How to Install a Pocket Door Lock [Easy Guide]

How to Install a Pocket Door Lock?

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You have a big room in your house, but you want to portion it into two. You can either build a wall and get a mainstream and boring swing door or go creative and get a pocket door. In fact, people nowadays have started to switch to pocket doors for every part of the house. Pocket doors are all the rage now.

Hinged doors take up quite a lot of space for their swing, but we want to utilize every corner of the house, don’t we?

Some doors in our homes require to be locked so let’s see how to install a pocket door lock easily with some facts related to pocket door.

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What is a pocket door?

Housing rent and buying price are going high every passing day. So buying or renting a spacious, luxurious house is impossible for most people. But you can portion out whatever available space you have according to your requirements with a partition and a pocket door.

It is like a regular door, but only it slides inside a hollow in the wall or a partition instead of swinging out. It saves space and looks very classy too. Young adults love this idea so much that they use pocket doors even for their office, studio, front doors, bedroom doors, etc.

So if you are a person with similar preferences, you might want to get those doors on the rolls and install a pocket door lock.

Pocket door

Different Types of Pocket Door Lock

Pocket door locks are available in various shapes or types, but the rectangular and circular ones are used and favored the most. These two types are available anywhere and everywhere. With everything becoming smart nowadays, you can also install a pocket door lock that can be operated from your mobile phone via wifi.

You can also choose from various color tones on the lock, from matte black to antique brass, matching your interior. The Home Depot, Amazon, CavitySliders, and Direct Door Hardware offer a wide range of locks from different brands that you can install on a pocket door.

Tools you need:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife Blade

Easy Ways On How to install a pocket door lock?

Installing a pocket door lock is quite simple. If you are a DIY person, here are some instructions.

  • Disassemble your lock after taking it out of the box, and keep the provided screws separately and safely
  • Read the instructions page provided by the manufacturer in case there is special advice regarding the installation.
  • Cut a notch in the door matching your lock body’s shape and size. Some brands provide a template, while for others, you have to use a jigsaw or take manual measurements.
  • Screw in and attach the lock body securely to the door.
  • Mark the door jamb where you will attach the striker plate.
  • Map out where the plate opening will be in the jamb and drill out a hole according to the size and shape of the lock.
  • Loosely screw in the striker plate.
  • Try locking the door a few times to see if it locks easily and smoothly without manual force.
  • When all seems in place, tighten the screws in the striker plate.

You can check on YouTube for more visual instruction on installing a pocket door lock or spend a little money and get a professional locksmith to do it for you.

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Benefits of Installing a Pocket Door Lick

Doors not only provide us an entrance to a place, but it also is a means of privacy and security. If you have opted for pocket doors for your bedroom, bathroom, or front door, a simple sliding door is not enough. It has to be properly secured too. But now, with the above guidelines, you can easily install a pocket door lock.

Contrary to what people believe, pocket doors can last for years without damage and can easily be installed in a house. If you follow the instructions by the manufacturer properly and use quality tools, then your pocket door is good to go. Install a pocket door lock, and you have nothing to worry about.

pocket door lock
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Few Things to Not Forget

There are a few things to remember when installing a pocket door lock.

Width of the door

The door’s width and the pocket’s gap should be in such a ratio so that a pocket door lock can be installed without creating a blockage in the sliding of the door. However, the gap should not be so big that the lock fails to secure it properly.

Where to buy from

With so many options out there, it’s normal to be confused about which one to buy. Check out the brand available near you or ships to your address without an outrageous shipping charge. Amazon and The Home Depot have many great deals available for you.

Which one to buy

If you are a beginner trying to install the lock, go for something easy to assemble and install using the tools available. You can buy a fancy and tricky one and get a professional to do it for you but make sure your locksmith is familiar with the product beforehand. In that case, discussing it with the locksmith before purchasing it is better.

How much should I pay for it?

You can buy a regular pocket door lock with a price range of $10-$40, but if you want to get something fancy or high-tech, it can cost you up to $300.


Pocket doors are becoming the new hype. Soon enough, everyone will have their regular swing doors replaced and look for people who can install a lock for them. Installing a pocket door lock is easy if you do it correctly. This is a skill you never know when it might come in handy!

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