10 Best Wall Mount Surge Protectors[ Our Top Picks]

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Wall mount surge protectors are a cost-effective way to shield your devices. In addition, they offer more room to plug-in devices and have more outlets than traditional models. You can install it with an extension cord system; they make it easier to untangle the cords.

You can find all the instructions along with the mounting surge protector box. For this reason, it is better to read the instructions carefully before mounting the device. When you buy a wall mount strip, you should find the best one for your needs. In addition to that, you need to ensure all of your devices are compatible with them.

There are so many brands and models in the market, and they vary wildly in price and features. So, to make choosing process a little easier, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best wall mount surge protectors in this review list. I’ve carefully researched and tested, along with some buying considerations to take into account before making your final decision.

Our Top Picks

TRIPP LITE 6-Outlet Surge Protector strip

Our 6-outlet surge protector is suitable for outlets you need to use for a variety of appliances. In addition, the three rotating outlets are constructive in this regard due to the limited space. Near the entrance to the service is a surge protector.

Furthermore, you will receive two USB charging ports with a lifetime warranty. The case is made with solid and handy materials. It had no specific issues. Another handy feature is the swivel option, which places the plugs under a 90-degree socket. 

It comes with a two-power charging USB port. Each of those ports functions differently. A USB port is designated for charging phones and tablets. The other port allows you to use a laptop or P.C. 

The socket is too tight to fit any device. These tools come with 1080 joules of power to protect electronic components. The spikes and surges present in this stuff are strong enough to defeat the damage.


  • It comes with 1449 3rd edition safety standards.
  • Features with 3.1a of fast charging capabilities.
  • Manufactured with high-quality customs.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.


  • Some users complained that the laptop loses power while plugged in.
  • The 3-outlets on the Left do not function well.

Belkin 6-Outlet USB Surge Protector

A USB surge protector is a useful tool that performs as expected. The majority of the structure is fine, especially when viewed closely. In addition, the cord itself is so thick and long that you won’t need to be concerned about damage.

Let us now discuss the features. First, you might not want to travel with a long power cord surge. That’s why we love this surge charger, which allows us to charge multiple devices at once. Overall, with a model like this, you can swoop in with various ports.

This device, once again, provides extravagant protection. However, voltage fluctuations, surges, and sudden energy spikes, for example, will cause serious damage to the computer and peripherals.

With its white color and stylish layout, this product has a durable design. The majority of this product’s extra features include damage-resistant housing functions. In addition, it can protect circuits from fire, impact, and rust thanks to its 2.5-foot heavy-duty power cord.


  • Give protection of the essential devices and data from all sorts of electrical damage.
  • 6-Ac power outlets.
  • 2-USB charging ports.
  • Compact & durable design.
  • Rated with 900 Jules for solid protection.


  • The cord is 8 feet long to keep tied up and mounted on the wall.
  • It’s often difficult to plug in everything.

Trond Surge Protector Power Strip

This surge protector strip is well-made and features 4-screw mountable tabs. As a result, they can be securely mounted on any application.

The majority of these brands prefer to be manufactured there, where A.C. Outlets have been widely spaced. This allows a user to have more space between A.C. outlets. In addition, it is a portable power strip with a diameter of 38 mm, as opposed to the standard strips’ diameter of 30 mm.

This long strip can accommodate larger power adapters while not reducing the number of adjacent outlets. A low-profile flat plug was included with the product. It may be necessary to be 120 mm thicker than traditional plugs.

Nothing is more convenient or portable than this, as it can be attached to any tight spot. Furthermore, the product is highly versatile.


  • 3-USB charging port.
  • It comes with a 5-foot power cord.
  • Manufactured by an integrated circuit breaker.
  • 1700-joule surge protection.
  • Made with fire-retardant materials.


  • Mounting screws that come with this part are made of soft material and break off easily.
  • Loses power when a cord is moved.

Surge Protector Wall Mount Strips

This wall mount strip appears to be a well-made product and is slightly larger than anything else. TThesesnug’s receptacles and plugs are securely installed. However, because the standard screwdriver shaft worked too well, you must plug it in 90 degrees left or right to turn the devices.

The USB ports are the most prominent feature of this product. It charges very well. Most importantly, this product does not deserve a ding. The green LEDs on the unit, in particular, will alert you that it has low power.

Furthermore, you can use this device when there is a bright light in the room. Unfortunately, we couldn’t tell if it was getting power or not. The LED units did not appear to be turned on. As a result, you must justify whether the lighting is low/off to verify the LEDs on the unit are lit.

The LED units did not appear to be turned on. As a result, you must justify whether the lighting is low/off to verify that the LEDs on the unit are lit. But, again, it’s not a bad thing because bright power indicating LEDs are incredibly annoying. 


  • It has a portable outlet plug adapter.
  • It comes with a USB wall charger.
  • The high-speed ports automatically detect charging devices.
  • Having a gas discharge tube for surge-protected outlets.
  • Maximum surge rating 1680 joules.


