10 Best Surge Protectors For Treadmill (Review + Buying Guide)

It’s important to protect your treadmill against surges, power outages, and other electrical accidents. Doing so will keep the machine running smoothly for years and prevent costly repairs. 

It’s a great idea to protect your treadmill with a good surge protector. Only a surge protector can fully protect your treadmill, while a circuit breaker or fuse box is not able to handle the high wattage running through most treadmills.

For an added level of protection, consider plugging your treadmill directly into its own circuit which is controlled by a surge protector. This secondary system will prevent your treadmill from being affected by other electrical problems or power surges that may affect the rest of your home or store.

However, do you want to protect your treadmill from surges and power outages smoothly? It’s true that protecting a treadmill from power outages, surges, and other electrical accidents can be difficult. 

But it’s most important to protect against these things because they can damage your treadmill and cause costly repairs. Also, it’s hard to know how to do this without a lot of research or experience with electrical knowledge.

I’ve done the research for you! The below 10 best surge protectors for treadmills will help you to protect your treadmill from any power surge. Also, you’ll learn about different types of surge protectors, what features are most important when shopping around, and which ones are worth investing in. 

The article also includes some popular models so that you don’t have to spend hours researching on your own. Besides, I’ve included a variety of different types to suit your needs and preferences. Depending on how much you want to spend, I’ve got the perfect option for you!

You can relax knowing that your treadmill is protected from costly repairs and other electrical accidents with one of our top 10 best surge protectors for treadmills.

Buyer’s Guide For Treadmill Surge Protector

Are you having difficulty working out on your treadmill due to its poor condition? I suggest that you install a surge protector in order to ensure the safety of your treadmill.
Many people these days do not use their treadmills and they eventually decay or more often, are completely destroyed. If you do not have something that will protect your treadmill, then you should purchase one. 

Here are some points you need to consider before purchasing a surge protector for your treadmill. Continue reading to learn what they are. 

Make sure that a surge protector is long enough to protect all of your treadmills, when purchasing one. The next step is to look for a product that will protect all of your equipment and get one that will do just that. 

Another feature that is highly desirable is the ability to mount a surge protector underneath the treadmill. As a result, everything remains out of sight, but they still receive the protection that they require. 

When purchasing surge protectors for your treadmill, make sure you get the best one. Don’t buy something that is likely to become damaged quickly and does not offer any protection to your treadmill.

Be sure to know what kind of equipment you have before purchasing a surge protector. Knowing this can prove very useful when comparing different types.

In the stores, you will likely notice that surge protectors come in many different types. You can look at these and determine what will work best for your treadmill. In some treadmills, there is a surge protector built in, which is an excellent feature.

There are many online retailers that offer excellent surge protectors at an affordable price. Since there are so many types of them, you should really take the time to examine them. Finding the right one can be difficult, so don’t rush and take your time.

What kind of surge protector do I need for a treadmill?

You should purchase a high-quality surge protector to ensure the highest level of protection for your treadmill. Ask yourself to get answers of the following questions before purchasing one.  

  • Serves as a second layer of protection
  • Protects your treadmill from surges and power outages
  • Helps maintain the life cycle of your treadmill
  • Can I plug my treadmill into a surge protector?
  • You can plug your treadmill into a surge protector. So don’t worry about that.

Comparison of The Best Treadmill Surge Protector & Our Top Pick

Tripp Lite Isobar 1410 Joules

Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Power Strip, Lifetime Limited Warranty Black

Top Features:

  • It has two NEMA 5 to 15R outlets and plugs
  • Diagnostic LED light works as an indicator
  • UL 1449 3rd edition safety standards
  • Lifetime warranty
  • $10,000 insurance

Get introduced with this exclusive surge protector for treadmills designed to provide you extra protection against any surge or electrical damage. This Isobar surge protector power strip from Tripp Lite store has buckets of useful functions for your day-to-day use.

It comes with 2 individual ports with a safe fire-resistant metal housing. Besides, there is no particular point that makes it dangerous with an electric shock.

You can connect it to the wall outlet, and diagnostic LED lights that will ensure the activation and many working signals. I also suggest you check the port size and ensure is it perfect for the plug.

Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Power Strip, Lifetime Limited Warranty Black

Another thing is that it’s built with a complete protective thermal fusing. So surely it’ll ensure an accurate amount of power transfer and that will keep your equipment completely secure. If you don’t want to open up your wallet wide but want a durable one then you should opt for this surge protector for a treadmill.

What we liked

  • 1410-joule surge protection ensures extra protection.
  • Includes 2 individual AC outlets.
  • You can get it in either black or white color.
  • Ensures extra protection against internet inference using Isolated filter banks.
  • Make with following UL standards.

