How to Use Tricklestar Power Strip?

Despite consuming very little electricity, we often find ourselves with a large electric bill at the end of the month. This thing costs a lot of money and cuts into our pocket considerably.

If that is the case, we are all trying to find a solution. So I am here to show you how to save energy and money by using a simple and advanced Tricklestar power strip device. Let’s jump into that.

Electronics still use power when turned off

You may not know it, but when your electronics are off, they may still use the power you have to pay for. Sometimes this is called a phantom or a vampire load secretly consuming electricity without you knowing.

You can use a watt meter to catch an electronic device in drawing a phantom load or capture visual evidence with an infrared camera.

In this case, I will look at a power supply for a standard gaming device. Even though the gaming device is turned off, the infrared camera proves electricity is being consumed by detecting the heat of wasted electricity.

Of course, you don’t need a fancy camera to tell you if this device is consuming electricity. Just place your hands on it and feel the heat. 

How does the Tricklestar Power Strip work?

The advanced Tricklestar power strip eliminates phantom loads and simplifies your life by setting the power off for you. So when you turn your TV off, you can have your home theatre, your DVD player, VCR, game console turn off too.

Game consoles like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation draw 120 to 150 watts of electricity when in use. But they can also use the same amount of electricity when they are idle.

For example, the game console is on but not being played. This kind of electric use can add up to more than $100 per year on your electric bill. 

Setting up an advanced power strip is an easy three-step process.

Let me tell you how.

  • First, plug electronics that must always be on into the always-on outlet, your clock, DVR, or cable box, for example.
  • Next, plug your TV into the green control outlet. This is the control center of the Tricklestar power strip. When you turn off what’s plugged in here, it turns off all power to anything plugged into this white switched outlets. Turn it back on, and everything plugged into the white switched outlet comes right back on too.
  • Lastly, connect electronics such as a DVD player and a game console to the switched outlets. The advanced power strip senses when the TV is on or off. When the TV is off, the script turns off anything plugged into the switched outlets.

Again, first, plug into the always-on outlet. Second, plug your TV into the control outlet, and third, plug electronics like your home theatre equipment into the switched outlets, so they power down when the TV does.

Sensors and Usages of Tricklestar Power Strip

Adding a Tricklestar power strip to your home can help you save money on your electric bills. The advanced technology makes this power strip different from other power strips on the market.

You can use it to find the power switch behind your TV. When you turn off your TV, it turns everything off, so you can rest easy while saving money. 

Using this technology, a particular outlet can be controlled and turned on and off. This Tricklestar has 2 kinds of outlets. The always-on outlet is one type, whereas the controlled outlet is another.

Generally, there are 7 outlets, of which 2 are always on, and the rest are controlled. In those five controlled outlets, there is a master outlet that controls the other four outlets. 

The master outlet senses whether the control device (connected to the master outlet) is on or off. The master outlet automatically turns off the rest of the devices to prevent unnecessary electricity usage if the control device is off. 

What does switched and unswitched mean on a power strip?

A switched outlet is controlled by the master outlet on a power strip. If you plug your TV into the switched outlet and your gaming console, both will be turned off automatically when you turn your TV off. 

Unswitched outlets are always on. If you plug something into one of these outlets, you have to plug out the main cable of the power strip out of the main wall outlet. This will turn that particular device off.


With the Tricklestar Power Strip, you can start saving energy and money as soon as you plug in the advanced power strip. It’s advisable to look for a high-quality advanced power strip that also offers state-of-the-art surge protection.

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