How to Open a Sliding Glass Door from the Outside – Easy Guide

how to open a sliding glass door from the outside

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It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get into your house and the sliding glass door won’t open. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how important it is to know how to open a sliding glass door from the outside.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Easy Guide on How to Open a Sliding Glass Door from the Outside

Simple sliding glass doors are not very secure. Follow these simple steps to get into your house without your keys.

For this purpose, you will only need a flat head. Make sure there is no rod blocking the door. It is very simple and easy to break into your residence if that is the case.

It is simply a matter of bending down and placing the flat head under the door at the very corner. You can then push the flat head up there by sticking it there. When the door is up, you simply need to slide it open with some force.

Open sliding glass door from outside
Open sliding glass door from outside

If you need assistance, you can ask someone to come and assist you. The next step is to push the door up with the flat head and let your partner handle the rest. It will be very easy to open the door if you are able to push it up well. Open it like a boom!

When the latch pivots downward instead of upward, you must pry it open in a different manner. This may require you to use more force to turn or bend the bracket or latch away from the lock.

The door may not open if you are unable to free the bracket and latch. After prying the latch off, you may need to reinstall it. It may also be necessary to replace the bracket.

Some slide door locks are attached so tightly that there is no room for them to move. Therefore, it is impossible to place a flat head under the door. If this is the case, you do not need to worry. There are some other ways too.

There are some other ways too. The below video will help you to get some tips.

Let’s see how to open different types of sliding glass doors from the outside

Inside Mounted Slider

In order to remove a lock from a slider panel that is mounted on the inside, you must use a different procedure. Since the slider is on the inside, you cannot access it.

To open the door, one must work on the fixed panel. You should first check where the fixed panel ends at the corners of the top and bottom tracks.

In the next step, locate any screws, brackets, or bumpers that secure the panel to the vehicle. Use a screwdriver to remove them.

A fixed panel is mounted in the bottom and top tracks in the same manner as a sliding panel. Grab the panel that does not move. After that, slide it open. If it will not move, you may have to pry it up and lift it. In this case, you should attempt to lift it by grabbing it.

When the panel has come loose from the frame, tilt it toward your feet. As a result, it will leave the bottom track. Then, pull it downward so that it can be separated from the top track.

If it does not come off on its own, you will need to lift it with greater force. Put a flat-head screwdriver or a pry bar between the bottom of the door and the track. Pry the door off its track to remove it.

Jammed Door

If you push on some jammed doors, you might be able to open them. It is natural for aluminum tracks to wear out over time. When the door jumps off its track, you can use a screwdriver to lift it back onto the worn track.

You should place it between the track and the bottom of the door. Typically, older aluminum tracks cannot be replaced without replacing the entire frame.

Nevertheless, a new cap can prevent the door from becoming stuck again in the future. It is common for dirt, hair, and other items to become stuck in the rollers of newer door tracks. It is also necessary to replace the rollers.

You can fix the problem by turning two screws in the opposite direction of the clock in order to lower the door. The screws are located at the bottom of the door on both sides.

Remove the top brackets if necessary. After that, tilt the door toward your feet and pull it off the track. You should check the rollers to see if they are still in good condition. If they are not, clean or replace them as needed to restore door movement.

How to open the balcony door from the outside?

Open balcony door

The catch is just a hole or brace located on the door frame, which is sometimes referred to as a bracket. In standard doors, this component is referred to as a striker.

When locking the door, it is necessary to engage the L-shaped latch on the door with the bracket and pivot upward from the bottom.

Pry upward with a screwdriver or pry bar between the door frame and the door approximately six inches away from the corner, diagonally across from the latch.

Upon tilting downward, disengages latch from its bracket.

How can a sliding glass door be burglar-proofed?

If you would like a straightforward response, your best option is to consult with a professional. Fitting the door is of utmost importance.

So ensure your property is protected by blocking bars, security pins, and an updated alarm system.

How many types of sliding glass doors are available in the market?

There are 11 types of sliding glass doors available in the market.

  1. Mortise Sliding Door Locks
  2. Keyed Sliding Door Locks
  3. Two-Bolt Sliding Glass Door Locks
  4. Loop Locks
  5. Sliding Door Track Locks
  6. Surface-Mounted Hook Bolt
  7. Sliding Door Barricades
  8. Automatic Sliding Door Locks and Smart Lock
  9. Electromagnetic Sliding Door Lock
  10. Security Bar
  11. Child Locks


After learning how to open a sliding glass door from the outside, you won’t have to worry if you find yourself stuck outside without a key. To open a sliding glass door from the outside, you only need a few simple and common tools.

You should be aware that a low-quality sliding door lock may compromise your security. Therefore, you must use a high-quality door lock. If you have a sliding door in your house, you can use the Toledo Sliding Door Lock. It is the most recommended sliding glass door lock in history.

In some cases, the thief may attempt to break the glass to gain access. For this reason, it is recommended that you use some additional security devices like patio door bars in order to ensure your safety.

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