How To Open A Storage Unit Door Safe And Easily

storage unit door

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There are a few things you need to know in order to open a storage unit door safely and easily. Because storage doors don’t look like regular home doors, new renters are often have confusion about it.

While the process is not particularly difficult, there are a few tips and tricks to consider. Once you know them, it won’t be a matter of concern anymore.

In this article, I’ll let you know how to do that and also how to open a storage container door. So, let’s get started.

Types of Storage Unit Doors

There are a few different types of storage unit doors, and each one has its own unique benefits. Some doors allow you to open them from the inside, while others require you to use a key or code to open them.

Additionally, some storage units have automatic door openers that will activate when you approach the unit, while others require you to manually open the door. Ultimately, the type of storage unit door that is best for your needs will depend on your specific situation.

Generally, 4 types of storage unit doors are used for maximum storage units. They are

  • Roll-up Overhead Doors
  • Swing Doors, and
  • Automatic doors.
  • Sliding Doors

How to Open Roll-Up Storage Unit Doors?

You’ll see roll-up doors in most of the garages and stores. They are called roll-up doors because they roll up when you push them upwards to open. These doors have a ball-bearing mechanism so that you can roll them up and down smoothly.

roll up storage door

You don’t need to put in a lot of force to make them open or close. Also, a spring tensioner holds the door upwards and doesn’t let it go down until you put enough pressure to pull it down. 

These doors can be heavier depending on the size and thickness of the material. The more it’s thick, the more it is secured from intruders. The standard height for a roll-up door is 7 ft. There should be a handle at the end of the door and latches for locks.

Now let’s move on to the steps.

  • First, unlock the locks and remove them from the latches. 
  • Now, bend down and grab the handle and pull the door upwards with your stronger hand.
  • Once the door is open for a bit, grab it with both of your hands and push it upwards with enough force. 
  • Once you’re halfway done, the spring tensioner should do the rest to pull the door up to the bottom automatically. You don’t need to put any force anymore. 

Now you should also know how to close it.

To close the door:

  • Grab the handle with one of your hands. If the door remains at an unreachable height, then take a longer hook and grab the handle with it.
  • Now pull the door downwards with the hook. 
  • Once the door reaches you, grab the handle with both hands and pull it down. 
  • When the door is almost closed, it requires more force to close fully. So, use your feet.
  • Lift one of your feet on the handle and push down with enough force. That’s it.
  • Protect your storage from thieves by bringing locks and locking the door.

How to Open Swing Doors?

Some store owners prefer using a swing door for their store or garage. 

A swing door is a straightforward thing to operate. These are like the regular doors which we have in our house. They can swing inside the garage and outside as well. Most of the swing doors open outwards up to 180 degrees. 

swing storage door

You can have a swing door in your store. So let’s see how to open it:

  • First, you need to unlock the locks from the latches.
  • Then grab the handle and rotate it down to open the door.
  • Now pull the door outwards.
  • Swing the door or both doors until they are wide enough. That’s it.

How to Open Automatic Doors?

automatic storage door

Basically, there are various kinds of automatic doors available on the market. These doors are operated remotely. And the most important thing is the locks that the doors use. 

So, you need to unlock the lock of your automatic door with a smart device or fingerprint or key, etc., and command the safety to open the door.

How to Open Storage Container Door?

Storage containers have two swing doors with a relatively complicated locking mechanism. Also, the doors are heavier than all other storage doors. So you need to be strong enough to open it and know the tricks.

storage container door

To open a Storage Container Door:

  • Break the seal: Every storage container comes with sealed locks. So you have to break or cut the seals to unlock the door. To break the seals, bring a big cutter or call an expert. He will break the seal with a giant cutter, and then you can move on to the next steps.
  • Rotate the locking mechanism: The locking mechanism on a storage container is called ‘hasp.’ You will see the hasps on the horizontal bars. Now grab the hasp and rotate it upwards and then swing right side. Bigger storage containers have multiple hasps. Do the same thing with all the hasps. And now the door is ready to open the doors.
  • Open the door: Now swing the right door to the right side and the left one to the left using both hands. If you find it difficult, ask someone stronger to help you.

Working with Different Types of Locks

Every single door is locked when closed. We use different types of locks on the doors to keep our houses or stores safe from outsiders. 

There are some common locks that are used in storage doors. Let’s talk about them.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are made of steel. The steel used in these locks is quite strong and not easy to break. You can open a disc lock using a key or a 4-digit code on the keyless ones. 

Use a hard combo of numbers for your lock if you’re not using a key so intruders can’t open it.

Cylinder locks

The use of cylinder locks at storage facilities is less common. A latch plate attaches them to the door, making them look more like home door locks than padlocks. You can open and close the door by turning the key. One of the biggest advantages of these locks is that intruders can’t cut them like padlocks.

PIN Locks

There are some locks that you can control with a PIN. These locks require a PIN code on a keypad with the lock. You just need to set up a PIN with a special character like a Hash or something else and use the PIN code to open and close the locking system.

Smart Locks

Now everyone is replacing their manual locks with smart ones. There are various kinds of smart locks. Many of them can be controlled with smart devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. 

So bring a smart lock to ensure the peak level safety for your storage door.

Sum Up

In this post, all the possible ways of opening storage doors are discussed. Though it doesn’t require knowledge of rocket science to open any type of storage door.

Keep in mind the best and most secured doors for your storage should have a top-quality locking system. However, apply the tricks while opening and closing them.

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