7 Best Surge Protector With Timers [Expert Buying Advice]

Do you have many devices that you need to plug in? Surge protectors with timers are the perfect solution for people who want to keep their electronics secure from power surges. After a set period, it will automatically shut off, so your devices won’t overheat and stop working. Additionally, the indicator light lets you know whether the light is on or off!

One of the most valuable things about a timer surge protector is that it can save you money by preventing damage to expensive electronic equipment. With this surge protector, you never need to worry about replacements again!

Furthermore, surge protectors with timers are ideal for those who want to control their energy consumption. You can save on your electricity bill and avoid unplugging electronics too often by using a surge protector with a timer.

The following reviews and buying guides will explore the best surge protector with timer options available today and provide some helpful advice for selecting the right one.

What to look at when buying a timer surge protector?


Try to purchase timer surge protectors from a well-known brand. Many timer surge protector brands have been tested and proven to keep you and your gadgets safe. When you choose a trustworthy brand, you’ll receive high-quality products, so you can only select the right product for your needs.

LED display light:

Most timer surge protectors have an LED display light. This can help you see it at night or in darker conditions so that you’ll know when it is in use. The device can also help you save energy and keep your family safe from unexpected power surges.

Timer setting option:

Choose a surge protector with a timer setting that suits your needs. For example, some models let you schedule the timer for specific times every day, while others only allow you to set precisely timed cycles, such as weekdays and weekends. Others let you select particular days of the week when the timer will be activated. However, it is not mandatory.


Ensure that your surge protector has enough power to handle all of your electronics. Choose a model that offers at least 700 joules of surge protection. The device will protect your gadgets from power surges, but it cannot protect them if you have a direct lightning strike, so you should still take precautions.


It is essential to carefully consider the level of protection that your surge protector provides. At least 4 out of 10 UL 1449 ratings assure you that the product meets strict safety standards for you and your electronic equipment.

Indicator lights:

Your timer surge protector should have indicator lights that tell you whether or not it is currently in use. It should be easy to detect when the surge protection is on and grounded. In addition, it should have a light to indicate that it is plugged into an outlet and receiving power from the wall. So you can quickly tell when it’s not working if you aren’t using it.

Energy usage:

Timer surge protectors should be Energy Star certified, which means they meet government energy efficiency standards. As a result, you will not have to worry about wasting power, which can help save you money on energy bills.

The Comparison of Top 3 Surge Protectors With Timer & Our Top Pick!

BN-LINK Surge Protector with Timer

The BN-LINK surge protector features a sleek design and a well-built body. It is lightweight and has a sleek design. In addition, it comes with 48 pins so that you can set your desired time to turn your timed devices on and off. 

However, the timer can only track your device for up to 24 hours. That’s why BN-LINK’s travel power strips are so handy. 

Even though the power strip cord is 3 feet long, it should be enough for your devices and works with three-prong wall adapters. 

As is the case with other surge protectors for proper grounding. Additionally, the back of this power strip is fitted with a set of notches for wall mounting.

There are two rows of outlets on this surge protector, each with four outlets. The right row of outlets is always turned on, whereas the left row is on a timer. Additionally, each row features a LED indicator that indicates when it is active.

BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer (4 Outlets Timed, 4 Outlets Always On) - White

To keep the outlets running throughout the day, you can convert the timer-controlled outlets. To do this, you just need to switch on the override switch next to the main switch. Make sure the LED indicators are also on to confirm its activity.


  • LED indicator
  • Wall mountable notches
  • Surge protection
  • Backup battery
  • ABS fire-resistant body


  • No safety shutter locks
  • It uses an analog timer with only a 24hour setting

GE Power Strip With Timer

With a digital timer, the travel power strip from GE is a smart choice for anyone. It comes with six easy-to-use buttons. Moreover, the power outlets have safety locks to prevent debris and foreign materials, making them suitable for children.

It has eight outlets in two rows, each with four outlets. The outlets on the left are controlled by timers, while the outlets on the right are always on.

Additionally, the GE power strip allows you to create an entire week’s schedule, control your lighting, and power your devices while you’re away or otherwise engaged.

It allows you to create up to eight pre-set schedules with as many on/off points as you want. I like its backup LR44 battery that keeps the power strip running even when there is no power.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that your devices will stay powered, but it will keep track of your timer settings and resume when power is restored.

