outlets. They are highly recommended for manufacturing high-quality Gfci outlets in the industry. This brand is worth trying comparing the money you invest in it.

It is one of the best GFCI outlets based on user rating. It has a standard design to auto-monitor the flow that internally tests the ground fault.

This slim device is easy to install without any hassle. The SmartlockPro technology ensures the self-test in case of ground fault circuit interruption.

  • To ensure that the GFCI can respond to a ground fault, it performs a regular internal test automatically.
  • It gives you ultimate ground fault protection due to the self-test conduction.
  • You can easily check the protection status by the indicator lights.
  • An exclusive lockout feature prevents GFCIs from being reset if damaged or inoperable
  • Smartly designed and slimiest shape that allows you to install anywhere with less space.

Final Thoughts

You need to check your GFCI on a periodical routine to ensure your safety. Most low-quality GFCI gets damaged over time and contact with water.

As you place the GFCI in your bathroom it can be wet by water. Therefore you need to use an outlet cover to protect your GFCI outlet.

Hopefully, you got all the detailed information along with what amp GFCI for the bathroom for future reference.

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