Best Way To Move A Gun Safe- DIY Tips & Tricks!

Moving a gun safe is not as simple as moving a couch. I bet you are through a dreadful moment. After all, a heavy-duty gun safe weighs from 200 lbs to 1000 lbs. So, how to move a gun safely with utmost caution? What is the best way to move a gun safe?

Placing a gun safe is not so much tricky if you have proper knowledge and support. However, it would be best if you hire a professional team to move the safe. Yes, a moving company/team will offer a highly efficient service, but they are super costly.

So I would instead go for a DIY technique. Does it sound fishy? Trust me; it’s possible if you make proper preparations and possess necessary equipment like – a furniture dolly, stair climbing dolly, blanket, roll-out mat, straps, etc.

So, if you are like me, who is up for cheaper DIY options, this article is just for you. I have highlighted the essential tips & tricks to assist in this dreading moment.

Preparations to Move A Safe

1. Create A Plan

Gun safes are super heavy, so you cannot just move them repeatedly. Instead, select a space where to set the safe and move forward accordingly.

2. Take Proper Measurements

To accommodate the safe in the specified space, firstly, measure the safe accurately. Next, you should ensure that the safe can conveniently pass through the doors & hallway. It will also help in making plans to move around tight corners.

3. Proper Cleansing

Dust & debris may loosen up your grip while you move the safe. So, it’s best to get rid of dust & debris beforehand.

4. Dismantle The Safe

Don’t ever try to move the safe along with its contents.

  • Move out the guns, firearms, and ammo and lock them temporarily in a secured space.
  • You must abide by the specific gun storage laws of your state. It’s mandatory, especially in New York, Massachusetts & California.
  • Move out the removable shelves or drawers.
  • Many individuals prefer to remove the door as it can reduce up to 20% of the weight. However, it might feel like a hassle to reattach the door later. You will require a hydraulic automotive jack and greasy lithium for proper reattachment & swings. In case you are not up for door removal, the door should be at least closed & locked.

5. Use Supporting Straps

Strapping the whole safe is mandatory to avoid the sudden unwanted swinging of doors/ shelves or drawers. So, tie the entire rack with straps and wrap it up with furniture blankets. The blanket should provide adequate padding to protect the floor & other properties.

Put Your Safety First

To maintain the utmost safety –

  • Go for a closed-toed shoe with high superior traction. So you won’t easily slip/ fall off.
  • Remember to invest in sturdy gloves for a better grip.

We would recommend the

G & F Products 3100L-DZ double coated work gloves because –

  • It’s a poly and cotton glove with a durable latex coating.
  • Despite its thick texture, you can freely move your fingers.
  • You can use these gloves to handle solvents, oils, and chemicals.
  • Its breathable clothing is compatible with operating on touch screen devices.

Get Moving Equipment

Even a small gun safe will weigh more than 200 lbs. So, never try to move it with just your arms. The essential equipment you will require is –

ToolsApprox: PriceCriteria
Furniture Dollies/ hand trucks/ Stair Climbing DollyFrom $10 up to $300.Its weighing capacity must match up with the safe’s weight.
A set of Supporting strapsFrom $10 to $60The strap should be highly sturdy.
Working GlovesFrom $5 to $30.It should feature thick padding for proper protection.

If you don’t plan to invest in a moving dolly, be sure to borrow one from your neighbors or friends.

Protect The Floor

As gun safes are heavy, they can easily damage the carpet or tile. After all, its whole weight is imparted on the dolly’s wheels. So, how will you move the safe while protecting your floors?

  • Lay Roll out mats or move blankets on the floor. It will provide sufficient cushions & barriers for floor protection.
  • Take a blanket or plywood, which will act as a base to disperse the safe’s weight. However, plywood is prone to cracking under heavy objects.
  • Be careful and go slow while passing through the tight corners & unprotected portions of the floor.

Best Way To Move A Gun Safe: Check The Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Gather Friends/ Helpers

Gathering your friends is necessary, even if you are just moving the gun safe from one room to another. You should follow the rule of – ‘The more, the merrier.’

Minimally two or three strong helpers will be sufficient to lift, navigate & manoeuvre.

