5 Best Power Strips For Aquarium Reviewed & Buying Guide

When it comes to aquariums, having a reliable power source is essential. You need to make sure your fish are well-fed and have enough clean water, but you also need to ensure that all of your equipment is properly powered. That’s where a good power strip comes in.

In this blog post, I’ll be looking at the best power strips for aquariums and providing a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

What Is An Aquarium Power Strip?

An aquarium power strip is an important piece of equipment for any fish tank. It allows you to plug in multiple devices, such as a heater, filter, and lights, into one outlet. This prevents the risk of overloading your electrical system and causing a power outage.

In addition, an aquarium power strip often has built-in circuit breakers that will trip if there is an overload, providing an extra layer of protection for your home.

An aquarium power strip should be surge-protected to protect your equipment from power surges. Also, aquariums are often near water, and it is important to choose a waterproof power strip.

Benefits Of Using an Aquarium Power Strip

Aquarium power strips are an important piece of equipment for any fish tank. They provide a safe and efficient way to power your aquarium and its accessories.

Here are some of the benefits of using an aquarium power strip:

· Ability to plugin everything: An aquarium power strip will typically have multiple outlets, so you can plug in everything you need to run your tank. This includes lights, filters, heaters, and more.

· Safety: Aquarium power strips often have built-in safety features, like circuit breakers and surge protection. This can help prevent electrical accidents and damage to your equipment.

· Flexibility: Aquarium power strips are usually very flexible, so you can easily position them around your tank. This makes it easy to access all outlets without moving the entire power strip.


What Should You Consider Before Buying A Power Strip For Aquarium?

When you are looking for the best power strip for your aquarium, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Size of the strip: You should use one that can accommodate all of your cords without being too bulky. So it would be best if you bought a power strip that is big enough to accommodate all of your cords without being too bulky.
  • Type of outlet: Make sure that the outlets on the strip can handle the wattage of your aquarium equipment. So outlet and amperage are important to consider.
  • Safety features: Some power strips come with surge protection or have covers for the outlets. This can help prevent accidents and safeguard your equipment.
  • Mountable: If you have many cords, you may want to consider a power strip that can be mounted on the wall or underside of your aquarium stand. This will help keep your cords organized and out of the way.
  • Surge protection: A power strip with built-in surge protection can help as a safeguard of your aquarium equipment from voltage spikes. Sp try to buy a power strip that has this feature.
  • GFCI Protection: This feature will cut off power to the strip if it detects a current leak. This can help prevent accidents and safeguard your equipment. Also, GFCI protection power strip surge protector can help prevent fires and other electrical accidents.
  • Fits all your plugs: The most important thing before buying a power strip is that it should fit all your plugs. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Tripp Lite TLP76MSG 7 outlet surge protector


  • Total of 7 Outlets. 6 controlled+ 1 Always on.
  • Maximum protection of 1080 joules.
  • UL 1449, 3rd edition safety rating.
  • LED switches.
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering protections.
  • Six individually controlled switched outlets
  • Maximum surge protection of 1080 joules
  • Right Angle long cord
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No waterproof
  • Tight plug spacing

The energy-saving TLP76MSG eco surge suppressor is a convenient power strip for aquariums. This model offers electricity-saving outlets so that idle equipment can’t waste electricity

Additionally, it protects your equipment from line noise and damaging surges. It has the strongest UL verified surge protection rating in its class which is 1080 joules. 

Many devices waste electricity when plugged in, even when they are not being used and look like they are turned off. TLP76MSG has convenient lighted switches that allow you to turn the outlet on or off individually. 

Switching an outlet off prevents any idle devices plugged into any of the outlets from wasting electricity while keeping other outlets turned on for devices in use. 

Energy savings can add up quickly to reduce your electric bill up to 30 dollars per year. 

This power strip is built to keep working long after while other surge suppressors have burnt out and left your equipment exposed. It’s backed by Tripp Lite’s no hassle lifetime product warranty and connected equipment insurance. 

It comes with a 6 feet long cord that can reach a distant wall outlet, and it also has a desk or wall mounting option so that you can put it anywhere you want.

Overall opinion

If you want an energy-saving surge protector power strip with individually controlled outlets for your aquarium that reduces your electric bill while protecting your equipment. In that case, you can go for this one. It’s highly recommended.

ADJ PC-100A AC Power Strip


  • 8 controlled switch outlets.
  • Maximum load of 1800 watts.
  • 15 amp resettable circuit breaker.
  • Rack mountable rear outlets with front LED lighted switches.
  • Eliminates extension cords.
  • Rear outlets and front switches
  • 8 LED light switches for 8 outlets
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • Long cord to reach a distant wall outlet
  • LED switch sometimes not visible from outside the cabinet.