What we didn’t like

  • I would suggest putting less pressure while unplugging it.

Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector

Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 Insurance (SPIKECUBE)

Top Features:

  • Easy to portable and one ac outlet.
  • UL 1449 safety standards.
  • Two diagnostic LEDs.
  • It can release up to 660 Joules

Tripp Lite 1 Outlet manufactured by Tripp Lite. The best part of this power strip is its versatility. You can get it with 1, 3, 6, or even 7 outlets.

This power strip surge protector can hold up to 120 voltages and the maximum surge rating is 660 Jules. Also, it’s approved to meet any UL standards and it doesn’t matter how strict it’ll be.

Though this durable power protector is specifically made to use for treadmills you can also use them for desktops, laptops, and other machines like printers. That’s why they used NEMA 515R construction form that ensures maximum protection.

In any case, if your suppressor is damaged by the surge, the company will replace it immediately. Plus, it’s a highly secure surge protector and you must love it because of its easy portability.

What we like

  • Comes with EMI/RFI noise filtering protection.
  • High impact housing makes it good to use at both home or office.
  • Includes safe AC outlets and LED lights for ensuring activation.

What we didn’t like

  • Available only 1 port.

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar Surge Protector Power Strip

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Metal, Lifetime Limited Warranty & Dollar 25,000 Insurance

Top Features:

  • UL 1449 safety standards
  • Durable and fire-resistant
  • Keyhole mounting slots

Now, it’s time for a giant power strip protector with 12 outlets (8 rotatable surge protector outlets and 4 widely spaced outlets for stationary usages). If you’re looking for one like this with a compact size, then try the Belkin surge power protector.

The best part of this versatile power strip is its outlets with multiple designs. Additionally, it comes with enough power holding capacity to let all of the outlets use at the same time.

There is a power bar with phone lining protection as well that helps to activate fax machines or telephones. Besides, 150K Hz – 100M Hz EMI/RFI noise filter will provide more protection and protect sensitive loads.

However, while using you have to ensure that is not overloaded. Otherwise, the surge protector can fail to protect the surges.

What we like

  • Comes with an outlet cord with 4 different size variations.
  • 100% fire-resistant metal housing.
  • Ensures fail-safe protection with a protective thermal fuse.
  • There’s an isolated filter bar to prevent any kind of inference.

What we didn’t like

  • Sometimes it makes a buzzing noise but it’s not always, only when you use a poor quality plug.

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector 4320 Joules

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector - 8 Rotating & 4 Stationary AC Multiple Outlets - 8 ft Long Heavy Duty Extension Cord Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick, 4320 Joules

Top Features:

  • Pivot Outlet
  • 8 ft/2.4-meters cord
  • safeguard cable box
  • 6,000 volts maximum
  • 4,320-Joule energy rating

There aren’t many things that help prevent power outages like one of these. This Belkin Surge power protector has 12 AC outlets and coaxial cable protection, plus an 8 ft/2.4-meters long cord and lifetime warranty. All are ideal for keeping all the electronics in your home up and running during blackouts or storms.

With a sleek design that sits neatly on your desk and doesn’t take up too much space. This clutter-free device will keep you from being without electricity when you need it most (in fact its slimline design makes it perfect for traveling!). The innovative pivoting outlet design lets the power strips stay connected to cords while plugged into wall outlets. So no matter where you plug into this power bar, you’ll have easy access to all the outlets.

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector - 8 Rotating & 4 Stationary AC Multiple Outlets - 8 ft Long Heavy Duty Extension Cord Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick, 4320 Joules

This surge protector can release up to 4320-joule energy, which is more than enough to protect most electronics even treadmills from surges and spikes. In addition, this power strip has 6,000 volts of high-quality protection.

What we like

  • Enough cord length for using wider space 
  • It’s a powerful safeguard to protect your devices.
  • Rust, fire, and impact with the damage resistance.
  • Comes in a handy design and is lighter in weight.

What we didn’t like

  • Not good work after overloading.

Monoprice Surge Protector 900 Joules

Monoprice Power & Surge - White | 1 Outlet Surge Protector with End of Service Alarm, 900 Joules 15A / 125V / 1875W, 10dB to 60dB

Top Features:

  • 1 outlet
  • Smart alarm system
  • Auto shutoff
  • indicator LED

Monoprice is another handy and mini-sized surge protector power strip for any device. This product from Monoprice is super light and will be a perfect solution for single outlet users.

I can genuinely suggest this 900J surge protector if you want to use it for a single device like treadmill, desktop, laptop, printer, etc. But I want to assume that you can’t use it outside because rainwater or snow can damage it instantly.

The available audible end-of-service alarm will inform you when it going to damage while protecting your equipment from overloaded power. Additionally, the surge is powerful enough to shut off power cuts automatically.