  • Avoid using a screwdriver for rotation lest it should break the pin.
  • Made with cheap materials that may fail in long-term usage.

APC Wall MultiPlug Outlet USB Ports Surge Protector 

APC came to us around 30 years ago and can make decent electronics successfully. For that reason, their electrical security is first in class. So, if you want to protect your home computer, stereo device, and more, you can choose it. 

This is because it offers enough security to meet your needs. However, this protector comes with a USB so that you can recover any device. Even so, if at any time it was fused, then no need to replace this fuse. This is the Wall outlet surge protector. 

Because of its security and trustworthiness, this protector is fantastic. Currently, you can rotate it, so do not worry if you use suitable spaces. 

Most importantly, the APC surge protector notified you about sudden complex wiring problems. Ergo, this device’s price is a bit high, but its unique 6-foot cord design helps to stand out. 

This brand will be the most recommendable if you want all of the prominent features on one device.


  • Minimize RFI/EMI line noise.
  • It comes with a suit two-outlet configuration.
  • Make sure it has a center screw for firmly attaching it to the wall. I nailed it to the wall.
  • Two USB ports deliver 3.4Amps of charging power.
  • Easy to install.


  • Can’t use with 220v current.

AmazonBasics Wall-Mount 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Are you searching for the most effective wall outlet surge protector? Amazon Basics surge protector focuses on providing the most reliable service to you. Well, this surge protector can save your high-end appliance. 

According to your requirement, you can adjust this surge to flush. However, most people will like it because it’s not moving until you remove it from the outlet. Also, it can protect your device, and the 2 LEDs let you know the unit’s status. 

Nevertheless, for people who want a 6-outlet surge, Amazon Basics is the right choice. Similarly, with three-prong plugs, you can comfortably charge any device.

Apart from this, it can protect all of your sensitive equipment. Moreover, you can use up to 6 devices at once within 3-line security. Furthermore, Amazon provides Amazon Basics wall mounting to assist you in powering up your computer systems.

Hence, it has an excellent multi-plug light indicator. You can use this indicator to protect your device continuously. Moreover, it can help your device to supply power. Note that, after seeing the red pointer, replace the unit.


  • Enough protection.
  • Can prevent damage to your sensitive devices.
  • Outstanding Joule-Protection.
  • Preventing fire and damage.
  • LED light indicator.


  • No anchoring screw.

One Beat 6-Outlet 2-Pack Wall Surge Protector

The wall surge protector offered by One Beat is easy-to-use and to install. Installing it into your outlet plate, it allows you to charge your devices effectively. 

Adequately, this is an ideal choice for charging your notebooks, T.V., P.C., tablets, and more. Moreover, because of its compact design, most people prefer it. 

Therefore, though it comes in fantastic shape, you can carry it easily. Six outlet ports give you a chance to charge up to six devices. With a lightweight charging station for home and office, you can meet different requirements. Therefore, this one will be a better choice for carrying it easily when you are traveling somewhere. 

Simultaneously, it can charge two lightweight pieces of equipment together. 490 Joule power rating delivers outstanding protection for all your electronics. 

In adverse weather conditions, if an unexpected surge occurs, the surge protector will defend itself. If you want it to perform well overall, you cannot let the performance surge protector slip from your grasp. You can take it and benefit from its superfast chewing properties.


  • High-quality elements improve safety and durability.
  • Will prevent your devices from short circuits and more.
  • Easy wall-mount installation.
  • Great value. 
  • Supply the maximum charge speed.


  • NOT suggested for GFCI and USB receptacles.

Addtam 3 USB Ports Power Strip Surge Protector

Adam Power Strip surge protector has six outlets with high speed. For people who want surge protection with USB charging ports, this is the right choice. 

Simultaneously, you can power up your nine devices together. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy an extra outlet for your high-power devices, take it.

In addition, it creates a handy charging station for your office or home workstation. Apart from that, it delivers full power to your entertainment and home center. 

Consequently, its two mounting holes and four screw fixations provide a secure installation of the power strips. As a result, your devices can be charged in every tiny nook and cranny.

According to the extension cord, this is a comfortable surge protector for your everyday needs. Still, this power cord is durable and has elevated connectivity. 

All your electrical elements can be protected with a power strip. It assures you that the protector won’t quickly get damaged. Finally, we would like to say that this low-profile plug fits perfectly in your tight space. Why are you late? Go for excellent.


  • Energy-absorbing capability.
  • Can keep your device safe automatically.
  • Flexible, elegant, strong.
  • Protected against over-voltage, short-circuiting, and more.


  • Quite costly.

TESSAN Compact Surge Protector 

TESSAN plug is a portable option when you need extra outlets. Ultimately, when you are traveling, you can easily carry it in your bag.

The right choice is for people who want the most reliable surge protector with A.C. outlets and USB charging ports. Additionally, it is constructed from ABS plastic and P.C. 94V0.

