Tripp Lite Vs APC: Which Is The Best?

Each power supply or UPS company is unique. This is why it’s so significant to have a suitable UPS. Tripp Lite UPS and APC UPS are two of the most trusted names in power protection, but they have some pretty significant differences that might make one more suitable for your needs than the other.

Here’s what separates these two power solutions (UPS), whom each is best suited for, and which one will save you more money in the long run. 

Tripp Lite Vs. APC: Overview


The APC power supply brand has been around since 1981, with headquarters in North Carolina. The brand has long been considered one of the top UPS manufacturers.

They offer a wide selection of products, including UPS, surge protectors, AVRs (Automatic voltage regulators), power meters, adapters, inverters, and more.

Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite was founded in 1922 by Albert P. Tripp and is named after the company’s founder. Besides the fact that they have been around for more than 100 years, they are not to be overlooked for power supplies. 

They produce products like UPS, power protection systems, converters/inverters, cables, etc.

However, both the Tripp Lite and APC power supply units are high-quality, reliable products.

Both manufacturers produce high-quality power supplies. These will keep your devices powered during power outages and surges. 

In addition, both manufacturers offer a wide range of models from desktop to rackmount and include batteries out of the box.

Therefore, if you want extra battery life while running high-drain devices like laser printers, both brands offer models that will do the trick.

When choosing between APC and TrippLite, let’s first look at the similarities between the two.

What is the difference between Tripp Lite and APC?

Below are the most common differences between both brands to decide which brand is the most effective for you. Both Tripp Lite and APC are high-quality brands with a positive reputation, which is why they’ve been around so long. 

Despite this, there are noticeable differences between the models, and here I will outline some of them:

  • Tripp Lite offers more options when it comes to power requirements than APC. In most cases, Tripp Lite is the right choice for higher power requirements.
  • APC has more models with included batteries than Tripp Lite. In most cases, you can upgrade the battery packs in both brands, and in some cases, this will give you a more extended warranty.
  • You can save up to 40% on your power costs with Tripp Lite UPSs, but there is no real advantage to using APC models.
  • In terms of warranty, Tripp Lite offers a 5-year warranty, and APC provides a 7-year warranty for refurbished units. However, Tripp Lite has more models to choose from, so you have more options when it comes to warranty lengths.
  • Tripp Lite is typically more expensive than APC for most models.
  • Reputable companies with helpful customer support back both brands, but Tripp Lite has been around for longer and is a trusted name in power protection.
  • With Tripp Lite units, you can’t add extra batteries as you can with APC models.
  • Tripp Lite offers more options for addressing different power requirements, but APC also provides units with higher surge protection.

Tripp Lite Vs. APC: Pros & cons

Trip Lite Pros:

  • Tripp Lite offers 15 amps, 20 amps, 30 amps, and even 40 amps for devices with high power requirements.
  • Due to Tripp Lite’s line-interactive units, your devices will run smoothly even under heavy loads.
  • Compared to APC units, Tripp Lite units are extremely energy efficient.

Trip Lite Cons:

  • The Tripp lite units cost slightly more than APC units.
  • There is no way to upgrade Tripp Lite units with additional battery packs like with APC units.

APC Pros:

  • APC offers a broader selection of models.
  • There is a 3-year warranty on APC’s website and a 7-year warranty on refurbished units.

APC Cons:

  • ACPC units are less energy-efficient than Tripp Lite models.

Tripp Lite Vs. APC: Popular Model Comparison

Here I will compare Tripp Lite and APC models that are similar. Both of these brands have very similar models on their websites, but it can sometimes be confusing to choose between the two. 

Listed below are two popular models that customers often choose. 


APC has more models with included batteries, and Tripp Lite offers better options for different power requirements. For this reason, Tripp Lite is considered the leading brand. 

However, both Tripp Lite and APC are reputable companies with reliable price & customer service. Therefore, depending on your recruitment needs, you can choose any model of these brands.

Finally, I highly recommend using any of the above model numbers to make your life simpler, efficient and maintainable.

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