Cannon Vs Liberty Gun Safe: Which Is Best?

As a gun enthusiast, are you looking for a classy gun safe? If yes, you must have heard of two popular, secure companies, namely Canon & Liberty. So, Cannon Vs. Liberty Gun Safe: Which one provides the best protection for firearms?

Nowadays, Cannon manufactures entry-level gun safes which can easily undergo rough beatings. In fact, the brand claims that it can survive even if a tank hits it. On the contrary, the American Liberty gun safe allows homeowners to secure their firearms at home. In addition, its metal body & insulative layers can also provide better fire protection.

We have thoroughly compared the Liberty Gun & Cannon gun safe in this context. We have also provided in-depth guidelines and FAQs for further assistance. So, hang on with us and choose the gun safe which suits your style & requirements the most!

Liberty Gun Safe: Pros & Cons

Liberty is a Legit American brand. It manufactures its gun safes with durable, oiled & pickled steel. Their safes are pretty versatile and offer different capacities & sizes. For instance, the Liberty Centurion 12 can easily accommodate 12 rifles.

Also, it has long durability because it has been made with sold material which stays good in different conditions. So that moisture and any other substant cannot harm it. You can read a guide on how to keep moisture out of your gun safe.

Liberty gun safes are well known worldwide for their fire withstanding capacity. According to an experiment, Liberty USA 36 gun safe can easily bear 1200° temperature for up to 40 minutes. In addition, their steel and insulative layers can give extra protection to documents & ammunition.

The Liberty Centurion entry-level series is made up of 14-gauge steel. It features a 30-minute fire resistance rate. Its presidential models can cope with high temperatures for up to 2.5 hours.

Liberty Gun Safe


  • Multi-layered insulation for a high fire resistance rating.
  • Superior protection to documents as well as ammunition.
  • Durable 12-gauge steel door.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Electric lock system with a manual backup key.


  • It’s a bit pricier than Cannon safes.

Cannon Gun Safe: Pros & Cons

If you are a new gun enthusiast, you must look for a high-quality model. Don’t worry; you won’t go bankrupt for it. Cannon has manufactured many affordable, safe models just for beginners like you.

Now you may wonder, why are Cannon safes relatively cheap? Is Canon safe even good enough?

Unlike Liberty, Cannon gun safes are manufactured overseas (e.g., Mexico, Taiwan & China). Therefore, their quality is not as premium as the Liberty safe. However, their quality is indeed satisfactory.

They have constructed their safes from the durable welded 12 gauge (highest) steel. They also utilize around 3/16″ to 9/32″ thick steel on the door’s side for utmost safety.

Moreover, it offers superior fire ratings as well. According to the records, Canon Sierra 42 can hold up to 1200° temperature for up to 45 minutes. So now, I bet you don’t have doubts about its quality anymore.

Cannon Gun Safe


  • Affordable.
  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Superior fire resistance.
  • Durable 12 gauge steel construction.


  • It can’t provide enough protection for ammunition.

Canon Vs. Liberty Gun Safe: Features Comparisons


Both Liberty & Cannon safe feature a durable metal body & door. Liberty safes feature just one layered door, whereas Cannon safes have extra 2-layered protection. It won’t make much difference as the Liberty doors are rigid & cable locks are pretty secured. Also, you can place gan safe anywhere in the room.

Firearm Ratings

Both Liberty and Cannon brands offer high firearm ratings. According to reports, they can protect firearms & documents even in a fire for up to 1 hour. In addition, Liberty can protect till 1750°, whereas Cannon can bear up to 1850°.

Liberty gun safes offer guaranteed protection to the ammunition as well. However, Cannon safes feature a rate of 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This temperature is indeed not enough for the survival of ammo.

Fire Resistance Test

Each brand performs its own fire test to prove the safe’s insulative capacity. For example, an experiment shows Cannon Sierra 42 can bear 1200° for 45 minutes. In contrast, Liberty can hold the same temperature for only 40 minutes.

That doesn’t mean Cannon has got the upper hand. In fact, Liberty has more fire insulative components than Cannon. How so?

