How To Mount Surge Protector Under Desk?

Mounting a surge protector under your desk is one of the most practical ways to protect your electronics from power surges. It is important to protect expensive items from voltage spikes and power outages. That way, they will not be destroyed.

There are many options for mounting a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or surge protector under your desk. But not all techniques will provide the best protection.

However, few people know how to mount a surge protector under a desk properly. In this guide, we outline three simple steps that can help you mount a surge protector safely and effectively.

How To Mount A Surge Protector Under A Desk?

#Step1: The first step in the process is deciding where your desk will be the best location for mounting in your room. At this point, there are few factors to consider: 

  • How much desk space do I have? 
  • Is this where my computer is and will it be getting the most use? 
  • Will there be room for other electronics on this desk as well, or will they have to be mounted elsewhere?

Once you’ve decided where it’s going & have all questions answered, then go to the 2nd step.

#Step2: The second step is finding an appropriate location on your desk for mounting.

Generally speaking, this should be somewhere near either side of your computer or at least out of the way so that cables can easily reach it.

To do this accurately and damage nothing in the process, you’ll need to use a level and measure the distance between the two mounting holes on your surge protector.

#Step3: The third step is drilling into your desk to create a hole in which the outlet can be mounted.

drilling into your desk
Source: instructables

This should take place where it was measured during the second step. It’s important that this hole doesn’t go through any part of the desk that will be used to put things on.

Once this is done, it’s time to put in the surge protector and connect the power cable.

To do this, use a drill bit just slightly smaller than your cables (or buy one specifically), then feed them through from inside out before screwing into place.

everything into the basket
Source: instructables

The last step is to put the cover back on and you’re done!

Below are the quick steps for mounting a surge protector or power strip under the table and desk:

  • Go to the hardware store and buy a bracket that will fit your surge protector.
  • Measure the height of your desk, and then measure how far away you want it from the back of your desk.
  • Cut a hole in the top of your desk for where you want to put it, and use wood glue or screws to attach it in place.
  • Put some space between the wall and the back of your surge protector so you can hide any wires behind there.
  • Screw on the brackets (or whatever was holding up) onto either side at an angle that is comfortable for sitting down at a desk
  • Plug everything into its respective ports, plug in power cord, turn on surge protector
  • You’re done!

How To Mount A Power Strip To A Desk Without Screws?

The great thing about power strips is that they let you plug in all your devices. But the bad news is, some desks have no built-in mounting system! 

Thankfully, with a little elbow grease and creativity, this problem can be solved pretty easily. 

  • Place the power strip at an angle on your desk, with one end sticking out over the edge.
  • Using zip ties (or binder clips), attach each tier of plugs to each other so that they’re all in a line and won’t come undone when you plug something into them. 
  • Using zip ties, attach the power strip to the edge of your desk. The cable should be dangling down and out of sight behind your desk.
  • Plug in some devices. You are done!

The mounting process isn’t complicated, but it can be fiddly. It’s important not to cause any damage. I hope this article is helpful in the process of mounting a surge protector under a table/desk.

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