Federal Pacific Electric Panel Replacement Cost- Know Everything

If federal pacific electric panel replacement cost is your concern then you have already anticipated a few things, right? In professional estimation, there are several more considerations you might want to give importance to. We believe you will have all your confusion gone if you keep reading this.

The average Federal Pacific Electric Panel Replacement Cost is $1,174. Yet the cost may vary with electrical panel type, the number of circuits, amperage of the unit, materials, and a few other things. Calculating all these facts, you can come up with a close number but only a professional can tell you the actual expense.

Honestly, the expense you have thought of may change completely. Not necessarily it will have to increase, it may be less. Keep reading and you will know.

Federal Pacific Electric Panel Replacement Cost

Several factors influence the cost of replacing an FPE panel replacement such as electrical panel type, number of circuits, amperage of the unit, materials, size of your home, labor, location, brand, and permits.

The range of average cost is not beyond $850 to $2,500 but usually, it costs within $1500-$2000. It cost an average of $1,174 nationally.

Does it end here? We’re afraid there are more. You may need to rewire your home. It may increase your expense to quite a number. For an instance, your average cost may increase somewhere between $1,900 – $4,500 for 1,200 square feet.

The tricky fact is that the larger expenses are while you are rewiring, replacing wiring, and hiring licensed electricians rather than the materials. And after all these expenses, if you find drywall repairing necessary, that takes extra dollars out of your wallet. The cost of drywall repair is around $50 to $75 per square foot.

If you need a meter box with more circuits or you find any damage in it while replacing the FPE panels, you will need to replace the box too. For each meter box, you will have to pay from $50 to $250.

But if you want to estimate the actual cost of replacing a federal pacific electrical panel, we believe asking a licensed electrician is the best and only way you can get it. Because It requires a little experience to say.

Why Should You Replace A Federal Pacific Electric Panel?

Professional electricians think that FPE electrical panels have a potential threat to your home. Due to controversies over the years, there have been many tastes over it and those rumors came out to be true.

Jesse Aronstein and Richard Lowry wrote in a reviewed paper in 2012 that the researchers came up with very unexpected results. Their research says that the FPE breakers may be responsible for $40 million in property damage and 13 deaths every year which is caused by more than 2800 fires.

Many experts will not come happily for repairing FPE electrical panels. Because there is no guarantee that these will remain good for a long time and will not require repairing because of their weak design.

FPE panels and breakers have potentially more chances to cause a fire than modern breakers. From those researches, we have got to know that 25% of the circuit breakers have issues and may cause serious trouble at any time. Even while testing, some other researchers breaker failing results of 51%. Even many insurance companies have wasted a lot of money because of these and refuse to insure due to their bad reputation.

So in the matter of the security of your family, it will be wise to replace federal pacific breakers along with the panel rather than upgrading it.

What is the Problem with Federal Pacific Breakers?

A circuit breaker panel is meant to protect your home from power instability. While short circuits, circuit overload, or external power surges, it should trip and the breaker will cut off to a circuit.

If it does not trip and the breaker fails, you are in serious trouble. This is what happens with the FPE electrical panels. Their defective designs occur significantly trip failing while power overload. This failure causes overheating of the wire and the wire causes a nasty fire.

Low-voltage FPE circuits have the most overloading cases. The results have always been destructive when too many devices are plugged into it.

Note that having too many devices plugged in is not a problem but not tripping is. Many tests over the years have proven that it is uncertain if the FPE breaker would disconnect when overloaded.

The manufacturer company cheated their consumers by labeling the breakers as UL standards when it is not. They did not even test it ever before taking it to the market.

Can You Replace Federal Pacific Breakers?

We strongly advise you not to replace federal pacific breakers on your own. It is not only about doing what is right but your safety is important. You should let the experts deal with it. There are a lot of things to consider and requires professional skill to replace them.

You could go against coding or rewire incorrectly because you don’t have enough experience. Also, knowing what is better to do is mostly the experience. A licensed electrician knows all the codings and every possible outcome of it.

So, there is no chance that his doings may lead him to electrocution but an unprofessional do. They can also guarantee their work.

It is quite an expense but worth it. You can rest yourself from doing this hazardous job and ensure the safety of your family. So, it will be wise for you to go for a professional instead of doing it yourself.


Q. Is It Worth Replacing A Federal Pacific Electric Panel?

A. The expense is quite a number but we believe it is worth replacing because having it in your home will cause a daily hazard. Also, insurance companies may refuse to provide home insurance if you have a Federal Pacific Electric panel.

Q. Should I Upgrade The Federal Pacific Electric Panel Or Replace It?

A. If you can replace it, then we strongly suggest you do this. There is a misconception that upgrading electrical panels would do the work. The fact is upgrading would not be necessary if the circuit breaker of the FPE panel worked fine. Its old design does not allow it to perform correctly. So, upgrading does not make a big difference but replacing solves it.

Q. Why Are Federal Pacific Panels Bad?

A. Because it does not trip always while power overloading and there is no certainty of it. The worst thing is the company never really tested breakers as UL standards. This panel will cause a fire due to overload and more than a dozen people die because of it.


So, the federal pacific electric panel replacement cost is high but worth investing in. There are multiple issues with the FEP panel. Considering the risks, you should replace this panel.

The most important advice would be to ask a professional for this job instead of doing it yourself. Because it has potential life risks.

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