How To Mount A Security Camera Without Screws (5 Ways)

Every one of us is concerned about our safety. Living in our home, we want security and safety for our property and our lives. Whenever we want to make sure that we are safe and monitor our properties 24 hours a day, we all use a piece of standard equipment called a security camera. But mounting these security cameras needs holes or drills in the wall or door. Many people ask me how to mount a security camera without screws. 

camera without screws

So, in this article, today I am here to show you mounting options for your Wi-Fi camera so that you don’t have to drill or screw it into holes in your door or your wall, and you can even use this to install your video doorbell camera.

I’ll also share some excellent security camera mounting ideas with you. This is mainly for people who live in an apartment or rental property, have limited mounting options, and are not allowed to put holes in the wall.

So, continue reading this article, where I will tell you all the choices you can use to mount your outdoor security camera without drilling holes. 

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5 ways to mount your security cameras without screws

1. Use Flexible Tripod to Mount

Flexible tripods

The first and one of the easiest ways to mount your security camera without doing any drill or hole in the wall is using a flexible tripod.

In this method, all you need is a vertical bar where you will put the camera. So take the camera and attach it to the flexible tripod. Then take the tripod to the exact height you want your camera to put on and bend the adjustable legs of the tripod to the vertical bar. That’s all.

The legs of the tripod are covered with rubber so that they don’t slide down from the vertical bar and remain stuck to it. And also, if you attach the camera using a tripod, you can set it up at multiple angles according to your needs. So, this is a perfect way to mount a security camera without screws or drills.

2. Use Siding Hooks

The next mounting option without drills or holes is siding hooks. If the area where you want to install the camera has siding, this is a great option. For example, mounting a blink camera, you still need to use the mounting bracket that came with it, and then you have to place the siding hook on the siding gap, then slide it and press it up.

You will need to hooks. Align the hole in the blink mount with the hole in the hook, and then place the blink mount. Afterward, screw in the machine screw and do the same on the other hole of the mount. Screw them tightly. This allows you to adjust the blinking camera on the mount to where you want it to monitor.

Siding hooks

There is also the option to attach other camera mounts using the sliding hooks. The only thing is that the longer the mount and the camera is, the more wobbly it is.

Though it is secured on the wall and will not fall because the weight pushes the hook tighter on the Siding, it is just shaky a little bit. This mounting action is recommended in taller and higher siding installs because it is easy to remove. 

3. Use Corner Wall Mounts

The third drill and screw frame mount option uses a corner wall mount. If there is a corner in the area you want to mount a Wi-Fi camera, this can be a solution.

Corner wall mounting

The corner wall mounts are designed to be screwed or nailed in. But you will be able to use double-sided mounting tape if you want to install this in a brick corner wall or even in a wooden wall as long as there is some flat contact between the edges of the corner mount and the wall.

A heavy-duty mountain tape is recommended, and even with that, it will be hesitant to put heavier cameras. This is why I recommend using this option only for a blink camera if you intend to use the mounting tape.

4. Use Gutter Mounts

The next screw-less mounting option is using gutter mounts. All you need to do is clamp the gutter mount to your rain gutters. The gutter mounts have a pair of lock-down bolts used to secure the camera firmly on the gutter, and there is an adjustable pivot, which gives you flexibility.

You can rotate your camera in any direction you need. The benefit of this option is that it gives you a wider view of your property to monitor more areas easily. 

5. Use Adhesives to Mount

You can try an adhesive mount if you are running out of mounting options for your blink camera or other security cameras. Please search for the best adhesive for the security camera and get it delivered to your home.

There is outdoor adhesive for security cameras, and there are indoor adhesives as well. So as you know, you can use this mounting option inside or outside of your house. 

When mounting the camera, please keep in mind that all kinds of adhesives don’t work on all sorts of surfaces. So, you may need different types of adhesive to mount your cameras according to the surface where you will put them.

Instructions to mount a security camera without screws

Finding the most appropriate place:

If you want a no-drill security camera in your home, the first thing you need to do is find the most suitable place to put the camera without making any holes or drilling. I’ll suggest a place with a wooden pole or a brick wall.

This is because brick walls are more likely to mount your security camera from the options mentioned above. So, find a suitable place, follow the suggested options from above and mount the camera without screws.

Mount the Camera

Now that you’ve decided where to mount your security camera, you are ready to mount it using any of the options mentioned above. 

You can use siding hooks if your chosen place has sidings or select a flexible tripod mount option if there is a vertical pole. Or, if you’ve chosen your rain gutter to mount the camera, use the fourth option mentioned above in this article. You can also use mounting tape for a security camera to mount them on the wall.

So select an option and mount the camera properly on the wall or other selected place. Let’s jump into the next step.

Take accurate measurements and connect them correctly.

If you want to mount your cameras on walls or other surfaces, take measurements and wire them accordingly. If you don’t take exact measurements, you may encounter problems such as short wires or others.

So measure your wiring route with a measurement tape. Measure the distance between the camera and the controlling device and this device to the Wi-Fi router. Then bring Ethernet Cable and Coaxial cable or the BNC connector and connect them to the camera and DVR/NVR and then to the Wi-Fi router.

You can read:

How do you install a security camera on a brick wall?

Well, if you want to install your security camera on a brick wall without screws, then the most suitable option for you is to use adhesives to mount the camera. All you have to do is purchase the best adhesive for brick walls and glue it to the base of the security camera.

After that, you can attach it to the brick wall easily. After mounting the camera, plug the wires and connect them to the controlling device. Simple as that.

Do you need any professionals to mount security cameras?

It is pretty straightforward to answer no. In addition to the fact that the Blink camera is a standalone camera, it does not require rocket science to set up or operate. Unlike a traditional security camera system with DVR that involves wiring, it communicates with the receiver over a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.

Additionally, 90% of the brand’s cameras run on batteries, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

You don’t need any special tools to complete the installation. To mount Blink cameras without screws, we’ve already shown you a few tricks that require only a screwdriver. Therefore, you won’t have a reason to bother anyone.

Best Adhesive for Security Camera

If you cannot use any other options to mount your security cameras without screws, you may go for the adhesive mount option. So, now you need to know which one is the best adhesive.

Some adhesives damage the wall. Besides, all the adhesives don’t work for all surfaces. So get the one you need. Here are the three best adhesives for you. You can go and check them out.

  1. TapeCase VHB 4910
  2. Amazon Basics Crafter’s Double Sided Adhesive Tape

You should apply these adhesives to the base of the camera and then mount them to the wall. You may also let it dry for a few hours so that it can hold the camera without any risks. 

Final Thoughts

Mounting security cameras without drilling in the wall or any other place is not difficult. Once you know how to mount the camera without screws, it will be just a matter of time for you to fix the problem.

In this guide on how to mount security cameras without screws, I tried to give you all the necessary information to complete the task and discuss the best options you can have.

So, you can select one of them and mount your security camera easily without any hassle.

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