How Many Watts Can a Power Strip Handle?

If you’ve ever plugged multiple appliances into a power strip, you may have noticed that some of them do not work. Some appliances use more power than others, which can cause the strip to trip its circuit breaker.

Also, the average surge protector can support at least three electronic devices! In most cases, a typical power strip can handle a laptop and a monitor without a problem. It can also run several low-power devices, such as a printer and speakers.

So the question is, what wattage can a power strip handle? I’ll reveal the answer.

How many watts can a power strip handle safely?

It is difficult to answer the question since it depends on how many watts per outlet should I use? The manufacturers of power strips do not publish the wattage rating of every outlet because they want to give you as many options as possible.

Although power strips support many devices, not every device requires a high wattage. For example, a single space heater or a single floor lamp would not require a high-wattage extension cord, and the power strip attached to that outlet could handle many devices.

Even your coffee maker, which might need 1200 watts or more, could be protected with a quality surge protector power strip with at least 800 joules of protection.

The average 120V power strip can handle 1800 watts. Remember not to plug more than two high voltage devices into one power strip at a time.

In this case, I recommend using “heavy-duty” power strips for computers, entertainment centers, and home offices. The heavy-duty power strips support more devices than standard power strips and offer superior safety features.

How many watts can a wall outlet handle? 

While a wall outlet provides a steady 120 volts of electricity, the amount of electricity it can deliver varies based on how much electricity is being used by other appliances in the house.

When you have a lot of devices on at once, your outlets might not be able to support the amount of electricity needed. Overloading the outlets could cause them to overheat, resulting in a fire or damage to your appliances.

wall outlet

In general, you should avoid using more than 1,500 watts per outlet or circuit.

Average 110 V power strip can handle 550 watts
Average 120 V power strip can handle1800 watts
Average 220/240 power strip can handle 4000 watts
***Watts capacity depends on power strip quality.

Related FAQs

Can a power strip handle 700 watts? 

A power strip usually has fewer outlets per watt than you might think. A power strip is designed to handle the average number of electronic devices in a household.

Therefore, you can usually plug in lamps and coffee makers safely using a wall outlet or power strip that can handle up to 700 watts.

How many amps can my power strip handle? 

A power strip’s amp rating depends on the size of the wire that is powering it. Using large appliances, you’ll need a power strip with thick insulation and a large wire.

If you are plugging in electronics like lamps and small appliances, you can likely use a power strip with thin insulation and a small wire.

Can a power strip overheat if you attach four computers to it?

It is possible to use a power strip if it is a standard one. However, the strip would overheat if you connected four computers or other high-powered devices.

How many amps of load can a surge protector handle? 

A standard surge protector can handle up to 15 amps of power, whereas a heavy-duty surge protector can handle 30 amps or more.

Is it safe to pull 1500 watts from a single wall socket 24/7? 

Most items like lamps and coffee makers can be plugged into a single wall socket with no problem. However, you should not use one power strip to power multiple high-wattage devices.

If you put several lamps, a heater, and other electronics on one strip for a long time, you can cause the strip to overheat and catch fire.

Is it safe to have a PC and two monitors connected to a single power strip?

Yes, but only if the power strip can handle at least ten amps or 1500 watts.

Can I plug a vacuum cleaner into a power strip?

If you are using a heavy-duty power strip able to handle the power watts of larger appliances, it is best not to plug in more than one high-powered appliance simultaneously.

Can a 1500 watt electric kettle be used safely on a power strip?

Using a power strip or a standard outlet, you can plug in a 1500 watt electric kettle. It’s advisable not to use more than one at a time.

Can I power a gaming pc off of a power strip? 

Yes, but if you’re using a standard power strip, the answer is no. This is because the traditional power strips are designed to accommodate the fewest number of devices, as I have talked about previously in this article.

Gaming PCs use high-wattage components, such as graphics cards that can draw 300 watts or more. If plugged into a standard power strip, these components would cause the strip to shut down. In this case, a heavy-duty surge protector should be able to protect all your components.


In general, the amount of energy your device consumes won’t be a problem on its own. In any case, you should never use devices that draw more power than your strip can handle.

Also, when you plug in too many appliances, you may cause an electrical fire or damage your device. I hope you find the answer to your question in this article.

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