Best Ring Doorbell For Apartments[Our Top Picks]

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Are you looking to add some extra higher security to your apartment or home? Do you want to seriously know who is coming and going? Finally, are you ready to upgrade your home’s security system?

If so, a ring doorbell will be the perfect solution! In this blog post, I’ll share with you the best ring doorbells for apartments so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Types of Ring Doorbells

Ring has many models of doorbells, and every year they bring better models than before. The Ring Video Doorbell 2, Pro, and Peephole Cam all are offering amazing features for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the flagship model of Ring brand. It is perfect for those who want the best of the best. It features 1080p video recording, improved motion detection, two-way audio, and much more.

If you are looking for something more affordable, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired will be an excellent choice. It offers great value for money with amazing latest features. So no matter what your budget or needs are, Ring has many selections of doorbells that will be perfect for you!

Our Top Picks Comparison

  • Our Top Pick
    Ring Video Doorbell II

    Ring Video Doorbell II

    Camera: 1080p HD
    Notification: Yes
    2Way Audio: Yes
    Motion Sensor: Basic
    Battery: rechargeable
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)/Hardwired
    Warranty: 1-Year

  • Consider
    Ring Peephole Doorbell

    Ring Video Doorbell Peephole

    Camera: 1080p HD
    Notification: Yes
    2Way Audio: Yes
    Motion Sensor: Advanced
    Battery: rechargeable
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)/Hardwired
    Warranty: 1-Year

  • Best Overall
    Ring Video Doorbell Elite

    Ring Video Doorbell Elite

    Camera: 1080p HD
    Notification: Yes
    2Way Audio: Yes
    Motion Sensor: Advanced
    Battery: Power over Ethernet
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4/ 5.0GHz)/Hardwired
    Warranty: 1-Year

3 Best Ring Doorbells For Apartments Reviewed

Below are the most rated and used Ring doorbells for apartments or renters you can consider. We have picked these top 3 according to their rating, features, usability, and customer review.

1) Ring Video Doorbell II

  • 160° horizontal, 90° vertical field view
  • Weather Resistant
  • Available quick release of the battery pack
  • 1080 HD quality video

Ring Video Doorbell is an affordable standard doorbell that provides amazing features. If you are a renter who is unwilling to spend much money on video doorbells, this doorbell is absolutely perfect.

This product’s most attractive feature can be operated by either a hardwire or battery, making it ideal for renters of all types. You can activate this doorbell in three different ways: by pressing the bell button, by motion at the front door, or by activating the “live view” option on your smartphone. The recording lasts an average of thirty seconds.

You can check on what is happening in your home anywhere and anytime using the Ring app. The video quality is impressive at this price point, with 1080 HD. In addition, it includes enough features to provide a decent security system at home.

Is there a possibility that someone could remove the doorbell quite easily?

This Ring doorbell is usually screwed into a mounting section and attached to the wall. As such, no possibility can be quickly eliminated.

Even if it is lost, stolen, or damaged, a video will be captured. This video can be used to file a police report. However, the best part comes when the manufacturer is willing to replace the doorbell free of charge in such cases.

Is Ring Video Doorbell 2 weatherproof?

Yes, the video doorbell is weatherproof. So no matter how hot or stormy the weather is, the doorbell will not be affected.


  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Range Field of View
  • Work properly with an internet connection.
  • Connection facility with Alexa


  • Storing the recorded videos in the cloud can be a hassle.

Summary: Even though it has its drawbacks, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 may be the most suitable choice for you due to its excellent ring app, easy installation, great motion tracking, etc.

2) Ring Peephole Cam Video Doorbell

  • 1080p HD video
  • 155-degree field area of view
  • 24-55 mm of door thickness
  • Infrared night vision

Ring’s Peephole Cam is designed as an entryway camera for condominiums. This is the best option if you require the highest level of security without the risk of drilling.

The Peephole Cam is a battery-powered device that provides some key advantages over conventional peepholes. As with a traditional door, you will be able to see through it without any problems. However, you will also be able to access a live video feed of your front door when necessary. You can then converse with your guests.

