Best Single Outlet Surge Protector: Reviews and Buying Guide

Every home needs a surge protector to protect its expensive electronic devices from power surges. So if you are looking to buy a surge protector, we have done all the research for you.

In addition, we have listed some of the best single outlet surge protectors that you can purchase online.

Factors to Check Before Purchasing the Best Single Outlet Surge Protector

Safety Alarm

Nowadays, most compact single appliance surge protectors don’t have any safety alarm. Instead, they only feature indicators or signal bulbs that show the status of protectors and the current.

So if you can buy a protector with a safety alarm that notifies about getting grounded or turned off, that would be a plus point.

Size and Weight

When discussing single outlet protectors, the perfect weight range can be between 4 to 10 ounces. But the weight can increase if the surge protector has dual or triple outlets.

Clamping Voltage

The less clamping voltage is, the better a surge protector would be. However, according to our experience using tons of products, 400 clamping voltage surge protectors do the job very well.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

Quality protectors regulate conduct RFI via filtering the frequency to a decent level. The right amount of filtering depends on which type of home appliance you’re using. For example, refrigerator surge protectors have a higher filtering rate than regular plug surge protectors.

Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs are a must when using the surge stabilizer with expensive electronics. For example, you plan to use the appliance surge protector with an HD TV or double door fridge.

In that case, it should at least show overflow, underflow, active, and grounded signals with separate LED bulbs. It helps the homeowner to get the perfect reading of the house’s power system.

Safety Rating

These days, power surge protectors with a safety rating around 1000 to 1500 Joule is considered perfect. Even a refrigerator surge protector with more than 1200 Joule safety rating is a good one to pick for optimal maintenance.

Single Outlet Surge Protector

Best Single Outlet Surge Protectors 2022

What actually single outlet surge protectors are? They work as bridges between wall sockets and gadget power cords.

These bridges ensure current is supplied from the source to the receiver without any instability. Regular or series mode surge protectors usually help home appliances to stay safe from:

  • Voltage and amp instability
  • Sudden rise or fall in voltage
  • Spikes
  • The sudden appearance of current

Now, let’s dig into some of the best surge protectors with a single outlet that you can afford easily for the safety of your valuable devices.

Belkin 1-Outlet Home Series SurgeCube

  • Optimal VDR integrated
  • Eliminates 45000 amp of spike
  • Features fast and safe charging
  • Can make surge protector power strip combined

Sometimes, you might think buying the best single outlet surge protector at a reasonable price is quite impossible. But you believe it or not, Belkin 1 outlet surge protection is a top-class voltage stabilizing stuff that you should use for the sake of your valuable electronics’ safety.

The Belkin 1 gives an exceptional safe charging feature that allows even the smallest devices like smartwatches to charge without any power dropping issues. In addition, because of a sensitive mechanism, the single outlet surge protection can protect most appliances and gadgets in your home.

As the product has a compact shape, you can keep it connected with your device’s plug to carry and use anywhere outside the home. In addition, the appliance surge protector eliminates the need for heavy stabilizers or protective adapters.

You can also create a surge protector power strip using multiple Belkin 1. It helps to run UPSs for workstations. So, the capability of this model is undoubtedly fascinating.

Although the lights show only two modes, grounded and active, still you can rely on this single outlet surge protection for working perfectly. Apart from all that, Belkin 1 is sure to get mounted on any wall socket.

What we liked

  • Instant response and action
  • Solid build to last longer
  • Spike energy absorption
  • Perfect substitute of voltage stabilizer

What we didn’t like

  • There are only two indicator bulbs that might not give the proper reading.

The option might be one of the best ones on the market. But you should know that the 1080 surge protector joule isn’t enough in some cases. So you need to avoid using this product at those times, although it’s a very decent clamping voltage surge protector.

Rocketfish 2-outlet Surge Protector

  • 400 Volts clamping voltage surge protector
  • More than average surge protector joule
  • Outlets on both sides without a collision

Having separate one outlet surge protection for each device seems fair enough. But if you find a multiple outlets surge protector with great features, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy that.

Rocketfish 2 outlets surge protector is one of those models that evenly supports two different home appliances without sudden failure. You can use both fridge and microwave oven using this model quite quickly.

This is not a refrigerator surge protector solely. So, you can use whatever you need to protect from voltage instability. Also, the size is pretty compact. Yet, you won’t find it hard to plug in two different wires together in a single 2 outlets surge protector.

The positioning of the main plug might be an issue. But apart from that, there’s nothing to worry about this model. more than 1500 Joule protection can be beneficial to secure fridge and washing machine motors.

That’s not it. The product comes at an affordable price. It’s a low-profile model that fits in a very tight space. Although you have to pug in cables from two sides, the device cables won’t break or fold behind large furniture.

What we liked

  • Equal distribution of regulation on both inputs
  • Strong mounting on wall socket
  • Confirmed stable performance

What we didn’t like

  • The outlets aren’t positioned as shown.

You might find it hard to plug in hard cables on the model. But apart from that, Rocketfish can be the best surge protector from any angle, even it’s good as a long surge protector. Its housing is solid, the mounting is firm, and the response is excellent, most importantly.

BSEED Surge Protector

  • Delay period after every time power turns on
  • Better than any surge protector power strip
  • Weighing ideally as a wall socket surge protector

It’s safe to use a wall socket surge protector even if a home appliance comes with a surge protector extension cord. That’s why, if you don’t want to spend too much on buying series mode surge protectors, you can try out this model.

Though the BSEED protector isn’t as powerful as a long surge protector, it can still work just fine to keep a machine safe from low voltage or spikes. In addition, you can count on this compact protector to hold the current flow until things go normal.

The delay time is also okay enough to let the primary connection have a stable power supply to run other home appliances.

