How Much Power Does a Gaming PC Use? [Details Answer]

Answering the question “how much power does a gaming pc use?”, is complicated. Let’s try to explain the reasons for that in some detail.

In order to answer this question, the first step is to explain what a gaming computer actually is. It’s a machine with a CPU and a graphics card, capable of running games. The CPU is the main part of your computer and you can think about it as a brain, which calculates all the required calculations to display the game.

Now we know what we’re talking about, let’s answer some preliminary questions:

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How much energy does a CPU use?

A modern CPU uses a small amount of energy. The most popular gaming CPUs possess a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of around 90 Watts and the majority of gaming computers don’t have more than one of those. However, it’s worth pointing out that this number is for the entire processor, which includes sharing the power with RAM, motherboard, hard drive, etc.

Also, a gaming computer will often use more than one CPU. The reason for this is that CPUs are built in pairs (called “cores”) that share the power with each other. This means that a modern gaming computer will often use CPUs with a TDP of around 180-200 Watts.

What is TDP?

TDP is a number that represents the amount of heat generated by your CPU, given an assumed level of power consumption and other factors. If you have a CPU with a TDP of 90W, for example, it will generate 90 watts of heat when running at full power.

It should be pointed out that CPUs are built in multiple models. The higher the model number is, the higher the performance is. For example, an Intel Core i7 2600 will have better performance than an Intel Core i5 2400.

How much electricity does a gaming PC use per hour?

A gaming PC uses a small amount of power by itself. The only components that require a lot of energy are the monitor and the fans inside it, which can easily use more than 300 Watts if they’re doing their job properly. This number is for the power consumption of the monitor alone, without taking into account other components that would require electricity from the outlet.

In addition, real-time strategy games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO) require a lot of power from the CPU, sitting at 100% usage for most of the time. Still, a modern gaming computer with a single CPU and a graphics card of moderate power will use an average of 300-500 watts per hour.

How much energy does a gaming PC use each year?

A modern gaming computer spends most of its time running at 100% capacity, so its yearly energy consumption is going to be a little higher. In most cases, a gaming computer with a single CPU and a graphics card of moderate power will use an average of 1000-1400 kWh per year.

However, a gaming PC with multiple CPUs and high-end graphics cards will use more power. If you have a gaming computer with four CPUs or a graphics card as powerful as a GTX 1080, it will use an average of 1500-2000 kWh per year.

How much electricity does a gaming laptop use?

Gaming laptops are also popular among gamers. Their main component is of course a CPU, but they have the same components as traditional computers inside them. Since they’re usually less powerful than gaming PCs, they’ll consume around 130-1180 watts per hour where a high-end gaming PC consumes 350-700 watts.

However, gaming laptops are very famous for their low-end power consumption when compared to other products in the same price range. Since gaming computers with laptops usually cost more than $1000, they make up for their higher power consumption with better performance.

Which parts of a PC use the most power?

The monitor uses the most power in a computer. Depending on the price range (Slim monitor vs. LED monitor), they can use 50-200 watts on average.

Next, the CPU and hard drive use an amount of power near their TDP (Thermal Design Power) measurements (90-200 watts on average).

The RAM doesn’t require any electricity. However, some high-end models might use more than one PSU, which requires even more electricity.

Finally, the graphics card uses the most power in a computer. Depending on its price range, it can use 100-300 watts on average.

Note that there are other components that use power in a computer. However, to keep the comparison simple, only the three most important components have been analyzed here.

Tips to Reduce Power Consumption of a Gaming PC

If you’re trying to reduce the power consumption of your computer, there are several things you can do.

Unplug external devices:

External hard drives, laptop components, wireless receivers, and USB devices are all devices that use power when plugged into your computer. So unplug them if you’re not using them.

Choose a monitor that uses less power:

Different types of screens use different amounts of power. LED monitors usually use less power than regular CRT, and slim monitors usually use the least amount of power. So if you want to consume less energy, choose a slim monitor such as an LED one.

Change your CPU settings:

Most CPUs have an energy-saving mode, which reduces their performance but lowers their power consumption. If you’re low on electricity, it’s a good idea to turn this mode on.

Maximize the use of Sleep:

Sleep mode is a new feature in Windows 7+ that has helped reduce the power consumption of computers. It allows you to turn off your computer when you’re not using it, without losing settings. This can reduce the power consumption of your computer by over 50%.

However, there are some disadvantages to sleep mode. If your computer doesn’t sleep properly, you might lose unsaved work or corrupted files. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use hibernation instead.

Use technology that reduces power consumption:

Technology like wake-on-LAN can help you reduce the energy used by your computer. Wake-on-LAN is a function that allows your computer to wake up with the help of another device. All you have to do is to turn it on, and your network will have permission to wake up your computer.

If you don’t have a second device, you can use a remote desktop connection such as ezOutlet3. This will allow you to connect remotely and interact with your computer.

Exit programs that are just running in the background:

To do this, open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), go to the tab called Processes/select a running program/find processes you don’t need, and click End Process.

Use Windows 7+ for better energy management:

Windows 7 and more latest windows versions have an improved power-saving mode, which reduces your computer’s performance but lowers your energy consumption. It can reduce power consumption by up to 50%. Also, Windows these versions allow you to configure the time and monitor half-sleep for your computer.

Upgrade your hardware:

Of course, the best way to reduce power consumption is by upgrading your hardware. For instance, if you get a new CPU, it will use less power than your old one. In the same way, getting a new PSU will reduce the amount of electricity used by your computer. New HDDs will consume less power than your old ones, and so will new graphics cards.

Best Surge Protectors For Gaming PC

Can a gaming PC surge protector consume power?

Yes, it can. A surge protector will always consume some power, even if the only thing you have plugged in is your mouse or keyboard. A surge protector has a number of components such as diodes and capacitors that consume power even when there’s nothing plugged into them.

However, if your surge protector has a power switch, it will consume almost no power when unplugged. Surge protectors with an on/off button should always be unplugged when not in use unless you want to waste electricity.

Finally, most computer components can use up to 200 watts on average. Keeping this in mind, it’s a good idea to reduce the power consumption of your computer.

Apply the above tips to reduce the power consumption of your computer. Since most of these tips are easy enough to follow, your computer will use less power. Also, you could upgrade your hardware in order to use less energy, and reduce the power consumption of your computer.

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