Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun Review [PROS & CONS]

Are you looking for a base-level Tippmann marker to defeat your opposing team on the battlefield? As an experienced paintball player, I would say, investing in a good quality gun is indeed necessary, even if you have a full-proof strategy.

If your Paintball markers are outgunned by the opposition, defeating them is totally like a daydream. I believe you are pretty much aware of it, and that’s why you have opened up our detailed Tippmann 98 paintball gun review.

Tippmann markers have been in the market since the 1980s. However, they established their own Paintball industry after the ’80s. From that point, they manufactured thousands of models like an Alpha black elite, project salvo, Tippmann Cronus, etc.

However, if you ask any paintball player to recommend a good quality and affordable Tippmann marker, they will surely recommend Tippmann custom 98.

As an entry-level gun, Tippmann 98 has gained huge popularity. Its reliable features, durable body, and anti-chop measures have taken it to a new level.

Is Tippmann custom 98 as good as the hype? What features have made it so amazing? If you are enthusiastic as well, hang on with us till the end!

Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun Overview:

Tippman custom 98 was first manufactured in 1998. Even after around 24 years, it’s still considered the best paintball gun for beginners. Why so?

Firstly, Tippmann custom 98 is super affordable. So, beginners don’t have to think twice before investing in it. Also, it has shown incredible performances even in tournaments.

So, you can’t look down on it even if you are a seasoned or an intermediate player. It will definitely serve more than just a beginner gun.

Secondly, this piece is going to offer incredibly reliable performance, even if you operate it on mud, water, or dirt. Due to the hinged elbow design, disassembling, customizing & maintenance have totally become a piece of cake.

This semi-automatic gun is made up of durable aluminum die-cast, and it is entirely customizable. So, if you want to upgrade the basic gun, just invest in separate parts and modify it to your preferred design.

Noteworthy Specifications:

Barrel MaterialAluminum
Barrel Length8.5 inches
Air Gun Power CompatibilityCO2
Firing RateEight paintballs per second
Shooting Distance150 feet

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun: Key Features

Tippmann 98 paintball marker

Field Performance

In terms of reliability, efficiency, ease of maintenance, speed, and firing capacity, the Tippmann 98 machine gun is second to none.

While playing paintball, this basic version paintball gun can offer the most accurate shots, just like the premium ones.

In fact, it can perform better than its competitors in this price range. Moreover, if you upgrade the response trigger, I bet there will be hardly any model which can outgun the Tippmann 98.

Customizable Gun

It features a noteworthy customizable design. You can alter many parts, from the aluminum barrel to the trigger. If you are up for modified guns, Tippmann is indeed the best.

You can go for accessories from Tippmann as well as other brands. Though it’s a beginner gun, even an intermediate player can play with it to rock on the field through further modifications as per his playing style.

Hinged Elbow

Due to the hinged elbow design disassembling & maintenance have become quite more convenient & time-saving than ever before.

Now even a beginner can enter into the gun’s internal mechanics within seconds. Thus customizing or switching to the original Tippmann custom guns has become more accessible as well.

In-line Bolt

Tippmann is the first company that has brought a feature like the ‘In-line Bolt system’ into entry-level markers. Due to this technology, Tippmann can effectively use the air in every shot.

Thus, your compressed air tank will last for a few more games. Moreover, the paintballs won’t be chopped early due to high pressure as well.

Anti-Chop Technology

The chopping of paintballs into two halves due to high pressure is a common phenomenon in every game. By chopping, we basically refer to the split of paintballs even before it’s fired.

However, the brand, Tippmann, has reduced chopping to a great extent by the anti-chop & in-line bolt technology.

Split Receiver

The newest model of custom 98 features ‘Split receiver technology,’ which allows it to take off the posterior section separately for any defect.

So, you don’t need to alter the entire gun. Instead, try to replace the trigger or sear from the back if required.


Tippmann has offered a limited warranty of two years. If you face any issues with your brand new gun, just reach out to the company. They will be quite happy to assist you.

Easy To Assemble

Tippmann custom 98 is quite convenient to assemble. Tighten the Barrel screw, fasten the feed neck, get the tank as well as the paint hopper, and you are good to go on the battlefield.

