10 Best Surge Protectors For Gaming PC In 2022

A gaming PC surge protector can quickly reduce the risk of damage to electronic devices from power surges. It limits the amount of voltage that can enter a building’s electric system.

Using a good surge protector is urgent for those who want their gaming PC to last and protect PC hardware during a power outage. A surge protector with at least 1500 joules will provide protection for the most powerful surges, so be sure to invest in one today.

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Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick


12 outlets

Model: ECO850LCD

Pattern: UPS


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Best Overall


12 outlets

Model: BV112230-08

Pattern: Stripe

3996 Joules

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GE UltraPro 11824 outlet surge protector

GE UltraPro

12 outlets

Model: 11824

Pattern: Stripe

4320 Joules

Our Ratings

10 Best Surge Protectors For Gaming PC

There were so many different surge protectors on the market? With all of these choices, how do you decide which one is right for you and your gaming PC? Here is a list of the 10 best surge protectors available on the market today.

(1) CyberPower EC850LCD Surge Protector

Top Features

  • Ecologic 850VA/510W battery backup
  • 12 outlets in total
  • 6 battery and surge-protected outlets
  • Standby topology
CyberPower EC850LCD Surge Protector

CyberPower EC850LCD is a battery backup surge protector that comes with many advanced features. It is somewhat worthy for serious PC gamers. It works as an intelligent uninterruptible power supply (UPS). That means nothing can interrupt the power supply and you can indulge in your favorite gaming sessions without any distraction.

The Eco mode of CyberPower EC850LCD helps to reduce the energy costs by cutting the power usage automatically when it detects even when a computer is off or is in sleep mode.

It also has a bright LCD panel that will show you detailed information about battery status and power conditions. This is most suitable as a desk charging system along with surge protection for computers, workstations, and other electronic appliances. You will get a three-year warranty, and the battery is replaceable so after passing the warranty period, you can replace the battery without any hassle. 

What we like

  • Uninterruptible power supply or UPS.
  • Runtime between 2.3 minutes to 7.9 minutes
  • Eco Mode to reduce power wastage
  • LCD Display for immediate information 
  • 3-years warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Poor customer support
  • Hard to plug or unplug

(2) Plugable (PS12-USB2B) Gaming PC Surge Protector

Top Features

  • Built-in 10.5w 2 port USB charger
  • 4320 joules of protection. Sliding safety cover
  • 2 in 1 power breaker switch
  • Built-in EMI/RFI filter
Plugable (PS12-USB2B

Plugable PS12-USB2B model is another surge protector for gaming PCs that comes with both a stylish design and high performance. The sleek design makes it thin and lightweight but has features everything necessary to provide proper surge protection and safe gaming secession. 

It activates with 120 volts and has a 2-in-1 circuit breaker switch, a built-in EMI filter, and can handle up to 4320 joules. It offers 12 power outlets all with 3-prong so that you can use it as a high power surge suppression for up to 12 devices within 4320 joules. (NoteWhen you overload something, that means using devices that exceed 4320 joules, you can cause a fire.)

Also, the additional necessary feature is USB charger ports for mobile devices. So that you can charge any devices(up to 2) which are compatible with a 2.0 USB charger. I like its 6 feet-heavy duty long power cable that can help you to locate anywhere in the room to adjust most of the devices you want.

What we like

  • 12 outlets including 04 extra-wide
  • Black, Sleek and lightweight
  • 6 feet power cord
  • Wall mountable
  • 02 years warranty  

What we didn’t like

  • Can’t resist the direct lightning strike
  • Blowing indicator lights ruin the night mode

(3) Belkin Pivot-Plug (BP11223008) Surge Protector

Top Features

  • 8 rotating and 4 stationary Ac outlets
  • 4320 joules of protection
  • 125 volts
  • Power bar and phone line protection
  • Built-in resettable circuit breaker
Belkin (BP11223008) High Power Surge Power Strip

We all know about Belkin, which is the leading brand in the world in terms of surge protectors and power strips. Belkin BP11223008 is the most used surge protector power strip for home or office.