Like many other single outlet surge protectors, it also has several indicator lights to notify the current status. And the delay time function of the product might seem pretty lengthy, but it can ensure the electric device is safe from any spike or burnout.

What we liked

  • Multipurpose use
  • One of the budget single outlet surge protections
  • Unique socket

What we didn’t like

  • The exceptional socketing might be irritating to some users
  • The plastic build housing isn’t firm enough

As the performance is moderate, it’s not wise to grant it as the refrigerator surge protector. However, you can use your small or mid-level electronics with the help of BSEED single outlet surge protection.

HVAC Surge Protector

  • 4 voltage modes
  • Easy to understand indicators
  • The temperature remains within -5 to 55 degrees Celcius

It’s another universal single outlet surge protection that can be used with electronics without worrying. In most cases, a refrigerator surge protector can’t coop with laptops or desktops for providing the optimal surge protector joule ratio. But in the case of this product, it’s not even a matter of concern.

HVAC surge protector is a solid performer from a minimum to 110 volts. It does well in every condition. This appliance surge protector gives you readings of the power status, ideally using 4 different bulbs.

Apart, the mounting of the product is quite fascinating too. It doesn’t cover up other switches on the wall. Instead, it looks like almost a straight gateway to the main port. So, it’s convenient to use in confined spaces, but not for carrying elsewhere to use.

The plastic-concealed construction doesn’t get overheated. Instead, it stays cool and regulates the energy to keep any device running well for hours. So, the HVAC appliance surge protector can come in handy in using fridges, air conditions, and other stuff that you need to keep on without a break.

What we liked

  • Nice fitting
  • Full burnout protection
  • Adjustable volt ranges
  • Usable with any device

What we didn’t like

  • Delay period not constant

The product mechanism isn’t susceptible. So, it’s better not to use any mini electric device with this one plug surge protector. But you can surely rely on the model for supporting heavy and oversized appliances.

Appliance Shield Surge Protector

  • Up to 2200 Volts regulation
  • 1530 Joules per hour productivity
  • Sticks near the wall socket for better plugging

Want to have a better surge protector joule? Well, Appliance Shield can help you in this matter. The plug surge protector now we’re showing is decent enough to keep things when your whole apartment’s power is unstable now and then. It’s one of those single outlet surge protectors that work instantly on unusual volts or amps.

The main feature of this model is the smart readability of electricity. It doesn’t take time to understand whether the current would go crazy and might drop or increase voltage. It might not feature a delay period every time after restoring energy. Because whenever the mechanism reads the power supply is okay, it’d not waste any seconds.

The design is another positive side of this product. It’s pretty compact. You can carry it with your laptop charger or phone adapter when you’re on tour. Furthermore, this power surge protector has a thick plastic housing that can’t create leaks or holes.

What we liked

  • Stable power detection
  • Extremely portable power surge protector
  • Single outlet protection without any delay time in some cases

What we didn’t like

  • No UL or safety certifications provided

Because of not having any valid certifications, the product might seem not safe to use with pricey appliances. But still, recent user experiences have proven Appliance Sheild single plug surge protector to be good enough for indoor use.

Refrigmatic MEGA Electronic Surge Protector

  • Delay cycle based work
  • Handling more than 27 cu. ft. fridges or similar machines
  • Can stabilize even 120 Volts current

When the electricity goes out, there’s a huge possibility that the power would return with unstable voltage. A sudden rise or fall in voltage can damage a device from its core. This is when Refrigmatic Mega single outlet surge protector comes to the rescue.

The single power outlet protector is dedicated made for refrigerators. But you can also attach other heavy home appliances with this wall socket surge protector. It is compact in size and universally fits with wall sockets.

The most pleasing fact about this single outlet surge protection is the indicators. 4 indicator bulbs show different power states. So homeowners who are not too knowledgeable about volts or amp can have reading to know whether your appliance is okay or not.

As per our experience, the Mega wall socket surge protector is pretty responsive in many cases. The delay time after every power down is 3 minutes. For some reason, even if the power goes out during the delay period, it’d restart the delay period right after power comes back. So, it’s one of the reliable single outlet surge protectors.

What we liked:

  • Rotatable plug
  • Professional use mechanism
  • Instant power cut out during instability

What we didn’t like:

  • Mechanical housing is thinner

The price seems okay if you judge how effective this power surge protector is. This is one of the most acceptable refrigerator surge protectors to keep smart fridges in good condition.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

My single outlet surge protector is not working properly. What should I do?

There can be many reasons why a surge protector can stop working. One of the common reasons is overheating. To make a protector better, manufacturers use thick and solid plastic cases. Unfortunately, it can sometimes create overheating issues that cause auto grle rangounding.

Another reason might be overload or crossing safety rating. After getting spikes or surges more than the safety rating joule range, the power surge protection might automatically stop working.

What is the best single outlet surge protector for tv?

The best surge protector for TV and monitor can be a Rocketfish dual-outlet protector. You can use it behind your screen’s confined space and create a stable power supply.

How to replace a single surge protector outlet?

Single surge protections come with a plug-n-play type feature that instantly works after putting inside a wall socket. So, there’s no unique trick to installing a new one. When the old one gets permanently broken, buy a new model and start using it in the old one’s place.


Finding the best single outlet surge protector isn’t a hard nut to crack. All you’ve to do is see the home appliance’s requirements and find something that can coop with the estimated power consumption.

If you ask us which one would be the overall best pick, our vote goes for Belkin 1 SurgeCUbe. It is portable, able to take the immense load, and ensures the safety of any device connected.

However, preferences may vary depending on the type of performance you expect and the budget you’ve set to spend on protectors. Thus, we suggest going through our top picks properly and keeping the buying guide in mind while making any choice. By doing so, you’d surely find the right choice for your electronic device.

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