Ring Chime Pro Vs Wifi Extender: Which Is Better?

ring chime pro Vvs Wifi extender

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With the speed at which technology is developing, there always comes a time when people become perplexed about different items. With the Wi-Fi Extender and Ring Chime Pro, that is exactly the situation!

Even though each Ring gadget has a unique purpose and function, it can occasionally be difficult to distinguish between some of them.

If you are not a tech specialist, it could be challenging to understand the differences between the Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi Extender. No need to worry, this comparison will help you to make a good choice for your property.

Ring Chime Pro

By building a more stable Ring network for your Ring devices, you can use Chime Pro to strengthen your home security and protection. I have used Chime Pro to enhance my home’s security.

It provides you with access to dependable home security whenever you need it. For the best Ring experience, Chime Pro connects to any Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Security Camera, and Ring Chimes. Another reason, for choosing Chime Pro for my home is – it reduces dead spots.

Ring chime pro

All in one, enjoy flexibility, dependability, and convenience. Receive alerts everywhere in your house. Increase the network for all of your Ring video doorbells and cameras by expanding your wifi signal.

A built-in automatic night light is also available for your convenience. It also has disturbed mode control. The Ring app is easy to use. You can also easily set up this device by watching tutorials or YouTube videos.

For in-home real-time notifications, Ring Chime Pro connects to Ring doorbell alerting. You can enjoy a modern appearance with a warm glow from the nightlight mode. Additionally, you may extend your wifi to your Ring devices to stay connected and minimize dead spots.

Highlighted Feature

  • Extends wifi coverage for Ring devices
  • Dual band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • WiFi connectivity (vs 2.4GHz only),
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Guided feedback during the setup process


  • Dimensions – 4.06 in. x 2.72 in x 1.00 in
  • Connectivity – 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band wifi connection @ 2.4GHz / 5GHz
  • Power – Plugs into a standard power outlet


  • Easy to install
  • No need for an extender
  • Customization motion zones


  • Does not extend the alarm signal
  • Not so loud

Product FAQs

How do I turn off the night light?

However, the light does not turn on “automatically.” Either you turn it on or off. Ring made a significant misstatement.

Is it possible for my ring network to have many Chime Pros?

Yes, you may increase the size of your Ring of security using numerous Chime Pro devices.

Can one use Ring Chime Pro to listen?

It merely brings your Wi-Fi signal a little bit closer to the doorbell so you can connect it and get your alerts.

WiFi Extender

WiFi extenders increase a wifi signal’s range away from a router. When utilized with one or two devices, WiFi extenders perform at their optimum. There are various brands of WiFi extenders available. I use TP-Link AC1750 and am quite pleased with its features.

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Wifi Extender

A wifi signal will be stretched by a wifi extender, but the signal is not strengthened. In many circumstances, the wifi extender may actually degrade the wifi signal depending on how far it is from the router.

Highlighted Features

  • Extension of range
  • Intelligent signal indicator
  • Easy to connect
  • Access point conversion


  • Increases WiFi signal coverage by up to 2000 sq ft
  • Serves its purpose efficiently


  • Installation process is a bit difficult

Product FAQs

Are WiFi extenders secured to use?

WiFi extenders are secured to use. It is just an open connection. Most likely, there will be possibilities to incorporate security measures when configuring the extender.

Can I sleep next to a WiFi extender?

No, you can not sleep next to a WiFi Extender. Because keeping a router in your bedroom is not a good decision. If you are too close to a router, you will be exposed to an excessive amount of EMF and RF radiation – which is dangerous for you.

Key Differences Between Ring Chime Pro Vs WiFi Extender

In this section, I will find out the main dissimilarities between the Ring Chime Pro and WiFi Extender.

1) WiFi Signal

A WiFi signal that has already been sent to nearby devices by the router is “repeated” by Ring Chime Pro. In order to connect to far-off Ring devices, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Cam, the gadget is especially utilized to replicate WiFi.

2) Functionality

A common misconception is that a Ring Chime Pro will improve WiFi signals to devices like Smart TVs, computers, and gaming consoles that are farther away. This clearly shows the functional limitations of the Ring Chime Pro when compared to WiFi Extenders.

3) Compatibility

The primary purpose of Ring Chime Pro only works to improve Ring products like the Ring Video Doorbell Cam, which is another obvious distinction between Ring Chime and Wi-Fi extenders. Ring Chime Pro is only compatible with ring devices.

Ring Chime ProRing Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2/3/3 Plus/Pro/Elite, Floodlight Cam, Indoor Cam, Stick Up Cam, Spotlight Cam
Wifi ExtenderRing devices, Amazon Echo, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android devices, Compatible OS: Linux, Windows, macOS, and NetWare.

4) Connectivity

Wi-Fi extenders and Ring Chime Pro use distinct types of technology. Actually, all WiFi extenders and repeaters use the same technology.

A repeater, such as the Ring Chime Pro, can wirelessly connect to a WiFi network and retransmit the same signals. So, it will connect to a router’s internet signal. Plus, extend the range of the signals.

On the other hand, WiFi extenders create a new WiFi network. A similar WiFi signal will be repeated by Ring Chime Pro. Given that the router is the source of the new network, it is likely to provide the same speed and bandwidth as before.

5) Installation

WiFi extenders are very challenging to set up. They typically need a specialist to set up the equipment and establish the connection via cables. On the other hand, Ring Chime Pro comes with an easy installation process.

6) Price

WiFi extenders are always more expensive than Ring Chimes. You can check their prices on Amazon. The cost may fluctuate based on the product you wish to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ring work with wifi extenders?

An effective way to increase your wifi range in a home under 1500 square feet is with a wifi extender. A wifi extender made specifically to work with Ring devices is called the Ring Chime Pro.

Where should the Ring Chime Pro be placed?

To ensure a successful initial setup of the Chime Pro, put it within a 20-foot range of your router. Move your Chime Pro midway between the router and the Ring device once everything is set up.

Final Words

The bottom line is that it is crucial to conduct research before choosing which product you should buy. The best course of action is to be aware of your demands and get a product that is most suited for your family and smart home.

I hope that this comparison of Ring Chime Pro vs Wifi Extender was able to provide you with enough knowledge to help you make a purchase decision.

I'm Bobby Taylor, a tech lover, writer, and editor for Smart Home Protector. I am also a customer relationship officer of a well established electronics manufacturer company in the United States.

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