5 Best RV Surge Protectors 2023 [Our Top Picks]

It has become an increasing challenge to find the best RV surge protector for RVs or home use. With so many brands and models available in the market. That’s why it may be difficult for you to know which one will work right for you.

However, The below 5 RV surge protectors are reviewed here. They range from a simple plug-in model to a more sophisticated device & good for installing on your RV’s/home’s electrical panel. You can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Our Top Picks

  • Top Pick

    Power Watchdog PWD50EPOH

    Surge Energy Capacity: 4800J
    Max Input Current: 50A
    Wireless Monitoring: Can monitor voltage, amperage, and voltage on smartphones in real time.
    Warranty: Limited lifetime
    Power-On Delay After Fault: 90 second
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the free App interface
    Dimension: 12x8x5 inches
    Fit Type: Universal Fit
    Response Time: 4 seconds
    Safety: Emergency power off unit, it shuts down power when voltage is below 104v and above 132v.

  • Consider

    Southwire Surge Guard 44270

    Surge Energy Capacity: 4200J
    Max Input Current: 50A, 120v
    Wireless Monitoring: N/A
    Warranty: 1-year exchange warranty
    Maximum Spike Current: 6500A
    Power-on Delay After Fault: 30 seconds
    Dimension: 22.1×3.8×3.5 inch
    Fit Type: 4-in-1 dumps station fitting, portable & perfect travel trailers
    Safety: Identifies faulty park power, and analyzes circuit to verify pedestal power

  • Best Overall

    Huges Auto Autoformers PWD30-EPO-H

    Surge Energy Capacity: 3000J
    Max Input Current: 30A
    Wireless Monitoring: Wi-Fi connected, Bluetooth connected, possible to monitor park power conditions, voltage, amperage, and wattage using the free mobile App
    Warranty: 1year replacement warranty
    Power-on Delay After Fault: 90 second
    Dimension: 18x12x5 inch
    Fit Type: Universal
    Safety: Emergency power off when high or very low voltage, amperage, and reverse polarity.
    Response Time: 4 seconds
    Max Spike Current: 6000A

How RV Surge Protectors Protect Electrical Events?

An RV surge protector protects electrical equipment from an electrical surge that comes through the power pedestal. The RV is plugged in with that electrical management.

Any RV electronics or appliance either that is connected to the RV or with a 120V AC outlet can have damage from an electrical surge. The main task of a surge protector is to protect those appliances from damage.

A lot of things can happen while RV is connected to an electrical outlet or RV park. A good quality RV surge protector can protect your rig from voltage spikes and all of the following:

Reverse Polarity

In your electronic appliances, current use hot wires to flow through. If there is incorrect wiring, and a power pedestal is wired backward, that is the time when reverse polarity can happen.

Incorrect or wrong wiring is something when you connect the black or red wire which is also known as hot wires to the neutral sides. At the same time, the opposite hot side has the neutral wire connected. This can cause the current to flow in the neutral terminal instead of the hot terminal.

This is called reverse polarity. When it occurs, your appliances and receptacles remain energized even if they are not turned on. Well, this can eventually short-circuit the device, create excess heat, and shock you while touching the device.

An electrical protection system or hardwired RV surge protector can sense the reverse polarity and stop the power source from flowing the electricity.

Low Voltage

Low voltage situations can happen for so many reasons. If our RV is in a crowded RV park where so many other RVers are consuming power from a similar park, low voltage conditions can occur. While in summer, multiple RVs can use several air conditioners which consume a lot of power. This can be another reason for low voltage conditions.

Voltage condition is no less dangerous than voltage spike. Air conditioners, heat pumps, and other electronics in your RV can damage because of low voltage.

A good and smart RV surge protector has two analyzers that analyze the circuit and voltage. They can understand low voltage conditions and turn off the power immediately to protect your system and appliances.

Voltage Or Power Surges

A power surge can happen at any time. Sometimes you understand and sometimes you do not. Any fault or interruption in the power grid can cause a power surge. Even a strike of lightning on the transmission line can create this issue.

A powerful surge can burn every device in your RV. RV surge protectors can divert the excess electricity to save your appliances. A surge guard protector restricts the extra amount of electricity.

A Hardwired surge protector, portable, or surge protector can protect your RV from power surges.

