Can Home Security Cameras Be Hacked? Here’s What You Need To Know

Security cameras in homes provide protection even in your absence. But it also raises the question – can home security cameras be hacked?

The answer to your question is yes. No security camera is a hundred percent secure from hacking, especially wireless cameras. They use Wi-Fi to stay connected, which can be interrupted by the hacker. It is also easy to hack into a security camera that uses cloud storage rather than a hard drive.

There are several ways you can protect the security camera. In the case of security cameras, prevention is always better than cure. But if the camera has already been hacked, you must be extra careful to deal with the situation.

Is It Possible To Hack A Home Security Camera?

Everything that runs through the internet is hackable. Home security cameras are also in this category. Remember, the home security system cameras usually connect to computers that handle the movement and display of the camera.

Hacking is easier when you have a wireless camera. The wireless security cameras connect with the computer by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Hackers can interrupt this wireless connection easily and access your camera. But in the case of wired cameras, this risk is less. 

Hackers get more access to the stored videos when the cameras use cloud storage or any other virtual storage for storing their films. They manipulate these videos and use them for the wrong deeds. When the videos are stored on a hard disc or any other hard drive, it becomes physically impossible to access them.

Hacking security cameras can lead to severe damage in smart homes where everything is interconnected through Wi-Fi. It is not only an invasion of privacy but also a threat to the free movement of children and other family members.

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How To Find If The Security Camera Is Hacked?

Several tricks will allow you to check if the security camera has been hacked. Here are some indications you can take a closer look at.

Rotation Of The Camera

Security cameras that rotate have a definitive motion to turn. But if you feel that the camera is moving every time you are moving, then it’s time to take a closer look.

Notice if the camera is following your movement while protecting your home. Check the movement without alarming hackers.

It also indicates when the home security camera is facing in some other direction rather than the direction you set it in. Any unusual movement of the camera should be taken seriously.

Noise From The Camera And Monitor

Detecting a hack in IP cameras is quite tricky. You will have very few threads to check for identifying hacking.

And one way is to check the noise on your IP Camera. If any strange sounds come out from the camera, it is hacked.

The same goes for the baby monitors. Victims have reported that baby monitor hackers often try to gain access to other security devices. Therefore, if you hear any interaction, try to look at the source.

Security settings

Security settings are another way to determine if the camera has been hacked. Take a look at the passwords and other information.

Some hackers even change the camera’s username and password. With some hacking, you won’t be able to log in to your user account to see the security settings.

Sometimes, hackers do it just to show off and leave some trace of their skill in the setting option. They will probably ask you to pay a ransom or directly tell you about the hacking.

Blinking Light

Every security camera system has a blinking LED light. It is not supposed to blink all the time. But it should be taken care of if the LED blinks now and then. These blinking lights can be a major indication of hacking in security cameras.

First, go to the task manager from the connected computer and check if the program has been copied or not. If so, disconnect your camera and run antivirus software on the computer.

Also, if the LED light is flashing without you turning it on, definitely the camera has been hacked. You can also check whether your camera is on or off. If you find it off, take immediate action.

Track Login Details

The online accounts should show every instance of your camera being accessed on other computers. Also, observe the home network traffic details. It will tell you if the camera has transferred the data to other sources or if there have been any data breaches. 

This indicator makes it possible to locate if your security surveillance camera has been hacked. Once you identify that your camera is hacked, report it to the police.

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How To Protect Your Security Camera From Hacking

Security cameras in homes act as a medium of protection. But when this medium of protection gets corrupted, it can cause serious security threats.

It is imperative to take preventive measures against hacking the security camera before hackers can access it. Here are some easy preventative measures that can help protect your security cameras from being hacked.

Update The Software

Every security camera connects to your computer and runs by software. Renowned brands are sincere about protecting their customers. Thus, they always come up with new firmware updates that help solve any bugs that can let the hackers in.

It is crucial to perform the update, and the best way to do it is to set the setting to auto-update and installation.

Rolling Password

Many password managers allow security cameras to install running passwords. With this, the password will change after certain intervals, and it will be sent to you through the email address or phone.

Also, you can frequently change the password manually. Always try to input a password that contains uppercase-lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Combinations of these formats are hard to crack, even by hackers.

Do not set your birthday or any other date as your password. Also, do not use the same password on other security devices.

2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor authentication ensures that every time you change the password, it will have to be confirmed through a security code or OTP that the security company will randomly generate. The code will be provided through text messages, phone calls, email, or an authentication app.

In the world of technology, two-factor authentication works as a security blanket. Therefore, even if someone cracks your password, they won’t be able to access it as they will need the security code or OTP.

Final Words

Installing security cameras provides security, but it will still raise a question: Can home security cameras be hacked? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Several reported cases say that home cameras can be hacked. Sometimes the hacker doesn’t cause any harm and only intends to show off their skills.

No matter the reason, you should immediately report to the police if you notice any unusual activities on your security camera. Sometimes, hackers can invade smart homes by hacking security cameras. This is a grave security threat. So, it’s best to learn about the countermeasures and be prepared. Better be safe than sorry!

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