10 Best RV Surge Protectors 2022

It has become an increasing challenge to find the best RV surge protector for home use. With so many brands and models available in the market. That’s why it’s difficult for consumers to know which one will work right for them.

However, looking for the best RV surge protector? The 10 best RV surge protectors are reviewed here. They range from a simple plug-in model to a more sophisticated device & good for installing on your home’s electrical panel. You can find one that fits your needs and budget.

What Is RV Surge Protector?

RV surge protectors are devices that plug into a regular outlet and then connect to an RV’s power cord. In the event of a power outage or poorly grounded campsite, they help prevent electrical surges from damaging any appliances or electronic systems. 

When people have full-time jobs and can’t tell their schedule for two weeks, they might not be near when there is an unexpected power outage.

It’s important to note installation should be done by qualified electricians only because it entails dealing with 220-volt circuits. Also, you should understand how electricity works in RVs.”

RV surge protector protects you from these four things.

  • Power spikes: Power spikes are sudden, brief but occear high voltage electrical fluctuations.
  • Sags and brownouts: Sags and brownouts are longer periods of low voltage which can cause damage to your appliances.
  • High electromagnetic noise: High electromagnetic noise is another cause of damaging electrical appliances.
  • Overloads: Overloads are sudden bursts of power that can cause damage to your home device.

Kinds of RV Surge Protector

There are different types of surge protectors that you may need to choose from your needs. The most used RV surge protector types are:

(1) The Battery-Operated Cordless One:

This kind of RV surge protector is the most accessible and commonly used. Many people consider it as a ‘must have’ for their RVs. It’s easy to use because you simply plug your cord into it then plug the surge protector into any standard 120-volt outlet. You can also use it to charge cell phones and laptops while on the road. 

Cordless surge protector is compact, lightweight, and portable. They are also easy to install & most of them have a simple plug-in indicator light.

Battery operated RV surge protectors can be able to turn off your appliances automatically when it detects an electrical problem such as voltage surge or spikes.

(2) The Wired Indoor Surge Protector:

In comparison to a battery-operated surge protector, it’s more complicated to use. When you buy a wired model, you’ve to be aware of rough handling which may complicate its functionality. 

You’ll need an electrician for installation either to your electrical panel or directly to your home’s main fuse box. This kind of RV surge protector is ideal for RVs that are hooked up to a permanent power source.

(3) The hardwired Indoor surge protector:

Hardwired indoor surge protectors are also tricky when it comes to installation. An electrician should be able to connect the device directly to your home’s main fuse box or directly into your electrical panel. This device is more preferred by RVs that are hooked up to a permanent power source such as campsites or RV parks.

(4) The combination of wired and battery-operated surge protectors:

You can combine these two types in order to have the best protection for your recreational vehicle. There will be an easy installation since it only requires connecting the battery-operated surge protector to your RV’s cord while you already have a hardwired one connected to your home electrical panel or fuse box.

10 Best RV Surge Protectors

Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector

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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

Surge Guard 44280 is designed to manage the high power consumption of an RV or campground. It can identify and indicate faulty parks, open circuits, or no power. It also can spot an overheated plug or receptacle. This surge protector is tested for open neutral, open ground, or reverse polarity. 

It provides a LED fault chart that is easy to read and shows a simple power analysis. This protector is featured with an increased receptacle brass thickness to reduce heat which really can bring peace of mind during camp or RV days. To reduce handling problems it comes up with an easy-to-use T-pull plug handle. 

It would be a great surge protector for campground, travel trailer or pops up.

What we like

  • It tests your pedestal before passing the power through the RV
  • Convenient to use
  • LED illuminator to show power status and faulty parks or circuit
  • Weather resistant
  • Waterproof cover to protect from rain

What we didn’t like

  • It can melt the plug if it is connected with power on.

Technology Research Corp 34931 Surge Guard

$261.83  in stock
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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

It is one of the best and smartest RV surge protectors. It comes with intelligent features which are very much compatible with a travel trailer or any other electrical pedestals. The smart microprocessor of this surge protector can detect faulty parks as well as low and high frequency.

It also provides protection against all kinds of electrical issues that could happen in your pedestal, like, open ground, open neutral, sudden power surges, elevated ground line current, reverse polarity, and miswired pedestal. 

Apart from the complete electrical protection, it saves the receptacle from overheating. It also keeps your most sensitive and expensive appliances protected. It takes 128 seconds to reset protecting AC compressor. 

