Pros and Cons of Whole House Surge Protector

A whole-house surge protector is an investment for protecting your home appliances and any electronics you have plugged in. It’s also important to realize the pros and cons of a whole house surge protector to ensure you make the best decision for your home.

There are many types of whole home surge protectors ranging from cheap devices to high-tech models with thousands of dollars invested in them. Some provide better protection for the price, while others may not be worth the cost.

However, this blog post will focus on the most common types of whole house surge protectors and their pros and cons.

What is a whole-home surge protector, and how does it work?

Whole home surge protectors are designed to protect your entire home from surges in electricity. When an event like a lightning strike causes a sudden increase in voltage, the whole home surge protector will help distribute that energy throughout your house, so it doesn’t cause damage.

There are several types of whole-home surge protectors, but all home surge protector work the same way. The protector first detects an abnormally high voltage spike and then sends out a signal to every device connected to your electrical grid (like lights, appliances, and even security cameras). The devices will then turn off or reduce their power output until the surge has passed.

Whole house surge protectors can be expensive up front, but they can save you money in the long run by preventing potential damage caused by spikes in electricity. They also come with peace of mind since you know that if something happens and your protection fails, you won’t have to worry about losing any property or electronics due to a power outage.

how does a whole house surge protector work

Pros of Whole House Surge Protectors:

Protection of the entire property

Whole house surge protectors offer the advantage of protecting an entire property instead of individual appliances. These devices safeguard a home against power surges and lightning strikes by intercepting electrical fluctuations before they reach sensitive equipment. So if you want to protect your entire house’s electrical property, a whole-home surge protector is the way to go.

Protection of electrical appliances

No more worrying about your expensive electronics getting damaged because of frequent power surges and lightning strikes. Entire home surge protectors provide the ultimate protection to all electrical appliances throughout the house. Also, these devices are beneficial when traveling because they protect all your devices from damaging events that occur while you’re not there.

Easy to install

There are a few reasons why whole house surge protectors are so easy to install. First, they’re designed specifically for this purpose. Second, they come with all the necessary cables and connectors already installed.

Finally, they typically only take around two hours to complete! That’s pretty quick compared to other home improvement projects, which means you can get your whole house surge protector up and running in no time at all. Plus, if something does go wrong with the installation (which is rare), you can usually fix it yourself without having to call a professional.

So overall, whole house surge protectors are an easy way to safeguard your family against potential electrical disasters.

Easy to use

Whole house surge protectors are easy to use and involve simply plugging in your devices. You do not have to worry about finding outlets near the appliances that need protection, which means fewer things, will be cluttering up rooms. Also, you don’t have to worry about where the outlets are, and this type of protector lasts a long time, so you never have to replace it.

Reduce energy bills

Whole house surge protectors can help reduce energy bills by protecting your appliances and electronics from being damaged by surges in electricity. This means you won’t have to replace expensive equipment due to electrical issues and save money on your monthly energy bill.

Peace of mind

A whole house surge protector will give you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against potentially harmful surges in power. In addition, you do not have to worry about using a whole home surge protector like a single device surge protector.

Low maintenance

Whole house surge protectors require no maintenance other than keeping the housing clean by removing dust or other particles that may enter it. There is no need to check the inner workings because they are made to last many years of usage and work well right out of the box.

Cons of Whole House Surge Protectors

High price

These devices are costly, and few people can afford to buy one for their homes. The price tag on these protectors ranges from $75 to $600, but you have to consider what your electronics are worth and how much you want to spend on protection. So it can increase your monetary expense, but it is worth it in the long run.

High installation cost

Another con of whole-house surge protectors is the high cost associated with installation. Some devices can be complicated to install and require a licensed electrician, so you must pay for their services. However, installing this yourself may also be dangerous without proper electrical knowledge, which means paying for their services will not be your only expense.

Don’t stop all surges

Most home surge protector systems are only designed to protect against power surges on individual circuit breakers. This means that if there is a large surge on another circuit in the house, the whole home surge protector will not protect against it. Additionally, whole home surge protector systems are typically designed to be connected in series, resulting in a tripped breaker if there is an excessive power surge on one circuit.

Expensive to replace/fix

If the surge protector fails or is damaged, you will have to replace the entire unit instead of just one device that has been damaged. This can be expensive.

Do I Need Another Surge Protector If I Have A Whole House Surge Protector?

Not necessarily. You only need this type of protector when your household has a custom electrical wiring system. However, if you have devices that are more sensitive to power fluctuations, an additional surge guard will be a good solution. So, it is recommended in some cases due to reliability and safety benefits.

It’s important to remember there are also limits in specific areas covered by a house-wide protector because not every wire in your home that plugs into the main electric panel is safe. For example, an appliance with different wiring needs might be plugged into an outlet closer to another outlet. This means that the device must have a long cord to reach the other outlet.

In this scenario, the two outlets will be protected by different surge protectors, with only one of them being a whole house protector. So you can use a standard surge protector and a whole house surge protector for extra coverage.

What if You Need More Than One Whole House Surge Protector?

Like most homeowners, you probably have at least one whole house surge protector in your home. But what if you need more than one? Or what if you want to protect different parts of your house with different types of surge protection?

The main benefits to using multiple whole House Surge Protectors are redundancy and flexibility. If something goes wrong with one protector, the rest of your home is still protected. And since each type of surge protector has its own specific benefits, having various options can be extremely helpful when it comes to protecting your home from various types of surges.

One downside to using multiple Whole House Surge Protectors is that they can be expensive and bulky. Additionally, installing them can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have any experience doing DIY projects. So before investing in a set of surge protectors, make sure they are worth the cost and meet your specific needs.

Is A Whole House Surge Protector Worth It?

A sudden high voltage is referred to as a Power Surge. It has the potential to harm your electronic devices. A strong power surge can even destroy those devices. Power surges mainly originate within your home.

Surge protection for the entire house is installed near your home’s main switchboard. Notably, these devices safeguard components such as light switches and outlets.

They may also withstand significantly higher voltage variations than ordinary surge protectors for power strips. As for a lightning strike, no protection system can safeguard your home from surges.

In this case, unplugging gadgets is an intelligent practice. Thus, a Whole House Surge Protector will be worth the money because it will safeguard your expensive electrical appliances.


How long do whole house surge protectors last?

The lifespan of a whole house surge protector depends on how often it is used and if proper care is taken when installing or using it. If your home suffers from frequent power surges, the surge protectors will need to be replaced every 2-5 years. The leading cause is that they are dealing with higher levels of electricity that can break them down faster.

How much does it cost to have a whole house surge protector installed?

The cost of surge protectors varies depending on the home’s needs. To get one that can cover all rooms in your house, expect to spend between $70-$700, including labor costs. Remember that it can vary from state to state, so be sure to do your research.

Popular Whole House Surge Protectors

Siemens FS140

  • 3 step notification
  • 4 type rated
  • 10 years warranty

Eaton Chspt2ultra

  • 8 ports
  • NMPA certified
  • Global grade

The Bottom Line

The pros and cons of whole house surge protectors are essential before installing and reducing the risk of fire or damage to all your electronic devices. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider the most valuable safety or cost when determining whether this type of protection will work best for you.

If you’re not sure which type of home protectors would work best, it may be best to talk to a professional electrician. If you decide whole house surge protectors are suitable for you, they can install them. Besides, the installation process takes time and money, so ensure this is a protection device that will provide lasting value before investing.

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