How To Secure A Gate – 5 Simple Tips

Your garden and backyard will more likely invite strangers than your house. These spots are open to intruders and thieves. Once they enter your backyard, they can quietly creep into your home and steal your valuables. They can even harm you!

So let us find out how you can secure a gate and keep yourself safe.

How To Secure A Gate To Keep Your Property Safe And Protected

Securing your gate is essential, but before deciding how to secure your entrance, you need to consider what TYPE OF GATE you’ll secure.

  • Is it the main gate or the gate in the backyard?
  • Is it the one visible from anywhere? Is it the one not readily visible or behind a tree?
  • Is it iron or a wooden gate for the boundary wall?
  • The material used in making the gate.

For any gate, the first rule of security is a lock. There are various methods of locking a gate. Here are some of them

Use a padlock With a bolt To Secure your Gate

Secure gate using padlock and bolt
Secure gate using padlock with bolt

Secure your garden gate with a padlock and latch. The gate latch can be attached to wooden, steel-made, and vinyl fence gates.

Also, padlocks are the most widely used security method for outdoor gates because they are easy to use, reliable, and do not require much maintenance. What makes it even better is that these latches will cost you as low as only $10.

Use Keyed latches to Secure a Gate

Secure gate using Keyed latches
Secure gate using keyed latches

Keyed latches are very reliable when you are looking for secure gate latches. You don’t have to buy an additional lock to make your fence secure. Instead, these latches come with a built-in lock. That’s why we call them keyed gate locks or latches.

You can get excellent weather-resistant and long-lasting keyed gate locks within $70-$100. Check the National hardware automatic gate latches for a range of outdoor gate locks with a key.

Use Gate hardware with a built-in lock

Gate hardware with built-in locks
Use gate hardware with built-in locks

Every gate or door has a handle. So instead of buying extra locks and latches to secure your garden gate, why not buy a handle that already has a built-in lock?

You don’t have to spend your spare time, money, and energy installing a fence gate latch and lock. Instead, you can opt for gate hardware with built-in locks because they also look modern.

Use a Chain and padlock to a Secure Gate

Use a chain link gate with a padlock
Use a chain link gate with a padlock

If you want to secure the gate of a commercial or construction site, you can use a chain and padlock. These sites usually have chain link fences or gates made of galvanized metal. It is tough to weld any lock to these gates, so you can loop a heavy-duty chain between the fences and lock it with a padlock.

The diameter of your padlock’s clasp should be smaller than your chain’s inside height, width, and thickness. Invest in a good quality chain and padlock so that thieves can’t cut it and break-in. There are various metal gate lock ideas but chain and padlock is the most convenient one.

Use a Smart Keyless gate lock

Use a keyless gate lock
Use a keyless gate lock

You can unlock electronic or keyless security locks with a key card, remote control, or even your phone. There are keypad locks for gates where you have to punch in a passcode to unlock. Keyless outdoor gate locks still have a long way to go before it becomes reliable for garden gates. But they are quite reliable for front doors.

Although a few brands are available that claim to manufacture the best outdoor keyless gate locks for wooden fences but those are not fully weather resistant. For instance, If you attach keyless gate locks to your vinyl fence gate, it will sit outdoors even during heavy rain.

Your smart or code lock for the gate will be damaged even though you bought it from a renowned brand that promises its product is of the utmost quality. Soon you will have to replace it.

However, keyless gate locks can be costly and require a professional locksmith to install them. Frequently buying them and paying a professional will not favor your wallet.

Watch this video and learn about how to install locks and how to make your fence secure.

How to secure a gate without a lock?

If you don’t have anything expensive sitting out in your garden or backyard, you might want to opt for hassle-free security measures that are cheaper and do not require a lock.

The most common security method will be attaching a latch to your gate. You can attach the plain or loop latches for convenience. However, a latch with a hasp will provide better security even without a lock. 

People also buy rings or lever latches to secure a gate. The latches attach to both sides of the gate but open only from the inside. To open the gate, you need to pull the ring or the lever to release the latch. Latches that can’t be locked do not cost much. You can get one for $10.

There are ‘gate stops‘ available in the market. Gate stops prevent the door from swinging from the hinges just like the name suggests and secures it. It stops the gate from the inside so thieves and intruders will not be able to push the door open.

You can use a security bar with a gate stopper if your door opens on the inside. Two hooks are attached to both the door jambs, and you mount a wooden or metal bar on the hooks. The bar will stop the door from opening.

How to secure a rolling or sliding gate?

To secure sliding gates, you can use keyed latches or door handles with in-built locks. Read this guide to get an understanding of the installation process.

I don’t think my fence gate latch with a padlock is secure enough. Are there more secure gate latches options available?

Use long throw gate locks alongside your regular gate latch to increase security. It’ll secure the gate every time it is closed, i.e., the long-throw gate lock will latch automatically every time somebody shuts it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I lock my garden or backyard gate if it’s a vinyl fence gate?

Yes, you can. There are various gate lock types available. Read the guide to learn more

How can I enhance the security of my backyard?

Ensure there aren’t any boxes or decorative items outside or near your gate that intruders can use as steps to climb inside. Use fences that have pointed tops.

If a wall bounds your house, then attach barbed wires on top for additional security. Moreover, install CC cameras all over your premises to monitor who visits your home.

How to secure a gate from wind?

Secure a gate from wind by keeping it latched at all times. You can even use a gate stop to prevent it from swinging.

What material gate latch should I buy to last long?

Buy latches of iron, steel, or aluminum for more extended durability and weather resistance. Do not buy brass-made latches because they tarnish very quickly. 

Do lockboxes keep keyless gate locks safe from damage when it rains?

No, they don’t. Lockboxes can keep keyless gate locks safe only when there is a drizzle. But when there is heavy rain, the water gets to the lock and damages it.

Where can I buy good-quality exterior locks for gates?

You can buy door locks from any hardware shop near you or you can buy them online from Amazon or The Home Depot.

At the end of the guide, secure home is crucial for a peaceful life. You must ensure all your gates and doors are appropriately secured.

However, in this article, I have tried to throw some light on how you can secure a gate. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more questions.

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