10 Best Rack Mount UPS 2023 & Our Top Pick With Comparison

The right rack mount UPS can be a great asset to any small or medium-sized business, especially when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly.

Whether you’re looking for backup power, an online backup solution, or a system that will help you maintain uptime in the event of a power outage.

There are many types of rack mount UPSs available on the market today, and choosing one can be a daunting task.

Because there are many different features that each rack mount UPS offers. The right rack mount UPS for you depends on what you need from the UPS.

However, this post will look at some of the most popular rack-mount UPSs and give you an idea of what to look for before buying one.

Top 3 Rack Mount UPS Comparison & Our Picks

TitleAPC(SMT1500RM2UC) Smart UPSTripp Lite SMART1500LCDLiebert(GXT4-3000RT120) UPS
Item Image

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD

ALiebert(GXT4-3000RT120) UPS
Our PickBest OverallTop PickHigh Budget
Watt Capacity100w900w2700w
USB PortYesYesYes
BackupYes (100w:3/h, 10 minutes)Yes (450w:12minutes)Yes (Full load, 17 minutes)
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Rack Mount UPS: Buying Guide

Type of UPS

There are several types of UPS, but online UPS is the most common type. It is a combination of a battery and an inverter. The battery is charged from the grid and supplies energy to the connected load.

So if the power goes out, the system will continue to run from the battery. That’s why it’s a popular type of UPS even though it is relatively cheap and effective.

You will find different sizes and models of online UPS, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your needs.

Volt Range of UPS

You should consider what size of power load your UPS should have. Most companies recommend not going below 15kVA, and the bigger, the better.

Once if you know what load you need to power, it will be good to choose the right one. So always try to buy a rack mount UPS with a bigger capacity than your total power load.

Battery Backup of A UPS

Battery backup is the most important thing to consider when choosing a UPS or any type battery operated device.

You should choose a UPS that has enough battery capacity to run your equipment for at least 30 minutes.

If you are running a large load, you should choose one with at least 20 minutes of battery capacity. In addition, you can select a rack UPS that has an external battery feature.

Surge Protection Capability of UPS

A good mountable UPS should have built-in surge protection. This will protect your equipment from sudden spikes in voltage.

It will also protect your gear from damage caused by lightning strikes or power surges. So check the level of your upcoming USP and ensure is it a surge protector or not.

Power Efficiency of UPS

The efficiency of the UPS is measured by its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The higher the EER, the better. It’s suggested you choose a rack-mount UPS with an EER of at least 10.

As you know, a rack-mountable UPS works combined with a battery and an inverter. So you should buy one that is energy efficient.

rack mount ups in rack
Rackmount UPS running

Noise Operation

Noise level is another consideration factor to buy a top-quality UPS. You should choose one that has a lower noise level if running a data center or any less noisy business. The lower the noise level, the better for the environment.

So try to purchase UPS that has a low noise level, especially for online UPS.

You should also consider the auto-fan speed control feature which helps you to automatically adjust its fan speed depending on the temperature in the room.

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1. Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA Smart-UPS Battery Back-Up

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD 1500VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up UPS

Tripp Lite’s products are known for their quality and reliability, and the 1500LCD Smart UPS is no exception. This model is an excellent choice for protecting your data and providing backup power, particularly for small networking hardware and computers that require chain operation.

One standout feature of this smart UPS is its ability to automatically save files, as well as identify and protect remaining battery capacity to prevent data corruption in all connected devices.

It has a half-load run time of 11.8 minutes and a full-load run time of 4.4 minutes. The efficiency is high and it’s 98%.

The SMART100LCD is also capable of functioning properly even when your home’s voltage drops below 80 volts, while also providing support for networking devices when the voltage exceeds 140 volts.

However, it’s worth noting that the system includes one fan located at the back of the casing that operates constantly and produces excessive noise, which may be a drawback for some users.



  • Ensured data security for every connection.
  • It lasts nearly 5 even while taking a 900W load.


  • No aftermarket batteries are available for this case or rack.

2. CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U Smart App LCD UPS

CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U Smart App LCD UPS

OR700LCDRM1U uses a simulated sine wave function that provides better stability and data security. Powerful batteries can potentially damage network-transmitted data, which is why the manufacturer integrated this feature to ensure power and data security.

I prefer this product not only because it is affordable, but the accessories are also pretty reasonable. The case is made of high-quality steel, which prevents the absorption of heat or static electricity.

Simulated sine waves increase the machine’s energy efficiency, ensuring zero energy loss, and making it an eco-friendly option.

Data and hardware connected to the UPS or source can be damaged by power surges transmitted through LAN cables. It has AVR which can correct minor power fluctuations.

The LCD panel is multifunctional and it can show various important information such as runtime, battery percentage, power conditions, and alerts about problems.



  • Around 30 seconds of backup with a full load.
  • Multiple inputs at the bottom for better power regulation to devices.
  • Universal fit size.


