Best Security Fence For Home – Our Top Picks

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Security fence for home gives you security and safety. It gives you protection from unwanted visitors and kids’ safety in your yard.

Sadly, most people install security fences only for security reasons, ignoring additional concerns. Random fences will not provide you with the best security for your home.

Then what else should you consider thinking about a security fence? You will not get all-purpose security unless you fail to choose the best one for your needs.

On your way, you need to consider things like hiding zones, climbing ability, and easy bypassability. Find out about home security fences, their types, and what will be the best one for your home by reading on.

Zippity Outdoor Black Metal FenceMetal‎29 PoundsBlack
Fencesource Wave Slat Single FencePolyethylene6 PoundsBeige, Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Redwood, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, White
Pool Fence Fencing Section Kit
Special Blend Of Glass-Fiber   Reinforced Polymers12.32 PoundsBlack
Fenpro W Slat Chain-Link Security Fence
(Overall Best)
Virgin High-Density Polyethylene (Hdpe),  Color Concentrate, Uv Inhibitors9.5 PoundsObsidian Black, Chocolate Brown, Forest Green, Redwood, Desert Sand, Alpine White
Zippity Outdoor Manchester Vinyl FencePremium-Grade Vinyl26.7 PoundsWhite
Tube Slats Privacy Inserts Fence
(Our Top Pick)
High-Density Polyethylene (Hdpe), Color Pigments, Uv Inhibitors9 PoundsBeige, Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Redwood, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, White

Top 5  Facts To Consider On Your Security Fence

Your security fencing will be of no use unless it can serve the ultimate security to your home. Then how and what should you consider about secure fencing? Well here are the top 5 facts that you need to look at on the best security fence design for your home.

No hiding places

Think that intruders or dangerous animals can hide in your security fence. Then what can happen? While considering the best security fence you need to check whether it leaves no hiding spaces for burglars. If the security fence is solid and blocks your visibility, not good to use. It should provide you with clear visibility and no hiding spaces.

Anti-climb security

Your security fences should be at a standard height so that no one can easily climb over into your perimeter security.

For example, you can consider 8 feet or above as an anti-climb security fence for your backyard. Also, horizontal rails on the fence can sometimes allow climbing over it easily.

All the way your fences should be hard to climb to prevent entry into your property.

No easy bypasses

If your fences have more open spaces then anyone can bypass them easily. Make sure your security fences are solid and leave no easy bypasses on them.

If you want a high-security fence, make sure the gates are as heavy-duty as the fence panels. Also, think about the padlock facility on the gate to stop the unwanted bypass.

Obstacles on top and bottom

With a spear top, you can get a fence like the one above. In addition, you can install spikes or razor wire on the top of a flat-topped fence to prevent it from being climbed.

Again, the bottom of your fences should be secure. So that the burglars or dangerous animals are unable to enter your home defense.

Hard to Cut or Bend

Consider the material type of fence that you are going to install for your house. Because some materials are less worthy and anyone can cut or bend the fence easily.

Try to choose hard and solid material fences that are not prone to bend and cut. Materials like wood, aluminum, and wrought iron would be a great choice.

It is recommended that the wire used in chain link fences has a thickness of at least 9 gauge. It is less likely that a burglar will try to cut through a thick wire with wire cutters if it is thicker.

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6 Best Security Fence For Home Reviewed

1. Zippity Outdoor Black Metal Security Fence

Zippity Outdoor Black Metal Security Fence

Zippity outdoor fence comes with an instant installation option. You can make great landscaping with this security fence in your yard. It comes with a standard measurement and no need to be worried about it.

This product comes with 5 panels with 6 stakes. In total, you will get a 180 inches garden security gate. As this is highly expandable, so you can add additional pieces anytime you want.

Moreover, you do not dig your garden to install or reinstall this. Also, you don’t need to clean the dirt of the garden after installing this fence. This can save a lot of your time and effort to have this fence in your garden.

Easy To Install

Zippity Outdoor Black Metal Fence is very easy to install. You don’t need to do heavy work for it. You can even install this fence in your garden without digging. 