Open Ground

Electrical issues in your rig for example a damaged wire or a damaged appliance can electrify your RV. This can happen when the power pedestal on a campground is not properly grounded which we call open ground also.

If an amp surge protector can sense something like this, it can stop power from supplying to save your RV from getting electrified.

Open Neutral

The two separate 120v wires can supply about 240v into an electrical power pedestal. The 120v load returns to the source with the RV’s and power pedestal’s neutral wires.

A break in the neutral wire which is commonly known as open neutral can happen anywhere in a system. Because of this open neutral situation, low or high voltage situations may occur anytime and this can damage your RV’s electrical system. Even you can have the deadliest shock from them as well.

RV surge protectors take a very less response time to react and disconnect your RV from the power.

Things to Know Before Buying a Surge Protector For Your RV

An RV surge protector keeps your RV safe from any electrical damages and campground power grid issues. There are many types of surge protectors available in the market. Some protectors are wired whereas some are portable. Different protectors have different specifications also.

When you are about to buy one for your RV, you need to consider some facts, specifications, and compatibility of that protector with your RV. Here is a complete buying guide and some of those things which you may need to know before buying a surge protector:

Surge Protector vs Electrical Management System

Surge protectors and EMS (electrical management system) both are designed to fulfill a similar purpose which is protecting your RV appliances and electronic items from damage. They both can protect your RV from a sudden rise and fall of voltage and surge as well. As you can use them both, it is important to know which is more efficient.

Both surge guards and EMS have wired and portable versions. You can plug in the portable version with the pedestal power post and leave it outside. On the other hand, you need to wire the permanent or hardwired version with your RV.

They have more similarities; each of them has 30 amp and 50 amp service for an RV. You can choose either of them according to the specification of your RV.

Now that you know about the similarities, it is time to know what differences they have. The main difference between a surge protector and RV EMS is how they perform their task.

A surge protector can protect your appliances only from sudden electric surges and voltage spikes. An EMS offers complete protection against so many faulty power-related issues like current surges, voltage spikes, reverse polarity, high neutral, wrong wiring, etc. it means, an EMS can provide ongoing maintenance and support for electronics.

EMS is capable of giving long-term support. It can provide more comprehensive protection such as battery backup and power conditioning. Portable EMS is more efficient than portable RV surge protectors.

When it comes to price, an EMS will surely be a little more expensive than a surge protector. Though they are both in an affordable range.

Do You Really Need To Protect Your RV?

Well, this is the first thing you might ask yourself before you decide to buy. If you are not having a proper answer from inside, just think about spending a good amount of money rather than a comparatively less amount. You will have your answer.

If you ask me, I will always go for protecting my RV. You will need a surge protector to prevent any surges. It can come from a natural lightning storm or a faulty power grid.

A surge can do a lot of damage to your RV and its electronic equipment like air conditioner, TV, fridge, etc. which are plugged in with the source. You never know from where it may come. Ask yourself, do you really want to risk your RV in that way?

RV surge protectors and EMS always can keep an eye on the bad power condition and can protect your RV and notify you as well. No matter whether you are present there or not, they will keep protecting your RV.

Protecting your RV may cost you some bucks but trust me, they are nothing when you compare it with buying new electronic equipment for your RV.

Do You Have a 30-amp or 50-amp RV?

This is the basic to know before you move on and buy a random surge protector for your RV. Make sure whether you have a 30 amp RV or 50 amp RV to match with a surge protector.

Most of the RVs you see that have regular or average sizes use either of these amp ratings. Smaller rigs have low amp ratings like 15/20 amp. The best way to know the correct rating of your RV is by inspecting the power cord or going through the manual book.

Benefits of 30 AMP RV Surge Protector

A 30 amp RV surge protector is suitable to use with a 30 amp RV. When your RV has a 30 amp surge protector, it can hold up to 30 amp of current. If there is a surge occurs and the current goes above 30 amp surge, this will trip the breaker and bypass the excess current.

It can protect your RV from both low and high voltage and low and high frequency. So, besides a surge, if there is a disturbance in the power line, this protector will shut down the power.

Benefits of 50 AMP RV Surge Protector

A 50 amp RV protector can save your RV from high-voltage spikes around 4100 joules. This can also save your electric equipment from fluctuating voltage and electrical disturbance. During a thunderstorm, this 50 amp device can protect your RV from a massive surge.