Despite its excellent material, it will keep you safe from electric shocks. In addition, it is possible to charge together 13 pieces of equipment with this power strip. Plus, you can easily plug in your high-power devices.

Correspondingly, a heavy-duty power strip plug can protect your electronics from power surges and spin damage. It perfectly fits offices and homes with sensitive devices. Currently, it serves mainly as a defense.

In harsh weather conditions, this protector can offer exceptional protection to your devices. Don’t worry about any shock because 1700 Joule power gives you satisfaction. 

Notably, this low-profile feature will easily fit in tight spaces. And, it doesn’t cover other outlets. Overall, you can choose an all-around outlet plug if you find one.


  • Ideal for many devices.
  • Delivers the fastest charge.
  • It easily fits in any place.
  • Automatically detect your device.


  • Don’t provide super-fast charging.

Belkin Powerstrip Surge Protector 

This Belkin stripe has a very sharp, pivot-type design that will be easy to install. You can set them to the T.V., computer, Wi-Fi router, Magic jack, etc. It is ideal for plugging in both angles to straight plugs.

All in all, this lightweight black box can protect too many products at a time. In addition, the 1080 joule rating provides a reliable power station bar for printers to office equipment.

Now you won’t get to bother about changing out all the electronic commodities at a time. At the same time, it’s hesitant about its long tail (power cord). Nothing could be more disgusting. A portable power charger in this power strip kit provides extra outlets for charging many power tools altogether. 

The casting designs of ABC materials ensure protection against fire circuits, rust, and damage. 


  • 6-rotating surge protector to outlays.
  • Compatible with impact-resistant housing.
  • It has a wall outlet extender.
  • It comes with convenient pivot plugs.
  • Features with an Ethernet surge protector to defeat damage & rust.


  • It doesn’t give you as many outputs as a surge protector
  • Most of their products have lame honor of warranty

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

There are many things you should consider before buying a wall surge protector. It would be best if you looked at these things:

1. Plug Types

The majority of wall-mounted surge protectors come with multiple plug types. Check what kind of plug your devices require before making a purchase. The most common types of plugs are:

  • 11-15 sockets (for wall and floor) – These come with various outlets and provide easy access to many devices.
  • 120 VAC – These are a variety of voltages and are made with everyday appliances in mind.
  • USB – These are suitable for charging your device when placed near a TV or computer monitor.

2. Joules Rating

It would be best if you consider joules rating of the wall mounts surge protector. This rating tells you how much energy each device can take before the protector fails and no longer works. Also, you should consider at least 400 joules rating of power strip which will be perfect for protecting any standard mid-level power home appliances.

3. Protection Status

Most high-quality surge protectors come with a green light that indicates when they are working correctly. If it is no longer protecting your devices, a red light will appear. Therefore, you must know when you need to replace your devices and when they are working correctly. So you can consider this feature.

4. Type of Protection

There are two main types of protection that wall mount surge protectors provide:

  • Filters – These allow for normal power flow and reduce interference that can cause problems with your devices.
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression – These can handle sudden voltage jumps. This is suitable for protecting large electrical appliances.

So make sure the one you choose offers you the protection you need for your devices before you decide.

Tips to Use Mountable Surge Protector

Users can benefit from wall-hanging power protectors in many ways. However, many people are confused about how they work. Don’t worry; most surge protectors are very easy to use. You can find all the instructions along with the mounting surge protector box. For this reason, it is better to read the instructions carefully before mounting the device.

Below are some tips to use:

  • You should first take a proper measurement and then buy the right one. There should be no guesswork involved.
  • It is imperative to mount your surge protector under a desk or on a wall.
  • Make sure everything works properly.

Finally, you should store the box in case any future repairs are necessary.

People Also Ask

Are wall mount surge protectors good?

Yes, it is good for home or office appliances from voltage surges. But, unfortunately, it can only deliver its full-rated joules once. Additionally, it cannot protect your appliances from voltage spikes that are lower than their rating.

What should you not plug into a wall-mounted surge protector?

It is not a good idea to plug microwaves, air conditioners, or freezers into a wall mount surge protector.

Should a TV be plugged into a wall mount surge protector?

Televisions are designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Alternatively, you can connect your television to a power strip or surge protector mounted on the wall.

Are expensive surge protectors worth it?

Most surge protectors offer the same level of protection. However, you should purchase a metal-oxide varistor (MOV) surge protector to ensure maximum safety.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Above wall mount surge protectors are a great product for people who are looking for a surge protector that is easy to install and looks good on their wall. It offers a variety of benefits such as surge protection, multiple outlets, and a low price.

Also, using this type of power protector, you can connect multiple devices to a single power source. This will help you to avoid unplugging and plugging in a number of devices when you have to move from one room to another.

So if you are looking for a surge protector for your home, you should consider getting mountable surge protectors. These are compact and have great features that make them suitable for home and office use.

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