How To Open A Deadbolt Lock With A Screwdriver? Step By Step

Are you stuck in your own house due to a deadbolt lock? Have you locked the door and misplaced the key? When faced with such a situation, the only question that may have crossed your mind is whether you can unlock a deadbolt lock without a key. Is this possible? If so, how?

You should not panic if an accident occurs. If you have a screwdriver and Bobby pins nearby, you can escape. What is the best way to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver?

First, find the rough end of the bobby pin and insert it into the keyhole. Simply place the flat-headed screwdriver underneath the pin. You can try opening the lock by moving the pin up and down. Simply insert the screwdriver between the bobby pin edges, twist, and you are done!

Yes, it is pretty straightforward, but you must have some understanding of lock picking logistics before you begin. Don’t worry if this is your first time!

We have provided you with a detailed article to assist you in getting out of this challenging situation. So, let’s get started without further ado!

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What Is A Deadbolt Lock?

The most effective way to ensure the safety of your family members is to install a deadbolt lock. Although several types of deadbolts are available, the ‘Cylinder Deadbolt’ is the most commonly used.

Deadbolt Lock

Let’s try to understand the logistics of a deadbolt lock by examining the following components –


In order to lock or unlock the deadbolt, we insert the key into the cylinder and manipulate the pins. When you rotate the key, the lock pins follow a specific direction and a ‘Click sound’ indicates that the lock has been locked. Similarly, turn it the other way and unlock it as soon as possible.


Upon locking the deadbolt, you will notice a metal bar emerging from the lock & penetrating through the door frame. In general, this is referred to as a bolt.

Deadbolt Plunger:

A deadbolt plunger is a modern lock component that prevents the bolt from moving further. If a deadbolt plunger is accurately installed in your house lock, it is nearly impossible to pick a lock with a credit card.

Box & Strike Plate:

You will find a ‘Box and Strike Plate’ at the door frame that allows further lock adjustment through extension.

Tools Required

  • Screwdriver: In my opinion, screwdrivers are not very useful for picking locks. As a turning tool, they create rotational force. Using a Philips screwdriver is adequate for removing the screws. Be sure to purchase a minor flathead key so that it can fit easily inside the keyhole.
  • Rake Tools: For picking the deadbolt lock, you will need a sturdy rake tool in addition to the screwdriver. The tool is handy for manipulating the lock pins within the lock.

Alternatively, you can use a bobby pin or paper clip if you do not have a rake tool. You must purchase a lock pick separately if a bobby pin does not suit your house lock.

7 Steps on How To Open A Deadbolt Lock With A Screwdriver?

Step By Step

1) Understand The Lock

  • To unlock a deadbolt lock quickly, it is necessary to understand the logistics of the type of lock.
  • In most cases, you will have to deal with a pin tumbler or mortise lock. The key components of these locks are the lock pins, the springs, the driver pins, and the plugs.

2) Straighten The Bobby Pin & Insert

Fold the Bobby Pin
  • Fold the bobby pin & straighten it completely.
  • Find the bumpy edge and insert it into the keyhole.

3) Place The Screwdriver Underneath The Pin

  • Take a small flathead screwdriver and place it immediately under the pin.
  • It is best to use screwdrivers designed to repair small, thin eyeglasses. When picking locks, these screwdrivers have a shallow rate of causing damage.

4) Insert The Screwdriver Inside

  • Drill a screwdriver into the keyhole, but do not go too far.
  • You must leave a space in between for proper movement of the bobby pin.

5) Move The Bobby Pin Continuously

You can now manipulate the deadbolt lock pins by moving the bobby pin inside, outside, and in multiple directions.

6) Slightly Glide The Screwdriver In Between The Pins

  • Now, the screwdriver will create tension between the pins by continuously gliding.
  • To maintain the tumblers, the screwdriver’s tip should be pretty long.

7) Twist the Screwdriver

  • The last step is to create a rotational force by carefully twisting the screwdriver.
  • When you unlock the door, an audible click will be heard.

Don’t panic if you fail the first time! Instead, be confident, keep trying, and believe me, the deadbolt lock will soon open.