Do You Want a Portable Unit or a Hard-Wired Unit?

This is one of the most important facts about buying an RV surge protector. You may get puzzled between wired and portable units. Well, both of the types are capable of protecting your RV but the question lies in their pros and cons.

So, here are the both positive sides and drawbacks of both portable and wired surge protectors:

Portable RV Surge Protector Pros and Cons

A portable surge protector for a portable house, sounds great right? Yes, they are great but have some drawbacks as well. Let us see what they are:


  • The greatest benefit is that they are portable. You can easily carry them in your RV. Just connect the protector plugs to the power pedestal of the campground. Plug the other end into the power cord of your RV.
  • Portable surge protectors are likely to be less expensive than wired ones.
  • These units can make sure if there is any fault in the wiring and show it through a LED indicator light.
  • A portable surge protector is generally lightweight.


  • They can be stolen from the campground. So, you may need an external lock or a protector with a built-in lock facility to keep it safe.

Permanent RV Surge Protector Pros and Cons

Permanent or hardwired surge protectors are often known as Electrical Management systems or EMS. Let us see what benefits and drawbacks of this permanent or hardwired EMS or surge protector:


  • They are permanent and installed inside the RV’s power compartment. So, you do not need to install the protector every time you park for camping. One end of it is always connected to RV’s power compartment and you just need to connect the other end to the shore power source.
  • As this unit is always plugged in, it is ready to protect your RV all the time.
  • EMS or hardwiring protectors can protect against so many other electric faults.
  • The total power consumption is displayed on a LED display.


  • They are more expensive than portable ones.
  • A little complicated to install.

What Is The Rating of The Unit?

If you notice, all surge protectors indicate a rating. This is the level of protection that a particular device can provide. For surge protectors, this rating is called the joules rating and you can see that clearly on the product description on the box.

The amount of joule rating is important because with that rating the protector tells you how much energy it can absorb before failing. The higher the joules unit is the higher protection it can provide you.

Most small surge protectors can provide securities from 825 joules to 3580 joules. The high-end surge protectors can hold up to 2400 to 6100 joules of surges. When the energy exceeds the optimal level, the surge protector shuts down automatically.

What Should You Think Before Plugin Your Surge Protector

  1. Think about what type of device you are plugging into your surge protector. Ensure any sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and gaming systems are protected by a surge protector.
  2. Check if the power strip or surge protector already has an overload protection feature built in. If it does, you can add more devices without worrying about additional damage in the event of an overload.
  3. Consider how much power your device needs and ensure your surge protector is up to the task. If you are plugging in a large device that draws a lot of current, ensure your surge protector is rated for at least that much power.
  4. Look for a surge protector with noise-filtering capabilities. This will help reduce electromagnetic interference from other devices that could affect the performance of your electronics.
  5. Ensure your surge guard is rated for the voltage of your outlet and installation environment (indoor or outdoor, even RVs). If unsure, consult an electrician or check the manufacturer’s website before purchasing or using.
  6. Check the warranty policy before plugging it in. Some manufacturers offer longer warranties than others and may provide additional protection for electronics against unexpected surges in power.

Insurance For Your Electronics

When plugging in your electronics, think about insurance. Investing in a surge protector is a small but important step toward protecting your expensive electronic devices.

It is cheap insurance, safeguarding larger appliances and electronics from potential power surges. Be sure to look for one with a UL or ETL rating, which means it meets certain safety standards.

The joule rating tells you how much energy the device can absorb. Note that a surge protector is not the same as a power strip. Although similar, the surge protector offers much more protection for your valuable devices.

So consider it an affordable insurance policy – the small investment you make now could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacement costs down the road.

5 Best Rv Surge Protectors To Keep Your RV/Home Safe

Surge Guard 44280 By 30A Technology Co

surge guard 44280 30amp

Surge Guard 44280 is designed to manage the high power consumption of an RV or campground and it can protect them up to 2100J. It can identify and indicate faulty parks, open circuits, or no power. It also can spot an overheated plug or receptacle. This RV surge protector is tested for open neutral, open ground, or reverse polarity.

It provides a LED fault chart that is easy to read and shows a simple power analysis. This protector is featured with an increased receptacle brass thickness to reduce heat which really can bring peace of mind during camp or RV days. To reduce handling problems it comes up with an easy-to-use T-pull plug handle.