The device includes 12 space-saving pivot outlets, and 8 of those outlets rotate to give users extra room for adapters and plugs of all sizes. These AC outlets can safely adjust your printer, computer, Gaming laptop, television, and other electronic appliances.

I like its heavy-duty 8 ft long power cord that you can place anywhere in the room and connect all the devices you want. Another feature is the safer satellite connection to provide coaxial protection(RJ11 telephone or fax protection) to the cable box. It means the surge protector can give safety to every electronic device you use in your house.

Belkin’s BP11223008 model can easily protect your device from any short circuit fire, overload, power spikes, lightning strikes, or any fluctuations. Its electrical power strengthened with a 4320-joule energy rating and up to 6000 volts spike amperage.

Overall, you can 100% ensure that if you use any devices within the 4320-joule ratings, you will get the best protection without any extra support.

What we like

  • Versatile power strip with 12 outlets
  • Accommodates Telephone, Fax, and Satellite connections
  • 8 ft (2.4m) long cord
  • Protects from short circuits, lightning strikes
  • Lifetime warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Critical warranty rules
  • Lengthy customer support

(4) GE UltraPro 11824 Outlet Surge Protector

Top Features

  • 12 outlets
  • Tethered 2 USB Ports
  • Maximum surge rating -4329 joules
  • Slide to lock the safety cover
  • Integrated circuit breaker
GE UltraPro 11824 outlet surge protector

With GE UltraPro 11824 surge protector power strip, you can safely connect and charge your home mobile devices besides connected appliances in its outlets. It has an extra USB charging dock having two ports connecting itself to the strip with a 4.5 ft long cable. This excellent feature lets you charge your devices while keeping the dock at your convenient location.

You don’t have to worry about outlet holes because the four-cornered outlets are spacious enough to fit larger adapters. To connect devices from a long distance, it has an 8 ft long power cord, allowing you to place it anywhere. There are keyholes in the back part of the surge protector, which is good for hanging it on the wall.

Besides, the 4320-joule protection rating works as an effective circuit breaker. It is a perfect joules rating for good protection from any overload and sudden power strike. This UltraPro 11824 surge protector shutdowns automatically when there is a power surge, and the blue LED light indicates the situation.

Overall, with this 2.55 pounds weight power strip type surge protector, you can protect your gaming PC and other electrical devices. Since it has a 4320-joule rating, it is suitable for all applications.

What we like

  • Easy Wall Mounting
  • Protected Indicator light
  • 4 outlets for extra-large Adapters
  • Automatic shutdown
  • 8 ft long main cord and 4.5 ft long USB dock cord

What we didn’t like

  • Overpowering Blue LED
  • Generates noise

(5) Bestek 8541544632 PC Surge Protector

Top Features

  • 4000 joules power strip
  • 1382 degree F flame retardancy material
  • 90-degree flat plug
  • 2 wide AC outlets
  • Coaxial cable protection
BESTEK 8541544632 surge protector

BESTEK achieves great trust among customers as a well-rated surge protector that keeps electronic devices safe from sudden surges. It features the MOVs method to absorb any excessive voltage of electricity.

In this specific model of Bestek, the power surge protector has 10 outlets, and two of them can fit in larger plugs. The 2 USB charging ports will let you experience the best charging speed. The 4000 joules are good enough to protect almost every type of home appliance.

From TV to refrigerator, either printer to computer or every electronic device at your home can get this protection from power surges. In addition, there are two outlets to safeguard telephone and satellite connections. The outlets are 1-in and two out to provide coaxial cable protection.

BESTEK used all the high-end materials to prevent any accidental fire and overload damage. The LED indicator is smart enough to let you know the surge protection status. The 6 feet long heavy-duty cord can withstand up to 15A current.

It offers a 30-day replacement guarantee and 18 months warranty so that you can buy it for your gaming PC. Bestek 8541544632 is also good for ethernet, cable box, and satellite connections. Overall, this will reduce your costs.

