How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense? Right Ways

A tactical pen is a multipurpose tool to stab or strike your opponent as a defense weapon. Please note that the pen will only be practical if you have the correct mindset and preparation against your attacker.

Also, it’s a good defense even if you are not trained in martial arts or self-defense.

Usually, there is no place that is very safe for you. You can face some danger when and where you least expect it.

You can consider the atomic bear Tactical Pen if you need the best. The pen is sturdy and multifunctional, with an impressive look and feel. Also, the pen has a clip cap mechanism for firm storage. The pen also uses a range of refill inks. 

This article will show you how to prepare for a difficult situation and how to use a tactical pen, so you are not caught off guard.

What Do You Need to Use a Tactical Pen Effectively?

To effectively use your tactical pen, you will need;

1.  A Reliable and Good Tactical Pen

In the early days, tactical pens used to be available for a few people in a specific niche. Bought by law enforcers and military for use in duty. But, today, several tactical pens are available in the market due to the rise of survivalists and other movement-based people.

You must ensure that the pen is made of solid material, titanium, or steel. With this, it will withstand the striking force without breaking. Also, the pen should have a comfortable thickness to avoid slipping from your hand; Of Course, you don’t need to drop your pen while in the middle of a tense situation.

Now that you have an excellent tactical pen, you need a secure storage place for easy accessibility.

Tactical pen for security

2. Easily Accessible Location

Commonly many tactical pens have an integrated clip. You can easily store it yourself. For instance, you can easily clip it to your pants pocket. Please note that you need to do it carefully to avoid falling off.

If you carry a bag, put it in an easily accessible pocket. You can also hook the pen on your coat or shirt pocket. However, you must be careful to avoid pickpocketing while you are not looking.

Wherever you choose to have your pen, please ensure it’s safe and easy to reach when in need.

You can practice getting your pen out quickly at home to perfect the skill.

Now that tactical pens aren’t considered weapons. You can carry them anywhere you go effortlessly. So, it would help if you had the proper mindset. Also, it would be best to give them equal respect for other deadly weapons and knives.

3. Proper Self-Defense Mindset

The primary purpose of self-defense training is to avoid harm to yourself. One is, by staying away from dangerous situations. Please note that you least need to use your tactical pen: two, conflict resolution to avoid escalating issues to violence.

Easy Tips: How to Use a Tactical pen?

Now that you know what you need to use your tactical pen effectively. Use the following tricks to outdo your attacker.

Tactical pen
Tactical pen

1. Stay Away from a Violent Situation

One of the best ways to use a tactical pen is to avoid violent situations. The main target of self-defense is keeping yourself safe and minimizing harm to yourself.

Also, avoid dark places; seedy neighbors will allow you to use your tactical pen only on a piece of paper.

In addition, you need to be street smart, make use of your common sense and ensure you are aware of the situation at hand when outside your house.

2. Assess the Situation

Sometimes, keeping yourself away from violence isn’t always possible. Whenever you get in a violent situation like robbery, take a moment to access the room and react accordingly.

While in this, remember your main aim should be to neutralize the situation. Talk out threats to your attackers or even respond to their demands. If you are lucky enough to work it out this way, seek help immediately.

In case the situation persists;

3. Understand your Target

This is the perfect time to draw out your tactical pen. As your attacker approaches, seize them and identify key details.

Please note that the pen has limited power with its limited range. To be effective, you need to look for any exposed parts of their body.

These are the parts your tactical pen can do the most damage.

Also, taking note of the attacker’s weapon and position is essential to deciding and making your next step.

4. Strike

Your main aim is to harm your attacker and get away from them. No worry if you don’t have martial arts training. You can still use your tactical pen by downward motion stabbing.

To use your tactical pen best:

  1. Grip the pen in an ice pick grip or reverse grip.
  2. Hold the pen in your fist with the sharply pointed part extending below your fist to do this.
  3. Press your thumb against the top shaft of the pen to reinforce your strikes.

The firm grip ensures that the pen doesn’t fall off your fist while in use.

Further, the grip helps in several efficient moves like direct motions to apply force over a short distance accurately. Once you are done with your attacker, it’s time to get help.

5. Get Help

It’s time to run and seek help after you have immobilized your attacker. Once you have some distance from your attacker, shout to call for help as loudly. In doing this, you draw attention to yourself, and your attacker will be unlikely to retaliate.

Please continue running away from your attacker, and look for police help by yourself or with the help of a bystander.

If all go well, you will finally get help to reach your safety. You will also have survived an attack using your tactical pen.

Effective Target Areas for Tactical Pens

You should target vital organs and avoid hard bones whenever you find yourself in a violent situation with your assailant. Some of the ideal areas you can target include;


Eyes are highly vulnerable, but you need to have a high level of accuracy to hit the target. When you touch your attacker’s eyes, you access deeper areas such as the brain.


The neck is a soft tissue with vital organs like neck arteries, thyroid, throat, and esophagus on the front side. While the back side has held the spinal cord, making it vulnerable. Hence the neck is a significant target area that is often left unprotected.


These are the best target areas for sideway strikes. Once you hit them, you incapacitate your attacker instantly.


The liver is a vital organ exposed under the right rib cage.


Hopefully, this guide has given you a quick eye-opener on how to use a tactical pen for self-defense. Indeed, with these tips, you can stay safe on the streets.

Please note that self-defense is about avoiding harm and not mainly protecting yourself from harm. That being said, even if you have the best tactical pen or any other defense tool, it should be the last thing you need to use.

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