3 Best Video Doorbells Without WiFi 2022 (Buying Guide)

video doorbell without WiFi

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Crimes are happening all around us. So, as homeowners, we all want our homes to be secured. We try to keep an eye on every part of our property and know what’s happening around our house.

In that case, a video doorbell camera is a must. Because we all want to know who is knocking at the door before opening it. So, installing security cameras is a convenient choice for us to be more secure at home.

A video doorbell allows us to keep an eye on the main door of our house, even if we are not in our home. These video doorbells work with and without WiFi, and that’s how we can connect them to our desktop monitor or smartphone and keep an eye always on the front door of our home.

So, keeping all these things in mind, today I’m going to review the best 3 video doorbells without WiFi. So continue reading till the end.

Video doorbell

Buying Guide for Video Doorbells Without WiFi

If you’ve already decided to purchase a video doorbell, you need to know what to look for before buying one. Here I will highlight the essential things you need to consider going go for one.

Field of View

The camera of a doorbell should have a broader field of view. A 180° viewing angle can cover the entire front area from your door, including both sides.

Also, there are cameras with lower viewing angles like 90° or 120°, which will not help you that much because they cover only the front and a bit to both sides. So, go for one which has a broader field viewing angle. 


There are video doorbell cameras with different resolutions. You will find 480p-1080p resolution cameras. The higher the resolution is, the better and clear the view will be.

However, cameras with higher resolution are a little expensive. But it gives an excellent quality view as well. So, consider buying one with a higher resolution.

Motion Detection

Many doorbell cameras have motion sensors. It alters you when it detects a moving object near the camera. So that you can observe if anyone is approaching the door or leaving from there.

There are also advanced motion sensors that can detect a particular area and ignore the other parts. Doorbells with this type of motion sensor are perfect for you if your house is next to a busy street.

Because it detects only the area you’ve selected, you don’t get a motion alert every time someone passes by or drives away from the road.

Night Vision

Night vision security cameras will give you a clear view at night. At night, if someone comes within the field viewing area of the camera, it shows you clearly so that you can have an eye in front of your house 24/7. So, try buy a video doorbell camera that has night vision feature.

Audio Feature

A security doorbell with two-way audio is the perfect one. It allows you to talk to the person in front of the camera and listen to him. This is why you can communicate through the doorbell easily. 

Cloud Storage

Always consider buying video doorbell security cameras with a decent amount of cloud storage. This will help you keep the footage for a minimum of 30 days.

There are doorbell cameras with more cloud storage. If you can keep the footage, it will help you a lot if something has been stolen from your home.

Source of Power

Security doorbells are powered in two ways. One is battery powered, and another one is hardwired powered. I’ll suggest you go for a battery-powered one so that if your house is out of power by any chance, the doorbell still works seamlessly.

App Support

Before you buy a video doorbell camera, be sure if it has app support or not. If it is an app supporting one, you will be able to connect it from wherever you are within a few seconds. So keep that in mind.

Note- It is important to know both the pros and cons of video doorbells. That will help you choose the best doorbell for your apartment.

Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Without WiFi

The Eufy video doorbell camera is a convenient tool to notify you when someone is at the door. This doorbell camera comes with multiple features.

It’s a high-definition video doorbell camera with 2K resolution. It uses advanced HDR technology and distortion correction to provide clear and high-quality video.

If you are worried about the privacy of your footage, let me tell you that it has military-grade encryption so that your footage is transmitted only to you, and they are safe.

This is a two-way audio-supported camera to make sure that you can talk it through to the person standing on the other side of the door.

Please make sure that you install a regular doorbell inside your house for security alerts, and also, the regular doorbell will chime when someone taps the doorbell.  

The viewing aspect ratio of the Eufy video doorbell camera is 16:9, whereas other cameras use 4:3. Because of having a 16:9 viewing aspect ratio, you can see more and wider viewable footage. 

Eufy video doorbell sends you notifications to your smartphone with an active internet connection. This will send you a picture of the person in front of your door so that you can easily recognize him.

Also, you can set up a detection zone on the Eufy video doorbell camera where the motion sensor will work and keep sending you motion alerts. It detects face patterns and body shapes, ensuring that it won’t annoy you if a puppy passes by the door. 

This Eufy video doorbell camera is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant. So, you can ask and see what is happening outside of your house door.

  • 2560×1920 resolution.
  • Intelligent motion detection zone.
  • Two-way audio
  • Body shape and face detection.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant are supported.
  • Ensures high-level privacy.
  • No continuous recording mode.


How do I connect my EUFY doorbell to WiFi?

To connect your Eufy doorbell to your WiFi network, follow these steps.

  1. Set up the Eufy doorbell app.
  2. Plug the video doorbell in, and after the blue light is on, tap the ‘Chime lights up.’
  3. Press the sync button and hold it until you hear a chime and the light flashes up.
  4. Then tap ‘Connect,’ and it will be paired successfully to your wireless network.

If you cannot connect your Eufy doorbell to your WiFi network, follow the steps below.

  1. Restart your WiFi Network: First, restart your router with a WiFi internet connection. To do so, press the power button on the router for 5 seconds, and it will restart automatically.
  2. Do Factory Reset to your Eufy Video Doorbell: If you still can’t set up your Eufy video doorbell to your WiFi connection, apply the factory reset option and reset it and set it up to your WiFi connection.
  3. Contact Support: If the two above steps don’t work, go to Eufy’s official website and ask for support or replacement.

