10 Best GFCI Outlets In 2022 With Buying Advice

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We are becoming more and more automated in our homes with the new technologies. GFCI outlets, found in most modern kitchens and bathrooms, are one example of such technology.

These outlets help protect us from electrical shocks by shutting off power when there is a problem within the circuit. It can happen if water or other substances contact certain parts of the outlet, so it’s helpful to know that these devices exist!

However, there are a variety of GFCI outlets on the market, and not all of them are the same. Some have better features than others, and some are more or less expensive depending on brands, quality, and features.

To help you decide which Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is best for your needs, let’s review the top 10 GFCI outlets!

What is GFCI Outlet?

A ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet is an electrical receptacle with special circuitry to detect small changes in current. It is done by monitoring the amount of current leaving and returning from a circuit.

When it detects an unbalanced flow of electricity, this indicator will show a signal. Furthermore, it trips the circuit, stopping the flow of electricity before it becomes fatal. Since the late 1970s, the National Electric Code (NEC) has required the installation of GFCI outlets in specific areas. In addition, it has been an NEC requirement for receptacles installed outdoors since the mid-1980s.

Since 1993, GFCI protection has been required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and within 6ft of swimming pools. Today, all areas that have a receptacle must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

ANKO 20 Amp GFCI Outlet 

The ANKO 20 Amp GFCI outlet is built with premium, high-quality resilient thermoplastic materials. Although lightweight, this material offers superior strength and sturdiness. You will love its clean white finish because it will blend well with your walls.

The ANKO 20 GFCI supports a duplex receptacle that comes with green and red LED indicators & displays the state of the outlet. It also indicates that the GFCI is functioning well. The red light flashes every 40 seconds as a self-test to confirm that the GFCI is working correctly.

It also lights up when the GFCI outlet can no longer offer permanent ground fault safety. I hope you will love the additional layer of safety features of this device. This feature frequently conducts an automatic internal test to check that it can react to a ground fault.

Moreover, the tamper-resistant receptacle feature is essential for the safety of your kids. This feature stops young kids from entering undesirable things into this GFCI outlet.

You can easily make manual tests on the outlet by pressing the TEST button right on the outlet’s surface. Also, you can reset the GFCI every time it stops working using the RESET button.


  • Offers higher corrosion, temperature, and UV resistance.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Prevents discoloration and aging.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


  • The green indicator light is tough to detect.

PROCURU 20 Amp 2-Pack GFCI Outlet

One of the reasons you can keep faith in this GFCI outlet is because it is compliant with National Electric Code necessities. In addition, it emphasizes tamper-resistant, which means it blocks access to power unless a two-pin plug makes a connection with it.

As a result, you can rest easy in the house, knowing that your energetic young kid will not come into danger. In addition, the PROCURU GFCI outlet can be used as a standard outlet.

Installation must be done with care. This is because the screws are made to make it difficult to place inside without pliers or stiffening.

This GFCI outlet comes with a status indicator light that you will love. It will help with protection measures. While maximum GFCI outlets will work in somewhat moist conditions, this one has an additional weather resistance feature.

That does not mean that you should pour water over the plug to see it by yourself. But malfunctioning should not happen in maximum settings.


  • Side and back wiring options for efficient installation.
  • Tamper-resistant feature
  • Status indicator light
  • Ground fault protection
  • Convenient to use.


  • A few grounded plugs may not fit into the outlet.
  • The test and reset buttons are difficult to detect.

Faith 15 Amp 3-Pack GFCI Outlet

Shield yourself and your family using the Faith 15 Amp 3-Pack GFCI outlet as it is compliant with National Electric Code requirements. In addition, it features quality engineering that protects from electrical shocks that may happen from defective appliances in damp sites.

As far as performance is concerned, this outlet identifies and prevents ground faults within 1/40 of a second.

Every unit undertakes double testing to confirm dependable performance. The Faith 15 Amp outlet features a green LED light to show the outlet is working correctly.

Also, it flashes red when the outlet needs to be changed and dims when a ground fault safety has occurred. If the latter occurs, you need to press the RESET button to set the outlet back to normal.

It has a slim, stylish design for simpler and faster installation in shallow electrical boxes. In addition, you do not require a professional’s help to install it.

Lastly, it performs automatic self-tests at consistent breaks for continuous protection. So, you will love the constant protection feature of this GFCI outlet.


  • It has the ability for back and side wiring for efficient installation.
  • Non-tamper-resistant GFCI outlet for smooth plugging.
  • It protects you from electrical shocks.
  • Budget-friendly GFCI outlet.
  • It comes with long-lasting receptacles that are easy to install.


  • The wall plates of this GFCI outlet are sold separately.

Leviton GFNT1-3W 15 Amp 3-Pack GFCI Receptacle

With a patented lockout action feature, this GFCI receptacle ensures that the electricity running to your GFCI stays stopped. In addition, it contains a reset function if the outlet suffers damage/loose and could no longer react to a ground fault.