What we like

  • 6 feet long tough coated cord
  • 10 outlets and 02 fast USB charging ports 
  • Cable, Telephone, and Fax protection
  • Lightning and overpower protection
  • Friendly customer service
  • 30-days return policy & 18 warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Produces noise
  • Don’t hold plugs tightly

(6) Belkin BST300 Wall Mount Surge Protector

Top Features

  •  2 USB charging ports for mobile devices and tablets
  • Rotating plug up to 360 degrees to fit in small spaces
  • LED Light indicator showing surge protection status for proper grounding
  • Surge rated up to 918 joules for appliances and electronic protection
  • Mounted on the wall saving countertops and floor spaces.
Belkin BST300

Another surge protector model of Belkin is BST300 which you can use as your wall mount surge protector. It can also be a favorable option for always protecting your devices. The oversized metal oxide varistors (MOV technology) can take excess electricity voltage, which is good enough to protect your devices from any sudden electrical spike. In addition, the ceramic casing prevents fire circuits, dents, rust, and scratches.

Belkin BST300 can easily prevent files and system crash that may arise from an electrical fault because of its 918 joules rating. You can save your floor space & countertops because its adapter is connected to the wall. With this protector, you can plug up to 3 pin devices simultaneously. Also, you can charge your phone or any 2.0 USB charging device because it offers 2 USB charging ports. However, as it offers 918 Jules, so you can use it with your gaming laptop or a low-configured PC.

 What We Like

  • The surge has inbuilt protectors to protect devices from spikes and surges.
  • Minimal cost of repair and replacement
  • Easy circuit maintenance

What We Don’t Like

  • The surge protectors can only withstand spikes up to 918 joules.

(7) Belkin BV112230-08 Advanced Surge Protector For Gaming PC

Top Features

  • 12 surge-protected power outlets
  • Telephone / fax protection,1-in, 2-out RJ11
  • Heavy-duty 8 feet cord
  • Protection/ unprotected LED indicators to keep devices secure
  • Adjustable covers for safety
Belkin BV112230-08 surge protector

Belkin BV112230-08 is a 12-outlet advanced power strip that guards your devices against power spikes and surges with 6 blocks and six regulars. So if you are looking for more than 10 outlets in one power strip, this one is the best for your PC.

It will protect your devices from storms and power fluctuations by responding to sudden power conditions. It has an indicator light that shows whether your devices are on protection mode or not. The red light shows unprotected mode while green indicates protected devices mode.

This model of Belkin surge protector is efficient for entertainment, office, or any other premise with many devices due to Its slim fit, and right-angle plug design fits. It is also good for congested places to work along with other plugged devices.

Like any other high-rated power surge guard, it offers a 3996 joules rating which is good enough for all kinds of home electronics except high-power devices like room heaters, watching machines etc.

Overall, it does not matter whether your gaming PC or laptop is high or low power; you can undoubtedly use Belkin BV112230-08. You will get a limited lifetime warranty, so it would be worth buying.

What we like

  • 12 surge-protected outlets
  • Led light indicators
  • Up to 3996 joules protection
  • Telephone and fax coaxial protection

What we don’t like

  • No guarantee for the lifetime warranty honored by Belkin.

(8) Lewoer Surge Protector

Top Features

  • Wall mountable power cable
  • Fast Smart charging USB ports
  • 6 feet long Heavy duty strip cord
  • Up to 2100 joules of surge protection
Lewoer Surge Protector

The Lewoer power strip surge protector will be worth considering for your gaming pc. The LED indicator gives you confidence that all your connected devices are safe against electricity surges. In addition, a smart USB charger detects and speeds your device’s charging.

It is suitable for up to 2100 joules of power so that you can ensure to get maximum protection for your gaming pc, laptops, printers, and copiers from electricity spikes and lightning. In addition, with the built-in protection, the LED switch automatically switches off when it detects any sudden surge to protect your devices and home from fire outbreaks resulting from overloading, short circuits, over-currents, and any other multi-level problems.

The flat plug allows you to securely mount the surge under desktops, walls, or countertops, making it safer and long-lasting. The 6 feet fire resistance, copper heavy-duty elastic material cable cord ensures a constant and stable power flow.

Also, with this power guard strip can enjoy USB charging benefits because it offers 2 USB ports. According to our judge, its materials are not of much quality for longer-lasting. However, as it provides a 2100 energy rating, so you can use it for your gaming PC.

