How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight? 9 Secrets

Guns are indeed an excellent firearm to protect you as well as your loved ones. In contrast, it will bring a grave danger if the gun is in the wrong hands. That’s why every gun owner always feels anxious to hide their gun safe. So, how to hide a gun safe in plain sight? Hang on with us; we will reveal the top secrets right here!

You must have watched in the movies that they hide their firearms in the wall, concealed or storage furniture, behind the picture frame, or even under the coffee table. Yes, all these sounds really dramatic.

However, trust me, you can really store your gun just like that! Wherever you hide a gun safe, it should be easily accessible to you. Try to connect the gun safe with the home security alarms for enhanced safety.

Here creativity is the key to safeguarding your precious belongings against a burglar.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. We have highlighted nine unique ideas to let you hide the gun safe in plain sight. We have also answered the most common queries in the faq section. So, be with us & ensure your family’s safety till the very end!

Why Will You Hide A Gun Safe?  

Many peeps, especially entry-level gun enthusiasts, like to show off their safe instead of hiding. After all, the high-end safes are indeed a handsome addition to the home. All gun safes have power locks. So, Why Will I hide a gun safe? Is it even necessary?

  • Firstly the burglar requires just some effective tools, and your safe will be wide open in no time.
  • Once the thief breaks into the safe, the after-effects will be immensely dangerous.
  • If a thief breaks the lock, it will definitely malfunction later. I doubt the safe will be all right just by a mere repair. You might even have to go for a new one.

I really won’t take these risks. I won’t compromise my room decor either. Instead, I will look for some creative ways to hide my gun safe within my home decor. I just have to think of places where the burglar won’t even think of checking; that’s it!

How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight?

1. Tactical Wall:

Installing hidden gun storage on the wall is indeed creative. You must have those in Hollywood movies. It might not be feasible for you if you are not a homeowner. But if you own a house, give it a try!

Tactical walls are basically an inner wall storage steel safe installed in between two studs. You need to cover it up with a glass shelf, mirror, chalkboard, or painting that matches the home decor. This whole setup won’t even cost you $100.

This hidden safe has space limitations as it is situated in between two studs. Thus, it is more suitable for hiding handguns, pistols, and ammunition. If you have rifles & long guns, you have to look for tall & narrow safes. Once you get your preferred long safe, conceal it creatively with a full-length mirror.

You can also go for an underground Tactical wall as well. Fix a space just underneath the living rooms to hide guns in plain sight. Blend it with your home decor on a carpet, couch, or even coffee table.

2. Concealed Furniture:

Curio Cabinet:

If you plan to mount a gun safe in the living room/ dining, you must go for a Curio Cabinet. In such cabinets, the gun storage is usually behind the display area.

The display should be very attractive, featuring a traditional glassy shelf. Slide the panel & there will be hidden compartments to store your gun, rifles, ammo, long guns, etc. It must blend with your home decor. Thus, no one can ever doubt it as a disguised gun safe.

For instance, SCF tall bookcase with a hidden cabinet is a great option. Its camouflage design offers security & easy access at once.

Hide gun safe in curio cabinet


You can also go for a wall shelf with a secret compartment. This concealed shelf should have a drop-down compartment & a discreet lock for utmost safety.

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Concealed Mirror:

Wall storage safes with concealed mirrors are quite popular these days. The brand NRA & Jotto has a special NRA home defense cabinet to store the firearms.

It features a unique biometric scanner that can hold up to 90 fingerprints. Their concealed mirror has an unfinished design. So you can burnish/paint it to match the home decor.


In order to protect your family, you must want to keep the firearm nearby. Thus your bedroom dresser is a great option. Just install a secret compartment underneath the dresser top.

As per the dresser’s size, it can even store long guns, handguns, shotguns & ammunition. If the dresser is tall, it will be enough to hide the gun from the eyes of curious kids.

