8 Smart Locks For Outdoor Gate 2022

Smart Locks For Outdoor Gate

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Smart locks are a great way to secure your home, but what about your backyard gate? Smart locks for outdoor gates are the perfect solution. It’s easy to install and can be programmed for up to many codes. You don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your key because all you need is an app! 

It comes with two different types of locks: one that only unlocks when it detects a certain code, and another that needs both a code and fingerprint recognition. Most of the smart pad lock’s batteries last 8-12 months before needing replacement which makes the lock perfect for those who live in areas where power outages happen often. You can also use a smart padlock as an extra security measure on windows or doors if you want! 

Also, if you have an outdoor gate, you may want to add a smart lock to it. so that you can control the outdoor gate from anywhere. At the same time when you are away, the padlock will protect your home and provide a convenient way for accessing your home. If you are looking for a good smart lock product, suitable for your outdoor gate, here I recommend the 8 best smart locks for the outdoor gate for you.

Top 8 Smart Locks For Outdoor Gate

Lametuty Fingerprint Smart Padlock

Top Features: Biometric fingerprint identification. FREE mobile APP control. Remote unlocking. Authorization. One-time passwords. 2000 Times Unlock. 220mAh battery. 6 months of standby time. 0.4kg weight and IP65 waterproof.

The Lametuty Fingerprint Smart Padlock is a sleek fingerprint padlock that’s perfect for any home or business. This padlock provides you with the ability to lock anything, anywhere without the need for a key. It also lets you store up to 2000 passwords in its memory so that it can be unlocked at any time remotely with your smartphone and visual confirmation on display. 

It’s made up of aluminum alloy and steel so it’ll never get rusty! This new, smart device unlocks with just one touch of your finger, meaning you don’t have to fuss around with keys or codes. All you need is your thumb! Just swipe across the print slot for instant access in a snap. Your fingers will be safe from thieves because you can remotely lock or unlock them without even being there. Plus, people can only use this lock once each time they encounter a different password too. 

So no worries about someone opening it and getting right back in again! If that’s not enough protection for you, you can send out one-time passwords that change daily to keep the lock even safer!

Your fingerprint is the key and this padlock will securely lock up everything – from bicycles to sheds to storage units, even your home outdoor gate. No more worrying about forgetting your keys or losing a physical key that can be stolen, just touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock and use it. Also, It offers a 220mAh battery & USB charging facility with outdoor waterproof.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install and program
  • Pretty accurate in reading fingerprints
  • Auto-lock for 30 seconds after successful entry (prevents from re-entry)
  • Back up key works fine if the fingerprint sensor fails


  • The battery drains fast when used daily.

YARDLOCK Keyless Gate Lock

Top Features: Flexible keyless lock. Battery-free gate lock. 4-dial internal combination. Weatherproof. Will not freeze or rust. Easy and fast installation.

Keep your property safe and secure with the Yardlock Keyless Gate Lock. This keyless lock is made with a zinc die-cast body for rust and corrosion resistance and a rigid cast plastic shell that will not freeze, and a galvanized steel latch for strength against force.

The YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock is designed for easy and fast installation. It can be put up by one person from start to finish in less than four minutes without any need for drilling or possible damage to your gate’s door jamb. No batteries are necessary, the keyless lock operates entirely without electricity and power so you are free of that never-ending hunt for a single AA battery.

Besides, the battery-free lock system is easy to install with its hardware which includes brackets, lag bolts, and carriage bolts. Because it doesn’t use batteries, you’ll save money too! It offers a 4-dial internal combination making it impossible for key thieves or would-be intruders to pick their way inside.

This smart padlock is 100% weatherproof so it can stand up to the elements. The keyless lock will function normally even if it is opened while it’s raining, however, extreme weather conditions may cause the combination to reset.

No more looking for keys or fumbling with lock boxes. Just use your own four-digit code and your property will be secure. The lock is actuated by a magnetic switch, so you won’t have to worry about losing or damaging your keys.

The best thing is that it allows almost 10,000 times lock/unlock. YARDLOCK is not vulnerable to external damage – even if you accidentally step on it. The internal mechanism will keep working and your gate will be secured. Yardley says that this keyless lock and access control system is the most reliable product on the market for your home or business.


  • Easy setup
  • Looks nice on the gate
  • Great for home security


  • Little bit on the pricey side
  • Doesn’t withstand weather

MEGAFEIS Fingerprint Padlock

Top Features: Lower power consumption. USB rechargeable. 150MAH lithium battery. Tamper resistance. IP65 weatherproof. Bluetooth Function. Gym lock Compact size. Authorization.