Step 2: Use A Furniture Dolly

furniture dolly to move gun safe

As a gun safe is too heavy, it can cause severe injuries if it tips over. Thus, the furniture dolly you chose should be spacious enough for the gun safe’s comfortable sitting.

  • Ask your friends to lift the gun safe from one side.
  • Slide the furniture dolly smoothly below the safe.
  • Once the safe is on the dolly, ensure its proper balance.

If there is any obstacle, don’t try to manoeuvre the safe around it. Instead, clear up the path and start moving slowly towards your destination. Take a break at times to ensure proper balance.

Step 3: Be Careful On The Stairs

Moving safe yourself is already tough. If you need to pass down the stairs, it’s totally like a disaster. Why so? Actually, stairs can’t really bear extreme weight. So, many individuals end up damaging the stairs while moving up/down the gun safe.

  • No one should stand in the path of the safe downstairs.
  • If you tilt the dolly far back, you might lose your balance.
  • Try approaching the stairs with the dolly’s wheels to ensure easy manoeuvring without tipping.
  • Hand trucks and electric motors can ease up the whole procedure.

Step 4: Turning Corners

It is definitely tricky if there are any sharp & challenging bends or corners on your way.

  • Don’t panic, be slow. It will be best if you have more helping hands.
  • Support the gun safe on the other side opposite the turning angle.
  • The dolly will require more swing to allow a comfortable turning angle.

Step 5: Set the Safe on The Moving Truck

safe on the moving truck
  • Stand behind the safe and gather your friends around the safe for support.
  • Ask one of your friends to pull the gun safe. Others will push it from behind. The front guy who pulled the safe will determine the direction of the movement.
  • The ramp must have high ratings to handle the weight of your safe.
  • Slide up the safe through the truck’s ramp and set it up on the moving truck.

Alternatives To Move A Gun Safe

According to a professional, safe mover, using PVC pipe is also a viable option to move a gun safe. This is because PVC pipes can offer stable weight dispersion across a large area.

(i) PVC Pipes: Thus, the safe can easily roll down while protecting your floors. However, be cautious! You might lose control even due to a minor imbalance. If that happens, you will end up injuring yourself & damaging your property.

(ii) Rectangular bar: Compared to PVC pipes, a rectangular bar will be more helpful. Its padded bottom will protect the floor. In contrast, the smooth upper surface will assist the safe to glide safely. Thus, if you have rectangular bars, try moving with them!

What You Should Avoid?

  • Don’t jump into moving the gun safe without a concrete plan.
  • Never try to move the safe with the help of golf balls. Yes, the gun safe can quickly roll on a golf ball bed. However, each & every ball will impart high pressure on the floor due to the safe’s weight. So, you will end up breaking the tiles.
  • Never think of using metal pipes for manoeuvring as well.

FAQs Related to Move Gun Safe Securely

Can you move a gun safe with a dolly?

Yes, but it’s mandatory to have some helpers. First, ask your friends to tilt the safe slowly to slide the dolly underneath it. Next, secure the safe on the doll with supporting straps. Once the safe adheres to the dolly, try tilting it on its wheels.

How many people will you require to move a gun safe?

You will require three people minimally to move a gun safe. You can tilt & lift the safe while your other two friends stabilize it from both sides.

How much does it cost to move a gun safe?

The cost of professional moving will vary per the safe’s weight & dimensions. Its standard cost may range from $175 to $525. Be ready to pay more bucks if you move the gun safe to a long distance.

Do you need to bolt down the gun safe?

It’s best to bolt down the safe with the floor to avoid hazardous consequences. Even a 200 lb safe can injure your loved ones if it tips over. So, think twice before you deny anchoring down the safe.

Final Words

Moving a gun safe all by yourself is nearly impossible. You will definitely require two or three strong helpers. However, there is some risk of damage or injury if your heavy gun safe tips over.

That’s why hiring a professional will definitely be the best way to move a gun safe if you have the money. I believe this guide has already answered the related doubts as well.

So, make a concrete plan, pad the safe, and move the safe to the desired space immediately!

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