As a result, you can be assured whether or not your outlet still offers unceasing ground fault safety. The most exciting thing you will love about this GFCI is that it features enhanced protection against high-frequency noise.

These frequencies can come from multimedia systems nearby. It also aids in decreasing nuisance tripping. That means frequencies connected to the wall outlet stay unchanged.

When checking the power status of an electronic, it often performs an auto-test. As a result, you are sure to love the upkeep activity of this outlet.

Besides, it makes sure that you can know the power and safety conditions of your receptacles. It comes with a status indicator light that shows simple, instinctive feedback on power and safety conditions.

I like its slim design, and it takes up to 25% less area in the wall box. Thus, making this Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet simple to install in any electrical box.


  • Easy to install
  • Offers durable resistance
  • It comes with a low-profile design
  • Tolerates high torque & prevents wire pull-out


  • This GFCI receptacle doesn’t come with wall plates.


You don’t need to worry about fire danger with the GREEN CYCLE 3 outlet because it has fireproof polycarbonate housing that aids in decreasing fire danger.

The biggest reason to love its automatic self-testing function. It automatically tests the GFCI receptacle every so often to confirm the correct GFCI function.

The outlet comes with an indicator status button. When this button is green, it means it is in average condition. It also means that GFCI is installed appropriately and is delivering power.

You can also feel safe with kids, where the GFCI outlet has a tamper-resistant safety system that can keep young kids secure.

The internal shutter system stops things from entering the receptacle unless both plug pins are entered simultaneously. Thus, it can be used at home, at work, in public toilets, and so on.

For easy installation, it comes with the necessary parts and installation manuals.


  • Moisture-proof resistant
  • Suitable for humid and outdoor conditions.
  • It can be installed in just ten minutes.


  • You cannot use this GFCI receptacle with aluminum wire.

Leviton GFNL1-W 15-Amp GFCI Receptacle

This is the most expensive GFCI outlet on the list. But it is worth its price. It is a UL-certified Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet that will not make you unhappy with its self-test and tamper-resistant features, even after using it for several months.

You will love the unique sensor feature of the Leviton GFNL1 outlet. It automatically turns on or off based on the surrounding lighting.

The outlet comes with strategically situated 2 LED lights for good visibility even when several plugs are entered. You will admire the guide light feature as it is an excellent way to add a component of protection.

Also, this energy-efficient guide light uses nearly 1 watt of electricity. Therefore, you will not have to change any bulbs. The feature allows you to save space and money as well. Moreover, it is wise to use an additional outlet to plug in the overnight light.

This GFCI outlet is deliberately made to have a slim and shallow design. As a result, you will not have any difficulties installing it or linking it to electrical boxes.


  • It stops resetting if GFCI is damaged
  • GFCI receptacle is easier to install.
  • It comes with a tamper-resistance feature
  • It gives protection when it is dark without losing outlet space.


  • Little expensive

Ever Electrix 10 Pack GFCI Duplex Outlet Receptacle

The Ever Electrix 10 GFCI outlet has easy-to-detect LED indicators, which are the best features you will love. It shows its working status through the LED lights.

If the light is green, it works, and if it is red, then the GFCI receptacle has ended. As for quality concerns, it is UL certified for high-quality standards and secure operation.

Besides, you can use it for the automatic, regular test of the GFCI’s performance. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that the electrocution and shortage prevention functions are functioning as expected.

The Ever Electrix 10 features a tamper-resistant shutter mechanism that stops power transmission through undesirable items. As a result, you will only get an entree to electricity when you enter a two-pin plug into this outlet.

The installation procedure of this GFCI outlet is straightforward and fast as it comes in a whole set with white wall plates and matching screws. So, you don’t need to call any experts for this.


  • Back and side wiring
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Heat and fade resistance
  • It comes with an automatic self-testing function


  • This GFCI outlet is massive for a few electrical boxes.

EVER ELECTRIX GFCI Duplex Outlet Receptacle

There is an automatic protection feature on this GFCI outlet, which you will love. In addition, it comes with flame-retardant characteristics that have a grade of UL94-V2. That is why it aids in slowing down the fire and offers sufficient time to stop sparks and dangerous explosions.

As a result, you can keep your electronics secure all the time. In addition, this GFCI outlet is weather-resistant & has 15-Amp/125-volt power, making sure that your house is in safe hands. 

Also, for your peace of mind, it is UL listed & excellent for indoor or outdoor kitchen places, patios, laundry rooms, pool houses, and toilets. 

The high-quality materials of this GFCI outlet make sure that users enjoy a long-lasting experience. Furthermore, I like its installation process, which is very easy as it comes with all the essential parts in the package.


  • Suitable for use in any damp or moist place.
  • Easy to install
  • Heat and fade resistance


  • The plastic layer of this GFCI outlet can be slightly brittle.

ELECTECK 15A/125V 2 Pack GFCI Outlet

You will love the ELECTECK 15A/125V GFCI outlet for its high-quality materials and design. It is ETL certified, which is a symbol of a high-quality product. In addition, every unit of ELECTEK GFCI outlets is separately tested to close tolerances for function and protection before leaving the factory.