It would be a great surge protector for campgrounds, travel trailers, or pops up.

Top Features

Auto Identification: These RV surge protectors can automatically identify faulty shore power. And it can save you from a power surge. Due to the automatic system, you no longer need to worry about your RV surge. So, it’s the perfect choice for travel trailers and pop-ups.

Easy To Read: The fault chart on the safeguard RV surge protector is pretty easy to read. That means you can easily read what’s going on with your RV surge. On top of that, you can read the power analysis reports without help. The LED fault chart makes such things possible for you.

Simple Power Analysis: This safeguard RV surge protector can make simple power analyses to protect your RV from power surges. The power tests will indicate surge protection status, reverse polarity, open ground, open neural, no power, open circuit, receptacle, and overheating plug. So, it would be easy to keep an eye on every power-related part.

Heat Reduction: It can monitor the heat on your RV surge protector and take necessary measures. If the temperature increases, it can increase receptacle brass thickness and control the heat. So, no worries when the temperature gets unstable for a while.

T-Pull Handle: The surge guard is portable and most useful for travel. That’s why every plug of the protector has an easy T-pull handle. It makes the tool more convenient to use.

Anti-theft Protection: There is an anti-theft protector ring attached to this RV surge protector. The tool will protect the RV and the ring with a cable lock will protect the tool from stealing.

What We Like

  • It tests your pedestal before passing the power through the RV
  • Convenient to use
  • LED illuminator to show power status and faulty parks or circuit
  • Weather resistant
  • Waterproof cover to protect from rain

What We Did Not Like

  • It can melt the plug if it is connected with power on.

It is a convenient choice as an RV surge protector if you look at the price tag and features, especially the LED light indicator. In addition, it can save your inverter and give you an immediate warning. So, go for it if you need one.

Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO, 30 Amp Spike Power Watchdog

power watchdog PWD30

Hughes Autoformer Spike Power WatchDog is the first-ever RV surge protector which alerts you via your mobile phone app. It connects your mobile phone app with Bluetooth and a notification pops up when any danger or issue comes up in your RV electrical connection. These 30 amp surge protector offers protection from about 3000j of a surge.

This smart technology can help prevent any unwanted situation in your RV, trailer, or campsite even when you are away. It not only just alerts you but takes action by itself.

When a power surge comes or voltage drops, it shut the electrical flow off and disconnects the appliances from the shore power. When the situation gets back to normal, it automatically reconnects in 90 seconds. It will be a protector for your RVs if you are a smart technology user.

Top Features:

Universal Fit: The surge protector from Hughes Autoformer is suitable for all RVs because of its universal fit. So, if you worry about the surge protector size, get this universal fit tool. And because there won’t be issues with the connectivity to your RV.

Lightweight And Portable: The dimensions of the surge protector are 18×12×5 inches, and the weight is around 5 pounds. Therefore, it’s lightweight compared to other RV surge protectors on the market. It’s also small in size, making it more convenient to use as a 30-amp portable surge protector for your RV.

Easy Grip Handles: Some RV surge protectors are tough to use with hands because of the grips. But that’s not the case with the Hughes Autoformer’s surge protector. Instead, it has easy grip handles. So, you can work with the protector pretty smoothly. The grip also comes in handy when carrying it along while traveling.

Wireless Connectivity: The Hughes Autoformer Surge Protector offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. You can connect it to your phone and control the activity. There’s also a free App for the surge protector of Hughes Autoformer. The control system is better with the App rather than Bluetooth.

30 Amp Power defender: This RV power surge protects up to 30 amps. That means whenever the power surge occurs, it can protect the RV and its appliances. It has all the creativity and latest innovations to save you from electrical issues.

Changeable Spike Module: This RV power defender has a changeable spike unit. That means if you get hit by a huge spike, no need to change the whole unit. Changing the surge unit will be enough.

What We Like

  • It starts working in 4 seconds after plugging in
  • The automatic power-off feature shuts the connection off when an unstable power condition comes
  • Auto restore or reset feature

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Bluetooth connection disconnects above 30 feet distance.