Can you talk through the EUFY doorbell?

Yes, you can talk through the Eufy doorbell.

Because it has a two-way audio system in it, you can talk it through to the person standing in front of your door. You can see him and talk to him without any issues.

How long does it take the EUFY doorbell to charge?

Generally, Eufy doorbells are fully charged in 4-5 hours. Once it is fully charged, the red light will turn off.

Can I use 2 EUFY doorbells with the same chime?

You can connect two Eufy doorbells to the same chime using an Alexa routine.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 that doesn’t require a WiFi connection

Ring video doorbell is one of the best security doorbells currently available on the market. It has all the advanced features that a smart video doorbell should have with an easy installation method.

It’s a 1080p resolution video security doorbell with a two-way audio feature. You can also speak through your smartphone with internet access, PC, or tablet with anyone knocking at the door. 

There is an extremely high level of privacy feature in it, so you don’t have to worry about your video footage being spied on. Also, you can adjust the motion zone to detect moving persons in a particular area and send you motion alerts. 

With the ring app, you can connect this smart video doorbell to your mobile and experience a live view of the outside of your house for 24 hours with a device that has internet access in it.

Using the Ring protect plan, you can record video footage and store it for up to two months. It costs only $3 per month for a single-Ring video doorbell.

So if you have multiple devices, you have to purchase separately for the ring protect subscription plan. You can power the ring video doorbell with hard wires or rechargeable battery packs. I prefer batteries because it doesn’t go down suddenly.

Finally, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can connect it through a WiFi hotspot or connect it to your WiFi internet connection and use Alexa to control it and get notifications to your mobile phone.

  • High-Resolution.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Intelligent motion detection zone.
  • Compatible with smart devices.
  • Amazon Alexa supported.
  • It needs a subscription to ring protect plan.


Will Ring Doorbell Work Without WiFi?

No. A ring doorbell will not work without WiFi. Ring doorbell stops working if the WiFi is down. If you don’t have a wireless connection or WiFi network, your ring doorbell won’t be able to send you motion alerts, or live view, and you can’t communicate with the ring doorbell. 

Does Ring Doorbell Camera Record Without WiFi?

Without WiFi, the ring doorbell camera can’t detect or record motion. Once the WiFi is down, the ring doorbell stops working. So, you must provide a stable internet connection through WiFi to your Ring doorbell.

Does Ring Doorbell Work with Mobile Hotspot? 

Yes. A ring doorbell works with a mobile hotspot. Once you turn on the WiFi Hotspot on your smartphone, you can connect the ring doorbell to your smartphone’s WiFi hotspot following the same procedure of connecting to a wireless network. 

What happens to your Ring Doorbells and Cameras when the WiFi is off?

Generally, a ring doorbell stops working and sends you motion alert notifications. You won’t communicate with the camera and talk through your smartphone if the WiFi network is down.

Do Ring Doorbells & Cameras automatically recover when WiFi comes back?

Yes, most of the time, the ring doorbell recovers quickly when the wireless connection comes back. But you will lose the footage during the WiFi is down because it stops working if it happens.

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

The Arlo wired video doorbell with security cameras is the final doorbell on this list. 

This is a convenient product with every possible feature included in it. It has a 180-degree viewing angle, ensuring a full view of the outside of your door. It covers both sides entirely so that you can see everything in front of the camera. 

You will get distortion-free and detailed video because it provides HDR-quality footage. This is a two-way audio feature doorbell camera. You already know what two-way audio does. But what I like most about this video doorbell is you can set up a message that will be delivered automatically when someone knocks at the door—such an exciting feature to have.

The Arlo wire-free video doorbells and the wired video doorbell’s security cameras are night-vision cameras. So that you can observe every movement in front of your door seamlessly for 24 hours, it will provide a clear view even at night.

You can rely on it because the camera is heat, rain, sun, and cold-proof, ensuring that it’s not going to be damaged so easily in rough weather.

You also get a built-in siren in the doorbell camera that you can trigger by using the app or connecting it to Amazon Alexa.

Lastly, every function of the Arlo doorbell is easy and beginner friendly. So you can easily operate and reset your Arlo video doorbells without any worry.

  • 180 degree wider field view.
  • Rough weatherproof.
  • Two-way audio with pre-set messages.
  • Built-in siren.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Night vision is black and white.


Does Arlo Essential need a hub?

No. You don’t need to use a hub to connect it to your WiFi network. It can be directly connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network through a router; no hub is required.

Does the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell support desktop use?

Yes, you can connect it to your PC. Just download the existing app on your desktop and connect the doorbell camera through the app. Once you are connected, you can see the dashboard on your PC. 

Conclusion of Video Doorbell

You can’t fully use the existing video doorbells without WiFi. You will need a stable WiFi connection or internet access. The devices I mentioned above require a wireless connection to provide the live view, video footage, motion alerts, and other things to your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

In this article, I reviewed the best 3 video doorbells on the market. I also tried to answer all your question regarding the matters. I hope you will be benefited when buying a video doorbell camera after reading this review.

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