You can remotely monitor your home with the Ring Peephole Cam using Alexa. When a doorbell or motion sensor is pressed on Ring, your Echo will make an announcement and light up, so you will always know who is visiting. Using an echo show, you can also see, hear, and speak with anyone captured on camera.

Can I install this device if there is no peephole in place?

Specifically, this ring-style peephole camera can be attached to a peephole. As a result, if there is no existing peephole, you can install one after drilling.

Is it possible to record the videos for later viewing?

As a subscriber to one of the Ring Protect Plans, you will be able to access videos of Ring, Motion, and Live View events for up to 60 days following the event. You will still receive real-time video alerts on your smartphone even if this feature is deactivated and access to Live View.


  • Knock Detection facility
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Easy setup in a few minutes
  • Convenient for security control


  • Cannot be used with Google Assistant

Summary: Due to their high quality, Ring Peehole comes with 1080p HD video, infrared night vision, etc are ideal for renting. In addition, it offers two-way audio with noise cancellation for outstanding sound quality. Therefore, the device is highly recommended for your home door peepholes.

3) Ring Video Doorbell Elite

  • 1080p Video Camera
  • 160 degrees Camera lens
  • Connected via Ethernet

Ring doorbell elite is really for elites, as it is overly expensive and includes amazing features that people would dream of having.

Among Ring’s product line-up, the Elite Video Doorbell is the only option that can be installed on two different surfaces simultaneously without any extra work, perfect for homes where style is a priority. Additionally, it is the only Ring doorbell capable of being connected via Ethernet rather than WiFi, making it a more stable and faster device.

You can snooze the alerts for 30 minutes to 4 hours, which is very convenient for some users. You can use this setting to prevent your phone from becoming overwhelmed with notifications if you frequently get delivery men in and out.

With audio and video, you can speak with someone at the front door is possible. Moreover, it has a very clear speaker that allows users to hear the person on the other end more easily.

Does the Ring video doorbell elite come with batteries?

Sadly, no. There is no additional battery included with the package.

Does the Ethernet cable come with the product?

The package includes a cable. Therefore, cat-5e is a suitable option for 100m if you want to purchase it separately.


  • Convenient security protection
  • Sleek design
  • Customized motion zone available
  • Power over Ethernet charging


  • Expensive

Summary: You have many options to select from if you want to purchase a flush-fit doorbell camera. But if you have high bandwidth connectivity and stability, the Ring video doorbell elite is the right choice.

What to Look for in a Doorbell for Your Apartment

When selecting a ring doorbell for apartments, think of your needs. Next, think about the investment, if you want to last for many years. Therefore, consider the following factors when selecting a ring video doorbell.

Wireless Vs. Hardwired Connections doorbell

Wireless and hardwired connections both have their pros and cons. So which one you choose will depend on your needs. For video doorbells, you should consider some factors to decide between wireless and hardwired connections.

Below are some reasons why you should consider a wireless connection for your video doorbell:

  • Wireless connections are easier to install since you don’t need to run any wires. It is perfect for renters or those who don’t hassle of running wires through their walls.
  • It provides more flexibility since you can be moved easily from one location to another.
  • This connection is more reliable because you don’t rely on physical wiring. Also, it will not be affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • You will get better security than a wire connection. So that normally Ring doorbell is not powered off, outages, or other problems.
  • A wireless connection provides a better range, so you will get coverage in more areas of your home or business with fewer devices.

Video Quality and Night Vision Capabilities

Ensure that the video quality of your Ring doorbell is adequate for you to see who is at your door and what they are doing.  Although, you can select a poor quality video doorbell, but it might make low-quality video footage. So you cannot recognize people or observe what is happening.

The night vision feature is essential if you want to know who is at your doorstep at any day or night. Additionally, ensure the camera has a wide-angle view so that you can see everything outside your door.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Motion detection and alerts are two factors when buying a video doorbell. Motion detection allows the camera to trigger an alert when it detects movement. It is useful for home security to detect criminals.

