10 Best Paintball Gun For Home Security [Our Top Picks]

best paintball gun for home security

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As the world becomes increasingly dangerous, we must all take steps to protect ourselves and our homes. One great way to do that is by a paintball gun at home—a fun activity that can also be used for self-defense and home security.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best paintball guns for home security and a guide on choosing the perfect one for your needs. Happy hunting!

What Will You Learn From This?

Best Paintball Gun Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors to consider when selecting a paintball gun for home security. Also, you should know how easily it can be concealed and whether or not it has a scope. So before buying one for your home security or self-defense, you should consider the following factors:

Durability and reliability

Paintball guns are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay safe at the same time. However, before buying your paintball gun, it is important to consider its durability and reliability. For example, electric guns are more durable than gas-powered ones because they don’t require any external power source (like an air compressor). But electric guns also tend to be less reliable because electrical surges or short circuits can damage them. On the other hand, gas-powered paintball guns are more reliable but may not last as long due to their high energy consumption.

Accuracy and ease of use

Before buying your paintball gun, it’s important to consider both accuracy and ease of use. A poorly-made paintball gun can be dangerous, not just frustrating. So make sure you choose one that is accurate and easy to operate. Here are some factors you should take into account:

Accuracy: Make sure the paintball gun is accurate enough so that shots hit their target consistently. You don’t want to end up getting shot!

Ease of Use: The paintball gun should be easy enough for anyone in your family (or group) to use without any instruction required. If it requires too much effort or training, then it may not be worth buying.

43, 50, or 68 Caliber

Consider what type of caliber you want for a paintball gun you want. Three common calibers are used in Paintball: 43, 50, and 68. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • 43 Caliber Paintballs: The biggest advantage of 43 caliber paintballs is that they’re very accurate. They also have a low recoil rate, making them ideal for beginner players or those who don’t want to spend too much time aiming their paintball gun. However, they’re not as powerful as other calibers and won’t cause as much damage when fired into an opponent’s body or property.
  • 50 Caliber Paintballs: Compared to 43 caliber balls, 50s are slightly more powerful but still relatively easy to shoot accurately. They also have a higher muzzle velocity, so they travel further before slowing down, making them better suited for long-range shooting.
  • 68 Caliber Paintballs: 68s are the most powerful paintballs available are perfect for users who want to inflict maximum damage on their opponents. They also have a high recoil rate, making them difficult to shoot accurately, but they’re worth it if you want to cause serious damage to your opponents.

Magfed vs. Loader

You should consider the type of ammunition you’ll be using. For example, Magfed rounds fire continuously instead of loader rounds requiring a separate reloading action. This means that Magfed guns are more reliable in high-stress situations where multiple shots may be required in a short amount of time.

Electronic vs. Mechanical

Another important factor is whether you want an electronic or mechanical paintball gun. Electronic guns use batteries, while mechanical guns use CO2 cartridges.

While both have pros and cons, electronic guns typically offer more features than mechanical ones. For example, they can be set up to fire automatically when motion is detected; they’re easier to carry around since they don’t require any reloading, and they’re generally quieter than mechanical guns.

However, if your goal is primarily protection from theft rather than recreation, then a mechanically-operated paintball gun will likely be better suited for you.

Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P .43 Paintball Marker

Key Features

  • Durable polymer framework and metallic attachments
  • Fully functional live side action
  • Semi-auto mechanism allows you to improve your accuracy
  • 8-round full-size and a drop-free magazine
  • 12g CO2 is used to shoot paintball markers

T4E’s M&P M2.0 training pistol is a great option when you need to practice more and pay less. This .43 caliber training pistol uses standard 12g CO₂ cartridges.

It can discharge powder balls, chalk, paint, dust, or even reusable rubber ball bullets at a speed of 290fps with sufficient energy to emphasize the adverse effects of mistakes during rigorous simulations.

Each 8-round drop-free magazine may be loaded about three times, resulting in 24 bullets from the weapon. This feature makes it a good choice for anyone looking to get in shape for specific activities or self-defense purposes.

Not to mention, M&P’s live blowback mechanism slide gives the user a realistic feeling. In addition, it shares similar controls and ergonomics as a duty handgun.

In addition to the gun, the kit includes a cleaning squeegee, two spare magazine springs for firing rubber balls, and a sturdy carrying case.

What makes us amazed about M & P is its Glock replica with different backplates. So if you don’t like the current backstrap or find your gun tricky to handle, you may easily swap it out with a different shape.