MEGAFEIS Fingerprint Padlock has a superior safety and easy-to-use features. You can take it anywhere with you & water-resistant, tamper-resistant, and gym lock compact sizes are all part of this revolutionary padlock! You can use this fingerprint padlock with Bluetooth to unlock your phone for wirelessly messaging friends or family. MEGAFEIS is so safe that more than 2500 unlocks are possible before the battery needs a recharge. 

The Padlock will be your ultimate travel companion for the utmost security. It has a sleek design, with all you need to lock without getting dirty hands! The small size allows you to take this with you anywhere, even if there are no keys around! It is built from high-quality steel that is perfect for complete protection against tampering. It has a latex-free lock that is resistant to dust, dirt, and water for easy use.

The fingerprint padlock can easily be connected to your phone. Bluetooth allows convenient unlocking with your own fingerprint! This padlock allows you to unlock it in three ways: with a fingerprint, a password, and a Bluetooth connection.

That means you won’t have to worry about losing your keys or digging around for them. You can set your fingerprint for the lock to unlock as well as set a password. With Bluetooth, you can use your phone with this padlock in case you need to open something quickly.

The fingerprint padlock is great for more than just unlocking! Now you can use it to keep your stuff safe from prying eyes! Use it at home to keep your valuables safe or on the job. This fingerprint padlock is perfect for home doors, gates, gym bags, and purses because it prevents them from opening accidentally.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fast unlock via fingerprint.
  • Simple, easy way to protect your gym locker or other valuables.


  • You need to touch it to work with Bluetooth function.

Mechanical Keyless Combination Latch Door Lock

Top Features: Dual Keypads. 2-way Security. Bump Key Proof. QuickCode Design.

Protect your home with this Mechanical Keyless Combination Latch Door Lock, which features dual keypads for 2-way security and an easy “quick code” design. With this lock, you never have to worry about a bump key attack again!

The padlock is a nice and solid design that has a durable look. The material on the padlock is not cheap, and you can see that it’s going to last a long time without wearing it out.

I really like the design of this lock. I had another one similar to it, but this lock looks much better in my opinion because of its “retro” look. It has been finished with oil rubbed into its body that gives it a nice-looking sheen and its body is made of solid steel.

You can use two different passcodes to unlock this lock. You can set one code to give simple access, and another code to give you more advanced access that allows you to check the status (locked/unlocked) of the door.

Also, the keypad is much simpler than a standard pin number pad. It has 14 buttons, but if you want to enter your code by simply pressing any of those buttons once, you can do that too! The good thing is you will get a 1-year limited warranty if you face any problems with the product.

This is a very nice lock to have if you want a mechanical and easy-to-use keyless door locking system. The kit comes with everything that you need for installing it on your own, even screws so you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses. I personally find this lock to be of high quality and I have no doubt that you will like it!


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with screws for installation
  • Button keypad for easy access and quick combination entry
  • The weather protection guard is made of hard plastic.


  • It doesn’t have a door knob handle.

ULTRALOQ Smart Door Lock U-Bolt

Top Features: Auto-lock & Unlock. Shake to Open. Mechanical Key. Bluetooth control. One Time guests access. Ultraloq Bridge WiFi Adaptor. Generate random digits. Bright backlight. 18 months warranty. Having a backup key.

With the ULTRALOQ smart door lock U-Bolt, you’ll feel safe in your home all on your own! Let’s face it, no one wants to live in an unsafe place with a crooked lock. Think about how many times you’ve had a candle or some leftover food and imagined someone breaking into your home because the door was unlocked. 

This is hard to do. You can’t do it if you have this ULTRACLOQ smart door lock U-Bolt installed because of its 111 million different codes and the keypad only allows guests who are approved. The best part is that once the visitor gives their access credentials for entry, they’re automatically logged out so there won’t be any peeping toms to worry about.

Also, you can set up the smart door lock U-Bolt with your smartphone to keep track of who is coming and going from your home in real time. So it’s easier than ever to check up on everyone who enters or exits through the ULTRACLOQ smart door lock U-Bolt app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Also, you can control the whole lock and unlock process with your smart door lock mobile app. It works like a charm!

Besides, the U-Bolt comes with a robust design that is built to withstand heat and cold climates! This means it will not break or wear down when exposed to extreme temperatures. I like its anti-peep keypad which is made up of 10 digits. This means you can feel pretty safe about the whole thing after all! The ULTRACLOQ U-Bolt is a keyless entry which makes it easy to use and less likely for you to forget any keys as well.

You can use this keyless smart padlock in the outdoor gates, windows, doors, and anywhere in your home for lock purposes. It is built with Zinc materials and finished with brushes so it can work on a wide range of door sizes, including metal and wood.

Also, you will find this smart padlock has 2 traditional keys to secure it in situations like key loss or if you don’t have access to your mobile device. This means that no other hands can meddle with the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt when you’re away.