These surge protectors are suitable when there is a fluctuating voltage condition. And the wireless feature is pretty reliable. But it doesn’t have automatic features. On top of that, 30 amp protection is a bit lower if you have a high-end RV. So, know the specs of your RV and see if it’s compatible

PWD50-EPO-H, 50 Amp Spike Power Watchdog By Hughes Autoformers

power watchdog PWD50EPOH

Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO Power Watchdog is a unique and smart gadget that not only saves your electronics from power surges but also sends an update on your smartphone about the power condition and consumption.

It will monitor electric power conditions and send notification text in real-time using an app on your smartphone if any abnormality comes up. It can protect your RV from a 4800 joules surge. It comes with an EPO (emergency power off) system. If the voltage becomes too high or too low, it will immediately shut down the power.

When you have to replace it, just change the surge module or spike module. You don’t need to replace the whole unit. This surge protector works perfectly and will take your RV to the next level.

Top Features

Smart Circuit Analyzer: The power watchdog has an intelligent analyzer that helps to tackle any incident. If the RV faces any dangerous situation, the analyzer will shut off the power of the RV automatically. You will also see a notification alert on your smartphone sent by the analyzer. It also gets back to normal when the system reset is complete.

Diagnostic LED: It has full LED diagnostic park power fault alerts. The alerts include open neutral, open ground, miss-wire, open circuit, etc. The LED indicator light will give you different notifications for each of these issues. So you won’t be confused about recognizing the problem. On top of that, these LED diagnostics will automatically transfer to your smartphone.

Short Delay Time: When you plug in the Hughes Autoformer pwd, it takes only 4 seconds to power on, while several other brands take more than two minutes to power on. In addition, if there’s any fault with the system, it takes 90 seconds to power on the delay, a built-in feature. In this way, the AC unit of the RV will be protected.

Wireless Connectivity: This RV smart surge protector can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Its innovation comes in pretty handy when you are away from the protector. Put another way; you don’t need to stand in one place while it’s still plugged in. Instead, you will get every notification from the surge protector about what’s happening and the problem. And thanks to the intelligent analyzer it makes all of these possible.

Power Surge Protection: With the advanced technology, the power surge protection of the Hughes Autoformer is pretty high. It offers you 4800 Jules of power surge protection which is enough for any average RV. It also has emergency power off (EPO) for the protection of your appliances in the RV.

What We Like:

  • It is designed to use outdoors with a rainproof rating.
  • Anti-theft locking system.
  • Comes with an installation bracket, fastener, and user manual.
  • Detect faulty wires, open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired, and open circuits.
  • LED illuminating display.

What We Did Not Like

  • Bluetooth doesn’t work for extended distances.

First, it has no receptacle/ overheating alert in the built-in features. But the intelligent circuit analyzer is revolutionary for protecting from power surges. You can observe the conditions of your RV and LED diagnostics in real-time on your smartphone. So despite the high price, the option of having this RV surge protector is pretty viable.

Surge Guard 44270 By Technology Research

southwire surge guard 44270 50amp

This surge guard is completely weather resistant. So you can use it in all forms of bad weather conditions. It works well and stays good in the rain, hot sun, frosty weather, and even a thunderstorm.

After every surge, no matter how big it is, it can be reset by itself. It offers 4200 Joules of surge protection with identifying faulty park power. Normally we need 1000 to 2000 joules to get sufficient protection for power tools.

You may need the highest 2000 joules or above for a gaming console or computer with important data. It can save your electronics from any possible highest peak of electricity. It will give you more protection than you need. Also, it can identify any faulty park power in nanoseconds and supply an average required voltage to your appliances.

Top Features

LED Diagnostics: The LED diagnostics will run tests on your RV and show the problem with the LED light sequences. For example, its test indicates open neutral, ground, and correct polarity. The LED indicators also show the power status of your RV. So, the signals are crucial to learning about the issues and taking immediate measures.

Built-In Intelligence: The built-in intelligence helps to identify faulty park power. Therefore, you can take action and shut down the power to resolve the issues. In addition, the LED lights will notify the faulty park power when you plug in the device.

Analyze Circuits: You need to be aware of the pedestals. Thanks to the surge protector, it will analyze the circuit of your RV and verify the pedestal powers. It’s normal to have inconsistent power wherever you place the camp. And it can harm your RVs expensive electrical components. With the surge protector, you can minimize the potential damage to your equipment.

