Do Surge Protectors Work Without Ground?

Do Surge Protectors Work Without Ground

A reader asked the question, and there was a short answer. Yes, surge protectors can be connected without grounding. Although surge protectors protect you from power disturbances, they do nothing to protect your equipment if its power supply is compromised. So, surge protectors should always be plugged into a correctly wired wall outlet with a … Read more

How Do I Protect My Ethernet From Lightning?

How Do I Protect My Ethernet From Lightning

You are probably aware that the “internet of things” phenomenon has become quite popular. Consequently, all kinds of devices have been connected to your home networks so far, such as dishwashers, programmable thermostats, and security cameras. The problem with this is that some things are still not connected to the internet—for example, your cable or … Read more

Do Laptop Chargers Have Surge Protectors?

do laptop charger surge protectors

The simple answer is “No.”A surge protector is designed to protect electrical devices against power surges. Unfortunately, the chargers for laptops do not include surge protectors since they are plugged directly into the wall. The significant difference between laptop chargers with surge protection built-in and cable management is that the surge protection models have their … Read more