Overall, the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt smart door lock is definitely worth your money! It has lots of benefits and works like a charm on all kinds of doors, including wood and metal ones. So you can feel safe in your home and be protected!


  • It comes with a keyless entry and 10 digits anti-peep keypad.
  • Easy to install and looks nice.
  • The auto-lock is super handy.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Some customers say the Wifi bridge is not so good.

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock

Top Features: Made with ‎Metal. Unlock From anywhere. Voice and remote access. Auto-lock when the door closes. Biometric Verification. Facial recognition. Works with all voice assistants.

This smart lock wants to make your door look like a starship. Unlock from anywhere, using voice and remote access capabilities with the August app – you can even use it to automatically unlock when you arrive. It attaches easily without drilling and is compatible with all three major voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assist. Facial recognition makes it easy to log in without scrolling through your contact list or entering complicated passwords.

The August Smart Lock has Wi-Fi built in so that anyone with an internet connection (wi-fi network) can remotely open their door whether they’re at home or halfway around the world! You could be on vacation but need someone to get into your house while helping to feed the cat. Forgot your keys? That’s okay, you can remotely unlock the door from anywhere with internet access while on your way before arriving home!

The lock and WiFi hub are completely separate so that you can change out the inside part of the smart lock without having to worry about replacing additional parts. The August Smart Lock will connect to your WiFi as soon as it is plugged in and paired using Bluetooth.

The 4th generation of their innovative device, the newest August is perfect for you. Not only can you unlock with an app on any phone that has internet access but it also keeps up to six different people logged in at once, ensuring that no matter who turns up they’ll be able to enter seamlessly and without needing codes. 

Don’t want to use your fingerprint? You can now unlock it just by looking at it – facial recognition is available! The August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock easily attaches to any door, so setting up and taking down is as easy as 1 2 3.


  • Easy to install on the door.
  • It’s an inexpensive smart lock that is incredibly easy to install.
  • It makes your doors more secure by eliminating the risk of lost keys.
  • 4th Generation works well with its app.


  • App is not easy to use.
  • It does not support 5GHZ.

Lockly Secure Pro PGD728W Wi-Fi Smart

Top Features: 3D fingerprint sensor. Patented PIN Genie technology. Bluetooth or WiFi control. Backup physical keys. Access history. Guests access passcode. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

This lock is like a human alarm system for your house! You can open and close this Lockly Secure smart lock with just the touch of a finger. 3D fingerprint sensor means that there’s no way to break in without being given access yourself. So anyone you want inside has to be invited with a simple one-time PIN Genie code (up to 99 people). 

The backlit keypad lets you see what numbers you’re pressing even in the dark. Also, Bluetooth or WiFi control allows you to get into your place at any hour of the day using your phone, tablet, or laptop. You also have remote access which means staying on top of when someone unlocks via smartphone.

It has a smart mobile app that will notify you when somebody arrives home. This multi-functional smart lock is compatible with ZigBee & Z-Wave and can be controlled remotely which means the possibilities are endless for this innovative security device.

Besides, Lockly secure pro allows you to send guests a temporary code with ease. All notifications are sent straight through its app, and you can see who has accessed or not when logging in at home.

If leaving your door unlocked isn’t for you, don’t worry! The 3D fingerprint sensor is easy to set up and will automatically lock after 30 seconds of opening it no matter what function it’s being used. It is most popular with people because it provides backup physical keys that work as soon as they’re inserted into the lock cylinder so that nobody has to suffer from a busted lock. 

Also, you can control your house in many ways like turning on and off lights or locking/unlocking doors remotely via an app available both on Android and iOS devices. You can create temporary access codes for guests with just one click. It has also a backlit keypad as well as motion detection that lets you know any time somebody comes into your house.

Not thus, It is also compatible with most standard deadbolts, however, if you have an old one and would like to know whether it’s compatible before purchasing the product please contact their customer service department. Lockly secure pro can provide your family and friends peace of mind by being able to see when they arrive home at the touch of a button.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great looking & has many cool features.
  • It is compatible with any Zigbee & Z-Wave hubs.
  • Smooth touchscreen pad.
  • You can control your home remotely from anywhere in the world using your phone.


  • No audio
  • Does not come with an adapter for backup keys.
  • Not compatible with the “Ring” doorbell.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

Top Features: Supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Five ways to unlock the door. Real-time access report. Long Battery Life. 5000 times openings. Automatic lock after 5 minutes. 1-year warranty.

You’re sure to be the envy of your neighbors with this all-new SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock! This advanced, Wi-Fi-enabled lock uses fingerprint recognition in just 0.5 seconds and is equipped with Bluetooth locks to allow remote access. The custom passcode for guests allows you some peace of mind when using the lock system on a regular basis while knowing that they have a predetermined unlocking process. So it doesn’t interfere with your own code sequence!