Expandable Fence

Zippity Outdoor fence is highly scalable and expandable. This garden fence is expandable with additional pieces as you need.

Great Garden Fence

This garden fence is ideal for creating subtle boundaries around a garden or keeping pets inside. You can increase the landscaping beauty of your garden with this fence.


  • No-Dig Installation
  • Highly Scalable
  • No Wear And Tear


  • Not Ideal For Large Pets/Dogs

Expert Opinion- Zippity outdoor black metal fence comes at a low price compared to other fences in the market. Also, the installation hassle is not that complex. So if you are to save your money and time you can easily afford it for your home garden.

2. FenceSource Wave Slat Single Wall Bottom Locking Slat Chain Link Fence

FenceSource Wave Slat fence

FenceSource Wave Slat fence is security metal fencing for safety. Its extreme quality and proven durability ensure the standard security for your home.

A rigid, flat tubular body with “legs‘ ‘ inside adds extra support to these slats, which have unique “wings‘ ‘ that self-lock.

Also, each side of the slat body is flexible. You can easily install and lock it with serrations of the wings. You will get a 10 feet fence liner with each bag of this security fence.

USA Made

The USA ensures the quality of the fence. While they are serving the industry for 30 years with a reputation.

High Durability

FenceSource Wave Slat fences are highly durable. It’s resistant to any weather condition as well as to salt water, sand, dirt, alcohol, ammonia, and alkaline. Last longer in any random environmental pollution. 

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Most of the chain link fences are not responsive to installing the wing slat. But this vinyl coat chain link fence allows you to smooth installation.


  • Vinyl Coated
  • Easy slat installation
  • Higher security


  • Insulation can be time-consuming for Non-DIY customer

Expert Opinion- If you like colorful security fences and the best quality within the price you might think of this one. Due to the wide range of colors, you can easily pick your favorite one.

3. Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit

Pool fence diy-kit saver

Life Saver Fencing can save your kids from accidentally falling into a pool. You can easily customize this fence around your pool. You can easy to install it with DIY without any hassle.

The measurement of this fence is 12 feet by 4 feet. That ensures pool protection and safety for your kids. It can also be installed on sand/crushed stone, a wood deck, dirt, rock gardens, and other loose surfaces in addition to concrete and substantial surfaces.

A Textilene PVC-coated nylon mesh fence with a strength rating of 387 pounds per square inch is used to build the fence.

In all weather conditions, the UV-resistant mesh provides years of use. Additionally, the stainless steel pins are easy to insert into the sleeves provided (after installation).

High-Quality Material

Life Saver fences are made of high-quality materials. It is constructed with Textilene PVC-coated nylon mesh. And its weight-resistant capacity is more than 270 pounds. Also, the polyvinyl material makes it durable in all weather conditions.

Easy customization

You can customize this pool fence based on your needs. Easy to add and install as much as the section you need to cover your pool area.


These fences are highly moveable. You can remove it when there is no kid in the pool area. Or even you can move it to any corner whenever you need. In short, this can be your temporary security fence.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Moveable feature
  • High-Quality Material


  • Expensive

Expert Opinion- Life Saver is a family-owned and operated company based in Delray Beach, FL that has been keeping little feet on solid ground for over 25 years. For most populated areas of the country, Life Saver offers a contractor-installed Pool Fence option in addition to DIY Pool Fences.

4. Fenpro W Slat Chain-Link Security Fence Slats with Bottom Lock Channel

Fenpro W Slat Chain-Link Security Fence

Fenpro W slat is a chain link fence that can economically extend your security in your yard. You can get good protection and an aesthetic look on your boundary with this fence.

At the same time, it gives you privacy from neighbors. Fenpro W Slat gives you visible coverage without being weighty.

Its lightweight but the heavy-duty design makes it a perfect outdoor security fence. It used TruTech Advanced Plastic material to ensure its strength and integrity.

Resistant to all weather

Whether it’s -10 or 120 degrees Fahrenheit, W Shape Fence Slats offer unrivaled fade and crack resistance. All over it is resistant to all weather and lasts longer than any other security fence.