GE 7-Day Programmable Power Strip with Digital Timer, 8 Grounded Outlets (4 Timed / 4 Always On), Indoor, 15 Amp, 1800W, Easy Presets and Custom Settings for Weekly Cycle, Minute Intervals, 15077 Black

The GE power does not have surge protection. Consider alternative surge protection methods when using it for your electronic devices.


  • Shutter locks
  • Backup battery
  • Seven days’ programmable timers
  • LED screen, and easy to control buttons
  • Strong ABS body


  • No surge protection

J Elektro, surge Protector Power Strip With Timer

The J Elektro power strip features three universal outlets and four USB smart charging ports. These USB ports are suitable for charging laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, they are ideal for use in the office, at home, and on the road.

J Elektro’s power strip is made of durable ABS material, is fire-resistant, and offers high-temperature protection, ensuring the safety of your home and electronics.

It also has a 24 hours timer to set a specific time to operate your electrical appliances. In addition, you can easily set the time for your tracked devices using its high-resolution LED screen.

You can use it for seasonal lighting, fans, aquariums, decorative light strings, and other electronics. Due to its surge protection, you are protected from lightning and electrical surges, which gives you peace of mind while charging.

Additionally, the power strip has an automatic switch that prevents overloads, short-circuits, and overcurrent. 

J Elektro Power Strip with Surge Protector, 4 USB Charging Ports and 3 Universal Outlets Extension Cord with Outlet Timer,1.4M/4.6FT Extension Lead with Timer Socket, Grow Light Timer for Home Office

I like that all sockets are child-friendly and have safety locks. Having the 396.9g on hand makes it easy to keep your devices charged and ready to go wherever you go.

Moreover, the 4.6ft extension cord is flexible enough to provide power wherever you are, away from the wall.


  • 24-hour timer
  • LED timed display status
  • 4.6 power cord
  • Surge protection


  • Timer restricted to 24 hours
  • You need to reset it every time you use it

DEWENWILS Power Strip With Timer

DEWENWILS has eight outlets in total, four on the left are permanently set to on/off, and the other four outlets on the right are timer controlled. Consequently, you don’t have to pay for power consumed by electronics when not in use. 

Additionally, the power strip has mounting holes on the back, so you can easily mount it on the wall to save on working spaces.

Furthermore, the outlets are protected by rotating covers to prevent damage. Finally, its flexible 6ft power cord makes it more convenient to access power from any convenient location rather than being restricted to a wall.

A DENWENWILS power strip can protect your devices from a power surge, so you can enjoy extra peace of mind while charging. Moreover, this power strip has automatic overload, short circuits, and overcharging protection, making it an even better device.

The backup batteries keep your schedule intact in a power outage and automatically resume when the power comes back on. Note that this does not mean keeping your devices running during a power outage.

If you are planning a trip and are worried about your device’s power control, this power strip will help you time your devices up to 7 days, at intervals of 1 minute. 

DEWENWILS Power Strip with Timer, Indoor Outlet Bearded Dragon Tank Accessory Reptile Timer for Terrarium, Turtle Grow Light, Aquarium, 6 ft SJT Cord, 8 Grounded Outlets 4 Timed Control, 15A UL Listed

I like each set of schedules that repeat every week. As a result, you can set your time and be sure of your safety while away.


  • Seven days’ programmable repeat schedule
  • Multiple protection
  • Easy to operate a timer
  • Stand power control
  • 6ft long cord
  • Backup battery


  • Un-detachable cord

Fosmos Power Strip with Timer

The Fosmos power strip provides multiple protection for any electronic device. This device can protect appliances against power surges of up to 1875 joules caused by lightning and thunderstorms—no worries when your devices are connected.

Furthermore, the Fosmos power strip has eight outlets, arranged in two rows, each with four outlets. The timer controls the right side outlets, while the left side is always on to meet your needs.

It’s good to know that if you need to use all outlets simultaneously, you can just turn off the timer control with the override switch, and all outlets will work without timer control.

In addition, the mechanical timer has pins that allow you to set it for as little as 15 minutes with a timer. 

Once you set your time, the program will repeat every 24 hours. This is handy for situations in which some electronics continue to use power despite being off.

Also, you don’t have to worry because the power strip limits the standby power used by timed devices.