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Compatible with most aftermarket attachments and duty hostlers
  • Great trigger safety
  • Precision yellow dot sights
  • Pragmatic shooting experience
  • The magazine is of subpar quality


Can I use T4E M & P to shoot pepper balls?

Yes, this .43 caliber pistol can be used with pepper balls.

Can you suggest a holster that provides rapid accessibility and security?

All holsters designed for the S&W M&P 2.0 should be compatible with this .43 caliber marker handgun.

Which type of balls has the most effect? Can I employ nylon, rigid, soft rubber, and riot balls?

This item is intended primarily for training, not for self-defense. All handguns are best utilized inside 10 yards.

Want to protect your home with a cutting-edge technology paintball gun? Consider purchasing a high-quality M&P T4E training pistol to get you ready for the real deal!

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker

Key Features

  • Semi-auto operating system delivers the most precise shots
  • Combines quality performance and exceptional durability
  • Four Picatinny rails allow you to upgrade your skills
  • Durable pistol with a high-impact frame
  • Improved control of the marker with a vertical grip

If someone want to break into your house, you will need a high-quality marker. A further motive could be to hone your skills in preparation for any recurring responsibilities or security services.

The Tippmann Cronus paintball marker is an excellent entry-level option for those considering paintball as a self-defense mechanism or hobby. With its high-impact composite frame and in-line bolt design, this marker is as tough as they come on and off the field.

Thanks to its gravity feed mechanism, you can shoot at least 15 balls in a second. So even if someone breaks into your house at night, this gun is the best way to keep them away long enough for you to call the police or make them run away.

With a kit of four Picatinny rails, you can attach various accessories, including lasers, scopes, lights, and sights. There is no sudden backlash movement with its low level of recoil.

  • Reliable and robust design
  • In-line bolts and springs provide smooth ball firing
  • Comfortable, rubberized handle for easy access
  • Can fire up to 15 paintballs within a second
  • Lightweight piece perfect for beginners
  • Accuracy could be improved


Is it strong enough to scare away a black bear from my trash cans?

The gun’s strength depends entirely on the air types and paintball size that you employ. Pepper balls are not easy to get by, but they do the trick, and a 50-caliber revolver should do the trick.

Is the barrel, vertical grip, and sights all included?

A set of sights, a grip, and a barrel are included with the marker, but they must be mounted. Installing the gadgets is a breeze.

What is the length of the barrel?

Using this marker, you can access an 8- to the 10-inch-long stock barrel.

An easy-to-access paintball gadget with four Picatinny rails lets you upgrade your marker. This may be the right paintball gun for you, given its ability to combine excellent performance and durability.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

Key Features

  • The foregrip is crafted of dual-density material for enhanced grip
  • Semi-auto and ramping firing modes for more options
  • Cure-5 bolt to offer an LPR of 85 PSI and HPR of 150 PSI
  • Minimal recoil enables more accurate shooting
  • A 16-bit microprocessor can compute about 16-million instructions in seconds.

It could be arduous to pick up a reliable mid-range pistol marker in today’s market since so many options are out there.

However, The Planet Eclipse ETEK5 paintball marker is one of the best mid-price paintball markers for its decent combination of features and price.

High-end markers like the EGO LV1 heavily influence the ETEK5 in design and quality, and that’s why you will always get a high-end appearance and feel. The ETEK5 features a 16-bit microprocessor with a visual OLED display, an Infra-red sensor, and many other elements from the initial designs.

Zick3 Rammer technology and dual-stage acceleration system make it effortless to fire bullets in any circumstance accurately.

In addition to these excellent features, it has an inside LPR chamber that permits reduced LPR pressure and more uniform shot velocity. To offer you a much more quiet and smooth shot on the field, it has 150 PSI of HPR and 85 PSI of LPR pressure.

For improved dual-density material, the grips on this marker are highly durable in the field. In addition, the gun marker is much more stable, grippier, and easier to manage with them.

  • A great job in firing precise shots
  • Ideal for novice and intermediates
  • Late-night detection with Infra-red sensors
  • Smooth, quiet, fast, and durable operation
  • Easy to make customization
  • The dual-barrel arrangement can become a slight annoyance


How many balls per second can it fire?

This gun can shoot almost 15 balls in one second.

Is it CO2 friendly?

No. The use of CO₂ in this paintball gun is strictly prohibited. Electronics and o-rings will be harmed, and compressed air must be used in place of a vacuum.

What type of trigger does it have?

A micro-switch made of aluminum. Stiffness and trip depth/length can be adjusted on the magnetic return.