Privacy with visibility

Fenpro W Shape ensures your privacy smartly. It covers almost 80% visibility. So that you can get good privacy protection from neighbors and strangers.

High-Quality Material

Fenpro uses bottom locking channels with high-quality polyethylene. The UV protection is designed to protect against extremely hot weather and tends to be durable.


  • High Wind load Capacity
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Privacy Protection


  • Little bit thin

Expert Opinion- If you are looking for a budget-friendly fence that ensures privacy and security as well then try it. You won’t regret its brand quality.

5. Zippity Outdoor Manchester Vinyl Picket Security Fence

Zippity Outdoor Manchester Vinyl Picket Security Fence

Zippity ZP19018 Manchester (2 Panel) Vinyl Picket Fence Kit is another great outdoor security fence to use in your yard or garden.

You can enhance your landscaping with this picket fence. It comes with highly weatherproof vinyl materials. Over time it will remain rust-proof and not exposed to environmental elements.

You can easily install this with a small drill and another additional kit. As usual no need to get the hassle of tearing in your yard.

Also, you don’t need any concrete or such materials to install this security fence in your yard. However, based on the features you can use this one as your backyard fence security.

Picket Design Fence

The picket design of the fence adds beauty to your outdoor area. Due to the joiner clips panels hold are great to look at. That allows you to install it at any angle needed.

No Dig Installation

As usual, Zippity fences require no digging to install. So that you can save your time and energy to install the fence around your yard or home. This allows you to install it quickly.

Low Maintenance

These fences are easy to maintain. You can easily wash and clean the fence without any hassle.


  • No tear installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Worth of money


  • Need to assemble before installation

Expert Opinion- Zippity is a good brand with a high-quality security fence that serves the industry with positive user ratings. You can easily afford this fence within your budget.

6. Tube Slats Privacy Inserts for Chain-Link Fence-  Double-Wall Bottom-Locking Slats

Tube Slats Privacy Inserts for Chain-Link Fence

If you are more worried about your privacy and appearance at the same time then go for the Tube Slats Privacy Inserts for Chain-Link Fence.

This slat fence comes with a depot and long-lasting quality. You can cover up to 10 linear feet with 82 slats easily.

Also, you will get lots of color variations with Tube slats fences in your yard. Installation is simple as it is. You can easily insert the slats into your yard vertically.

Slats with notched holes should be threaded horizontally through the flexible locking channel. Only with e-pilers, so you can do your job more conveniently.


Tube Slats fences are highly durable to use lifetime. Just because it uses materials like polyethylene, pigment color, and UV protection. That protects from weather issues and increases the lifespan of the fence.

Easy Maintenance

These fences come with low maintenance costs. You can easily wash and clean them with heavy water pressure. No need to get extra hassle to maintain it.

Easy to install

You can install this fence easily on your yard or home ground. No need for additional tools to install it.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Increase the beauty


  • Costly

Expert Opinion- Tube Slats ensure the privacy and beauty of your yard. Though it can cost you a bit higher, it is wise to invest to get its quality.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Build A Fence?

Security fences add security and beauty to your house. Therefore it’s good to invest in it. However, you can use a wood fence instead of an iron fence. Also, you can consider second-hand security fencing in your yard.

How Long Does A Wooden Fence Last On Average?

Good materials are ideal to last longer than a lifetime. Some wooden fences are not long-lasting as solid materials like iron and metal. On average a wooden fence can last almost 15 to 20 years. But some bad qualities can only serve you for up to 10 years only. 

What Are The Best Deterrents To Potential Burglars?

The best deterrents to potential burglars are leaving no hiding space in your fence and using obstacles on the top and bottom to prevent climbing over it. Also, you can use sensor-based burglar alarms to deter potential burglars.


A good security fence can give you protection and privacy from unauthorized access. It can serve an additional security purpose for your kids and pets.

Also, it keeps away dangerous animals and neighbors from entering your property. So, you need to be wise to invest in it. You need to be more careful while choosing a security fence for your home and yard.

However, all over this buying guide and reviews will help you to get the Best security fence for your home.

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