Alerts are also an important feature for any video doorbell. When you enable alert feature of your video doorbell, you will receive notifications whenever someone approaches your door or rings the bell.

So that you can view who is at your doorstep without having to open the door. Alerts also let you know if someone lingers near your property.

So, both are important features that you should consider before purchasing a video doorbell. These features ensure that your property is secure.

Voice Interaction and Smart Home Integration

Before buying a doorbell, you should consider voice interaction and smart home integration features. With voice interaction, you can open your door with a simple voice command. Additionally, it can provide good security if someone is trying to break into your home while you’re away.

Smart home integration means that your video doorbell will integrate with other devices. With this smart feature, you can control many smart devices from one central point or even remotely.

Overall, voice interaction and smart home integration provide added security, convenience, and automation which all make for an overall improved experience with your device.

Two Way Audio Quality

You should not just focus on the video quality of your Ring doorbell. Think about audio quality of the device. Two-way audio systems pick up sound from both directions – from your visitors and from you.

It allows you to talk with visitors and hear what they have to say. So should buy a video doorbell that has two way audio features. It also makes it easier to inspect suspicious activity as well!

Cost and Battery Life

You should consider the cost and battery life of any doorbell including Ring doorbells. These are other factors when it comes to home security with doorbells. Mostly the cost of a video doorbell can vary depending on brand and features.

So if you want to buy a good one for your home security, compare different models and features before making a purchase. In general, the features that come with each model will also affect the price. So decide which features you need in your doorbell before buying.

Most video doorbells require batteries to operate. So batteries can quickly run out if you do not manage them correctly. I will recommend trying to look for models with long-lasting batteries or rechargeable options. This will save you time and money in the long run!

Things to Consider Before Installing a Video Doorbell in Your Apartment

There are a few additional considerations when installing a video doorbell in an apartment.

  • Your landlord may not permit you to drill holes in the walls or doors, so you will have to devise a creative way to mount your device.
  • Since apartments have more people coming and going than single-family homes, so select a video doorbell that offers excellent motion detection capabilities.
  • Know the exact dimension of your door and the type of video doorbell you are purchasing before installing.
  • The average cost of installation.
  • Ensure that your building’s security system is compatible with a video doorbell.
  • Verify whether your apartment complex or landlord has any restrictions on installing a video doorbell.
  • To ensure proper installation, read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Live test your Ring video doorbell before installation.


Is it common for Ring doorbells to be stolen?

Ring doorbell’s features are easy to operate and provide a high level of security. However, as with any popular product, there is always a theft risk. Do people steal Ring doorbells? Unfortunately, yes. It is not just thieves targeting these devices; homeowners are also removing them to sell them.

Is it legal to install ring doorbells in apartments?

Yes, it is legal, but you may have to maintain rules and regulations. In some buildings, you may be restricted in what type of doorbells you can install or how they must be installed.

Is it possible to mount a Ring doorbell without screws?

Yes, you can mount without screws if you have the right tools. All Ring doorbells come with a mounting bracket and all the necessary hardware.

Where can you install the video doorbell in your apartment?

Most people install them near their front door, but you can place them anywhere on your property.

Is the Ring doorbell subject to a monthly fee?

In general, you do not need to pay a monthly fee for the Ring doorbell. However, a few doorbells offer cloud storage to protect your recordings. If this is the case, there is a monthly fee.

How long does a Ring video doorbell last?

In terms of how long a Ring doorbell will last, it will depend on how often it is used and the weather conditions it is exposed to. According to Ring, the battery should last 6 to 12 months with normal use. In addition, if you ever need to replace it, a new Ring rechargeable battery pack will only cost $20-$30.

Final Thoughts

Ring Doorbells with the alert feature have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a variety of features that are suitable for apartment security. Using a Ring doorbell, you can see and speak with your visitors even when you are not present at home.

Additionally, many Ring doorbells are equipped with motion sensors that can alert you if someone is at your door, even if they do not ring the bell.

Overall, doorbells offer many benefits that make them excellent for apartment security. If you consider purchasing a Ring Doorbell for your home, check out our top picks above.

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