Like any other paintball pistol, the Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 offers advantages and disadvantages. However, it is an excellent pick for both newbies and adults alike, thanks to its outstanding design, good standard of accuracy, and elegant appearance!

Maddog Tippmann Stormer Protective CO2 Gun Marker

Key Features

  • Proto Primo 200 rounds paintball feed
  • High-impact, composite craftsmanship
  • Four Picatinny rails for complete adjustments
  • Customizable 250 to 325 PSI
  • Accurate shooting thanks to the in-bolt design

Anyone who wishes to get into the fascinating paintball hobbies can consider this gun marker from Maddog Tippmann Stormer. This piece is a .68 caliber marker gun that is ideal for play in any circumstances.

Three distinct models with configurable features offer superior performance and longevity. Regarding extended scenarios and play, the in-line bolt system is a top feature you can count on.

The Stormer’s composite body contains several rails that can be used to attach various accessories. It is simple to convert from a hopper design to a magazine to experiment with alternative strategies while using a magazine-fed system.

The semi-automatic paintball gun has a semi-auto fire speed range of 250-325 fps, and it can shoot from 800 to 1100 paintballs per filling. Packages of protective accessories are included with the marker.

  • Accurate, durable, and adjustable paintball marker
  • Refillable aluminum paintball tank with a capacity of 20 ounces
  • Swift release lens for convenient replacement
  • Increased feed rate and reduced jams with a 200-round Loader
  • Accessories for your safety are included
  • Some people may find the high learning curve to be an annoyance.


How many shots can you expect in each filling?

Each fill may accommodate between 800 and 1100 shots. This includes a high-quality CO2 tank that is refillable.

What is the capacity of a magazine?

The magazine capacity is up to 20-round.

This paintball gun is known for its high velocity and smooth, precise fires that are ideal for learning the fundamentals of paintball.

Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball

Key Features

  • Dual fed CO2 paintball marker
  • Rugged exterior for durability
  • A Front shroud for barrel protection
  • Customizable speed of 280 FPS
  • Included tactical accessories

The new Stormer is a modular marker designed by Tippmann that may be used for various purposes. This uses .68 caliber bullets to protect you from any challenging situation.

In addition to the three Stormer Series models, you will get different customizable features. In-line bolts and a high-detail composite body make the Stormer Basic excellent for beginners.

On top, a six-position collapsible stock, front and rear flip-up sights, and a tactical front shroud complement the military look. You may change the appearance by using a loader or mag-fed design.

With its CO2 strength, this paintball gun can be installed quickly and easily with a CO2 chamber. Even though this paintball gunshot marker can be customized, the availability of Picatinny rails for updating and altering it aids in its functional appeal.

  • Top-performance barrel
  • Extremely lightweight and versatile
  • High-impact, durable construction
  • Customizable design for upgrading skills
  • Semi-automatic function
  • The appearance is a bizarre


Can I use a jawbreaker or pepper balls with this gun?

As long as the size is .68 caliber, you can shoot any balls. But you will get hooper and mag-fed for easy and quick loading.

What is the total number of magazines available?

It comes with one dummy mag and two working magazines.

You should consider adding rails, sights, and lights to get the best results when utilizing this as your primary arsenal in competitive games.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

Key Features

  • Fully automatic and electronic gun with .68 caliber
  • Adjustable velocity from 250 to 325 FPS
  • Pressure controlled poppet motor for optimal performance
  • A variety of shooting modes, such as Mill, PSP
  • Wrapped foregrip for stable grip

The Empire Paintball Mini GS is perfect for players that prefer to set up far away from the action but still want to be able to strike their target when they do so.

You can trust its battle-tested tiny engine for precision and control. At barely two pounds, this gun’s weight makes up for its low 210 PSI, which is understandable given its size.

With a rubber foregrip that wraps around the entire gun marker, you will never have to worry about losing your grasp when it matters. Even if you hit, the grips have paint protection to clean the rifle.

A smaller, more portable version of the original design is here for those who desire a more compact version. The Empire Mini GS features a hose-free design, eyes, a clamping feed neck, and a stress-controlled poppet motor.

  • Added On/Off ASA eliminates thread issue
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Convenient to clean and maintain
  • Paint-protection grips help the marker stay clean
  • Dual-piece barrel systems
  • A miniature version of the previous models


Is it water-proof?

It is not a water-proof product. Therefore, take care not to use it in any moist environments.

Does it use HPA?

