How To Remove A Deadbolt Kwikset – Step By Step

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You need to replace or remove a Deadbolt Kwikset but don’t know how. Also, you’re worried about making mistakes and damaging your valuable door. Don’t worry!

This deadbolt quick set guide provides you step-by-step instructions on how to properly remove and/or replace your Deadbolt Kwikset, so you can be sure it’s done right the first time.

Tools You Need

  • A screwdriver
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A 0.5 wrench
  • A bowl to store the little pieces
  • And a container for the little parts

Remove a Deadbolt Kwikset With 4 Steps

While carrying out these deadbolt removal tasks, you have to be very careful as certain tweaks can cause damage to your beautiful doors.

Step #01: Open the Lock Cover

Once you are ready with everything, start by prying open the inside of the existing cover of the lock using a flathead screwdriver.

After removing cover, locate the latch mechanism inside the Kwikset deadbolts and remove that too.

Step #02: Remove the Plastic Pin

Now pry off the inside deadbolt cover using the small flat-blade screwdriver. Then remove the pin that holds the thumb lever in place with the Allen key.

Step #03: Locate and Remove the Latch Handle

Locate a little screw on the latch handle. It can be tightened by a 0.5 Allen screw-in case you can’t seem to pry it off or work around it.

Step #04: Take off the Mounting Screws

If you have done everything right so far, you should now look around the rose plate and see if you can find any concealed mounting screws.

Take the rose plate using a flathead screwdriver from the cut-out on the edge of the plate, and then use the screwdriver. You can easily get the mounting screws off, and your deadbolt will be removed.

Tips and Warnings When Removing a Deadbolt Kwikset

  • Tip: You should take a picture of the existing deadbolt before removing it, so you can refer to it during the installation of the new one.
  • Warning: If you are replacing a Kwikset Deadbolt, ensure you purchase the same type and size.
  • Tip: You should remove the screws on the inside of the door that secures the deadbolt to the door frame.
  • Warning: Do not use excessive force when removing the deadbolt, as this may damage the door or frame.
  • Tip: Once removed, clean and inspect the deadbolt before installing the new one.
  • Warning: Do not try to install a Kwikset Deadbolt without consulting an expert.
  • Tip: When installing a new Deadbolt, follow all instructions provided with the product.
Door damage while unscrew deadbolt

Common Problems When Removing a Deadbolt Kwikset

When replacing a Kwikset deadbolt, you should match your new key to the old one. With Kwikset’s SmartKey technology, you can easily do so without having to re-key your door.

Sometimes door lock cylinders can become stuck. If this occurs, take the appropriate steps to solve the situation before removing it.

Host of absurd is another problem. So try to troubleshoot these issues before attempting to remove the deadbolt. Finally, use the right tools so that you can quickly and easily replace your deadbolt in a matter of minutes.

Does Removing A Kwikset Lock Cause Damage To The Door?

It is true that removing a Kwikset lock can damage the door. However, the extent of the damage will vary depending on how well the lock was installed in the first place.

If it was installed correctly, there shouldn’t be much damage at all. Otherwise, there could be some serious damage to the door.

The best way to avoid any damage to your door is to consult with a professional before you attempt to remove any locks. They will tell you whether or not your door is compatible with a deadbolt. They can also help you install the lock properly.

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