What We Like

  • Electric surge and overload protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Fire-resistant heavy-duty code

What We Don’t Like

  • The USB fast charging is not as fast for mobile charging
  • USB charge up to 15 watts

(9) APC PH8 Power Guard Strip For PC

Top Features

  • 90degrees flat plug, 6 feet power cable
  • Up to $150,000 equipment protection and lifelong warranty
  • 2160 joules maximum surge protection
APC PH8 Power Guard Strip For PC

Who does not know about the APC? So if you are a serious gamer looking for the best surge protector for your gaming pc for longer use, you can consider APC PH8. The surge arrest gives you peace of mind because of its maximum protector capacity. In addition, you can enjoy its convenience, safety precautions, reliability, and maximum protection of up to 2160 joules.

Most users like its green LED light, indicating when your devices are well protected. The power switch allows you to put it on and off when not in use. All outlets are positioned with a 90-degree space-saving, so you can plug any plug (it would be 2 pins or 3 pins) without any issues.

Its flat wall mounting design allows you to mount it under countertops and desks away from the walks to avoid destruction. However, it has included a 6 ft long-lasting power cord.

The APC PH8 surge arrest provides high-level protection against any electrical surges for your gaming PC, computers, printers, and other electrical devices in case of large surges.

APC offers a lifetime warranty for this specific model of surge guard. So if you need a surge protector without a USB port or coaxial cable connection ports, you can buy it.

What We Like

  • 90 degrees rear wall mount
  • Lifetime equipment protection policy
  • LED ground indicator
  • High-level electric surge protection

What We Don’t Like

  • The equipment contains known harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive defects.

(10) Echogear (8541544687) Low Profile Surge Guard Strip

Top Features

  • Multiple power outlets; 8 outlets and 2USB ports
  • Long 6 feet power cord, wall-mountable
  • Up to 3420joules surge protectors
  • Fireproof technology
Echogear 8541544687

The Echogear (8541544687) model low-profile surge protector has 8 outlets, perfect for keeping many devices powered and protected at once. The 6 feet cord of this model helps you hide it away from the walkways, behind desks, and under the furniture for a constant flow of charge. This feature makes it one of the best surge protectors for gaming pc.

Another advantage is that the device is fitted with safety locks which prevent foreign materials like dust, pins, debris, and other particles from getting into the spaces. In addition, it helps your devices run efficiently, filtering destructive signals out of the power supply and making your devices last longer.

Echogear power surge adapts large-sized plugs, with large spaces between the three power outlets. I like its fireproof technology, which absorbs extra power voltage to keep your home, office, game set, and other appliances safe.

What We Like

  • MOV fireproof technology
  • Long 6feet power cable
  • Multiple outlets
  • Safety power locks for used outlets

What We Don’t Like

  • Lack enough space for large adapters
  • It has a big bulky adapter attached to the wall

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a surge protector for your gaming PC or laptop, you must know a few things. Below are the buying guides for you that you can consider to buy the best one.

Joules Rating

The amount of protection a surge protector provides is measured in joules. Typically, the higher the rating, the better it will protect your equipment from surges. So it would be good to buy one with a higher joules rating, at least 200.

According to a study, for a normal gaming PC, you should use at least a 2000 joules rating protector, and for a high configured gaming PC, 4000 joules rating is good enough.

Number Of Outlets

Surge protectors come in many different shapes and sizes, with many outlets. So how many outlets you need will ultimately depend on how many devices you plug into it at a time.

For example, if you have multiple game consoles, a digital cable box, a PlayStation, and other devices that you want to plug into your power strip all time, you should buy enough outlets that can fulfill your needs.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

Today’s surge protectors have built-in features to minimize electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. At the same time, it is possible to buy surge protectors that don’t offer this feature. So I recommend going with one that does since it can help reduce unwanted noise in your gaming PC.

Power Cord Length

A surge protector with a short power cord will not provide much value. Surge protectors are typically located in an area where many devices will be plugged into them, so you do not want the outlets farther than 12 inches away from your gaming PC. So when you are at the store, look for one with enough power cord length.

USB Ports

If you plan to use a surge protector with a gaming PC, it is important to have at least one auxiliary port (for charging phones and other devices). It should have USB ports so that you can charge your phone or tablet in an upright position.