The HPA tanks are indeed used. The marker’s regulator controls its 200 psi operating pressure.

This paintball gun marker is designed to stop your opponent with the most power. In addition, it allows you to practice for upcoming tactical events by increasing your speed and ammo handling.

Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Titanium Paintball Gun

Key Features

  • Shooting rate 15 rounds each second
  • Excellent range of velocity with 150 FPS
  • Multiple Picatinny rails for mounting accessories
  • High-impact composite frame to withstand any damages
  • Ammunition with a 0.68 caliber semi-auto marker is effective

Maddog Tippmann is worth purchasing if you are looking for the least expensive option for your home security. It is available in two different versions – basic and tactical.

You don’t have to worry about stumbling over your own feet to keep up with your opponents as you sprint through the playing area. However, since its PSI is 800, you should anticipate striking far and wide in your attempt to catch people from a great height.

Cronus tactical paintball marker can shoot up to 150 fps with a semi-automatic mechanism. This may fire .68 calibers of ammunition, including rubber, pepper, powder, and copper balls.

At 15 rounds per second, it is more than capable of dealing with any self-defense ammo. The Tippmann Maddog Cronus is a formidable foe that will put up a fight if encountered.

  • Extremely lightweight yet durable built
  • Molded, rubberized grip for quick access
  • Customizable design to excel in your skills
  • A perfect piece for entry-level individuals
  • In-line bolt and springs ensure no ball clogging
  • There is no available upgrade


Does it offer a barrel cover?

A huge yellow barrel cover is what you will receive.

Does it have an electric trigger?

No, it is equipped with CO2 compression.

The high-strength, composite base of the Tippmann Maddog Cronus makes it ideal for whacking around in the forests. It will pick up the bag and bruises as you run, hide, and shoot.

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Pistol Paintball

Key Features

  • Easy-to-navigate yellow dots
  • Customizable back sight with a fixed front part
  • The trigger offers a realistic pull
  • High-strength, durable polymer frame
  • Picatinny rails for convenient mounting of accessories

The T4E Walther PPQ is an excellent choice for home defense when it comes to paintball guns. With 8-round magazines and a range of 350-360 feet, the paintball handgun is ideal for close-quarters combat.

This T4E PPQ is a semi-auto pistol that fires .48 caliber ammunition. It doesn’t matter if they are paintballs, powder balls, or pepper balls — these are all .43 caliber. Since the handgun is sleek and realistic-looking, the intruder thinks you are holding an original gun.

Metal and polymer are used in the construction, which results in an incredibly high level of quality. That it has a gun-like feel is mainly dependent on the quality of the building. It utilizes CO2, which is cost-effective to produce and use.

Moreover, it also comes with an ambidextrous stop lever with an accessory rail for a light or a laser. There is no safety lock on the T4E, but it has a double trigger setting. The double-trigger protects you from accidental discharges. Thanks to its ergonomic texture, you will feel comfortable while playing.

  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and feed
  • Realistic look with an ergonomic design
  • Available in three different colors
  • Shooting rate 8-round in one magazine
  • Economical CO2 as a power source
  • The trigger pull is pretty heavy. Many people have a hard time with fast shooting


What is the velocity of this shooting gun?

The velocity is between 300 to 350 FPS. This varies, however, from the brand of CO2 to the type of paintballs used.

Can it be used with pepper balls instead of paintballs?

The .43-caliber pepper balls can be used with this marker. However, it would help avoid including any amusement-related components in your pistol. Use only the best quality pepper balls if you wish to shoot them.

Having the Umarex Walther PPQ M2 in your armory is a bonus. Thanks to the Walther trademarks and design, this is a purchase you won’t be sorry for.

Mercury Rise Venom Semi-Auto .50 Caliber Paintball

Key Features

  • High-impact polymer frame with anodized body
  • Allows you to customize external velocity
  • Air source adapter for CO2 and compressed air tank
  • 7-inch ported barrel for enhanced accuracy
  • Molded grip for perfect firing

Most people prefer devices that require minimal upkeep, which is true of paintball guns. However, this one by Mercury Rise Venom features a tool-free plug style for easy access.

Featuring a dustproof design, machined, and aluminum frame, this .50 caliber can be used for various applications. When operating, you can use either a CO2 paintball tank or compressed air as a power source.

What feature makes it apart is its exterior velocity adjuster. To increase the speed, turn the adjuster clockwise. And turn it the other way to slow it down.

A compressed air tank or CO2 can be screwed into the ASA Bottomline adapter. Mercury Rise is a great option if you want to get a paintball gun for self-defense that is convenient and easy to use.