What we like

  • End of service alarm is the best part of this power strip.
  • Comes with rigid control and rugs design.
  • A red LED light will endure the functioning of the surge.
  • Replacement warranty with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

What we didn’t like

  • It’s not waterproof properly.

Tripp Lite SUPER7B 7 Outlet Surge Protector

Tripp Lite SUPER7B 7 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 7ft Cord, Right Angle Plug, 2160 Joules, Black, & Dollar 75,000 Insurance

Top Features:

  • 7-foot AC power cord.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • 2160 joules.
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering.

This Tripp Lite surge protector is perfect for your own home office. Use it to plug in all your devices and still have room to spare, thanks to the three large transformer plugs!

It includes 7 NEMA 5-15R outlets that can charge everything from a desktop computer to a TV to iron and more even treadmills. Achieve peace of mind about your connections with its right-angle plug, perfect for tight spaces. And with 3 transformer plugs, there’s always room for any device that needs some juice!

But safety never hurts, so check out those UL 1449 safety standards too. Plus it automatically shuts off after being on long enough or during power surges whatever your choice! Diagnostic LEDs also make sure things stay safe and sound by alerting us when problems arise.

What we like

  • Has a durable design.
  • Easy to use and simple to install.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

What we didn’t like

  • Comes with only one 7-foot long power cord.

Huntkey 12 Overload Power Strip Surge Protector

Power Strip Surge Protector, Huntkey 12 Overload Protection Outlet and 2-USB Port, 6-Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Home Office Hotel (2390 Joule)

Top Features:

  • 2.4A power
  • Auto-detect
  • Overload Protection
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord
  • 2 keyhole mounting slots
  • Grade: UL-V0

Keep your electronics safe from power surges with this overload power strip! With three rows of five outlets each, this device is perfect for a larger household, treadmills, or office needs. If you’re short on space, the 2 built-in USB ports allow you to plug in any electronic device without cluttering up outlets.

It has been made with an integral copper bar & a thick rubber coat to protect your electronics from surges or spikes in the electrical current. It also has a 6 ft long power cord so you can place it wherever you need it!

The overload protection will keep your devices safe from power surges, and if you ever do overuse it there is an AC cut-off switch that shuts the device off before any damage is done. Great for lightweight and heavier appliances!

The UL-approved and ETL-listed voltage protector also features a thick rubber coating that keeps it secure against accidental bumps and drops. Along with all these safety benefits, it’s built with 12 fire-protected AC Outlets which protect the home even more.

Power Strip Surge Protector, Huntkey 12 Overload Protection Outlet and 2-USB Port, 6-Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Home Office Hotel (2390 Joule)

Its built-in smart IC chipset can automatically adjust timing according to changes in alternating current (AC). This product also features 2490 Joules, overload protection, and UL-approved plugs all ready to make sure you have enough protection.

What we like

  • Long power cord
  • Overload protection for safety

What we didn’t like

  • Has a bit of trouble with heavy-duty appliances, but it’s very rarely reported

Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 Outlet Surge Protector

Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft Cord Right Angle Plug, Black, Lifetime Insurance

Top Features:

  • Two outlets
  • Noise interaction
  • 3rd edition safety standards
  • Convenient wall mount
  • Outlet Safety Covers

Power in one simple design. Have more than eight plugs? No problem! The Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 outlet surge protector will cover all your needs with 16 NEMA 5 15r outlets for your AC adapter and large devices. It has used metal housing to increase durability and avoid bending or breaking.

It’s a 3rd edition safety standard surge protector and even if a power surge occurs, it will shut off automatically to avoid any damage. The 12 foot AC power cord provides more than enough length for comfortable use while the transformer plugs.

This unique surge protector has 4 filter banks which save you from the noise interaction of other power strips to get a quieter work environment where there is less distraction. It features sturdy metal housing, hinged outlet safety covers, 1440 joules of protection, and keyhole slots so that your Tripp Lite can be mounted on any wall surface. You can also save money by protecting even the most sensitive electronics now.

What we like

  • It has the right amount of outlets to plug in your equipment.
  • It has a convenient wall mount that makes it very easy to place your surge protector wherever you need it.
  • It has good looking design and it is very powerful.

What we didn’t like

  • Very hard to remove the plug
  • Plastic inserts

Monster Power Strip Surge Protector

Monster Power Strip Surge Protector with USB Ports - Heavy Duty Protection for 8 Plug-ins and 2 USB Gadgets - for Computers, Home Theatre, Home Appliance and Office Equipment, 6 FT, 8-Outlet with USB

Top Features:

  • Built-in LED light
  • Fireproof
  • ETL/cETL Certification

Play it safe and take one of these to power up your battery life. Just plug in this Monster surge protector, and continue to charge your laptop, treadmill, or iPhone. This surge protector has an energy rating of 4,050 joules that will protect all your treadmill and other electronics.

