How To Open A Door With A Bobby Pin – Step By Step

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to open a door but don’t have a key? Or maybe you’ve lost your key and are locked out of your house. Either way, there’s no need to worry. With a little ingenuity, you can easily open a door with a bobby pin. The following guide will help to answer how to open a door with a bobby pin.

How Does A Door Lock Work?

Before we focus on the main topic, we want you to know a little bit about the mechanism of a lock. What it is and how to bypass it.

Most door locks use simple mechanisms, and they hardly give you security. You will get a shock if you understand the door lock mechanism.

Door lock

Unlike the special lock, 90% of door locks use the tumbler lock mechanism worldwide. You can pick a door with bobby pins if you know the proper technique.

The tumbler lock mechanism works with a plug, key pins, driver pins, shear line, and springs. A shear line is a gap that loses the plug using the pins. That’s why the key we use needs to be an exact shape that levers the pins on a lock.

Keys push the pins flush within the shear line while you rotate it and liberate the lock with the help of a spring.

Another important thing is the plug flaws in a lock. Every lock has some imperfections during production. That is also a great advantage you can take to pick the lock.

How Can You Make a Bobby Pin Lock For Yourself?

Bobby pin lock-picking is not as easy as you see in movies or tv series. It depends on the lock and the type of bobby pins you will use to pick the lock. For example, some bobby pins are so soft and not that sharp.

Likewise, some bobby pin heads are not that sharp to use on the lock. Thus it would be best if you made those pins workable before you try them for lock-picking.

To make a bobby pin lock for yourself, you need some accessories like-

  • Two Bobby pin
  • Pliers for bending
  • Wire Cutter for cutting
  • Hand Gloves for safety purposes

All you need to remove the rubber of the bobby pins. So that you get the sharp edge of the bobby pins, you can do that with pliers or a wire cutter. Then pull the bobby pin straight and separate the two sides.

Stick one straight head into your door keyhole and bend it as like. One-third inch bending will be enough. Need enough pressure to bend the top; it looks like a hook.

Bobby pin L shape

Next, you have to make a tension lever with another bobby pin. Make sure it looks like an ‘L’ shape. Put it in the keyhole and apply pressure to bend to a 90-degree angle.

After all these steps, you will get a workable lock-picking tool. Then, whenever an emergency arises, you can use this whenever you need it.

How to Open a Door with a Bobby Pin within 7 steps only

  1. Insert the pick into the door lock. Put the tension wrench short bent part in the bottom hole. Your doorknob tension lever will hang down the front.
  2. Turn the pin lever anticlockwise. It will give pressure to find the pin tension. You need to lift the lock pins with frequent effort. These pins drop back down to hold the lock. You need to put tension on the pin lever so as not to drop back.
  3. When in a hole, feel for pins by pushing down on the handle using your pick. Using the pick’s handle, you can push the pins up.
  4. Usually, the key pushes the pin set up so that you can unlock the door. This procedure you need to apply with the two bobby pins.
  5. Push down slowly on the pick handle until you hear a click when you find a pin that’s hard to push up.
  6. You can slide up some of the pins with a bobby pin leaver. As soon as you hear a click, it will open the door.
  7. Some door locks work clockwise or anticlockwise. Make sure that you rotate in the right direction to unlock the door.

Effective Tips For Unlocking A Door Successfully With Bobby Pins

  • Make sure that the bobby pin is strong enough and does not trend too fragile into the door lock.
  • Before picking a lock, check the type of lock. It can be clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • No need to apply too much pressure; it will bend the bobby pin and damage the door lock.
  • Be careful about your nails and teeth while you work with sharp heads or bobby pins; don’t hurt yourself.
  • Not all types of locks are suitable to unlock with the bobby pin.
  • Sometimes, you need a long-size bobby pin to pick the lock based on the keyhole size.
  • Do not apply this skill on the lock which you don’t have authorized permission to open.

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What Else Can You Use Instead Of A Bobby Pin To Unlock A Door?

You can hardly lock-picking tools or bobby pins in an emergency. Therefore you may need to use alternatives to bobby pins. In that case, paper clips are another great alternative to open the door.

You can also use metal wire instead of bobby pins. These are also strong enough and can serve the same purpose as the bobby pins and paper clips.

Alternative Guide: How to Pick a Door Lock With a Paperclip?

Picking a door lock is relatively easy and can be done with just a few everyday household items. Alternative to a bobby pin, you can use a paperclip to pick a door lock.

Unlock door with paperclip
  • To start, insert the paperclip into the bottom of the keyhole at an angle. Once you feel the clip catch on something, bend it until it’s nearly perpendicular to the keyhole. This will cause the pins inside to stick up.
  • Now, insert the tension wrench into the top of the keyhole and apply pressure to it while you turn it clockwise. As you do this, wiggle the paperclip around until you feel all of the pins give.
  • Once they’re all set, turn the wrench, and your door will open!

You can watch this video to know on how to unlock a door with a paperclip & pencil.

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Final Thoughts

Picking a lock with a bobby pin is not always easy. It is not easy to pick some locks with these tools since they are error-free. However, our provided tricks in ‘how to open a door with a bobby pin’ only apply to emergencies. It’s risky to apply with locks that are not permitted or illegal. In some cases, you can lock with a bobby pin to lock your door.

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