We all know how messy our aquarium cabinets get when we use a power strip and connect all our equipment. It becomes a gathering of cables and plugs. To solve that thing and make your aquarium cabinet tidy and well organized, the ADJ PC-100A can be a convenient choice for you.

Why? Because it has outlets positioned rear in the power strip, and the power switches are in front. So that all the cables and plugs you connect remain on the rear side of your cabinet and the front looks tidier and doesn’t look messy like before.

Besides, the power switches are in the front, so you can easily control any of your appliances by switching them on and off. Simple as that.

I like the extended frame of this power strip with screw holes so that I could easily mount it to my rack. You will love the lighted rocker switches, which glow in the dark so that you never turn off the wrong one. 

This power strip has 8 outlets with a rating of 120V, which will suit your need even if you don’t use it for your aquarium. 

The maximum load that it can bear is 1800 watts, equal to 15 amps, which is ideal for aquarium equipment. It will protect all your electric appliances from spikes, surges, and other electric hazards. 

It comes with a 6 feet long cord and a steel frame which is very much durable, and you don’t have to be worried about it being damaged so easily. 

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Overall opinion

It can be the most convenient and ideal choice to make your aquarium cabinet look organized and get rid of messy wires. With advanced features and a unique design, it is worth buying.

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300


  • 6 independently smart controlled outlets.
  • Voice control.
  • Energy Monitoring.
  • EFL certified surge protection.
  • No hub required.
  • Scheduling Option available.
  • Smart Controlled outlets
  • Voice control option
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana
  • USB ports
  • LED protection indicator
  • Smart memory outlets
  • Small length cord

The TP-link HS 300 is a smart plug power strip with the most advanced control system ever produced for a power strip.

You can control the six outlets individually on this HS 300 through Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and the most popular Google Assistant. 

It also comes with three 5V 2.4amp USB outlets, which you can use to charge your smartphone, laptop, and other devices. But let me talk about the smart controlled outlets you will use for your aquarium appliances. 

When you plug the cord into your wall outlet, it remembers the state that it was last in. So that the outlets will automatically be turned on, before you turned off the power strip.

Also, there is a round indicator light to tell you what its status of it is. There are also two small lights to notify you if it is protecting the outlets or not. 

You can control the power strip without touching it. You just set it up with your smartphone and control through your voice command. You can name each outlet and then call the name to turn it on or off, and it does it perfectly.

Also, you can set schedules on your phone for each outlet to turn on and off at particular times. It’s such a device that makes your total hassle-free. 

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Overall opinion

This is the most innovative option for your aquarium equipment if you can spend a little more money. Overall, this one is my favorite on the list, so I’ll suggest you go for this one.

APC P11VT3 surge protector


  • 11 outlets including 6 blocked space outlets.
  • Safety shutters for every outlets.
  • 3 different indicators.
  • 8 feet longer cord.
  • 3020 joules maximum surge protection.
  • Sliders for child safety
  • 180-degree rotating cord
  • Coax and telephone cables
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No controlled outlets

Another one with a higher surge protection level and a more extensive number of outlets is the APC P11VT3 surge protector. If you are looking for a regular surge protector with extra outlets like for your coax cables, telephone cables, etc., you can look at this product. It also suits your aquarium equipment for some particular reasons.

You will get 11 outlets in this power strip separated into 3 parts, 5 outlets are in the middle part, and 6 outlets are positioned on 2 the corner side, divided by 3 outlets on each side.

The side outlets are placed so well that you can plug six different adaptors at a time in those 6 side outlets easily. You will get enough space for them to plug them in. 

The outlets are in the middle are a little congested, which I don’t like at all. But the thing that caught my sight was the sliders over the outlet holes. These are for child safety.

So if any of the outlets are not in use, you slide the covers and close the outlet holes so that it doesn’t cause any hazard. 

You get a switch to turn on and off the power strip, and there are 3 LED indicators to notify you if there is any problem in your AC circuit. The green LED always glow to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely.

Also, the yellow one will glow if it faces overload and the red one glows to let you know that there is a wiring fault in your circuit. 

You also get 2 Coax cable outlets, and three telephone outlets and the cables are provided with the package. The 8 feet long cord can turn 180 degree so that you can turn it towards your wall outlet easily without rotating the power strip.

