How To Secure Rv Surge Protector To Avoid Damage

The beginning of fall marks the beginning of the camping season. People nowadays find it more convenient to camp in RVs instead of tents. But the power pedestals in the parks can harm the electronics in your RV if they are outdated or malfunctioning.

To prevent this, you need to get an RV surge protector. This device will provide surge protection and help you secure your electronics in the RV, but how will you secure your RV surge guard from damage or theft?

Does your Recreational Vehicle need surge protection?

Surge protectors are essential pieces of equipment that protect the electrical devices from power surges. These devices have MOV metal oxide varistors that clamp the extra voltage from flowing to your appliances.

For example, a lightning strike, outdated pedestal, or sudden electricity spikes in the electrical lines can cause a power surge in the connected 30amp or 50amp RV. It can “fry out” all your appliances or, worse, start a fire.

Likewise, a low voltage flow to your vehicle from a malfunctioning and weakened pedestal can harm the machines inside.

The RV surge guard acts as an electrical filter between the power pedestal and your van allowing only the safe limit of power to flow into your RV. When buying, shortlist those with a higher joules rating or surge protector power.

This way, you safeguard your appliances, yourself, and the RV. The Progressive Industries surge protectors are famous among RV users for their less than a nanosecond reaction speed.

 Types of RV Surge guards

RV surge protectors are of two types.

Hardwired RV Surge Protectors

Hardwired surge protector

These protector types are hardwired to the shore cord of your RV, and you permanently install them inside the van. There are 30 amp and 50 amp surge protectors from trustworthy companies like Progressive Industries, Camco, and Southwire.

When buying surge protectors, go for those with a built-in Electrical Management System (EMS). For example, the Progressive Industries surge protector HW50C with EMS will continuously monitor whether the power flow in your appliances is below or above the accepted level.

Both high and low flows of voltage can damage your appliances. Low voltage will hamper the optimum performance of your air conditioner or microwave. Moreover, it will pull more amps of current than necessary to suffice for the low voltage, resulting in air conditioner compressor damage or brownout of other appliance’s hardware.

The Southwire surge guard 35530 will stop the flow of high voltage and prevent low voltage from harming your devices. It has an optional power monitor available where you can check the voltage supply remotely. The best thing about this device is that you mount it and then forget it. It will continue providing surge protection to your RV.

You must call a professional to install it properly. Without proper installation and grounding, you not only have the risk of your appliances being open to power surges but also the extra voltage flowing to the body of your RV and electrocuting you when you touch it.

Portable RV Surge Protectors

Portable RV surge protector

These surge guards are easy to install and use. First, you plug them directly into the pedestal. Then you connect the power cord of your RV. The portable surge protector will be mounted outside your RV as it directly connects to the pedestal. 

The Watchdog surge protector  lets you monitor the voltage level in your RV using a built-in Bluetooth technology. You can see all the statistics live on your phone screen.

Check the Southwire surge guards for more portable devices that ensure quality at the best price.

How to secure your Surge protector?

You have to secure your RV surge protectors from two factors.

Secure your RV surge protector from damage

There a few ways you can do that.

  • Don’t plug in any high-wattage appliances
  • Ensure your hardwired RV surge protector is mounted away from the entrance area. The area near the door is common for people to step on, and they can unintentionally damage it.
  • Be careful if you have pets, as they can chew on the cables and wires.
  • Maintain an adequate distance from campfires or combustible materials so they don’t come into your RV surge protector.
  • Check your electrical connections and the connecting wires monthly for any signs of wear and tear or other damage.
  • Clean the plug of your portable device regularly.
  • Rain can harm the internal circuits of your portable surge guard. It would be best if you made arrangements to keep the rain away. (Progressive Industries SSP 30XL/50XL comes with a built-in weather shield and is a reliable brand for surge protection).

Watch this video to learn more ways to secure your protector from damage.

  Secure your RV surge guards from theft

Another perk of getting a hardwired RV protector is that nobody can steal them. But the portable surge protector will be sitting out the whole time. Anyone can come and steal it if it’s not adequately secured. So here are a few ways to safeguard your RV surge guard from theft.

Use chain and padlock

Chain and padlock

You get a chain, loop it around your surge guard and the pedestal and lock it with a padlock. You can use a regular or a bicycle chain. It’s simple and reliable and will not cost much.

Use master lock Python cable.

master lock Python cable

lock and key are attached to a cable. You loop the cable like you would wind the chain and lock it. The cable is made of braided steel and covered in a vinyl coating, making it resistant to cutting. As a result, the master lock Python cables are weather-resistant, durable, reliable, and not easily picked by thieves.

Use locks with audible alarm

You can attach a lock to your protector with an audible alarm. There are various types available in the market. These locks usually have steel bodies and make a loud noise when a thief tries to cut them.

Power ball plug lock

Power ball plug lock

This lock comes in a spherical shape. You enclose the protector cord, and your vehicle’s power cord plug ends in the sphere and lock it tightly.

Some ball plugs lock with a padlock. This method prevents small kids from messing with the plug connections and ensures that you have uninterrupted surge protection.

Get a lockbox

RV surge protector lockbox

These locks consist of a rectangular box made of heavy-duty metal. It locks with a padlock. Lockboxes work in a similar way to ball plug locks. Instead of enclosing only the plug ends, you hold both the protector and the plug ends in the lockbox. No one can cut the heavy metal body, thus making it impossible to steal your protector device.

You can use these few protector locks to ensure the surge protector works without any hassle. You can even use a surge protector extension cord to connect to the pedestal, which will let you keep the protector device inside the van for security.

Overall, RV surge guard is a great way to prevent fires in your vehicle and keep you from worrying about the safety of any high-wattage appliances. But for your protector to do that, you must ensure its safety first. Moreover, these devices are expensive.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to keep your RV protector device from being damaged or stolen.

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