  • Lightweight and easy maintenance
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Semi-auto operating system
  • Powerful, little paint gun for enthusiasts
  • Because the marking is so slight, it is challenging to locate the correct hoopers


Is it compatible with a 16g threaded cartridge?

An ASA Bottomline adapter is available with the paintball gun marker products. The threaded port is where the CO2 or compressed air tank is screwed into the acronym ASA’s Air Source adapter.

There are no 16g threaded cartridges in the market with regular paintball ASA threads, just non-standard ones. Mercury Rise Paintball Gun Markers do not accept 16g threaded cartridges.

Does .68 caliber function in the .50 tank?

No, using .68 caliber in your .50 paintball tank might damage the product.

For a hassle-free, comfortable, and dependable marker, go no further than this one from Mercury Rise. It comes with a CO2 or compressed air paintball tank, so you can switch between the two at any time.

PepperBall Non-Lethal Self-Defense Pepper Launcher for Security

Key Features

  • Customizable kinetic impact from 10 to 28 joules
  • Ammo capacity is approximately 10 or 15 rounds
  • 150 feet precise distance with VXR projectiles
  • Adjustable shooting speed up to 350 fps
  • Hopper and Magazine mode for maximum versatility

Regarding non-lethal weapons, the VKS Launcher is the most powerful ever from PepperBall. VXR projectiles’ standard accuracy distance is about 150 feet, and the kinetic impact can be adjusted around 10-28 Joules.

The Pepperball VKS Launcher employs .68 caliber bullets that are an effective deterrent against those who wish to cause mischief. This is not a paintball gun but a potent defense weapon that sends on target with .68 caliber pepper balls.

There is a high magazine capacity for the Pepperball’s VKS Launcher, which may contain 10 or 15 rounds. So if an intruder comes to your door, you shouldn’t have to use deadly force to keep them out. In addition, the Pepperball VKS Launcher has a twin air supply for optimal effectiveness.

Law enforcement and businesses can benefit from non-lethal self-defense measures and those who live in their own homes. A business owner may have employees who need to be safeguarded. You can modify the velocity to roughly 350 fps to get the most out of your gun.

  • Excellent magazine capacity
  • Hopper capacity is up to 180 rounds
  • Suitable for law enforcement agencies and business owners
  • Effective in crowd control operations
  • Lightweight polymer base
  • VXR projectiles are not included


Does it come with a hopper?

No, you need to purchase this separately.

What materials are used in the gun?

Aluminum and steel are used to make this marker. However, the magazine comes in a plastic frame.

Where can the air tanks be refilled?

Well, you can purchase a scuba refill kit from Amazon. Besides, you can fill it at a paintball shop or local dive. You can also buy any air compressor with a 350 psi range.

The Pepperball VKS is the best non-lethal defense for your house or company. It can halt progress and complete tasks. The use of lethal force is not appropriate in every situation. Non-lethal methods can be the best option in some cases. If you are looking for non-lethal self-defense weapons, the Pepperball VKS Launcher is your best bet.

FAQs Related To Paintball Guns For Home Security

Are Paintball Guns Good for Self Defense and Home Security?

Paintball guns are often used for recreational purposes, such as playing a game of paintball. However, they can also be used for self-defense and home security. Here’s what you need to know about using a paintball gun for these purposes:

Self-defense: Paintballs fired from a paintball gun are not very powerful and won’t cause serious injury if they hit someone in the face. However, they can still cause minor injuries if they hit other body parts. If you’re worried that someone might attack you or your family, using a paintball gun as self-defense is an effective way to protect yourself.

Home security: A paintball gun can scare away intruders who may try to break into your home. You will make them think twice before trying anything else by firing harmless balls at them.

Can I Legally Shoot an Intruder with a Paintball Gun?

Yes, you can legally shoot an intruder with a paintball gun if they break into your home. Many homeowners use paintball guns as part of their home security system. By shooting the intruder, you may be able to scare them away and protect yourself and your property. Of course, you should always consult with a lawyer before using any type of weapon to defend yourself or your property, but using a paintball gun in this situation is generally legal.

Last Thought About The Paintball Gun For Security

To choose a good paintball gun, consider the factors mentioned above, including your budget. After that, think about how often you’ll use the gun and which features are most important to you.

From all aspects, the above top 10 paintball guns for home security are the perfect choices for you. Also, our top picks for the paintball gun will help you find the perfect gun for your needs.

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