Do Smart Plugs Save Energy? Read Facts!

Every day, a new invention claims to save time and energy. Smart plugs are one such invention. It has been around for some time now, but many people are unaware of its effectiveness.

Before I share the correct answer to the question, I would like to clarify precisely what smart plugs are. This blog post will provide insight into how much money you might save by using these plugs.

What are smart plugs?

Smart plugs are like a gateway between the power outlets and our homes’ electrical appliances and devices. You connect the smart plug to the power outlet, and the devices are connected to the smart plug.

You can connect a smart plugs with your phone (via Wi-Fi, Z-wave etc.) and allows you to control and manage your appliances and gadgets from anywhere. Now, you might wonder ‘how is that related to the energy consumption in my house. ‘ So let’s find out!

Smart plugs and energy consumption

When we add “smart” to the name of any gadget or device, it indicates automatic features, remote access and management.

Remote management

How many times have you rushed back to your apartment from your car only to check if you have switched off the bathroom light or not? Or what about that time when you returned from your month-long vacation to a house full of switched-on lights, powered-on TV and an outrageous electricity bill?

Now, all of these are avoidable. With a smart plug, you can see which lights are on and which appliance is using energy on standby. Standby power consumption is when devices are left plugged in but are not being used.

Big appliances like home theaters, X-Box or desktop computers can drain energy when on standby. You can save energy by turning them off from anywhere if they are connected to a smart plug.

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Automation and timers

Appliances like air-conditioners, geysers or de-humidifiers don’t need to run all day. But switching them off at the right time is something we usually forget. Smart plugs will allow you to set a timer for how long these appliances will run.

You can also make a schedule of the appliance runtime on your phone. The smart plug will automatically run the devices daily according to the plan and the timer and then turn them off when the timer ends. This small change in your household management will significantly affect your monthly electricity bill.

smart plug connected with wall outlet
Smart plug connected with wall outlet

Smart plugs – price and features

Smart plugs are pretty affordable. You can buy a quality smart plug for $20-$30. Most smart plugs available in the market have features like voice control. Some will even show the overall energy consumption chart for various devices throughout the day.

“Smart plug saves energy” – myth or truth?

Keeping everything you have read so far in mind, understand that you are using smart plug to save energy. This statement means that the smart plug is not just an outlet but a device. And every device connected will consume energy no matter how insignificant in amount.

A smart plug needs to be constantly plugged in to receive signals or commands from your phone. And when it’s not in use, it’ll draw some standby power or vampire energy. It dose not save much energy if small appliances are connected.

It’s because the standby energy of small electronics is not much. You must connect your big devices to the smart plug to save some standby energy.

Let’s do the math – How much are you spending vs. how much are you saving.

Smart plugs consume around 1watt of power every day on standby. While this isn’t much, the cost of the smart plug remains. A $25 Kasa Mini smart plug will take around 3 months to recover its buying price when connected to only small devices.

But if the same smart plug is connected to an appliance, like your de-humidifier, you’ll save around $18 on the first month itself! 

Should I still get a smart plug?

Most devices nowadays are already energy efficient. Some even come with an in-built feature to set a timer. If you have heavy power-consuming appliances that do not require running the whole day, you can connect them to a smart plug.

You should efficiently use the scheduled timing feature to get the most out of your smart plug.

So if the motive for getting smart plugs is energy saving, you should consider if your appliance needs one! Because if we keep the hypothetical assumptions aside and think practically, who will step out of the house every day, leaving all the devices switched on?

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At the end of the guide, smart gadgets don’t just offer energy savings. They offer you comfort and smart control of your appliances. You can quickly turn off your dishwasher or tumble dryer with one tap while sitting on your couch. You could be vacationing in Europe but still manage your lights and give others the illusion that your house is occupied. This method usually helps prevent theft and burglaries.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand if your smart plug saves energy!

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