The outlet comes with the test and resets buttons with an LED indicator as far as performance is concerned. Also, it comes with tamper-resistant shutters.

It can strongly protect kids from electrocution by blocking items from being entered into the slots of the outlets. Another thing to love is that it uses modern technology to confirm correct tolerances for trip thresholds regularly.

Overall, it confirms security, and dependability and removes false tripping. This GFCI outlet is suitable for indoor use, appropriate for houses, workplaces, hospitals, and schools. So, you can have faith in it to protect your homes and family.


  • Back and side wiring
  • ETL certificated
  • Tamper-resistant


  • This GFCI outlet is not suitable for outdoor use.

Leviton GFNT1-W 15 Amp GFCI Receptacle

The most impressive thing you will love about this GFCI receptacle is that it can perform an automatic internal test frequently. This feature ensures that it can react to a ground fault.

The Leviton GFNT1-W receptacle has an LED status indicator. So, if you see a green LED light, it defines that the GFCI has completed its self-test and is now delivering power.

On the other hand, if you see red flashing, the primary self-test will follow in the first power-up. While if it is only firm red, you must press the test and reset buttons to reset the device.

Nevertheless, this state will be less likely to occur because the GFCI receptacle confirms sturdiness.


  • Very slim design
  • Easy to install.


  • The reset button is difficult to press.

What to Look for When Buying GFCI Outlets

To get maximum benefits, you should consider the following features when buying one:


When looking one, you may notice that some have lower amperage ratings than others. Amps indicate the amount of electrical current that an outlet can safely handle. Make sure the outlets you choose have a high enough amperage rating to accommodate your needs. If you are unsure, pick an outlet with a higher amperage rating, so you don’t have to worry whether it can handle your electric load.

Type of outlet

Standard and decor outlets are the two main types of outlets. Decorative outlets have a smooth surface, unlike the holes of a regular receptacle. Additionally, you will find standard outlets that can be helpful if you are plugging in something that needs to fit flush against the outlet’s back.


Choose a GFCI outlet that will be perfect for using outdoor and water resistance. Consider finding one that is compatible with a GFCI breaker as well. Therefore, purchase a GFCI outlet that is easy to install.


When GFCI outlets are switched on, they automatically self-test every five days to ensure safety. If it does not function properly, you will not have electricity. So look for outlets that are a self-testing feature.

Trip-off capacity

If you are looking for an outlet to power the lawnmower or any other sensitive home appliance, you should look for one with a trip-off capability. It means it can handle a higher amount of electricity and still protect you from shock, so choose an outlet with a high trip-off capacity.


It is probably best to install your GFCI outlet near an accessible location. Choose outlets that fit the standard receptacle size. Consider also choosing an outlet that isn’t too large or bulky. Keep in mind, a standard GFCI outlet can protect you from shocks, but not from fire.


Which brand of GFCI is the best?

Price, amp, and type are all factors to consider. We recommend Leviton’s line for reasons of durability and design. You can consult with your local electrician before purchasing any GFCI outlets.

What is the most common type of GFCI outlet?

Duplex outlets are the most common, and this one has both a standard Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

A GFI outlet is the same as a GFCI outlet, right?

No, GFCI outlets are up to code and allow appliances to be plugged in. However, Ground-fault-interrupt (GFI) outlets usually have a reset button for the circuit but may not be code compliant.

Is it essential to consider the dimensions of a GFCI outlet?

You may need to measure your outlets before purchasing GFCI ones since many appliances are large. In addition, you should consider where you will install it if you don’t want to redo any wiring. That is why dimension is essential.

Is there any coding requirement for the installation of GFCI outlets?

Yes, suppose your home is not already wired with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. In that case, you should consult with an electrician to determine the proper location and installation. Also, before purchasing one, make sure your home is properly grounded.

Are these outlets suitable for use in the bathroom?

Yes, at least 15 amp waterproof GFCI outlets can be used in the bathroom if properly installed. Some places recommend not installing GFCI-type outlets near water sources, but this is only one school of thought.

Is a 15 amp outlet better than a 20 amp outlet?

It most likely comes down to safety. Many electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves, operate at high voltages. For this type of appliance, you can use a 20 amp GFCI adapter.
However, if you have a hairdryer or a computer, you can use a 15 amp outlet because of the lower voltage.


It is always beneficial to invest in GFCI outlets to protect your home from fires and accidents. You should make sure they are weatherproof, self-testing, and trip-off capable when buying them. Consider the size of the outlet as well.

If you want to protect your home from electrical surges and prevent fires, the GFCI outlets we recommend are a great option. They are easy to install and have been tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

Best of all, you don’t have to replace any existing outlets! These outlets come in two different styles: wall-mounted or recessed flush mount models. Therefore, if you need advice on what style will work best with your application, you can consult a professional who can advise you.

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