Can I Use Schlage Connect Without Hub [Answer & Guide]

Many people ask if Schlage Connect requires a hub or not. The answer is YES. Your Schlage Connect requires a hub to control the lock with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You need a smart home hub to pair the lock to the Alexa-enabled devices.

How to connect Schlage Connect with Amazon Alexa?

You have to pair the Schlage Smart Lock with a compatible smart home hub in order to control it via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. 

Though two types of technology are used in Schlage Connect smart home lock. They are Z-wave and Zigbee Technology. So you should know the devices that are certified with these two technologies.

Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Blue by ADT, Ring Alarm, and Honeywell Home are Z-wave-certified hubs. On the other hand, Key by Amazon App + Could Cam, Amazon Echo Plus, and Samsung SmartThings are Zigbee-certified devices. 

So, I suggest you get a Samsung SmartThings hub to pair with the Schlage lock as it is compatible with both Z-Wave and Zigbee-certified deadbolts.

So, bring a smart home hub and pair the lock with it. Once you’re done, you can access it through the voice command by Alexa. 

As soon as you connect your Schlage Connect deadbolt to Alexa, you can ask it to lock and unlock the door. The strong, most convenient lock on the market provides peace of mind and convenience whenever you are home.

Schlage Connect deadbolt
Schlage Connect

In the integration between Schlage and Amazon Alexa, voice unlocking is one of the newest functions. As a result of technological improvements, Amazon Alexa now authenticates the user’s identity before unlocking the door.

With this additional step, you can still enjoy the convenience of voice activation while maintaining superior security from Schlage. 

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Do all smart locks require a hub?

You can control the smart lock on the front door of your house with your fingerprint, keypad, keys, Bluetooth security codes or keys, etc. Some of the smart locks have built it wi-fi. This is why you can control them without a hub.

But most smart locks don’t have this feature which requires a hub to control it remotely. So, you need to know whether your smart lock has built-in wi-fi. If not, you need a smart home hub to control it through voice commands or smart devices remotely.

In a nutshell, you need a smart hub to connect your Schlage smart lock to control it remotely. But you won’t require any hub if you wish to use the lock with your hands, like using the keypad and entering the codes by your fingers or lock and unlocking the Schlage smart lock physically.

If you wish to control it by voice commands or with your iPhone, you must bring a smart home hub and pair it with the lock. I hope I could make the concept clear to you.

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