In the fire test, Cannon has only highlighted the duration & high-temperature tolerance. However, Liberty has mentioned many factors like – insulative layers and metal thickness. For instance, Liberty USA 36 features extra insulative layers in the corners, face & ceiling.

Doors & Lock

The military style of Liberty has got the upper hand compared to Cannon. Their solid steel plate offers a higher surface area to resist theft & pre-attack.

The Cannon gun safe features a weak design with top & bottom pins. Liberty safes show a heavy ball-bearing design for convenient swinging around the doorframe. Thus, the Liberty safes offer easier access than the Cannon.

Even though both the door locks look similar, the brand Cannon has cut many costs in their locking system. In addition, they have equipped both the safes with electronic locks and a backup key.

Their keypad system is just similar to the gun cabinet ones. So even if the power runs out, you can open up the safe manually with the backup key. However, Liberty has utilized a standard drill-resistant lock & re-lock system for utmost safety.


Both the Liberty & Cannon safes offer an accessory system to arrange multiple handguns. Liberty safe has a separate section to place long guns & rifles. Like the Liberty gun safe, The Cannon rifle rack is not interchangeable.

gun safe interior


Cannon safes are available to purchase from different retailers. It includes – Amazon, Cabelas, Costco, Lowes, Walmart & Home Depot. You can buy Liberty safes only from the Liberty website & North American distributors.


Cannon safe models averagely cost from $1000 to $1500. Thus, It is comparatively cheaper than Liberty. Why so? That’s because – the Cannon safe company is not an American manufacturer like Liberty.

Moreover, it has somewhat compromised quality, construction components & warranty support. However, their overall quality is still remarkable. So, as per the price, it’s still an excellent option for beginners.

Warranty Support

‌ Liberty has offered a lifetime warranty on hinges and five years warranty on its lock & repair. On the other hand, there is a limited one-year warranty on the Cannon safe’s parts and labor.

Sum Up The Basic Differences

Liberty Gun SafeCannon Gun Safe
The Libertysafe company manufactures its safes in the USA.Cannon safes are widespread manufactured in China, Mexico & Taiwan.
Liberty gun safes can ensure superior protection indoors.Cannon safes can pass through rough outdoor beatings.
Setting up this safe is quite convenient.Cannon safe setup is not that easy.
It features a spacious interior with an interchangeable rifle rack.The Cannon rifle rack system is not interchangeable.
It’s relatively pricey.It’s pretty affordable.
Liberty safe locks are quite premium with the Re-locker system.Cannon locks are a bit cheap & don’t have a re-locker system.
Liberty offers relatively better warranty support.Canon warranty Support is satisfactory.
This is a premium gun safe for a mid/Pro level gun enthusiast.This safe is suitable for beginners.


Are Liberty safes high quality?

The metal body of Liberty safes is manufactured in the world-class factories of the USA. So, there is indeed no doubt about its quality & performance. In fact, its build quality, durability, door lock, and fire rate are just incredible.

Do Cannon safes come with a backup key?

Besides the e-code system, the Canon brand has included a backup key to open up the safe manually. So, don’t panic even if you have mistakenly lost the security code.

Are Cannon Gun safes waterproof?

No, Cannon Gun safes are not totally waterproof. There are no gun safes with 100% water protection. However, many companies have misled customers through false marketing.

How much does a Cannon Safe weigh?

Beginner-level Cannon safes weigh around 200 to 600 lbs. Middle & high-end safes are relatively heavy. They weigh around (600 lbs to 1000 lbs) & (1000 lbs to 1600 lbs) respectively.

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Final Words

Cannon Vs. Liberty Gun Safe: Which one will you choose? It’s indeed a tough comparison. Both of the brands have a massive reputation in the market. However, Cannon is focused on manufacturing entry-level & affordable safes nowadays.

However, they didn’t compromise in terms of build quality & fire resistance. Cannon uses 12-gauge steel (highest) in all of their gun safes.

Whereas Liberty can beat it in quality, warranty support, and longevity. It features an extra insulative layer for better fire protection than Cannon. These features won’t make much difference for a beginner indeed.

However, if you have the money, don’t forget to give Liberty gun safes a try! Mark my words, you won’t regret it!

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