With enhanced features like an OLED board display and zinc alloy exterior, this lock was designed to last through years and years of wear and tear because now there’s no need to worry about exhausting its power supply.  Thanks to SMONET’s long battery life functionality that still remains efficient after thousands of uses.

Besides, the lock is compatible with a remote APP, you can conveniently check the status from any location and even share it with your friends/family! The second generation of SMONET products comes with more enhanced features like user-defined notifications and easier configuration. What’s more, it has a built-in RFID sensor that scans access cards to allow you secure passage.

SMONET locks can be used on the front door, back door, patio/garage entrance, basements, and more! With this lock, you’re sure to find all your household doors safe and secure.

So what are you waiting for? The SMONET fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock is the next generation of door locking technology and it’s here to make your everyday life just a bit easier. With its simple fingerprint scanning and faster lock and unlock, this deadbolt is perfect for both owners who live alone or with others they trust. 


  • Easy to use & setup
  • Very portable
  • Has a good battery life
  • It supports Alexa connected function
  • The fingerprint makes it so easy
  • Everything works well with its app.


  • You need the G2 Wi-Fi Gateway separately.

What to Look at While Buying a Smart Lock For an Outdoor Gate?

This is the most common question. What are the most important things to look at when buying a smart lock for an outdoor gate? Below are a few things that you should think about before buying a smart door lock.

Padlock Weight

Keep in mind that weight is a key factor when it comes to outdoor locks. If you have a large and heavy gate, then the padlock needs to be strong enough to withstand the weather elements. So choose such a smart padlock for your outdoor gate that has enough weight and strong protection capability.

Smart Padlock

You can choose a smart padlock that has any type of code and fingerprint recognition system. However, you need to consider the types of codes you want it to recognize. It is commonly known that many alarm systems are only accessible with one-time passcodes (OTPs). So if your smart padlock can support such OTP passcodes, then it will be perfect for outdoor gate security.

Smart Padlock App

You need to consider the app used for your smart padlock. The most important thing is that you want an app that is easy to use and simple enough so that you can lock and unlock it easily with it. The app should also notify you if someone has tried to unlock the gate.

Battery Capacity

You need to consider the battery capacity of your smart padlock. If you are going for an outdoor gate, then the best thing is that you get a lock with a built-in rechargeable battery. These kinds of locks will give you more benefits such as low energy consumption besides being portable.

Alternative Unlock

Besides using a smartphone app to unlock the smart padlock, you can also choose another method such as using a keypad. A good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery when locking it.

Weather Rating

If you are going for an outdoor gate lock then this is very important for you to consider. Choose a smart padlock that has a weather-resistant design for your peace of mind.


If possible, then you should get a smart padlock that comes with a backlight as it will be very helpful for you to unlock and see the screen even in dark areas. Keep remember, you should not choose a backlight-enabled smart lock that can lose battery charge more than normal.

Bluetooth Connection

You should check how easy or difficult it is for your smart padlock to connect to your smartphone. If possible, choose a lock that can connect easily without any hassle. You can also check the Bluetooth connection strength of your lock as it will help you to unlock the gate from any distance.


Ask the seller to test all parts of your smart padlock before buying it so that you can make sure if everything works well.

door lock

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are several advantages of choosing an electronic door lock over a traditional one. But its locks provide many benefits and they can significantly improve your security as well as convenience! There’s no reason not to install this type of lock for your home or business these days, due to the fact that they are more affordable than ever.

It’s time that you should move away from traditional locking systems in order to provide security for your property and loved ones with the ultimate protection! So you need to protect your property whether you live in an apartment or a big house, especially because crime rates are growing year after year!

This kind of smart lock will help you to make your home safe from burglars and intruders due to the fact that it is operated with special codes (digital combination) and/or fingerprints. Therefore, by choosing this type of locking system, you can forget about lost keys or old-fashioned keyholes.

So if you want to save your house or garage, you should use a good-rated smart padlock in your main gate or door. It is also a good way to control access and create schedules for those around you.

However, the smart electronic door locks you can see on this list are a great way to keep your home safe and secure, without worrying about the high cost. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of them now, they will serve their purpose perfectly!

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    I am looking for a smart door lock with weather resistance capabilities. My house is fenced and the main fence door is a steel door.
    I am looking for a smart lock for this door where both sides of the smart lock are exposed to weather.
    I installed an ORVIBO T1 which is a good lock (Orvibo ) which is a great lock but the inside unit gets affected badly by rain and heat to where the 10 AAA batteries rarely last a month and the rain short the unit every time we get rain storms.
    Most of the locks I find around are for home doors where the inner unit has to be inside the house in a controlled environment.
    Do you know of any lock that can withstand outdoor installation?
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