It is a peace of mind to use Technology Research Corp 34931 Surge Guard for long-lasting protection.

What we like

  • Easy setup and convenient to use
  • Lock ring on cord prevent stealing
  • Auto power restoration and reset
  • LCD continuously shows voltage and RMS
  • Featured with multi-mode actions

What we didn’t like

  • No reference on weather resistance.

Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender Voltage Protector

$330.38  in stock
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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

This surge protector is designed to use on campground, RV, and travel trailers. It is developed to use outdoors and you don’t have to use any cover to protect it as it is weather resistant. It will make your vacation tension-free. Before connecting the pedestal it carries out a diagnostic. If the circuit or source is okay to connect with, the LED display illuminates sending a signal. The smart circuit analyzer can detect wiring issues and faulty parks. 

The contoured power grip handles make plugging and unplugging easier. As an RV protector, Camco 55306 RV Power Defender is a great choice for the money.

What we like

  • Fit into adverse weather conditions
  • Convenient to use
  • Auto operation feature that is disconnected in danger condition and again connected when the condition has been put back.

What we didn’t like:

  • It could be heated and melted to the plug
  • It might face problems in the rainy season or water

Hughes Autoformer BX4370 Surge Protector

$95.80  in stock
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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

Hughes Autoformer BX4370 Power WatchDog is the first-ever protector which alerts you via your mobile phone app. It connects your mobile phone app with Bluetooth and notification pops up when any danger or issue comes up in your electrical connection. 

This smart technology can help you to prevent any unwanted situation in your RV, trailer, or campsite even when you are away. It not only just alerts you but takes action by itself.

When a power surge comes or voltage drops, it shut the electrical flow off and disconnects the appliances from the connection. When the situation gets back to normal, it automatically reconnects in 90 seconds. It will be one of the best RV surge protectors if you are a smart technology user.

What we like

  • It starts working in 2 seconds after plugging in
  • Automatic power-off feature shut the connection off when an unstable power condition comes
  • Auto restore or reset feature

What we didn’t like

  • The Bluetooth connection becomes a drop in above 30 feet

Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO, 50 Amp

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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO Power Watchdog is a unique and smart gadget that not only saves your electronics from power surges but also sends an update on your smartphone.

It will monitor electric power conditions and send notification text in real-time using an app on your smartphone if any abnormality comes up. It can protect your RV from 4800 joules of the power surge. It comes with an EPO (emergency power off) system. If the voltage becomes too high or too low, it will immediately shut down the power. 

When you have to replace it, just change the surge module or spike module. You don’t need to replace the whole unit. This surge protector will take your RV to the next level.

What we like:

  • It is designed to use in outdoor with the rainproof rating.
  • Anti-theft locking system.
  • Comes with installation bracket, fastener, and user manual.
  • Detect faulty wires, open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired and open circuit.
  • LED illuminating display.

What we didn’t like

  • Bluetooth doesn’t work for an extended distance.

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 50 Amp

$88.16  in stock
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4 used from $78.46
Free shipping
as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

This surge guard is completely weather resistant. So you can use it in all forms of weather conditions. It gives you absolute protection from rain, hot sun, frosty weather, and even in a thunderstorm. 

After every surge, no matter how big it is, it can be reset by itself. It offers 4200 Joules of surge protection with identifying faulty park power. Normally we need 1000 to 2000 joules to get sufficient protection for power tools. 

You may need the highest 2000 joules or above for a gaming console or computer with important data. It can save your electronics from any possible highest peak of electricity. It will give you more protection than you need. 

It can also identify any faulty park power in nanoseconds and supplies an average required voltage to your appliances. It is one of the best RV surge protectors you could ever have.

What we like

  • Verifies pedestal power by analyzing circuits.
  • Indicators light up to show power status.
  • It tests for and can also indicate open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity.
  • T-Pull™ plug handles are easy to convenient.

What we didn’t like

  • While separating it from the power cable, it can be felt a bit of tightness.

Southwire 34930 Surge Guard

$241.82  in stock
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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

This surge is a great option for incorrectly installed electrical appliances. Sometimes your devices or even electrical pedestals can’t be installed correctly. There might be reversed hot or neutral, broken ground, etc.

This kind of setup is not safe at all. To avoid any kind of accident to check correct polarity, grounding and voltage you need a quality surge protector. This device checks for incorrect or improperly installed electrical equipment thus saving your electrical system from damage plus go-off or overvoltage conditions. It has an LCD that shows both voltage and amp draw (RMS). 