  • The battery isn’t durable and drains a lot after some time.

3. Tripp Lite 500VA Smart UPS Back Up, 300W Line-Interactive

Tripp Lite 500VA Smart UPS Back Up, 300W

I always recommend this product due to its exceptional features and sturdy components. This model is perfect for small IT vendors who require uninterrupted service for their customers during a brief power outage.

The UPS’s intelligence lies in its ability to detect the voltage consumption of connected devices and deliver the same amount of power without any delay during a power outage.

Thanks to its automatic voltage regulator, this UPS can maintain a consistent energy flow, even when the power supply is unstable. The good thing about this is it doesn’t need battery power to do so.

Additionally, its compact design makes it compatible with most racks, taking up only one rack space. It can run for 14.6 minutes with a half load and 3.2 minutes when the load is full.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality UPS to ensure uninterrupted performance, this model is an excellent choice.



  • Compatible with most hubs.
  • Software supports any device OS or android.
  • Optional network card system available.


  • Cheap case with mounting brackets.
  • Backup in less than 10 minutes.

4. APC 1500VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect, SMT1500RM2UC

APC 1500VA Smart Rack Mount UPS with Battery Backup

APC is a well-known brand for those researching rack mount UPS systems. The SMT1500RM2UC is an upgraded version of the 1500-UC.

One of its best features is its ability to stay connected to the user, allowing for immediate commands to be sent over LAN or Wi-Fi. I must say about the AVR of this tool can adjust low and high voltages as well as provide more power backup than typical models.

With this UPS, you can keep your business’s entire server or network connection online. The integrated software alerts you of any issues, which can be resolved manually.

This UPS can provide around three hours of support at a 100W load, which may seem excessive for some, but is necessary for commercial sectors with many hubs and stations. They require a powerful backup to eliminate the effects of power outages or voltage fluctuations.



  • Silent performance.
  • Solid software support via the Internet.
  • More than 3 hours of backup in 100W.


  • Only for networking devices, not even for computers consistently.

5. Tripp Lite SMX1500LCD 1000VA Intl UPS Smart Pro Rack

Tripp Lite SMX1500LCD 1000VA Intl UPS

Looking for a UPS set that has everything you need in one package? Consider this model. Although the price might seem high, the features it offers make it worth the investment.

I like everything of this device such as innovative technology, a durable case, a long-lasting battery, and all the other features you might expect.

This UPS features a cooling system with only one fan, which operates quietly enough to use right inside your workspace. Plus, it comes with all the necessary wires and bolts for easy installation.

While you can’t customize the software used to maintain the UPS remotely and it only has one operating mode, it can still be incredibly helpful in many scenarios.

It has 8 outlets to enable you to add important devices with it to secure your data. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch UPS set that delivers everything you need, this one is definitely worth considering.



  • Works with the latest computer OS for mobile observation.
  • Every mount accessory is integrated with the UPS.
  • Socket inputs are placed at a reasonable distance from each other.


  • Might not adapt to universal power standard.

6. APC 1500VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect

APC 1500VA Smart UPS with SMC1500-2UC Rack Mount UPS

Using a sine wave power supply with your IT and networking cables and hardware is an incredibly reliable option. With APC Smart-UPS, you can manage the entire system via cloud computing.

The casing of the UPS provides the perfect ventilation for the battery compartment, keeping it cool even after extended use. I have seen this UPS has been overused for hours but never got hot from it.

The UPS software can also read how much power a connection has consumed and you’ll even get push notifications about this information. On top of all that, the battery and distribution system ensures that the UPS can support a 100-watt load for over 2.5 hours.

It’s clear that this UPS system is complete with the rackmount. It is designed to last you many years, even under the toughest of conditions.



  • Automated voltage regulation along with manual control for safe use.
  • Simple adjustment with the cables and devices.
  • Strong outer build to protect from temperature and dust.


  • The replacement battery for this UPS is rarely available.
  • Hard to install.

7. Tripp Lite 2200VA Smart Online UPS

Tripp Lite 2200VA Smart Online UPS

The Tripp Lite 2200VA is an excellent product at a great price! It is designed mainly for server and networking hardware, so it may not be the ideal choice for large database systems in the short term.

However, it has an excellent track record and no reports of failing too often.

Plus, you can even extend the battery life if you need it! This feature makes it a better choice than the average power supply system.

How long can it last? Well, it depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re using it with small or mini office networks, it can last up to two hours or more. But if you’re using it with heavier loads, the battery won’t last as long.

Also, the UPS has USB, RS232, and EPO slots for cards and network management if you wish.

I have found it truly useful with the true online operation and sine wave output. This device is a great option for you as it can isolate your equipment from power-related problems.



  • No less than 15 minutes of backup.
  • Proper voltage regulation for stability.
  • LED battery life indicator.


  • Less powerful battery.

