Quick Guide: How to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Without the App

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Are you tired of constantly being interrupted by notifications from your Ring doorbell? Maybe you’re trying to conserve your phone’s battery and don’t want to keep the app open all the time. Whatever the reason, if you want to turn off temporarily your Ring doorbell without using the app, don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple to do!

In this post, I’ll show you how to turn off your Ring doorbell without using the app. It’s easy and quick, just follow the steps I outline below and you’ll be set!

Why You Might Want to Turn off Your Ring Doorbell?

Ring is a pretty helpful doorbell because of its several security features. It can work as your third eye to protect your house from intruders. But I know you might not want to keep it switched on all the time. It is smart to switch off your Ring doorbell in your absence at home.

The camera will keep recording useless video clips in your absence and fill the storage. It will also drain the power without any reason. These could be some reasons why you might want to switch it off.

There are other reasons too. On weekends, you might be busy taking care of your house’s surrounding or there might be some repair work going on. On those days, it is useless to keep the Ring doorbell on.

Recording unnecessary videos can occupy your cloud storage. And we all know, storage spaces are not for free! Also, overworking can damage the Ring doorbell. So to stop it from damaging, you must be aware of when to keep it off or deactivate it temporarily.

5 Ways to Turn Off the Ring Doorbell Without the App

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, it is possible to turn off the Ring doorbell without the accompanying app. But these methods may vary from design to design.

Here are those methods:

Method #1 – Turning off the Physical Switch

All Ring doorbells have a physical button on them. The position of the button may vary with designs. With the help of this button, you can turn off your Ring doorbell.

Most of the Ring doorbells have this button on the back side of the doorbell. You can see the user manual of your device to locate the exact position of the button.

When you find that button, press it and hold it for a second or more. Keep holding the button until the device turns off.

Method #2 – Disconnect the Router

You can disconnect the router to turn off your doorbell. It’s quite simple – You just simply plug out the Ethernet plugin from the router port. Your specific Ring device will automatically be disconnected and will not work until connect again.

Method #3 – Turn off the Power

If you ask me the easiest way to turn power off the Ring doorbell, I would say, just switch off the power source! Yes, it may sound funny, but this can be the easiest way to do it. Without any power supply, no doorbell will be able to work.

Most Ring doorbells are powered by a removable battery. Just simply take it out. If your model is powered by electricity, just disconnect it from the power source. Just take the plug out of the socket and the doorbell will blackout.

Method #4 – Schedule Automatic Smart Plug

With the smart plug, you can easily set up your Ring doorbell to switch on and off automatically. You just need to install a smart plug, open the Ring app, and configure the two outlets to work together or separately.

You can then create schedules for when the switch should turn on and off. You can now enjoy the convenience of having your Ring doorbell switch on and off automatically, without needing to open the app.

smart plug connected with wall outlet

Method #5 – Turn off the Internet Connection

Sounds silly? Might be. But trust me, it works.

All Ring doorbells are connected to the app, cloud storage, and home network with an internet connection. If you disconnect the internet, it won’t be connected to them anymore. It will stop working. It won’t start working until you turn the internet on.

Though this is a method, but I don’t think it would be so smart to do so. Your whole house will be disconnected from the internet. But if you are going on a vacation, you can go for this method easily.

All three methods will make the Ring doorbell switch off and disconnect it from your home network. It won’t connect automatically until you turn it on. You will also not receive any notification from the device.


Turning off the physical switch, disconnecting from the power source, and disconnecting from the internet are three ways you can turn off your Ring doorbell without the app. All of them are pretty easy to do.

While you are at home and want to turn the device off, disconnecting it from the power source might be the most efficient way. The other two methods might be a little tricky.

But before you choose anything, go through the user manual. You will come to know if that specific method could harm your device or not. If you need further assurance or help, you can always contact Ring Customer Support.

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