After plugging it in, you have to wait for a few seconds while it analyzes the power and tells you if it’s safe to plug in. It continues to check power and will disconnect if a problem comes. It not only protects your RV, but it also checks the power at the camp power pole to assure you before plugging in. It’s the best surge guard protector that is worthy of your investment.

What we like

  • Provides 10-second start-up sequence.
  • Protects A/C compressor by delaying the reset 128 seconds.
  • Automatically analyzes power at the source.
  • Notifies possible problems with power before plugging RV in.

What we didn’t like

  • It’s a little pricey.

Progressive Industries 30 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector

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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

Progressive Industries 30 Amp works with 30 amp RVs to protect your electrical appliances. It shows an instant response and temporarily disconnects the power when surges up to 22,500A occur. 

This surge protector will also alert you to wiring issues. It can detect open neutral, open ground, and reverse polarity problems. It comes with digital lights which help you to figure out if it’s safe to plug in your RV. 

It’s designed for outdoor use. This surge is weather-resistant and thermally protected. It can operate from -40 degrees to +105 degrees Celsius. You can use it outside with peace of mind. This is one of the best entry-level RV surge protectors.

What we like

  • Built-in polarity tester checks the status of the power source before use and surge indicator and notes the condition of the surge protector 
  • LED indicators of badly connected wire and surge failure
  • Durable pull handle and locking bracket
  • Tough Lexan housing
  • Cover protects it from outside disturbances
  • Lifetime warranty and you will get a replacement if there is any manufacturer defect.

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks protection against over and under-voltage
  • Makes a buzzing sound.

Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

This surge protector is one of the best at analyzing the polarity and preventing extra voltage from reaching its outlets. It identifies faulty park power and offers 2100 Joules of surge protection within a voltage range of 90 V to140 V. 

The indicator can detect open neutral, reverse polarity, and ground fault. The display shows LED indicator lights. Its surge protector does not provide thermal protection but it comes with weather resistance. Also, it’ll be going strong in dry weather or rain and even in thunderstorms. 

The most amazing side of Surge Guard 44260  is it does everything perfectly it states. If you are going to use a surge protector for the first time, then it’ll be the best choice within reach. 

What we like

  • Analyzes electrical circuits to verify pedestal power.
  • Can be used outdoors.
  • Easier to use.
  • Durable.

What we didn’t like

  • It can’t be reset.
  • It doesn’t protect against low voltage.

Camco 55301 30 Amp RV Power Defender

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as of August 6, 2021 4:07 am

This voltage/ surge protector guards your electrical equipment against both high voltage (>132 VAC) and low voltage (<102 VAC) as well as power surges. It provides surge protection up to 2, 800 joules. 

When it detects any irregular flow of voltage, it automatically disconnects the appliance from the supply and reconnects again when the voltage level comes to a balance. It reconnects a little late to protect sensitive equipment like the air conditioner. After blocking a sudden power surge, it takes 140 seconds to reset. 

Camco 55301 30 Amp detects wiring issues and protects against the faulty wire, reverse polarity, open neutral, etc. Though it seems a little expensive, it’s worth the price. If you are looking for the best RV surge protector, this one’s for you.

What we like

  • Diagnostic LED indicator lights indicate faults 
  • Weather resistant and waterproof
  • Power grip handle makes plugging and unplugging easier.

What we didn’t like

  • No locking system.

Buyer’s Guide For RV ‘Surge Protectors

Here is a buying guide that you can follow to buy the right RV surge protector for your needs.


Make sure that the RV power surge protectors are built with durable materials including integrated circuit breakers or MOVs. These devices should also be dust and water-resistant to keep them looking new even after a long time of use.


Commonly, RV surge protectors can be plugged into an outlet in the wall or they can be equipped with their own plug. This is to allow users to switch off appliances that are not used frequently so they’ll save power and energy.

Joules Rating: 

You should choose one that has the highest joule rating when purchasing a surge protector. It’ll be able to withstand voltage surges and spikes from the power grid or generator without damaging your RV appliances.

An RV surge protector that provides a good joules rating can make a generator safe for electronic devices.


You should buy a surge protector that fits with your RV electrical system voltage. You can consult an expert for help on this matter.

UL certification:

You should buy one that has the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. Its certificate power protector can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind.