8. CyberPower PR750RT2U Smart App Sinewave UPS System

CyberPower PR750RT2U Smart App Sinewave UPS System

The PR750RT2U is a great choice for both home systems and network farms. Its power supply components are equipped with a robust sensor to detect the needs of your electronics.

It may look like other UPSs, but it has some unique features like remote monitoring, and it can serve as a bridge between your generator and devices in the event of a power outage—so you can use it at home, too.

The feature I love most about this product is its’ surge protection and 10 feet power cord. You have more options to keep the device in place.

I found the LCD panel pretty interesting in this device. You can tilt and rotate this as you want. It can show detailed information about battery and power conditions.

When fully charged, the battery can provide backup for up to two minutes, no matter what kind of device you’re connecting. Plus, you can customize the functions to suit your needs.



  • Bright and large LCD screen for detailed notifications.
  • Everything required to install is included.
  • Optimized cooling system.


  • The cooling fan can be a bit noisy sometimes

9. APC UPS 450VA Smart-UPS SC


The APC 450 VA is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful UPS model for your network. It offers continual performance, thanks to its built-in sensors that can detect any potential issues.

Its metal case ensures that shocks and dust won’t damage the battery. And you can easily mount the product on any rack with the help of universal mounting holes.

It only has four plug inputs, so it can only support four hard-net devices at a time. But with the help of converters, you can use more than four devices.

Unfortunately, it won’t be able to support high-end computers, but it can provide emergency power to medium and large stations and network panels. It can protect point-of-sale equipment, small switches, and networking devices from power spikes and surges.

This device is convertible between tower and rack mounting and you can use what suits you the most. I like this product for its convenient way of installation. This device is good for homes and small businesses.



  • Reads frequency variation pretty well.
  • Load capacity (280W) is consistent.
  • Easy to mount and run.


  • Too heavy.

10. Liebert GXT4 UPS With Online Double Conversion Rack Tower

Liebert GXT4 UPS

This UPS model is budget-friendly, yet powerful enough to handle your daily high-power electronic devices.

Plus, the battery inside is strong enough to last a good while and the battery shells are designed to keep your router hub up and running until power is restored.

You can use this with any networking system equipment, making it great for sudden power outages so you don’t get interrupted when using the Internet or other networking mediums. Plus, this model can support up to 2700W!

This device can keep your equipment safe from all kinds of power disturbances. This UPS can provide 3 minutes of run time with full load condition. You can add extra batteries to extend the run time.



  • More than a quarter-hour of power backup.
  • Protective construction to assure longer battery life.
  • Accurate signals or beeps to notify users.


  • Poor customer support from the manufacturer.

Top 9 Frequently Asked Questions About Rack Mount UPS

Does the Rack Mount UPS Come In Various Voltage Configurations?

Yes, usually, a UPS is designed to operate at a nominal voltage of 230V AC. But it can be configured to operate at 110V and 400V AC by using an external transformer.

What Is the Input Voltage Range of the Rack Mount UPS?

The average input voltage range from 90-305V AC. Most rack mount UPS models are designed to work with 208-240V 50Hz or 120V 60Hz power. Therefore, the total input power depends on the capacity of the UPS.

How Many Surge-Protected Outlets Does the Rack Mount UPS Have?

It is tough to say because it varies from model to model and depends on the size of the UPS. In general, a rack mount UPS has 2 to 8 surge-protected outlets.

Does the Rack Mount UPS Have USB Ports?

Most rack-mountable UPS have USB ports, and you can use them to charge your devices or transfer data from one computer to another. But it is best to check features before buying.

Does the Rack Mount UPS Have Ethernet Capability?

Yes, using a standard Ethernet cable, you can connect a rack-mount UPS to your router and use a UPS as a power backup for your network.

Does the Rack Mount UPS Come With a Power Cord?

Yes, manufacturers provide a power cord.

What Is the Ups’ Frequency?

A UPS is a device that provides emergency power to your equipment when the power fails. It does this by using a battery and inverter system. The battery generates DC electricity which is converted to AC by the inverter. This AC energy can then be used to power your equipment. The frequency of the AC provided by a UPS is 50 or 60Hz.

Does the Rack Mount UPS Have a Battery Backup?

Most brands have battery backup.

Does the Rack Mount UPS Have an LED?

Now, most modern mountable UPS has an LCD. The LCD shows the UPS’s status and gives some additional information about the settings. It is usually located on the front panel of UPS.

Final Thoughts

Our review & buying guide above are great ways to find the best rack mount UPS for your needs. You may think they are often more expensive than a standard unit, but they have a few advantages over a standard unit.

These advantages include a lower price, a more compact design, and a higher level of functionality. A rack-mount UPS is also very popular in commercial spaces. It provides extensive reliability and protection that you will not get in a standard unit.

So if you need to buy a new one, I suggest choosing one from this list. If you are confused about choosing the right one, you can pick one from our top recommendation list.

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