Features I Have Loved

  • The most attractive point of the Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun is its affordable price & discounted packages. They have also improved the overall experience by including necessary kits & accessories.
  • Due to the in-bolt & anti-chop technology, the balls don’t easily get chopped under high pressure.
  • Its hinged elbow design allows a user to assess the internal components conveniently.
  • The die-cast aluminum design offers superior durability & longevity at once.
  • This piece weighs only 2.9 lbs & thus offers quick & easy maneuverability.
  • This model is highly customizable as per requirements.
  • Its front rubber grip ensures a safe, comfy & ergonomic hold.
  • The Tippmann 98 gun is very reliable & accurate.
  • This is a low-maintenance gun. It will run smoothly for a few years with just infrequent yearly cleanings.

Features To Improve

  • It is kind of a loud marker. So, it’s not an ideal gun if you are playing the role of a sniper.
  • This Tippman marker is a bit longer than the competitors.
  • The stock barrel is kinda shorter (around 8 inches) than its competitors. However, even a 2-inches barrel is enough for accuracy.
  • The Tippmann is not suitable for rapid fire as the gun features a remarkable recoil tendency.
  • It can shoot only eight paintballs per second. Thus, I would say it has a moderate velocity which might be too slow for an intermediate or professional player.

Expert Opinion about Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann 98 Custom was first manufactured in 1998. After the base level version, all Tippmann models are just their improved/ modified form.

However, it’s still in demand even after 24 years due to flexibility & customizability. It offers a great opportunity to sophisticate the marker in their own style.

Moreover, It has inspired the manufacturers to produce other successful models like Alpha Black Elite, project salvo, etc.

tippmann 98 paintball marker bundle kit
Tippmann 98 paintball marker bundle kit

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Similar Custom Paintball Guns

  • Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Marker: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 can beat Tippmann custom 98 in terms of firing rate & speed. This close combat gun can efficiently fire 20 shots per second.
  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Semi-Automatic Paintball Marker: This is a long-range paintball marker with great fame due to its accurate shots and customizability.
  • Tippmann Chronus Paintball Marker Gun: This is the basic Tippmann Cronus model offering high performance & superior durability. Paintball players have adored it for its high-impact body, in-line bolt mechanism, and flexible design.
  • Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun: It’s an automated electronic paintball marker featuring superior accuracy multiple, multiple firing modes, adjustable FPS, and a modern 2-piece Barrel system at a reasonable price range. It’s a fantastic beginner gun. However, as an advanced paintball player, you might require a few upgrades.

People Also Ask

Is Tippmann a good paintball gun?

Yes, Tippmann has had huge fame worldwide for its durability, reliability & incredible markers since 1986. They can endure rough beatings and will work just fine even when you are on land, water, or mud.

What are the best paintballs for Tippmann 98 custom?

Generally, a paintball of 0.68 calibers (a marble’s size) will be highly compatible with the Tippmann 98 custom paintball gun.

Which paintball gun is the most accurate?

Among different paintballs, we would still recommend the Tippman custom 98 paintball gun as the most accurate marker in 2022. Yes, there were many upgraded versions of paintball guns. However, in terms of reliability & accurate shots, custom 98 is second to none indeed.

According to experts, the individual who uses Tippmann 98 continuously without any change will have more accuracy than the individual who frequently upgrades his guns. Here, muscle memory will play a huge role.

Are pump paintball guns more accurate?

Pump paintball guns are pretty simple yet reliable. They require 12 g CO2 or 10ci HPA tank minimally to function. As a result, the overall design is pretty lightweight, powerful, and more accurate than the traditional guns.

In terms of accuracy, it can out beat other semi-automatic guns too. Semi-automatic guns require a recycling time to fire. Thus, there is a slight delay between two frequent fires, which results in inaccuracy. You won’t face such delays with the pump paintball design

Final Verdict

As a paintball player, there is no chance that – you haven’t heard of Tippman Custom marker even once. In fact, it’s widely known among beginners for its tough design, anti-chop technology, and affordability.

I bet that’s why you were concerned, about whether it’s really worth your money or not. After our in-depth Tippmann 98 paintball gun review, you already know by now that its hype is not just empty talks.

In fact, its overall performance is definitely praiseworthy. Therefore, if you have your eye on this basic paintball gun, don’t delay & grab it today!

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