How To Pick A Lock With A Knife – Step By Step

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Do you need to pick a lock with a tool or any other methods? You can use many tools that can help to complete this task. But sometimes those cannot work properly. So in this case, you can use a knife as an effective and cheap alternative for picking a lock.

Here, I’ll discuss how to pick a lock with a knife by applying 3 easy steps. Also, share what tools you’ll need, and some tips and tricks for success.

So let’s get started!

What You’ll Need to Pick a Lock with a Knife

In order to pick a lock with a knife, you’ll need a few basic tools:

  • A pocket knife
  • Tweezers and
  • A tension wrench

Step 1: Insert the Knife into the Keyhole and Rotate

Insert the sharp blade into the keyhole. Try to insert a blade in the bottom half of the keyhole, as this will provide you with more leverage when trying to turn the lock.

After inserting the blade, apply little pressure to it, both in one direction and then the other. If everything works fine, you may hear a click sound when doing this.

It indicates that you have successfully engaged the lock. Once you have done this, you can start to rotate the knife to open the lock.

Unlock door with knife

Step 2: Push Inwards and Feel for the Latch Mechanism

After inserting a knife into the keyhole and rotating, now apply little pressure and feel for the latch mechanism. You should carefully do it because, as you need to apply just the right amount of pressure.

If you pressure too much, your lock can be damaged. Also, too little pressure and you won’t be able to feel the latch mechanism.

So try to apply a slight amount of pressure to the knife, and then wiggle it back and forth in the keyhole. You should start to feel resistance, which is the latch mechanism.

Once you feel it, apply more pressure to your knife and continue to wiggle it until you hear a click sound. It ensures you the latch has been pulled back and the lock is open.

Step 3: Apply Pressure and Turn the Knife Simultaneously

After inserting your knife into the keyhole, you have to apply little pressure and turn the knife simultaneously. You should do this by simply up and down motions while simultaneously pushing it in and out of the lock.

Apply pressure for 10-15 seconds and you should hear a click sound. It means the lock has been unlocked. Now carefully move the knife slowly from the keyhole.

unlock door with knife-pin

Additional Tips for Picking a Lock with a Knife

When picking a lock with a knife, ensure your time and practice patience. If you rush the process, you may damage the lock or even injure yourself.

Additionally, you should use a knife that is not too thick for the keyhole to avoid jamming the lock. Also, your knife does not have a serrated edge because this may damage the mechanism inside the lock.

Finally, you have to use a knife that has a tip and is strong enough to apply pressure on the locking mechanism.

Common Mistakes When Trying to Pick a Lock with a Knife

There are a few common mistakes that can happen to you. One is to be too aggressive in trying to pick the lock. I have talked before too much pressure can damage your lock and make it more difficult to open. So you should apply the right amount of pressure needed to open the lock.

Another common mistake is not using the right technique when picking the lock. When you insert the knife into the keyhole, ensure that the blade is pointed in the right direction. If you insert the blade incorrectly, you cannot push in the latch mechanism that is needed to open the lock.

Moreover, picking a lock with a knife takes time and practice. So you should not deserve that can be done quickly and easily. So always keep in mind patience is the main key.

Alternatives to Picking a Lock with a Knife

Not only a knife you can use to pick a lock, but also there are several other tools and techniques you can use to open a lock. Another popular method is known as raking.

It requires two tools: a rake and a tension wrench. You have to insert a rake into the keyhole, and the tension wrench applies pressure while the rake is moved in and out to find the latch mechanism.

You can pick a lock with knife bumping which is another method. It requires a bump a key that has been cut to match the lock. Once inserted, the bump key is tapped with a mallet or similar tool, which causes the pins inside the lock to align and open the lock.

Lastly, you can use lock picking guns. These are powered tools that apply pressure to the pins inside the lock in order to open it. Most lock picking guns are more expensive than knives, but they are more reliable and work quickly.

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Picking a lock with a knife is never suggested. Though sometimes there remain no other options, and in case you need to go for this option, you can use any of the methods mentioned above.

Never use an expensive and sharp knife, and always keep your hands safe so that you don’t get cut accidentally. Follow the steps one by one and apply them several times to get success. I hope this guide on how to pick a lock with a knife helps you get rid of such issues.

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