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Overall opinion

It comes with more outlets with blocked space for your large adaptors and safety features. So, if you are looking for these features, the APC P11VT3 will fulfill your needs and serve you for a long time. Also, it has the maximum level of surge protection, so you can consider buying this one. 

iPower 8-Outlet Power Strip


  • 8 outlets including 4 controlled and 4 always on outlets.
  • 60 Hz, 1875 watts rated.
  • LCD display with timer options.
  • 8 ON/OFF programs.
  • Additional Circuit breaker switch.
  • Programmable 7-day timer
  • Controlled outlets
  • Cheap in price
  • The additional circuit breaker switch
  • Safe and reliable

If you are looking for a power strip with an automatic timer setting, the iPower 7-day digital timer surge protector can be it.

It’s the perfect power strip for your aquarium appliances because you can set the timer for your motors and other equipment to be turned on at a particular time and be turned off when they should be.

There are a total of 8 outlets in the power strip. These 8 outlets are separated into two parts. Each part has 4 outlets.

One part consists of switched outlets that you can control through the digital display and buttons, and the other part consists of always-on outlets that you can use to plug in your other devices like adaptors, light controls, etc. It also has a surge protection circuit breaker switch to make it safer.

The timer is a 7-day programmable so that you can program it according to your needs. When you purchase this, it can be a difficult task for you to control it. So let’s make it easy.

How to program the 7-day timer?

With Up to 8 on/off programs, it’s an ideal product for your aquarium equipment. 

Let’s start with an initial setup. 

First, plug the timer into a wall outlet for 30 minutes to charge the internal battery. 

Next, reset the timer by pressing the reset button on it. Then the LCD will turn on. Now you can unplug the timer. 

To set up the date and time, first press and hold the clock button and press week until the day of the week is selected. 

Next, press and hold the clock button and press the hour until the correct hour is reached. 

Then, press and hold the clock button and press the minute until the correct minute is reached.

With programming, four timer outlets can automatically turn on and off at the same time per week and only come on within specific days. 

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Overall opinion

This is a convenient tool for your aquarium fish tank terrarium. With an advanced programmable timer, it becomes a better choice in terms of power strips. Also, it’s cheaper than other timer options available power strips, which makes it more popular.

FAQs related to aquarium power strip

Q: What is the best wifi aquarium power strip?

Aquarium enthusiasts know that a well-maintained tank requires more than just fish and water. It also needs the right equipment, including an aquarium power strip.

There are many different types and brands of aquarium power strips on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

However, there are a few things that you should look for when choosing a power strip for your aquarium. If you search Amazon to write a wifi aquarium power strip, the top three products are all from different manufacturers.

First, you should ensure that the power strip you choose is designed for aquariums. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some power strips on the market are not specifically designed for aquariums and may not be safe to use.

Second, you should choose a power strip with multiple outlets. This will allow you to plug in all of your aquarium equipment, including filters, heaters, and lights.

Finally, you should ensure that your chosen power strip has a built-in circuit breaker. This will protect your equipment from power surges and other electrical problems.

To think about all these above things, I highly recommend using Kasa (‎HS300) smart wifi aquarium power strip. It is an affordable option that includes all of the features you should look for in an aquarium power strip.

Q: How do you protect a power strip from water?

To protect your power strip from water damage, you can either keep it elevated off the ground or invest in a power strip cover.

If you choose to keep your power strip elevated, make sure it is in a well-ventilated area so that heat can dissipate and prevent any potential fires. If you opt for a power strip cover, be sure to find one waterproof and has a tight seal.

Q: What happens if you spill water on a power strip?

If you happen to spill water on a power strip, it is important to turn off the power and unplug the strip as soon as possible. If water is left on the power strip, it could cause a short circuit and lead to a fire.

On the other hand, if you spill hot water on the power strip, it could melt the insulation and create a fire hazard.

Q: Do you need an aquarium power strip?

Aquarium enthusiasts know that having the proper equipment keeps fish healthy and thriving. A power strip is one piece of equipment many people don’t think about until too late.

Aquariums need to be plugged into an outlet, and most people have more than one appliance they need for the plug in.

A power strip lets you plug in multiple items without overloading your electrical outlets. So if you have an aquarium, or are thinking about setting one up, consider investing in a power strip.

Conclusion of aquarium power strip

You should take extra care if you have an aquarium in your home. If you do not supply proper power to your fish tank, your fish and other aquatic creatures will not survive. That is why we have shared with you the most rated power strips for aquariums.

Please keep in mind that there are a lot of different power strips on the market, and it can be hard to know which one to buy for your aquarium. I hope this review & buying guide will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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