Thus, it reduces your power bill significantly. In addition, the multiple power outlets with timed and untimed options allow you to power your device at a specific time or full-time.

Fosmon Power Strip with Timer, 8-Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer, Indoor Grounded Electrical Outlet for Grow Lights, Reptile, Aquarium, (4 Outlets Timed, 4 Outlets Always On), ETL Listed

Generally speaking, this power strip can be used to power heat mats, grow lights, aquariums, decorative lighting, or any other electronics.


  • Convertible timed outlets
  • Standby power usage protection
  • Easy to use a timer
  • Seven days programmable


  • 3.5ft power cord
  • Not suitable for outdoor

POWRUI Smart Power Strip With Timer

If you love outdoor activities, this power strip is for you. Featuring IP44 weatherproofing, fire-resistant PC material, and splash-proofing, this is a durable investment. Additionally, the power strip can withstand damp areas or wet conditions.

The POWRUI power strip has four AC outlets, each controlled individually with 15A/1875W output. A feature that makes this power strip unique is its control system, which is managed by an app or voice control. 

You can now easily time your connected devices from anywhere using your phone. It can also handle power surges up to 1080 joules. 

No need to worry about a complicated setup because it is easy to set up. Simply plug the outdoor socket into the wall and set up the network in a matter of minutes.

The POWRUI power strip can only connect to a 2.4GHz network, so confirm your internet network before purchasing. 

Outdoor Smart Plug, Surge Protector, POWRUI Smart Power Strip with 4-Outlet Extender, Remote Control, Timer, Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTT

Last but not least, their customer service will respond within the shortest time frame of up to 24 hours. They also offer a 12-month warranty.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Remote voice/app control
  • Surge protection
  • Water and moisture-proof


  • Only connects to 2.4GHz network

Coralife Digital Power Center

The Coralife digital power center is a must-have for any saltwater aquarium, whether it has been around for years or just getting started. This timer power strip comes with 1875 amps of power and can run seven times a day. Therefore, this timer can control every device connected to the outlets.

It features sliding outlet covers to protect your power centers from curious fingers and hungry pets.

The LCD screen makes it easy for you to program the circuitry of this timer. It can also prevent overloading, overheating, overloading, short circuits of your aquarium equipment, or any other device.

Moreover, it is made of cotton and plastic, which makes it a sturdy and long-lasting timer. With its 3-foot power cord, you can place it away from your device out of the way so that the cord won’t get in the way.

It’s a UL-certified power strip with a timer that is safe for both your home and any sensitive electronic devices. All in all, with this timer, you can use lights, pumps, filters, chillers, and more with complete peace of mind.

You can easily place it anywhere in your cabinet, on a shelf, or under your aquarium.


  • You can use it safely.
  • It includes a timer.
  • You can run more than one device at the same time (8 devices).
  • This device is easy to program and use.
  • You can program and read all the device names on its LCD screen.


  • It is not weatherproof.

How Do Timer Surge Protectors Work?

A timer surge protector works by allowing the appliance plugged into it to be turned on and off using an auto timer built into the unit. This makes it possible to avoid expensive electricity costs when you do not need to use the appliance. This is because the connected device can be turned on and off at specific times.

You can use a timer surge protector for both appliances and devices, and more oversized items such as pool pumps or heaters can also be timed, so they save power.

Using the surge protectors’ built-in timers, you need to tell them what days of the week, how much time, and at what time you want your appliances to be on.

There is no doubt that having a timer installed in an appliance can be beneficial. However, the timer surge protector you are using must be compatible with the device to be plugged into it.


It is critical to research what type of surge protector works best for you. Different styles are available, such as in-wall and plug-in models that protect your electronics from power surges.

When it comes to protecting your items, one of the products that provide multiple outlets for your electronics would be a suitable choice. You can mount these into your home, or you can use mobile units that plug in when needed.

Despite most items coming with standard power plugs, adding a surge protector is a brilliant idea. These devices are inexpensive and can plug right into any regular outlet. I recommend these surge protectors if you do not already have one. They are highly versatile and can be used anywhere.

Don’t forget to check your house or apartment for existing surge protectors before purchasing anything. Although many homes already have them, it doesn’t hurt to check to be sure.

The surge protectors with timers we discussed here can be a helpful way to keep your home and family safe. So I hope you have found this helpful article.

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