The handle is a plus for carrying convenience especially when you need to move an RV surge protector from one place to another. It can also help in hanging it for storage purposes.


It’s ideal to buy one which comes with mounting brackets in order to install it properly. This feature is good for those who want a permanent installation.

Aesthetic Appeal:

You should also check the appearance of a surge protector before buying, particularly if you choose a hardwired or combination type. It should be a good match to the other electrical fixtures in your RV.

Amp Rating:

If you don’t know how to determine it, here is a clue: the amp rating for an RV power surge protector should be equal to or less than the maximum continuous amperage of your recreational device’s electrical system.

Indicator Lights: 

Most models come with indicator lights which are useful in letting you know if a circuit has been protected or de-energized. 

ECO Design: 

You should buy an RV power surge protector which comes with eco-design and is cost-effective. They can let you know if there is a problem such as a device being overloaded or it needs changing.

Response Time: 

Obviously, you should check the response time of an RV surge protector. Here is a clue how to determine it: The response time is the length of time which takes for an RV power surge protector to respond once a problem has been identified. Commonly, Most protectors are able to respond within nanoseconds or microseconds.


An RV protector is an investment so you have to ensure that it has a warranty for peace-of-mind purposes. There are some brands that offer lifetime warranties especially when their products are made from high-quality materials and components.


Don’t be lured by the low price of some surge protectors since they can’t give you good value for your money in the long run. It’s better to invest in a high-quality unit that can withstand harsh weather conditions and has UL certification to prove its durability..

Other Features:

There are some features that you may want to consider before buying one such as the time delay shut-off, multiple plugs, etc.

FAQs about RV Surge Protectors

Are surge protectors expensive? 

Surge protectors may appear to be expensive at first glance. But they are a wise investment considering that they can help in preserving the useful life of your recreational vehicle appliances.

What can I do with an RV surge protector outlet/plug?

It’s best to use it with power cord management and organizing by plugging all your electronic devices into one outlet.

What is the difference between a surge protector and an adapter?

A converter/adapter is different from an RV surge protector since it changes voltage levels only when power surges occur.

Whereas a surge suppressor can also be used for reducing electromagnetic interference as well as line spikes.

How does a surge protector work in an RV?

A surge protector works by redirecting up to 70% of the power surges caused by conditions such as heavy rain, wind, or lightning strikes from destroying your recreational appliances. It’ll help in preventing electrical sags and interruptions to occur which may damage sensitive electronics.

What’s the difference between a 30 amp and 50 amp surge protector?

The main difference is that a 30 A is 3x more power than a 50 amp. Also, 30 amp RVs can receive up to 3,600 watts and 50 amp RVs get 12,000 watts. This means that the longevity of a unit may be affected if more power than it can handle is drawn from it. The cost difference is about $10-$100 depending on the brand.

Do I need an RV surge protector?

Unless you want to replace your electrical appliances with new ones every year, I’ll strongly advise that you invest in an RV surge protector. This device will help in the prevention of power surges and spikes which are common occurrences.

Why do I need an EMS over RV Surge Protector?

The best use of such a device is to prevent damage and warnings from power surges. If anything does happen then it’s best to have an EMS, as they offer more protection than RV surge protectors.

RV Surge Protector vs. Electrical Management System (EMS)

The main difference between these two is that an EMS provides more protection than RV surge protectors. This is because it can shut off power, reroute voltage and monitor vital electrical components in a recreational vehicle.

Is a RV surge protector worth having?

The Issue with plugging your device into a bunch of constantly changing power sources is that you never know what electricity is coming out of the socket. This means that the more devices you plug into one socket (especially heavy-duty ones), there’s always a risk of things going wrong like blowing fuses, tripping breakers, resetting timers, frying circuits, etc.

So to protect all devices of your home from any spike, you should use a good-rated RV surge protector.

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your search for the best RV surge protectors. Given that surge protectors are not a necessity for everyone’s RV, they are an important investment to help you protect your valuable electrical system.

On the other hand, if you don’t already have one in place and want a ground-fault interrupter or a surge protector with even better performance, we highly recommend the Southwire 34930 Surge Guard.

This RV surge protector is designed to work on all types of RVs and with the new ‘Clean Power’ Filtering Technology in place, will help to reduce any interference or unwanted noise for optimal operation of your electronic appliances.

We hope you have found this article helpful in making an informed choice on the right RV surge protector.

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