3. Underneath The Furniture:


In the market, there are multiple solid tables available with hidden compartments. These compartments are usually found just underneath the tabletop. If the table is big enough, you can store shotguns, long guns, and rifles. Moreover, they can suit the decoration of the bedroom, living room, reading room, office, and even kitchen.

Storage Furniture/Bench:

Storage benches are widely found at the bottom of the bed. At first glance, anyone will think that it holds blankets, old quilts, or albums. As the storage bench doesn’t seem like a typical safe, intruders will never think of burgling into it.


Suppose it’s In the middle of the night and you are attacked by intruders. You obviously don’t have easy access to the garage or reading room. So only the gun safe in the master bedroom can save you.

You can mount it on the floor just underneath your bed. Be sure to hide it properly. The burglar will surely look for the hidden safe in the master bedroom.

4. Air Vents:

Fake Air Vents are a great option for hiding guns in the living room or bedroom. It will be easily accessible to you. Moreover,

I doubt the intruders will ever find that your room’s air vent is actually a disguised gun safe. In the market, there are different gun concealments available as both wall outlets and air vent designs. You can build one yourself from scratch as well.

5. Picture Frame:

Do you want to hide firearms like pistols or revolvers? They are pretty small, so you can easily store your gun inside the frame box. Remember to install a smart fingerprint lock for further security.

Hide gun safe behind the picture frame

6. Garage:

If you plan to hide a gun safe in the garage, remember to buy a safe cloak. You can cover the safe with it to give a look at the cabinet. From a close angle, it might not be enough to fool one. However, the passers-by won’t ever guess that it’s your precious gun safe.

You can also build a storage cabinet with a hidden compartment in the garage. Keep other stuff on display to avoid suspicion. Keep in mind if you store your gun in the garage, you should control the humidity of your garage so that moisture out of the gun safe.

7. Book Like Gun Safe:

In many movies, you might have come across the idea of a book-like gun safe. If you are up for this – get a book as per the size of the pistol/revolver. The book must have a thick cover for protection.

Open the book and turn over some pages. Trim it just like the gun’s shape in the mid-level. That’s it! Now the book-like-safe is ready to accommodate your precious handgun. Trust me; the intruders will never find the book-like safe in the reading room/library.

8. Concealment Flags:

Many peeps prefer to hang Concealment Flags on their living room wall. After all, it is a symbol of patriotism. The Basic material of concealment flags is – wood & fabric.

9. Gun Safe In Pantry:

The pantry is definitely the last place a thief will ever enter. Thus, you can mount the gun safe inside a pantry cabinet in the piece. As this safe is small & quite compact, it is best to bolt it on the floor. You can display some cereal boxes or other canned items in front of the safe.

FAQ Related to Hide Gun Safe In Plain Sight

Is it important to hide a gun safe?

A gun will obviously overpower your family’s security if you know how to handle it. However, your own gun will impose risk on your family if it’s in the wrong hands. You should keep it in a hidden safe away from children & strangers.

Other than storing the gun, you can use it to secure gold, jewelry, and even documents. If you show it off in your living room/master bedroom, it will definitely catch your attention. In fact, your precious belongings will not be secured from strangers. So, yeah, it’s indeed important to hide a gun safe.

Is it ok to keep the gun safe in the garage?

Yes, it’s ok if you want to hide the gun safe in the garage. Beware as there is a risk of high temperature and fire. As many people have access to the garage, you have to equip enough security around the safe. I would advise sticking it to the floor. Be sure to be creative and make it unrecognizable.

Where is the best place to hide the gun in plain sight?

You can install it on the wall and just hide it in a picture or mirror. Hiding the floor safe underneath the coffee table, chair, or concealed furniture is also a great option.

Final Verdict

How to hide a gun safe in plain sight? If it’s your first time, you must be very anxious. Don’t worry; you will go through it. After all, it’s about your family’s safety.

Just Use any of our ideas, get creative and blend the safe with your decor. Trust me; your creativity is enough to beat an intruder. So, get ready and hide your firearms

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