It also has eight plugs so you can charge even more electronics at one time. With 2 USB gadgets ports conveniently located for added convenience (and enough room for two devices), now is as good a time as ever to secure peace of mind with this safety-backed product.

It has been made with MOV technology for the lowest possible energy loss while also maintaining optimal AC line performance. The 6-foot long heavy-duty cord ensures maximum mobility, and it has an integrated hanging loop for easy storage.

It has an amazing capacity where it can survive and even protect your devices from a lightning strike. This surge protector is perfect for under the desk, in the living room, or in any work-related setting. No more worrying about damage with this one.

What we like

  • It has a safety mechanism that automatically cuts off power when it senses any tampering.
  • It is fireproof so you know your valuables are safe.
  • It is ETL and cETL certified to ensure that it’s reliable for all your needs.

What we didn’t like

  • Some users say cheaper plastic

GE UltraPro 12 Outlet Surge Protector For Treadmills

GE UltraPro 12 Outlet Surge Protector, Tethered 2 USB Ports, 8 Ft Power Cord, 4320 Joules, Flat Plug, Power Filter, Circuit Breaker, Warranty, UL Listed, Black, 11824

Top Features:

  • Overload protection
  • Automatic shutdown technology
  • 15a and 1800W
  • Trusted Brand

This surge protector is designed exclusively to protect your treadmill when powering multiple items from the same outlet. This one has twelve spaced outlets, all of which provide up to 4320-joule protection for your sensitive equipment.

The extension cord is 8 feet long so you don’t have to worry about wires or getting close and stepping on a plug. The overload protection will automatically shut down power if it spikes too much. It also has a protected indicator light that prevents you from being surprised in the middle of exercising.

Besides, it has safety covers so that you don’t touch the outlets by accident. With this product, your treadmill is less likely to be damaged when plugged into an unprotected power strip.

GE’s combination of innovation and safety ensures that this product meets safety regulations at home as well as industry-standard protocols for protecting electrical equipment in use conditions like yours.

What we like

  • This product is very easy to use.
  • If you have a treadmill, it is a must-have item for you.
  • The price of the item is reasonable and can be afforded by most people.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not easy to mount the USB docking station within a workstation.

FAQs Of Treadmill Surge Protector

Do I Need A Surge Protector For My Treadmill?

You need to protect your treadmill from surges, power outages, and other electrical accidents. A surge protector can handle the high wattage running through treadmills. It’s important to know the features when buying a new one.

How Much Do They Cost And Where Can I Buy Them?

It’s important to consider the features of the surge protector when deciding to buy. When you’re searching for a new surge protector, price ranges will vary from around $10 for basic models up to several hundred dollars for more advanced protectors with additional features such as power cable monitoring and status indicators. 

The best places to buy them are online retailers or large department stores. You can also visit a specialty online store that specializes in electronics such as Amazon or eBay. 

How Do I Connect A Surge Protector To My Treadmill?

If your treadmill doesn’t already have one, you need to buy a surge protector separately. Plug it into the outlet and then plug in your treadmill using an extension cord if necessary. Some models offer multiple outlets so that you can plug more than one device into it at once.

Can You Use A Surge Protector For Everything?

No. A surge protector is designed to handle high wattage and cannot be used with lower wattage devices. It also may not work with energy-efficient products. You need to check the product description of your surge protector if it’ll work with an energy-efficient model. 

How Many Joules Do I Need To Protect My Treadmill?

The number of joules you need to protect your treadmill depends on a few factors, including the outlet and model of your treadmill. So to find out joules of your protector, take a look at the product’s specifications or alternatively speak with an electronics specialist in-store.

What Kind Of Extension Cord Do I Need For A Treadmill?

For most home treadmills, you should choose at least a three-foot extension cord. Some high-end treadmills and ones that use hand control require five feet of an extension cord.

How To Save Treadmill Surge Protector?

One of the first things that you need to think about is where are you going to be keeping your treadmill at home? If it’s in a place where there are lots of power outages then you’ll make sure that they have surge protection. Otherwise, you can not use it for a longer time which can really be a waste. 

If you’ve your treadmill in the basement then that is one place where you will not want to have a surge protector for you will never be able to see it.


All in all, treadmill surge protectors are an important and often overlooked piece of equipment. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your fitness routine going during storms or simply want peace of mind that your expensive electronics will be safe from power surges, there’s no need to worry when getting the right protection.

We hope this article has helped with any questions you might have had about which type is best for your needs! If you are looking to buy a new one, please consider these 10 best models and our buyer’s guide before making any purchase decisions.

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