How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh- Detailed

Nowadays keeping a firearm has become a necessity. A gun safe helps to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or burglary. With its weight, size, design, and structure, you must be thinking – how much does a gun safe weigh?

The safe weights may vary from one model to another model. So, they can weigh a wide variety of weights. Let’s find out the weights of different types of gun safes and choose the suitable one for you.

Different Types of Gun Safes

You will find three basic categories of gun safes in terms of size and weight.

Lightweight strongboxes

The lightweight strongboxes are small and easy to carry. The weight of lightweight gun safes are ranging from 15 pounds to 45 pounds.

In terms of transport, the lightweight strongboxes are the most convenient to use. So, you can easily carry it and it is cost-effective to use. Also, these lightweight safes do not take too much space.

Medium fireproof safes

These types of gun safes are made of solid shutting bolts, reinforced hinges, and a double-walled body design.

They can provide more space for the fire retardant. Medium fireproof safes are the best deal in terms of fire protection, weight, and insurance protection. They weigh between 15 pounds to 45 pounds.

Professional safes

Professional safes are made of reinforced steel, a four-walled door, and a specially designed fire insulator. The professional safes ensure maximum safety and substantial value.

The weight of professional safes ranges from 200 pounds to 400 pounds. Because of their heavy weight, there is no risk of burglary or theft.

How Much Does a Gun Safe Weigh?

If you have firearm collections and make up your mind to purchase a gun safe for storage, then you need to prioritize the weight of your vault.

Safes are simple yet heavy and very handy to store valuables safely. However, the weight of a gun safe can vary from one model to another model.

The weight of the entry-level gun safe ranges between 200 to 600 pounds, the mid-range safe ranges between 600 to 1000 pounds, and the high-end safe ranges between 1000 to 1600 pounds.

However, the weight of commercial-grade safes varies from 2000 to 5000 pounds.

There are multiple factors such as size, the gauge of steel, safe design, and layers of fireboard – which help to decide how much a gun safe weighs.

Gun safe size

Simply, the bigger gun safe can be the heavier one, because of its construction. As the bigger gun safe model needs more fireboard, shelves, steel, etc.

However, there are a few exceptions. You will find a bigger gun safe model with a lighter design, less fireboard, and thinner steel.

Gun safe design

In some gun safe models, the design of the gun safe varies the weight. Also, the design with additional layers of steel can increase the gun safe’s weight – which also leaves a major impact on its price.

In case, you want to drop some weight on your gun safe when moving it – remove the door. The door weighs can be about 1/3 of the total of the gun safe.

Gauge of steel

A gauge is used to measure the thickness of the steel. A gun safe with a lower gauge number has thicker steel. On the other hand, thicker steel weighs more than thinner bodies.

Fire rating

Fire rating is another common factor that can increase the weight of a gun. An upgraded fire rating can enhance the weight of the gun by quite a bit.

Layers of fireboard

Gun safes are insulated to ensure heat and fire protection of your important things or valuable documentation.

A gun safe model with a high fire rating includes several fireboard layers to increase insulation. Ultimately, it will increase the overall weight of a gun.


The drawer components of a few gun safe models can raise the weight of the safe. It can add a lot of weight to the gun safe.

Gun safe wall attached box
Gun safe wall attached mini box

How to Choose a Gun Safe for Your Home?

Knowing how much a gun safe weighs is very important to select a suitable safe for you. There are a few more vital factors you should consider while buying a gun safe.

  • Capacity: The capacity of the gun safe will depend on the number of your valuables – you want to store. So, try to purchase a gun safe based on your needs. Do not buy a safe that is not able to store all of your collections. 
  • Features and benefits: Not all gun safes come with similar features and benefits. Different gun-safe models provide different benefits based on their weight, construction material, capacity, and feature. So, before purchasing know your needs and keep in mind how much benefit you want to grab from the gun safe.
  • Security and safety factors: Safety and security can be the most crucial factors when buying gun safes. So, it is important to invest in solid and trustworthy storage that can help you sleep tension-free at night.
Different gun safesWeight
how much does an old safe weigh850 pounds
how much does a small safe weigh22.046 pounds
how much does a Winchester gun safe weigh600 pounds
how much does a browning gun safe weigh555 pounds
how much does a cannon 64 gun safe weigh640 pounds
how much does a 24-gun safe weigh381 pounds
how much does a cannon 48 gun safe weigh845 pounds
how much does a cannon 24 gun safe weigh325 pounds
how much does a stack on gun safe weigh580 pounds
how much does a 10-gun safe weigh200 – 600 pounds
how much does a cannon 36 gun safe weigh643 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you keep the gun safe?

It is highly suggested to keep the gun safe out of sight – store it in a secured place where fire, heat, and water can not damage your gun safe. Take measurements of the space where you want to store the gun safe so that your home safe can easily fit without any difficulty.

Are heavy gun safes more secure to use?

There is a misconception among many people, as they think a heavy gun safe provides more security. Generally, it is true, but there are always some exceptions.

Sometimes a heavy safe with a poor locking system, poor water resistance, fire, and heat protection rating – does not always make it a strong one.

But heavyweight gun safes are hard to transport. That’s why they cannot be moved easily. So, no risk of theft.

Final Words

Gun safes are important in storing firearms protected and secured. Also, they ensure safekeeping for other valuable things you may want to store.

A better quality gun safe does not only protect your essentialities from theft or fire damage but also keeps your children safe and secure.

However, choosing a good quality and suitable size safes – it is crucial to know how much does a gun safe weigh.

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