If this feature is unnecessary for your application, do not worry about it. Because you can always buy an inexpensive adapter that will provide charging USB ports.

Safety Rating

You should only buy a surge protector that has been certified by an independent testing laboratory. For example, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is one of the most trusted names when it comes to surge suppressors.

Many people don’t realize this, but you can check the UL website to find out if your surge protector has been independently tested. UL conducts testing to ensure that the surge protector can withstand power surges and will properly relay this information in their certification.

Wall-Mount Capability

Some surge protectors are designed to be mounted on the wall. This will allow you to keep your gaming PC free from clutter by placing all your devices in one spot. To determine if a particular model can be mounted on the wall, check for either screw holes or built-in mounting anchors of your power guard, which you will buy.

Diagnostic LEDs

Some models of surge protectors can monitor the amount of voltage going into your gaming PC or not. This feature is not common outside of professional-grade surge protectors. But it’s very useful in ensuring everything is working properly, and there are no power issues with the outlet or within your gaming PC.

Diagnostic LED protectors typically have a light that is either green, yellow or red. This indicator light will tell you the exact voltage going to your gaming PC and whether it is too high or low.

Power Switch

This feature is not necessary for all surge protectors, but it can be helpful. Typically, a surge protector is automatically turned off if there is an excess voltage transiting through it. This smart feature will kick in and shut down the surge protector so that any damage caused by excess power can be avoided.

Response Time

You should not expect a surge protector to be able to react in time to protect your gaming PC from an unexpected surge. So the response time is important if there are power spikes. The timing of this feature determines how quickly the circuit kicks back on after a power surge has shut it off.

In general, newer surge protectors’ response times are around 1 millisecond. That timing is fast enough to keep your gaming PC safe from damage.


Warranty is important for any device, and there are two things you need to pay attention to. First, ensure the warranty covers your surge protector and any devices that may be plugged into it. The best warranties are comprehensive, covering damage caused by lightning or power surges.

Second, you should check out the length of the warranty. Surge protectors do not last forever, so at least 2 years of warranty is nice to have in case something goes wrong.

Other Features

Some surge protector manufacturers have additional features, and some models even include built-in USB ports, sliding safety covers, coaxial cables, intelligent circuitry, connected equipment, and more.

Features depend on your application and the type of surge protector you’re looking for. As long as you pay attention to what each feature will do for you and what kind of protection it will provide, then you should be able to find a model that works well with your gaming setup.

Best Surge Protectors For Gaming PC

FAQs of Surge Protector For Gaming PC

What kind of surge protector do I need for a gaming PC?

As a high-end gaming PC needs more power to run continuously. A surge protector with at least 1500 joules will provide protection for all. So make sure about it. But it is not the main fact. You can choose lower joules than 1500 for your gaming PC.

Where can I find a surge protector for my gaming PC?

You can find a good surge protector for your gaming PC at any electronic store or online retailer. So it is not a main part of think. Instead, it is important to choose the right surge protector because not all of them are built the same.

Is APC A Good Surge Protector?

APC is a reliable brand of surge protectors, and their high-capacity models are good for protecting large gaming PCs. You will get almost all features in an APC brand surge protector or power strip. So overall this is recommended surge protector for any gaming PC.

Should I use a smart surge protector for a gaming PC?

Many PC surge protectors these days are smart enough to shut down when it detects dangerous conditions like the excess voltage, but not all of them. Whereas some provide protection from electrical surges and spikes, others only deal with voltage fluctuations that may damage your gaming PC over time. So you can use both types of surge protectors, but keep in mind that can fulfill your all requirements.

In Conclusion

Any of the best surge protectors for gaming PCs should have a lot of features that make a perfect way to keep your equipment safe. So that you will get maximum protection from power surges, spikes, and other electrical issues.

Using a UL-rated high power surge guard stip, you can plug all of your devices into one central location without any worries about them getting fried or damaged during an emergency situation. This means that even if there’s a major outage, you will not lose anything.

However, I hope, the above-listed of the 10 best surge protectors for gaming PC/Laptops has helped you a lot to find the best one for any purpose of use.

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