How to Open a Locked Filing Cabinet [Try Easy Process]

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If you want to open a locked file cabinet, and you’ve lost the key or are out of place, there are several outstanding alternatives you may want to keep in mind. A number of the techniques for doing this may be terrible, and embody drilling the lockout, or else prying the drawer open.

Well, there are various types of filing cabinet locks. To open a file cabinet, firstly, you have to know what type of lock you are using. Also, you must know about the cylinder dimension.

The length of your lock cylinder, however, isn’t always going to be adjustable with the materials you discover in your cabinet lock book or alternative package kit.

Many filing cabinets are manufactured from thin sheet metallic that may be effortlessly bent by using a little strain from a pry bar.

This method calls for bending the cabinet or drawer, so you benefit from getting proper entry to the locking mechanism, which ought to additionally be bent out of the manner.

Open a Filing Cabinet with the Drilling process

Before you start, rub a little bit of system oil onto the drill bit. This reduces any ensuing friction as you are drilling into the lock.

Begin with your drill at a medium pace, using constant and firm pressure. Preserve going till the drill penetrates the lock mechanism. And then transfer your drill to reverse mode and thoroughly pull the bit out of the lock.

Turn the file clockwise into the lock mechanism’s slot. If your first drilling spherical becomes successful, this could experience the lock’s launch lever.

Try the screwdriver again once you have finished the second round of drilling.

Repeat the method as desired till the discharge lever can be tripped.

How to Open a Filing Cabinet Broken Lock?

Having access to a file cabinet with a broken lock maybe even extra irritating. However, it’s no longer impossible.

Thankfully, a similar procedure for drilling open a lock also works on a cabinet with a broken lock. You can try the below method to open.

Use a Paperclip to Open a File Cabinet

Before you start, straighten out one cease of the paperclip at the same time as letting the alternative stay bent.

When you slide the curved tip of the paperclip into the lock’s keyhole, position the paperclip vertically in order that the curved end is pressed down on the inside of the lock.

After inserting the paperclip, slowly flow it left to right: proceed carefully till you can hit upon how to push the pins right down to spring the lock. As soon as the lock rotates to the facet, If you’re lucky, you can effectively unlock the filing cabinet. Lastly, extract the paperclip with carefulness while you’re completed.

On the other hand, a nail clipper, especially the fingernail file works simply in addition to a straightened paper clipper in regard to lock-choosing tools.

Tips: The various kits you can purchase for file cabinet lock alternatives can also have numerous portions to accommodate oversized setup holes.

How do you unlock a file cabinet without a keyhole?

You can open a cabinet lock with a variety of other objects. To open a filing cabinet, you can also use bobby pins, paper clips, a knife, and a screwdriver. If you don’t have the time to build your own picks, you can alternatively buy a lockpicking set.

How to open a locked filing cabinet without a key?

By bending one of the ends of a paperclip slightly, you can unlock a filing cabinet lock. Holding it vertically, enter it through the keyhole until you “push down” on the pins that are placed inside the lock. Even so, using a bobby pin is more difficult but you can use it too to unlock the file.

How can you take the handle out of a file cabinet?

The screws holding the internal faceplate to the external handle should be removed. This will make it possible to take off the handle from the outside while revealing the file card and button mechanism on the inside. The file card holder will be simple to remove if you use your pliers to straighten the tabs.

Bottom Line

Each different method of having access to a locked cabinet is drilling out the lock. You can typically begin the technique with a drill bit that is slightly wider than the keyhole and attempt to drill through the pins.

If you accumulate the process, it’s going to be viable to open the lock with a screwdriver. Otherwise, you may need to apply one or huge bits to drill via the whole lock cylinder; make sure to put on protection goggles while you’re doing this.

Moreover, professional locksmiths have a few methods of dealing with locked file cabinets, so if you do not mind spending some coins, this is also an opportunity.

Lastly, if your door lock has a code quantity printed on the face of the lock or the bezel, a locksmith may be capable of using that to reduce you to a brand-new key.

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