Lightweight & Portable: The dimensions of the surge protector are 22.1×3.8×3.5 inches, and its weight is about 0.03 pounds. So, it’s considerably lightweight. You can easily carry it during your travels and camping. And the size is enough to be compatible with most RVs. That’s why it’s perfect for travelers and pop-ups.

Power Surge Protection: The surge protector can offer you power surge protection of 4200 Jules. Such power is enough to protect you from any measure of power breakdown and save your RV appliances from electrical damage. It can also secure your RV from a lightning strike.

What We Like

  • Verifies pedestal power by analyzing circuits.
  • Indicators light up to show power status.
  • It tests for and can also indicate open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity.
  • T-Pull™ plug handles are easy to convenient.

What We Did Not Like

  • While separating it from the power cable, it can be felt a bit of tightness.

The surge protector doesn’t have a receptacle or open circuit alert. So, it could be a problem for those who go camping frequently. The entry-level surge protector is a complete package for your RV within the affordable price range. But if you want more, you need to spend a bit extra and look for other models.

34930 Surge Guard 30A By Southwire Store

southwire 34930 30amp

This Southwire surge guard is a great option for incorrectly installed electrical appliances. Sometimes your devices or even electrical pedestals can’t be installed correctly. There might be reversed hot or neutral, broken ground, etc.

This kind of setup is not safe at all. To avoid any kind of accident to check the correct polarity, grounding, and voltage you need a quality surge protector. This device checks for incorrect or improperly installed electrical equipment thus saving your electrical system from damage plus go-off or overvoltage conditions.

After plugging it in, you have to wait for a few seconds while the Southwire surge guard analyzes the power and tells you if it’s safe to plug in. It continues to check power and will disconnect if a problem comes. It not only protects your RV, but it also checks the power at the camp power pole to assure you before plugging in. It’s the best surge guard protector that is worthy of your investment.

Top Features

LCD: One of the core features of the Southwire surge guard is that it has an LCD in English text (no codes). Therefore, you won’t need to learn any signals. Instead, just directly read the reports from the display. In addition, it continuously monitors the AMPs (RMS) and voltages and shows them to the LCD.

Short Delay: When the surge protector is plugged in, it takes only 10 seconds delay in the start-up sequence. Whenever a dangerous situation like a sudden lighting strike or power shut down, it takes only 128 seconds to delay reset after turning on the power. The delay timing is deliberately set at 128 seconds to protect the AC unit and its Compressor.

Anti-Theft Lock: You don’t have to worry about the surge protector when you are not around it. That’s because it has an anti-theft lock bracket and safety cover to protect it from thieves.

Universal Fit: The power surge protector is a universal fit. That means it’s compatible with all the RVs. You can plug it in with any type of cord. There won’t be any issues with size and connectivity with this surge protector.

Surge Protection: The RV surge protection from Southwire has power protection of 2450 Jules and 30amps. It can also sustain high (240V) and low (120V) voltage.

Multi-Mode: It can also provide multi-mode power protection from surges. On top of that, the surge protector supports automatic reset after power restoration. In addition, it has convenient and easy T-pull handles for a good grip during the task.

What We Like

  • Provides a 10-second start-up sequence.
  • Protects A/C compressor by delaying the reset by 128 seconds.
  • Automatically analyzes power at the source.
  • Notifies possible power problems before plugging the RV in.

What We Did Not Like

  • It’s a little pricey.

The Southwire power surge protector is compact with all the features you need to protect your RV. The company also offers limited lifetime warranties for its product. However, it doesn’t have any weather-resistant features. So, it might be challenging to get the readings in harsh weather. But, other than that, it’s a perfect choice.

In Conclusion

We hope you have found these 5 top-rated surge protectors helpful. Keep in mind surge protectors are a necessity for everyone who wants to protect their valuable electrical system or RVs.

However, if you do not already have one in place and want a ground-fault interrupter or a surge protector with even better performance, I highly recommend the Power Watchdog PWD50EPOH.

This RV surge protector is designed to work on all types of RVs and with the new Clean Power filtering Technology in place, will help to reduce any interference or unwanted noise for optimal operation of your electronic appliances.

Additional Surge Protectors That You Can Consider

Portable RV Smart Surge Protector (‎SSP-30XL)

progressive industries SSP-30XL

Power Grip RV Voltage Protector (55301) By Camco

camco power grip 55301 30amp

Surge Guard (34931) by Technology Research

technology research corp 34931
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