Other Ways To Open A Deadbolt Lock With A Screwdriver

Double Bobby Pin Lock Picking:

  • Fold the bobby pin’s button to create an L-shaped pin. It will act as a pressure tool.
  • Take the second bobby pin and unfold it completely to enforce the rotational force.
  • Put the L-shaped pin inside the keyhole’s bottom & pressurize it slightly.
  • Now take the other pin and put it into the lock. Try to drag it out slowly along with the deadbolt lock’s pin.
  • Over time the lock will rotate slightly.
  • Once the lock rotates completely, the door will open.

Here is the full guide on how to open a door with a bobby pin – Step By Step

Bump Key:

A bump key is the most accessible and standard tool for opening a deadbolt lock. Buy a bump key set from your local hardware store, Walmart, or any other online retailer.

  • Insert the bump key into the keyhole.
  • Hit the key’s end with a hammer or screwdriver.

Thus, it will create a turning force & unlock the door instantly.

Use The Credit Card To Unlock The Door:

Is it possible to unlock the door with a credit card? Is it even feasible? Honestly, it is a bit of a challenge and is compatible with only spring-loaded deadbolt locks.

  • Get a laminated credit card & insert it along the door’s side between the door gap.
  • The carp tip should touch the bolt lock’s latch.
  • Joggle & push the credit card to the keyhole.
  • Lastly, try to open the latch by flexing the card at an angle.

Use A Knife:

You can easily pick a lock with a knife. Below are the basic steps:

  • Pick a butter knife, Slide it in between the door & door jam.
  • Move it up & down around the striker plate to find the deadbolt.
  • If the knife is placed around the deadbolt, push it through the knife to unlock it.

Use A Drill Machine:

Among all techniques, drilling is the one we will prefer only if there are no other options. Why? Drilling can cause significant damage to the deadbolt lock. Make sure you wear gloves and goggles when working with chemicals.

  • Take the drilling machine and place a strong, long & sharp bit.
  • Remember to lubricate the drill bit and keyhole beforehand to ensure minimum friction.
  • Insert the bit through the keyhole.
  • Apply slight pressure and drill gently.
  • After a few seconds, stop for a while and lubricate again.
  • Now insert the bit inside again and keep drilling until the lock opens.

Essential Tips

  • Carefully choose the screwdriver as it should be thick & strong to provide rotational force. Moreover, it should be pretty tricky to reach the lock’s clip.
  • Before you use the bump key technique, be careful! Why? The reason is that this technique may cause potential damage to the door lock. Sometimes, it may even make it difficult to unlock a door with the original key. Therefore, it is best to alter the lock.

How do you open a locked car door with a screwdriver?

  • Get a small, thin Philips screwdriver & a thin rod.
  • Slide the flathead of the screwdriver to open the door slightly.
  • Use the rod to push the unlock button.


Can You Unlock A Door Without Hiring The Locksmith?

Yes, why not? You can unlock the door using quality lock picking tools in just a few minutes. Why would you pay a locksmith when you can do it yourself?

Can You Open The Bolt Lock With Screwdrivers Alone?

Honestly, no. Picking a lock with a screwdriver is useless since screwdrivers are primarily responsible for creating tension. Also, you will need a rake tool, such as a bobby pin, to pick the lock.

Can Lock Pick By A Screwdriver Damage The Door?

Using a screwdriver to pick a door lock will only damage the lock if excessive pressure is applied. Take your time, be steady, and be careful.

Can You Lock A Deadbolt Lock Without A Key?

Yes, you will require a bump key to bypass the deadbolts effectively.

Final Words

What is the proper way to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver? After reading our guide up to this point, I believe you are feeling less anxious than before. In just a few minutes, you will be able to pick the deadbolt lock as well.

Keep in mind, before picking a deadbolt lock, it is helpful to know its type. The majority of houses and businesses today use pin-tumbler locks. However, following the proper technique, you can open most locks with a bobby pin, paper clip, screwdriver, or bump key.

Use a turning tool to simulate the key, manipulate the lock pins with a lock picker, and that’s it! It’s not as tricky as you have imagined.

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